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  1. Nice score Mark. While I dig the Batmobile (eh, the resin figures should be no problem) 😉 I dig the ambulance. I'm drawn to the "not the usual" kits. For me Whats Old is New Again! Yesterday was a hot one in the ol' hobby den despite the AC going. It was so hot in fact that the parchment paper I use on the wet palette was drying up before my eyes. I gave up painting for the day. To still get something done up there, it hit me that I had a box of garage kits in a crawl space up here, and I'm sure the heat is no good for them. I decided to pull them out. Well, it turns out that I did not have 1 box, but 3 !! A few of the kits I only had the vaguest memory of, and most I didn't remember at all. 😮 In the end my stash grew my 1/3! I'm going to have to build faster.
  2. Roktman

    Hammer Films Dracula

    Thanks Tony
  3. Roktman

    Hammer Films Dracula

    After Vincent Price, I stayed with the horror genre, and this time it's Christopher Lee as Dracula. It's another bust from MoonDevil. Likeness is pretty good. The casting is nice - no bubbles, and only the faintest of seam lines. As usual I used Vallejo paints and this time I tried out some Mig pigments for the shadows on the face. Thanks for looking.
  4. Roktman

    Vincent Price Caricature

    This guy was sitting undone on my shelf for so long, I had forgotten who did it, and had to look up who produced it. Anyway, it's a Rebel Resin kit; one piece and I'm guessing in the 1:3 scale size(?) There were two little problems on his back. There was a skin of resin, but hollow beneath that was a pretty good size. But as usual, Aves came to the rescue - The base coat for the skin was Vallejo's (V) Beige Red , and then just went back and forth to get the color I liked, The shadows was a combo of Citadel's Reikland Fleshshade and *I think* Mig African soil pigments. It's true pigment powder is the poor man airbrush. I fixed the powder with Mig's Fixer. Then it was V Gray Black for the jacket, and V Pale Blue with a V Gray White shirt, and Citadels Khorne Red, Mephiston Red, and Evil Sun Scarlet (I love their color names) for the tie/scarf. The shine on the tie may be too much... Thanks for looking.
  5. Roktman

    2020 and beyond

    I like sitting in on those meetings when I can. I find that part of the club interesting.
  6. Roktman

    Aradia's Posideon Mini

    Thanks guys. Rusty: Agreed. The only thing I can think of is that maybe the added a base just to complete the drawing. Because there wasn't even a spot in the foam holders for a base - unless they re manufactured the foam too. It would have been good to know, but then again I have been voicing my opinions elsewhere that I thing GKs should have simple/ no bases to make them less expensive as I can always build my own. So I guess I got my wish. 😉 Bill: hehe 🤣
  7. Roktman


    Thanks. I wasn't finding the page you imaged there. Finally I did, added the info and the info and clicked Add To Cart... and nothing happened. Even the little counter at the stop showed nothing. I hit the Add button a few times - maybe it wasn't going thru. On a lark I clicked the empty () and the page advanced and there was my registration - all 5 of them. I fixed and recalculated and all went thru. So you may have a little hiccup there. I did register.
  8. Roktman

    Aradia's Posideon Mini

    This model has been sitting on my desk for a while now about 99% done. Lets have a look. The first thing that's noticed is the base that's on the website is quite a bit different than what you get. I don't know (and didn't think to ask) if it was a mistake on Aradia's part or what. Anyway Posideon just sits on this little ledge of coral. No matter I can model a base. The parts are shown below. On the website you had a choice of either a human type face or a sort of fish mask (arrow). I liked the mask, but in person IMO I felt it made him look like he had a tiny head. This is the problem for me when a model sits. You think you've taken pics that you didn't. But basically the skin was done in a Flesh, and washed with Citadels Reikland Fleshshade. Then the fish part was done in a blue, highlighted with a turquoise with some pearlizing craft paint for the wet look sparkle. The base is simply Sculpt -a-Mould over some foam "boulders. Spray with a tan and then the same turquoise with the pearl. Finally I wanted some sort of backdrop for him. I went looking for some pieces of fan coral at the pet stores. But no good. I guess real coral decorations are taboo now. I found some artificial stuff that looked good in the pics and real life from a distance. But it's kind of cheesy look close up. I sprayed that with white primer and then some blue mixed with the pearl. Done. Thanks for looking.
  9. Roktman

    COOKIE !!

