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  1. Amazing work, you should be proud! I won a RFM Tiger 1 Initial Production kit in the raffle at Cincinatti's show this year. I haven't done an Armor piece in about 10 years, so it's intimidating.
  2. If so, I didn't get an invite. But I don't know if that's even a thing anymore.
  3. Someone I know on the Las Vegas message board is at Rio now, and posted a sign inside the hotel, showing which on-site restaurants are open and which are closed. The situation is not amazing. I went to the CET/Rio website, and this is the current information. Voodoo Steak at Rio: Thursday 5pm - 10pm/ Friday - Saturday 5pm - 11pm/ Sunday 5pm - 10pm Guy Fieri's El Burro Borracho: Temporarily Closed Kang’s Kitchen: Wednesday - Sunday 4pm - 12am Hash House A Go Go : Saturday - Sunday 7am - 12pm All-American Bar & Grille: Friday - Sundayn6am - 10pm Wine Cellar & Tasting Room: Temporarily Closed Pho Da Nang Vietnamese Kitchen: Friday - Sunday10am - 10pm KJ Dim Sum & Seafood: Daily10am - 10pm Royal India Bistro: Temporarily Closed Sports Deli at the Rio: Thursday2pm - 10pm/ Friday - Sunday24 hours Smashburger at the Rio: Monday - Thursday 4pm - 10pm/ Friday - Saturday9am - 2am/ Sunday9am - 10pm Room Service (All American Bar & Grille): Available Monday - Thursday from 8am - 9:30pm/ Friday-Saturday from 7am - 10:30pm/ Sunday from 7am - 9:30pm for delivery and pick up. This post is NOT a criticism of the efforts of IPMS Las Vegas. In fact, I am a huge cheerleader of their efforts on Social Media. This convention will be epic. I am posting this to give all of you information on what the in-house dining situation is, currently. Maybe it'll change in the next three weeks. However, I want to point out that Eldorado Group has bought out Caesar's Entertainment, and is currently choking off the blood flow to maximize profits. I believe that is why there are limited hours to most of the restaurants in-house, and the closure of others (there may be contractural disputes with Guy Fierier and whomever owns the Indian joint). Who knows? Hilton is taking over in 2-3 years, and I predict this will be how it is until then. My wife and I are planning on going to breakfast every morning off-site, and getting sandwiches to go for lunch. The in-room fridge will keep them fresh. One day we'll order a pie from Good Pie, and that'll be 2 days of lunch. We have dinner reservations every night except when we arrive on the 17th, but we'll manage (In-N-Out maybe?) My concerns are, with limited hours of operation, Las Vegas being "back" (it is), and the Rio hosting our convention, trying to get into these places when they're open is going to be a nightmare. Imagine waiting 2+ hours for HHAGG to get your Sage Fried Chicken. I was in the Vendor Room buying your Holy Grail kit while you were inline. I'm not exaggerating. I keep my finger on the pulse of LV 24/7/365. If reservations are accepted, make them. Again, these are just suggestions for you. I know some of you will hardly leave Rio, as you'll be enjoying every minute of the biggest, record-breaking convention IPMS has ever seen. But, you gotta eat.
  4. Hi Ed, YES! I bought tickets to the August 19th show this morning, through Ticketmaster.
  5. This, right here. Regardless of what they represent(ed), they are an important part of history. Important as a reminder of what evil really is, and of the memories of all who fought against that evil. Rewriting history and tearing down statues really pisses me off.
  6. Thank you so much Eric. I was finally able to vote.
  7. Same thing as the voting page, probably. I'm either unauthorized or already voted (I can't). I'm done trying.
  8. Clare was a true gentleman.
  9. I don't know, but that's REALLY nice!
  10. If I want it, I buy it. It’s good to be the King.
  11. Very nice work. This is the most sublime kit I’ve ever built.
  12. I think they’re releasing show dates in blocks, because who knows what our government will pull next? We plan to see them when we’re there. Also, Tape Face is the best show we’ve ever seen. Brilliant and hilarious.
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