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  1. Hmmm, well that judge certainly did the wrong thing. It sux and sorry that happened to you. If I got an excuse like that I would have brought it the the contest mgr's attention and file a grievance. How would he know the Germans would "never to work like that." That's BS in my book. It was quite a while ago that there was a big blow up over a judge knocking an otherwise exquisite plane because he felt "the plane wouldn't have faded to that color" the member painted it. That was when the rules were reworked to make sure that construction was the top consideration. And that you have to trust the modeler that he did the research and the color he used was the best match, etc...
  2. Having judged at the local level, I'm guessing that the basics are the same as at the Nat'l level. For the longest, basic construction was the starting point for eliminating a model. The finishing items - weathering etc... is way down the line, and it in fact may help those with a more "simpler" approach. If someone highlights all the panel lines, the modeler may reveal that a panel line or two are incomplete. That would be a negative. Another is, and I know I've done this, is that I rescribe some panel lines that aren't the same depth as the others or are incomplete and oops I scratched off the line, if I don't fix it that's a negative, as is a fix that has gone badly. And I've had those too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ In the What the Judges Look For seminar (and I suggest everyone refresh themselves by sitting in on it every few years) it's said that the more a person adds, the more chance he has of having a mistake. So a nice clean, simple model can be a winner. Just my 2ยข .
  3. Roktman

    Wyatt Earp

    Hey Gang, been a while. I still haven't fully gotten my mojo back, tho it is getting a little easier to force myself out of the chair , and up the stairs to my hobby room. This time I have CGS' Wyatt Earp, in 200mm. The arms were separate from the body, and hands, which were in the rifle. So it was a bit of a juggling match to line everything up. Another problem was the rifle barrels were warp, and needed the hot water treatment to straighten The other thing I noticed was that the head was sculpted separately from the body, and the pupild were sculpted in looking straight ahead. Putting the head on the bod where he should be looking down the barrels in the movie, he was looking off to the side. IMHO it looked silly and had to repaint the eyes over at the very end. All in all it was a good kit. Thanks for looking.
  4. Nice job! I too like to build the oddball type planes. This one is very cool!
  5. Probably by the time you reduced the paint brush slip down to 1/72 or whatever, if you most likely be reduced to a soft straight line. But I agree and would like to see a reduction of the mania about perfect straight lines. Decals too, they were supposed to have been applied with a stencil and paint brush or large air brush... The pic does remind me of another (which I couldn't find at the moment) of a guy in the field, applying camo on a plane with a mop.
  6. WOW! Very nice job!
  7. I attended a show in CT a while back, and they had a Vignette category. It was the first time I even saw that category. FWIW their definition was no more than 3 figures on landscaping. Being so small, it wouldn't have to tell a story. So I guess 2 or 3 guys simply standing in a grassy field would qualify.
  8. Thanks, Duke! The weathering, I tried to copy what I see on Night Shift's You Tube channel. even tho he does all armor, the techniques work everywhere. The pilot is from the F-16 pilots and Ground Crew set. (?)
  9. This is one pretty famous Star Wars ship that, AFAIK, has never made it to the movies. This kit was buried deep in my stack and it's from JPG Models. All parts were finely cast and came with 2 vac form canopies and a decal sheet. This was another one of those kits that almost built itself, until I made a huge error, and didn't notice it until it was too late.:? Dang it. But I continue on. Looking at the decals I decided that I didn't want another white ship with red stripes. So I looked thru quite a few images of Z-95s, until one paint scheme from the Legions game. Plus the fact that at the time St. Patrick day was only a few days away. This was it! I added a few decals from my spares envelope - one of which came off the paper, stuck and wouldn't be moved. Sigh I just left it. I weathered ala Night Shift (You Tube channel), and I heard mention that this You Tuber (Jon Bius) adds "a kiss of tan" to his final clear coat. Trying it I added V's Dark Sand (not dark at all) to the clear coat and it really did even out the paint scheme. Thanks for looking. I almost forgot, the canopy was large and clear enuff that I just had to add a pilot. So I grabbed one from my dwindling collection and sat him in the seat.
  10. Thanks. The LSOH mouth was Lucas' idea for their Special edition edits. I remember the original just being a toothed hole in the ground.
  11. Always looking for the strange and unusual, I found this model on Etsy from Ravendark Creations. Its a baby Sarlacc. Of course this beast was made famous in the Return of the Jedi.Then later on when Boba is seen escaping it's gut in the tv mini series. There is 2 ways to get your own baby Sarlacc. You can buy just the model of the animal itself, or Ravendark will sell you a kit which includes a 5.5" clay pot, the model and some sand. To make things easy on myself I just ordered the kit. I never thought to take "before" pics. Sorry. It arrived pretty much all built for me with even the Sarlacc already painted. The teeth along the edges look especially well done. It seems that the pot is packed - (I didn't go digging) at least around the model with tin foil. So basically my only job was to pour in the sand around the edge. After doing that and gluing it down I was done. Thanks for looking. In it's pot, with my soda can for size comparison
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