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  1. Haven't posted here in a long time...figured I'd see what's doing. I have more photos to post, but 6 is all the board would allow me. I started this project in August 2013. I finished it up last month. There's really nothing I can say that hasn't already been said...it's the best kit I've ever built. It's built out of the box, with the exceptions of Barracudacals cockpit placards & stencils, an Eduard seat harness, and the coiled solder used as an antennae tensioner. ID light lenses were created using white glue. Tamiya acrylics were used exclusively, mixed according to the kit's suggestions. Weathering was dome with airbrushing and artists' oils. I realized while editing the photos that the port elevator linkage must've been brushed off while wiping down the oils. Hope I can find it. I also know that I need to replace the shackles on the hard points...all four broke off while handling the wing sections. Oh, boy... Regardless, I'm pretty happy with the outcome.
  2. Very nice, thus far. Looking forward to the finished product!
  3. Beautiful job! That's a really great kit....I did the same scheme a year or so ago.
  4. I've been subscribed to it for a couple months. No problems, lots of good info.
  5. This is Revell of Germany's 1/48 Rafale B. Finished it up today. Great kit, terrible decals (Cartograph, too). Like, old Academy bad decals. I built it to the point of being ready for primer, then lost interest in it- 1 1/2 years ago (!) Lots of scratchbuilt stuff in the cockpit, including the ejector handles and new parachute headboxes on the seats. I decided to finish it 2 weeks ago, and figured I'd have it done by New Year's Eve. Alas, the decals were matte-finished, brittle, and impermeable to all solvents: MicroSet, Mr. Mark Softer, Solvaset, and even Future brushed under the edges. The edges of the wing Tiger markings still peeled back, and rolled up. I ended up slicing the leading edges off, and repainting the differences by hand. Otherwise, it'd have been done in 2010. Apologies for the terrible photos, I haven't replaced the water-damaged lightbox I had to throw away. At any rate, it's rescued from the Shelf O' Despair.
  6. Really nice! I especially like the gun barrels. Are they from the kit?
  7. Love the weathering! You might consider re-scribing the panel line along the top of the fuselage. The 109s were actually assembled like a big model kit, from the cockpit aft. A left and right fuselage half, and a tail plug.
  8. One of these days, I'm gonna start my LVG......
  9. 1972. http://www.network54.com/Forum/47751/message/1279060206/Tamiya+1-48+Hayate++Ki-84%26quot%3BFrank%26quot%3B :)
  10. There's an Arii one on EBay right now for $10. http://cgi.ebay.com/CESSNA-O-2A-SKYMASTER-Military-1-72-Arii-Kit-706-NEW-/400119968341?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5d29023255
  11. It's finished. I just realized I need to add the wingtip position lights. No, Gil, it's not my favorite Focke-Wulf. I much prefer the A-8s. I was simply caught up in the pre-production hype around this kit, and figured I'd add a Tank to my collection. I declare this kit "Hoax of the Year, 2010".
  12. New updates on this build posted on my blog. Too numerous to post here, too.
  13. That propeller assembly should turn up, any day now! Looks good!
  14. Ken, there's a new company called Airscale that makes some really nice ones. Haven't tried them yet, but they look very nice. James
  15. Thanks for your efforts, Eric. I liked the older version better, appearance-wise. This is terrible.
  16. Ed...I'm nearly positive Trumpeter doesn't press these kits. I could be wrong, but they don't seem similar. It sucks, regardless of who makes them, though.
  17. Due to several distractions this past week, I haven't written this up yet on my site. But, I wanted to at least get some pics out there. The fuselage is together, and the tail plug attached. The inside of the cockpit walls are pockmarked with thick, deep ejector pin marks. They required a micro-chisel and lots of Mr. Surfacer. In my opinion, the over-engineering of the kit to produce an "anatomy lesson" has resulted in making the build much more difficult than it should be. The fit of fuselage to tail plug was horrible at best. I recommend forgoing the instructions (which have you assemble the entire empannage and "plug" it onto the fuselage), and cementing the left and right tail halves to the left and right fuselage halves. The fit was SO poor, that the entire empannage was cocked off the center line by 20 - 25 degrees. I had to sand the butte ends flush, and still add a shim. Absolutely ridiculous. I still have to re-fill some of the resultant scars, and rescribe some lost detail. The further into this build I get....the more underwhelmed with it I am becoming. DEFINITELY not the latest and "greatest". At this stage, I consider this kit average, at best. At a very premium price.
  18. Yeah, it's pretty cool. LOTS of photos at the end of each subassembly, so you know what it should look like. :)
  19. Gil, those types of kits are way out of my league...more for a Master Modeler such as yourself! I've completed the Ta-152's Junkers-Jumo 213. www.scalewarbirds.com
  20. It's all on my site. The cockpit isn't horrible, per se....I just expect more from a $100 kit.
  21. I added a quick update to the Ta-152 build at ScaleWarbirds.com. I finished off the cockpit, and began the engine....
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