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  1. Daaaaaaammmmmmnnnnnnnn that's nice!
  2. Great Job! On this venerable old chestnut.
  3. Wow...that's really cool!
  4. Wow you aren’t kidding. I just looked his site up, those cars are amazing! http://www.wworkshop.net/Duesie_Build/Menu.html
  5. Maybe scale up some 1/72 ones, and print out on white decal paper??
  6. Abdominal laparotomy sponges. Fantastic for wiping out the color cup of your airbrush. And for polishing gloss finishes. And wiping off paint brushes. Also, for waxing/polishing your actual car.
  7. I can tell who's model is whose by looking at it...doesn't matter. Basics are basics.
  8. What a production lol... Could finally access live booking at 4:15 EST. Clicked the final button to submit, and got "Oops, that stinks...our online booking is down". Called the hotel a few times and got busy signals. Called the national 1-800 number, and got put through to the block booking person...she said the block was gone, but they "opened a few more rooms." I got one. I'm happy. That's great news for IPMS if the block sold out in 30 minutes.....Who knows what really happened? It'll be interesting to hear other's experiences....
  9. Very, very nice! I didn't know Airfix put one out.
  10. After a nearly 2 1/2 year hiatus from scale modeling, I chose this project to blow the dust off of my creativity. All told, I spent about a month from start to completion. This model depicts a Bf 109G-6 of 7./JG3 -White 10 + Black I, Bad Worishofen, 1944. The venerable Hasegawa kit speaks for itself, and there is no issues with assembly. In fact, there was no filler needed anywhere on the airframe. The only aftermarket I added was an Eduard PE seat harness. Chrome Bare Metal Foil was wrapped around the hydraulic oleo struts. The markings were from an 18 year-old Cutting Edge (Meteor Productions) sheet. Back in the day, Cutting Edge decals were my go-to for aftermarket markings. This sheet, however, gave me fits. The spiralschnauze would not lay down, so I substituted it with one from an old Eagle Strike sheet. After, of course, sanding the spinner clean and repainting/glossing. The meteors fractured in several spots, necessitating touch-ups with white paint. But, the strangest thing was the fuselage Balkenkreuze-both sides, after being set with Mr. Mark Softer, and clear coated, weathered, and semi-gloss coated-lifted from the plastic and bubbled up! Granted, the Mr. Mark Softer was maybe 6 or 7 years old, and there was not much left in the bottle, so that may have played a factor. So, I stripped the fuselage of those two decals, cleaned up the areas, re-painted the areas, re-glossed the areas, and used the kit’s markings. These performed well. The antennae wire is stretched sprue. Having not completed (or really worked on anything for that matter) for nearly three years made this project a humbling experience. There’s a lot of room for improvement, and I have a lot of work to do in the future. Thanks for looking…
  11. Thanks....! We've been going to Vegas once or twice a year for the past 7 years or so. There's definitely no shortage of fun, that's for sure! We usually stay at The Cosmopolitan or Palms.
  12. What type of banquet requirements does the Rio have?
  13. I'm absolutely thrilled by this news!! We go to Vegas once or twice a year, but next year we're missing out due to other trips/obligations. So, to return in 2021 to the world's biggest model show in my Happy Place...? YEEEESSSSSS!
  14. Please be in Vegas Please be in Vegas Please be in Vegas Please be in Vegas
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