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  1. Where in Hampton is the convention being held in 2025? Mike
  2. Who do you talk to about bringing a large diorama to the convention? Mike
  3. It is a great venue! Looking forward to the convention. Mije
  4. Do we know how many clubs are bidding for the 2025 convention? Mike
  5. This is for this years convention in San Marcos!
  6. Do you have a list of vendors and if so when are you going to post it? Enquiring minds want to know! Happy New Year, Mike
  7. The PE parts in the kit I plan on building are the hinges on the flaps! I plan on leaving the flaps up so I really do not need the hinges. Mike
  8. I am planning on building a Trumpeter 1/32 Dauntless. The kit has PE seatbelts, does that disqualify it from this category? If so, can I still enter it in that category if I do not use the seatbelt’s? Mike
  9. Where can I find the results of the National conventions? Mike
  10. To those who tried to add Tuesday and had issues, I do not know what happened to your reservation but for me it worked and the entire process was the easiest process in all the nationals that I have been too. To Len you did a great job! Mike
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