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  1. Thanks. Yes it was. Totally unexpected, and I liked its all practical effects.
  2. As is my usual, I have 2 or 3 kits going at the same time. So they all usually finish within a few days of each other. This time I have the character MacReady as played by Kurt Russell. The kit is in 4 parts - the bust, each hand, and the base. The likeness is once again excellent, and the casting job is terrific. Only the slightest work is needed to get rid of a hint of seam line on one side of his head. Starting to put the primer on... As with Norris I went overboard with the under colors. Plus there's a little more color on the icy cliff. From there is was just a matter of looking at a still to find out he had on a gray t-shirt, blue hoodie and a brown leather jacket. His hair is brown and the Net tells me he has blue eyes. Looking at another still, the wire he uses on the blood test was a red on a white spool. I thought the white would be too stark in his hands so I used V's Sky Gray - a very light gray. The wire was a small paper clip cut to size and stripped of a little bit of the plastic coating. The paper clip was also painted red, and the bare metal was painted with V's Copper. The Petri Dishes in the film were clear, but I wasn't about to cut it all away and try to recreate it with clear plastic. I painted it up the best I could to make it look transparent. For the ice, I saw this YT video where they mixed the Woodland Scenics Snow with some clear UV resin. To me it look a little too clear so I added a drop of white. One drop was way too much and IMHO made it too start. I used Precision Ice and Snow's winter wash on the spaceship - yep the spaceship is sticking out of the mountain on one sire - That just wasn't enuff color so I mixed up more WS Snow and UV resin, leaving out the white paint and added it on. It really looks like chunky ice. That about does it. Thanks for looking.
  3. Another garage kit from Gillman Prod., Norris is one of an ongoing (so far) series from John Carpenter's 1982 horror movie. He was played by Charles Hallahan (1943-1997). There's still a debate as to when Norris gets assimilated. But it comes to a head when he has a "heart attack" and during defibrillation his chest opens up and bites Dr. Copper's arms off at the elbow and the monster emerges. The kit is very well done with 2 parts - the bust and the little monster head. I wanted to make it true to the movie, but tried to tone it down on the guts and gore. I hope I pulled it off. Thanks for looking.
  4. Looks terrific. I love those "you don't see that everyday" aircraft.
  5. Thanks. I saw a minute or two clip on You Tube, and it gives me the Scooby Doo vibe. I remember all sorts of dumb stuff, but I really don't remember it. 😞
  6. Probably my last mode for July is a 2 part Bigfoot from Gillman Productions featuring the Bigfoot made famous from the Patterson film clip from 1967. For this one I decided to change the light direction from overhead to bright and low on the side. The back of the model was a wide open spot, and decided to channel my inner Bob Ross. I hadn't painted anything like that in decades, but figured I'd give it a try. Composition stinks, but there it is... Thanks for looking.
  7. I never miss my chance to expand my werewolf model collection! After Listening (watching) a recent Model Club TV's podcast, one of the hosts mention this artist who is going back into our childhood and reproducing all our favorite cartoon characters from 50s, 60s, 70s... I didn't remember the Groovy Goolies even tho the show started in 1970. It was at that point think about 1970, I would have been building models for a year or two by then, and I decided to paint this one up like a 10 year old. The only thing I could allow was the drips and runs, but there's no shadows, highlighting or washing the details. Here's a nice simple build.
  8. Here's a 1/4 scale bust of Michael Landon 😉 in one of his first movie roles, as the Teenage werewolf. Thanks for looking.
  9. I took this one deep out of the stash for a club group build. I guess I've been doing garage and short run kits for so long that this kit was a snap to build. Thanks for looking.
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