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  1. What does it take to add a new category at the Nationals? I think a multi engine category for the 1/32 scale aircraft is something to look at. Mike
  2. That canon should have been in category 223. Mike
  3. I agree with you on category 293! A cannon is not a soft skin vehicle! Mike
  4. I had to leave on Saturday morning and was not available to talk to judges. That is why I was asking. Mike
  5. Good morning, I am asking the same question for my entry . What do I need to do to make it better. I was in category 293. it would be great if I could get ahold of the judges for that category. Mike
  6. I70 west of Denver is closed due to mud slides. Mike
  7. Yes, I am reading the rules on the convention website. Mike
  8. I have read the OOB rules and I would like to verify that I can place my armor model on a base and still be in the OOB category. Mike
  9. Registered today, looking forward to the convention. Mike
  10. Do visitors have to pay $15 a day, Or is there going to be a package deal for them?
  11. This was one of the best conventions I have been to. Went on several side trips before and during the show. I hope you guys do another convention. Mike
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