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  1. Gotcha. Thanks. Very cool. For what ever reason I have a hard time bending clear rod... 😜
  2. An odd but entertaining movie. Very nice job on the kit! Did the clear rod come already shaped or did you do it? Kudos if you did! WOW!
  3. Roktman

    Law and Order

    This is a nice 75mm kit from Mercury Models, and st in a fine gray resin. I figured any wood would have been dried and weathered, so painted the walkway and railing as if it had been out in the sun for decades. The total height including the base made from a wooden coaster and some Sculpt-a-mold is 150mm. I included a US Quarter with the last image as a size comparison. Thanks for looking. 🙂
  4. It was the '07 Nats in Anaheim that drew him back into the hobby. I don't know if he every joined the local group, but he joined the National group. He only moved a year or 2 ago. He's in SC now.
  5. Nice "gets" there guys! Aah Brookhurst Hobbies - every time I visited my buddy in MV, we would always take a trip to Brookhurst. Nice store - a lil bit of everything! Then he moved back east...
  6. Nice! I like how it's weathered but not beaten to a pulp... 🙂
  7. Hey all, I've finally come to the conclusion that there's no way I can build all the kits in my stash. I had been toying with the idea of creating a database so if and when the time comes, my wife and son will know what I have, and approximately what they can get for my left over stash. Besides mfg, model name, scale, what its worth or what I paid - can anyone think of something that might be important? TIA.
  8. Oh, ok. We sort of have similar on a yearly basis. Every November we have whats called a Mega Raffle. Tickets can't be bought but you get one ticket for every model you brought in thru out the year. Then in Jan or Feb. we have a Pledge Night. You give the name of a model you promise to build and if you follow thru and display it at the Oct. meeting, you get an extra 5 tickets. Some of the prizes are general stuff, Exacto blades, Tamiya tape, small plastic storage bins, etc... but there are a few bigger prizes mixed in.
  9. Nice win, Duke! Reminds me of when my son and I used to go to my local IPMS meetings. There you had to buy the tix. I always bought $10 worth and then gave them to him. If there were 15 prizes he was assured of having his number called 2X! If I hung on to the tix - nothing... LOL
  10. Thanks. Don't think I saw it in 54mm. You could go to the site and ask. Since it was designed on the computer I guess technically it could be scaled down. But whoo boy painting the jacket details in 54mm who be an adventure. 😉
  11. It was a few BPMS meetings ago that a fellow figure modeler handed me Wild Bill. Thanks, Joe! This is a 75mm miniature bust from Dolman Miniatures. Apparently sculpted on the computer, and the details are crazy! The kit is flawless resin body (tho if you really look, there are remnants of grow lines) and the hands are pewter. The base is resin from my stash. I don't seem to have an out of the box pic. Sorry. Looking at a few screen grabs, he's wearing a worn, brown leather jacket, and a white-ish scarf- An unreal level of detail! We all know what John Belushi looked like, but I needed a portrait to make sure I get as many details as I can. Having a medium skin tone and a scruffy 5 o'clock shadow, that will help the look. Don't forget about the lifted eyebrow either. 😉 The shadow was done with the "poor man's airbrush" - pastels. For what reasons a dark blue works best for stubble beard. The flight cap looked like a combination of leather and fabric. There was no clear screen grabs of Belushi's jacket. He's got patches all over the place. The best place to go for this is the model's page on the Dolman site. The hardest patch is the one down his arm that point out the various cities. Because (I guess) it was designed on the computer, the artist was able to write the names of the cities in. But what I learned the letters were very shallow and I couldn't get the dark paint to sit in the letters and survive adding the white over the top. My choice was to use a .05 pen. Even with that I think the pen was larger than the letters. Oh well, I did the best I could. The idea was to paint the base a WW2 Olive Drab color, and then use a printout of the movie poster. In my rush to get finished - this was on my desk for a looong time - I took the final pics without the name plate. 😛 Thanks for looking. And for the sake of size comparison, here it is with a US Quarter.
  12. Roktman


    Using mostly my a/b, this kit - a Gillman Prod. special, went together really quickly. Thanks for looking!
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