    Feelin' sorry for myself that I missed yet another Wonder Fest, I reached into my stash pile and pulled out ... a cookie. Ok I'm not a comedian (obviously) so I just dove in and went thru this kit fairly quickly. This kits is from Monster Dork Studios, and was only 7 parts. Except for a mold slip here and there on the body that needed to be dremeled smooth was an enjoyable build. Following the muppet, I started painting it blue, and then wanted to add some detail, so I figured I'd make the chest, stomach and butt a flesh color and add my squiggles to indicate something under the skin. I would soon find this was a mistake. Feathering in more blue, the flesh color turn the blue to green. UGH! Adding more blue it was obvious that to lose the green, I was going to lose the skin details. Oh well. Then with white for the eyes, and Army Painter Red wash for the bloodshot in the eyes, beige red for the inside of the mouth and then Iraqi sand and Ivory with some Citadel Sepia wash for the teeth, I was done. Oh also as a reminder, I painted the cookie jar the same flesh color that almost ruined it. 😉 Thanks for looking.
  10. Roktman

    Vlad the Impaler

    I'll take it. 😉 Thanks!
  11. Roktman

    Planet Models' Horten HO VII

    Thanks guys, Gil: Thanks. My adopted way is sort of a technique of two guys I subscribe to on You Tube. The first guy is Andys Hobby's HQ. He does his priming backwards. Instead of priming white or gray and then outlining the panels in black, he primes in NATO black, which is, IMO, really a dark gray and to me has a tiny bit of brown in it, and then fills in the panels with white for some modulation. At this point I use this other guys technique (I'll have to look up his name again) who adds the white on the panels in little speckles and squiggles to make the top coat look uneven and worn. Bill: Thanks. Yep, definitely a weird landing gear set up. The front wheels are on one set up sitting side by side. Plus it seems weird to me in how high it makes the plane sit off the ground... 🙂
  12. Roktman

    Judging Question

    Thanks guys. All good replies, and you guys are right. Being that he left part of it unpainted - I think we all know what that looks like even if Bandai's plastic "looks great." It's just that I'm sick and tired of these guys going to a Con, not winning and blaming "the elitist nature of the military focused IMPS". Personally I don't know what he's talking about. Most of the shows I attend, the space and sci-fi tables are always pretty full. I tried to explain what the judges look for, (I've seen that seminar a lot) but doubt it made a difference to his already formed opinion. So fair thee well... Personally I'm with you Mark, I couldn't care less if I win or not. I take my models to the Nats and as I put them down on the table I look around, giggle to myself, and think "Nope, not this year." 🤣 But I put my models down. I don't collect them up and bring them back to the room. Even if walking by my models and I overhear one guy say Hey not bad. Thats good enuff for me.
  13. Roktman

    Industria Mechanika's Red Star 47

    Thanks guys! Ed: As a garage kit, there's definitely low distribution of these kits, basically word of mouth I guess. Mike Fitchenmeyer had the brainstorm to make deals with these sci-fi/ fantasy artists to turn their 2D images into 3D models. He's got quite a few now, of all different categories. True, they are a bit expensive, but after building this one, I know why. It's not a difficult kit to put together, but with all the resin, wire, and PE parts, there's a lot to them. If you want to take a look, his site is : https://industriamechanika.com/shop/ Bryan: Thanks! Mike doesn't really let on to how business is going, but as said above, I don't think any of thee garage kit guys makes enuff from sales to retire or make this full time business. Plus how many people do more buying than building. LOL 😉 I know my kit was on the pile for quite a while. 😉 While the kit is involved, it's not an impossible, so I think your club friend is just taking his time. Also to be honest, the instructions are just two exploded diagrams and are a little vague in spots,. I also get to my hobby room almost everyday for a few hours during the week. So I most likely have a lot more filming time than him. 😉 so that will slow you down.
  14. Roktman


    Interested in finding out as well.
  15. Based off an illustration by Christophe Deese comes this future retro flyer. It comes with a lot of resin parts, a lot of TINY PE, and some clear resin, wire, and thread While the thread if for cabling for the steering vanes, I think I will replace that with some stretch sprue (for durability). There's a lot of WIP pics, that I put on my site. Here's the finished flyer. Thanks for looking.