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  1. Thanks. Don't think I saw it in 54mm. You could go to the site and ask. Since it was designed on the computer I guess technically it could be scaled down. But whoo boy painting the jacket details in 54mm who be an adventure. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. It was a few BPMS meetings ago that a fellow figure modeler handed me Wild Bill. Thanks, Joe! This is a 75mm miniature bust from Dolman Miniatures. Apparently sculpted on the computer, and the details are crazy! The kit is flawless resin body (tho if you really look, there are remnants of grow lines) and the hands are pewter. The base is resin from my stash. I don't seem to have an out of the box pic. Sorry. Looking at a few screen grabs, he's wearing a worn, brown leather jacket, and a white-ish scarf- An unreal level of detail! We all know what John Belushi looked like, but I needed a portrait to make sure I get as many details as I can. Having a medium skin tone and a scruffy 5 o'clock shadow, that will help the look. Don't forget about the lifted eyebrow either. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The shadow was done with the "poor man's airbrush" - pastels. For what reasons a dark blue works best for stubble beard. The flight cap looked like a combination of leather and fabric. There was no clear screen grabs of Belushi's jacket. He's got patches all over the place. The best place to go for this is the model's page on the Dolman site. The hardest patch is the one down his arm that point out the various cities. Because (I guess) it was designed on the computer, the artist was able to write the names of the cities in. But what I learned the letters were very shallow and I couldn't get the dark paint to sit in the letters and survive adding the white over the top. My choice was to use a .05 pen. Even with that I think the pen was larger than the letters. Oh well, I did the best I could. The idea was to paint the base a WW2 Olive Drab color, and then use a printout of the movie poster. In my rush to get finished - this was on my desk for a looong time - I took the final pics without the name plate. ๐Ÿ˜› Thanks for looking. And for the sake of size comparison, here it is with a US Quarter.
  3. Roktman


    Using mostly my a/b, this kit - a Gillman Prod. special, went together really quickly. Thanks for looking!
  4. You just can't slow down Paul Gill and Co. Here's another of their kits (sculpted by Mark Van Tine). This time it's the Big Muddy Monster. I have to admit I didn't know much about this guy. But because I collect Sasquatches, amongst other things, I had to pick him up. An easy one this time - only 2 parts - the bust/base and the hand - of well cast resin. Not finding a lot of pics for this guy, I stuck to my tried and true trio of browns. A gray for the tree trunk, and the the color will be from the green vines. Oh yeah there's a yellow lizard in the back too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I decided to carry the green onto the sign, and then to tie the whole thing together added a little swampy algae green wash to the fur... With that I was done. Thanks for looking.
  5. I had to do something to help me get back into my studio without feeling I was sitting on the Sun. So I simply changed my time there from afternoons to evenings, and aah, so much more comfortable. So my so that I actually finished something. This was a new figure in the Star Wars story for me. Black Krrsantan (nicknamed Santy) was a Wookie bounty hunter first seen in Darth Vader 1 comic in 2015. The IMHO ill fated Boba Fett mini series on Disney+, he was paid to get Fett... This kit, from Gillman Productions, is a 4 piece 1/4 scale bust. A very clean kit, it had only the slightest mold line thru the head hair - twenty minutes and that was cleaned up. The screen grab above is the image I used as reference. But it amazed me that the vast majority of the images were from the comics. I remembered that his pauldrons were a steel/silver color, but all of the comics images had him with gold/bronze color. So if you want to be different and do the comic Santy, the pauldrons is a way to make the difference. I stuck to Vallejo's Steel for mine. Even tho Santy is just black with gray streaks , I couldn't just leave the straight black. So here and there I mixed in a dark brown to make things a little more interesting. I didn't realized while watching the show, but on the kit his two scars were prominent. I painted them a tan color - WAY to bright. With a number of washes I was able to tone it down. The belt was a simple 3 colors, and I also toned that down with some Citadel Nuln Oil. The base was last and it was supposed to represent a bldg. in Mos Espa (?) Here tans filled in the space. Some metal colors for the machinery on the side completed the project. Thanks for looking.
  6. There was even a problem beforehand. I tried to reserve a room yesterday afternoon. Yes, I know it was before the block of discount room opened, but I needed a suite. The girl at the other end of the phone said that "It's odd, that the entire hotel seems sold out." She put me on hold and came back 10 minutes later saying, the entire hotel still seemed sold out, and when she went to call the main reservation area to find out what's happening, no one would pick up the phone...
  7. Oh how I wished my new AC worked as well as my old one for my attic lair. Whew. Nonetheless working in short shifts, I was able to get Miguel Zuppo's Rebel finished. There are a few sculptors that are putting the stars of Old Hollywood into resin, and I can't be happier. Thanks for looking.
  8. Roktman

    Gas Man

    Oh man, I wouldn't trust that piece of equipment! ๐Ÿ˜ถ Nice job on the figure!
  9. Outstanding! Plus as a New Yorker, I can see how this will be fact in the not too distant future. ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. Roktman

    Wyatt Earp

    Hey David, Thanks for the kind words. Agreed. I too think it's one of the best, if not THE best western.
  11. Well, the quick, down and dirty explanation was their computer crashed and they guys had a nearly impossible time figuring out registration, and other problems. Having said that, I ran into none of the problems and had a great time at that Con. I even had a pin in the goodie bag. Plous I got to meet up with a long time buddy, who lived a few towns soiuth. I even reintroduced him to scale modeling and now he's an active model builder. Anyway, being "next door" to Disney helped out a lot as we take the Nats trip as a family vacation, so wifey could spend the time with my then young son visiting The Mouse, while I soaked in all the seminar info. My big pet peeve is what was mentioned a page or two ago about all the guys who rush to make a reservation, and then a few weeks before the Show, cancel. Sure, things happen last minute, but not the dozens of rooms that suddenly become available. But by then buying a last minute plane ticket is astronomical. I've been attending the Nats since '03-'04 and I remember that if I made a reservation by Christmas (with the reservations opening in Sept-Oct.) I had myself a room in the main hotel. The CO show was the first one where I tried to reserve just before Xmas, and was told the main hotel was sold out. Now it's to the point where if you don't reserve on THE day that reservations open - your SOL. As I've gotten older my mobility is now an issue, and if I can't get into the convention hotel, I can't manage all the extra walking so me and my $$ just stay home. I wonder how many are in my situation and stay home?
  12. Hmmm, well that judge certainly did the wrong thing. It sux and sorry that happened to you. If I got an excuse like that I would have brought it the the contest mgr's attention and file a grievance. How would he know the Germans would "never to work like that." That's BS in my book. It was quite a while ago that there was a big blow up over a judge knocking an otherwise exquisite plane because he felt "the plane wouldn't have faded to that color" the member painted it. That was when the rules were reworked to make sure that construction was the top consideration. And that you have to trust the modeler that he did the research and the color he used was the best match, etc...
  13. Having judged at the local level, I'm guessing that the basics are the same as at the Nat'l level. For the longest, basic construction was the starting point for eliminating a model. The finishing items - weathering etc... is way down the line, and it in fact may help those with a more "simpler" approach. If someone highlights all the panel lines, the modeler may reveal that a panel line or two are incomplete. That would be a negative. Another is, and I know I've done this, is that I rescribe some panel lines that aren't the same depth as the others or are incomplete and oops I scratched off the line, if I don't fix it that's a negative, as is a fix that has gone badly. And I've had those too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ In the What the Judges Look For seminar (and I suggest everyone refresh themselves by sitting in on it every few years) it's said that the more a person adds, the more chance he has of having a mistake. So a nice clean, simple model can be a winner. Just my 2ยข .
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