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  1. This miniature was used to break my dry spell. It is Fenrir from the game Blood Rage. Looking up a Timber Wolf, he was painted with more or less the same colors. Being a Norse game, I added some dead grass and of course snow. This snow was the first time I used the snow from Precision Ice and Snow. Two thumbs up from for for that stuff!! He painted up easily so there's no WIP pics. Thanks for looking.
  2. Roktman


    Don't remember ever seeing this model before. Looks like a mini. Nice job w/ her. 🙂
  3. He's quite prolific! http://www.modelshipgallery.com/gallery/users/Jim-Baumann/user-index.html
  4. Roktman

    Medusa Miniature

    Thanks, Tony. I've been retired on a disability (damn you 9/11) since '13. So being home all day I get what I have to get done in the mornings, and then during the week I have a few hours each afternoon to get into my hobby room. Building and painting the larger size miniatures, It's amazing how many models I can get done with 15-20 hrs per week to play around. 😉
  5. Best of luck then. Having never been to LV, and as we use the Nats trip as a family vacation, we'd certainly like to visit. 😉
  6. Thanks guys! Tony: this "Co.'s" offerings are terrific. One is more imaginative than the next. If you look over their catalog, you'd want one of each! But I think thats the way it's going for these new miniature companies. Was 3D computers vs. clay sculpts give you a lot more freedom wot be wild IMHO. Phil: Thanks for the kind words. 🙂
  7. Roktman

    Medusa Miniature

    Haha, you're the first one in 3 forums to catch it. The way it was design (3D CAD or similar I'm guessing) her metal bra gets in the way of the string. So rather than having it look like she's stringing up her boosies, I left of off. 😉
  8. Looking at it again, I had the thought that it looked like a ghost with a regular coat and cap. I added a little more of the "ghostly" Nihilakh Oxide to unify the whole thing. *Now* I'm done. 😉
  9. One of the two mythological creatures I got from Atlantis Miniatures (not the same as Atlantis Models) is the Sphinx. This is a well done 7 piece gray resin kit. There's no flash, or no bubbles. Adding paint, the obvious reference is a lion so I used V's Beige, with the German Brown Black for the mane. Then I added Citadel's Reikland Fleshshade over the body and their Nuln Oil over the mane. Once that was dry I added bad the Beige but as a drybrush. The main got a dry brush of V's Beige Brown. The wings got the same treatment of the beige and Reikland Fleshshade. This time the heavy drybrush was with V's Foundation White. Later on I added a second go round of white to the upper wings and V's Brown Wash to the deepest areas of the wing folds. The brick piles got a coat of V. Game Color Plague Brown, drybrushed with beige and highlighted with a beige/white mix. The ground work was some simply with V. Tan Primer over some Mod Podge which had the Chinchilla dust sprinkled on it. I also added a few extra bricks out of the same sized balsa lumber. With that I was done. Thanks for looking. My obligatory size comparison pic.
  10. Roktman

    1st ID Vietnam

    Always look fwd to see your post your figures. Looks terrific.
  11. I would think nothing is a sure thing unless the club makes a formal presentation and gets accepted by the Cmte.
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