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  1. Evidently it was painted with those feathers for its reveal at a parade in 1937. It was called the Firebird after a A russian folk tale similar to the Phoenix bird stories, hence the feathers. The decals make it look a lot nice than the paint job it was given in the field. ;)
  2. Shark Man

    Thanks everyone. Banshee, thats the same squiggles I do when there's a lot of boring looking skin. ;) I take the very tip cover off the a/b off (DON"T bump the needle), get really close with almost no air and just pull back for the paint and just start squiggling. Here he is w/o the top coat.
  3. Maid Service

    Great job. Love the way you got the anime eyes! Very cool.
  4. I really need to take a break from kit shopping. But here are 3 of my latest. Anyone who knows me, knows I loved the weird and bizarre in avaition. So when I saw the Kalinin K12 reviewed in a recent SAMI I had to have it. Then I went back to my horror and fantasy busts with Peter Cushing as Baron Von Frankenstein, and Pan from Pans Labyrinth. Thanks for looking.
  5. The Punisher Bust

  6. The Punisher Bust

    I picked up this piece from Troy McDevitt Studios at last years JerseyFest. It's part of his Comics series. The base is a stack of comics where the cutouts correspond to the bust you get. He's got about 10 available and I just heard he'll have 7 more soon. Anyway, the kit was flawless and I had a great time painting this one up. Thanks for looking.
  7. Revell Bomarc missile

    WOW! Looks great!
  8. New to IMPS judging

    Nice model BTW. I know this is way late to the discussion, but I was led to believe that a diorama told a story. The IPMS guy giving the talk said "it doesn't have to be an exciting story, it doesn't even have to be a good story..." Guy in tank heading somewhere - tells a story. But he could also be sitting there. I think one way to "improve" it (if mine) despite not matching the picture, could be to have a sign, maybe battered, weathered, and broken with the town's name indicating where he's going on it, like a road post. Just thinking out loud... ;)
  9. Looking for Revolutionary/Colonial Marine figures/busts

    Give Red Lancers a try. I can't say they have it, but they do offer a large selection.
  10. DeathWing Knight

    Very nice job. Looks cool. Good work on the eye lens he has there too
  11. Is this a chance to revitalize the hobby?

    Al ( and all) I've been screaming this for the longest. But who am I? ;) Frequenting forums other than this one, You read time after time how these "kids" (I'm also a graying 58) bring their Gundam or Star wars starship to a local meeting only to be scoffed at. And what do they do? They go home and never come back. While Regionals and Nationals have a good mix of other than military kits from the young'uns, IMO the local level is where the problem is. The oldsters that sit there and discuss the 50th Bf-109 on the table to death and scoff at an A-Wing are the problem. Whether one thinks it's stupid or not, they need to give it a fair shake, even if one has to act. There is a resurgence of some of the young. As Robin mentioned there are physical models that go with the Tank online game. For those that remember the old Dungeons and Dragons or Ral Partha, there is a new miniatures war game based on WW2, where a big part of it that has tanks and planes that must be put together and painted. Then there are the sci-fi and fantasy minis and regular sized kits that is very popular out there. I'm not even included the "garage kits", which are probably the majority of the figures seen in that category. Some are even repainted the pre painted models. The next logical step is picking up a kit to be built and painted. So they are out there. To rehash - local clubs, take a look at what image you portraying. If a kid comes in with Gundam, a Mech or Ma.K; even if you're pretending, treat that Ma.K as if it was a Panther or Sherman... Ok rant mode over. ;)
  12. Naked Ladies

    It takes a LOT for me to be offended, but I can see if we have kiddies here, we need to have some tact. I frequent another forum where the general agreement is that if there's anything risque in the post the person should put nudity/partial nudity in the subject line. This way people that don't want to see it, can move on by. Just throwing it out there. Another idea is take a look at your image programs. I use Irfanview and then have a Effects option. I just draw a box, and used the explosion option. The offending naughty bits go out of focus while there isn't a "chunk" taken out of your model. Example (there's no naught y bits in this, just showing what can be done. BTW Irfanview is terrific IMHO) -
  13. South African Mirage From the Duke

    Very nice job. Well done!
  14. Airfix Be2C nightfighter

    Terrific work!
  15. The I thought it was April Fools Joke Build

    Agreed. I have a heck of a time building my 1:144 kits. This is just above and beyond. He said the kit comes with parts for 10-12 models. I might end up with 1 or 2 after I lose parts... God bless his eyesight or maybe he's using an electron microscope. ;)