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  1. Thanks Don and John. The honeymoon is, apparently, over. I spent 2 days making the tailwheel assembly, and installing it. The left and right fuselage halves do NOT fit together well at ALL. The main wing spar causes about a 1/8" discrepency in nose-to-tail lengthwise fit. And, the 30 steps of lovely cockpit....causes the front end to not fit well (fuselage to inner port-side panel wall). After much swearing, struggling, and super-glue, I managed to get it together fairly well. At the cost of the tailwheel assembly. Lots of filler putty going to be needed, which is fine....but, I think the issue is the way the openings for the mainspar are designed. I did test-fit the spar/fuselage halves together before assembly began on anything, and of course...it seemed to fit OK. I don't know what I did, but I have to accept that I did something! I'll try to take some photos later today. JK
  2. Thanks for the positive comments, gentlemen. Ed, I am indeed following the instructions! The one criticism I have of ALL RoG kits is the instruction booklets. They're extremely "over-engineered", IMHO, and waaaay too "busy". The cockpit is a very detailed part of the build, and I needed to pay attention closely! In fact, construction of the entire cockpit comprises the first 30 steps of the build!
  3. I've spent a little bit every day, for maybe...the last 3 weeks on this kit, and the cockpit is nearly complete. The only aftermarket here are Mike Grant decal placards, and Eduard PE Seat Belts. (I know the interior was probably RLM66...I did mine in RLM02, because I wanted to pre-shade and use some dark washes, as the size is so conducive to these techniques.)The port-side wall panel still needs a satin varnish coating, and some dry-brushing. Sorry for some of the photos' lack of clarity, as well...I'm still learning my new Nikon D3000. :)
  4. I have this exact kit....I won it at a show(raffle). It's still in the box, where it will stay!
  5. I just finished this up this afternoon...Airfix 1/48 BaE Systems Hawk 100, finished with Vallejo Model Air acrylics.. Not a bad kit, really. Typical Airfix fit issues in a few places, easily remedied. The decals were very poor. I wish Hornsby would contract with Cartograf, or someone...the quality of their recent releases is quite good, only to be seriously compromised by crappy decals. JK
  6. That's really, really nice Tim!! What decal sheet are those markings from?
  7. Yep! It works on Firefox now. Make sure you "toss your cookies" and restart the browser. Thank you Eric!
  8. I'm curious..without naming names, was the vendor a guy in his 60's, with a walrus-like mustache and a khaki ballcap? Maybe wearing a sweater vest? If I WAS gonna suggest a name, which I am not, it would rhyme with "fuzz"?
  9. Since moving to the new server, it seems that when you write in a text box (like I amn now) there is no cursor visible. Also, if you try to correct a mistake, or go back to delete, or copy a section of your text, you really can't. If you get to edit at all, the invisible cursor is most likely somewhere in the middle of what you were writing. This is REALLY annoying. Is there anyway we can have the cursor back?????
  10. Pz.Kpfwgn = Panzerkampfwagen = Special Vehicle, Tank.
  11. Thanks Charles! Naaaah...Vallejo Model Air is brainless. I don't even thin it. I just squeeze some into the cup, and start spraying.
  12. Here's Trumpeter's 1/48 Sea Fury, built OOB w/ the exception of Eduard PE seat harness. Airbrushed with MM Acryl, & Vallejo Model Air acrylics. Nice,.easy build with gosh-darned yuckky decals. The "invasion" stripes are part decal, part paint. Enjoy.
  13. Trying to get back into things, after a 3-month hiatus due to severe personal reasons. This is the kit Tamiya released last year. I don't generally do Japanese subjects, but was curious about this "buzz" on this kit. It's all true, and well-deserved. The most sublime model aeroplane kit I've ever glued together (!) It's OOB with Tamiya Acrylics/Alclad II Undercoating/Lifecolor Oatake Blue. Enjoy, JK
  14. Another one off of the bench, after a late 2009 start! The Italeri re-pop of Occidental's(?) old Spitfire Mk. IX, OOB. Went together exceptionally well, with only a little filler at the wing roots. Painted with Testor's MM Enamels. Enjoy, JK
  15. I hate moving parts. This stuff is complex enough as it is....
  16. From the Tamiya website....http://www.tamiya.com/english/products/35303jsu152/index.htm Not much information, yet. Stay tuned.
  17. 66Foxtrot

    German 88 kit

    Thanks John. I tried to get that frame to open for a half-hour, and couldn't.
  18. 66Foxtrot

    German 88 kit

    This one, hands down.
  19. Don't mask it, CrazyD...just kick it freestyle, Yo! These FineMold kits are sweet. I used one about 4 years ago, when I did a 1/72 Mistel-1 conversion using the 109F2, Italeri Mistel set, and AMT Ju-88. Sawed the front off of the Italeri kit, and transplanted it to the back 2/3 of the AMT kit. Still one of my fave projects, ever.Then I built the one above last Spring. I may have one more left, but I can't remember.
  20. Very cool! I didn't even know Airfix made a Farm House...:)
  21. Very nicely executed! I've heard nothing but good stuff about this kit...Imma have to get one, I think! JK
  22. Tamiya Thin Liquid Cement also works very well to dissolve the casting "ridges" on DS track and figures.
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