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  2. Beautiful! Serious detail. That is museum piece right there! Great job! 👍
  3. Thank you. I’m going to get some good pictures of my work and post them. After such a long time out of the hobby, I was shocked that I still had the skill. Mind you it’s not perfect, but I’m getting close. Nothing is perfect I guess. All I know is that this is the craft I got into when I was 10, and it feels pretty good now.
  4. Last I heard between 4000-4200. Been in that area plus/minus for a while Not sure with the Nats being canceled if that will effect it Dave
  5. Welcome William! Settle in and make yourself at home. Let us know if we can help in any way! Gil
  6. Couple more pics. 32nd/35th scale armor, 32nd aircraft and an overall shot that shows the Japanese and German stuff.
  7. Hi Ron, Selling some of the stuff is going for better prices and a lot of it will go for deals. Goal is to raise money for when he is gone. Usually I have done this for the families after the fact. This has been fun to get the stories that go along with the kits.
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  9. Welcome Bill. Glad to see you join up. Welcome back to the Hobby as well. We all would love to see your work here, feel free to post pics.
  10. Thanks guys! Gil, the panel lines were rescribed on the F-102 (they were raised to begin with). I primed it in black and when I painted the ADC Grey, the black was still showing in the panel lines. The carrier tractors are from Skunk Modelworks.
  11. Glad I found IPMS. Just back into scale aircraft after being out of it for 20 years. So far I have built an A-10 and a P-51 in 1/48 scale. A B-52G is next. I actually worked on one in the USAF. Anyway, it’s great to be here!
  12. Oh my. You have some real collectible types in there. Are you checking for any "gems" or do you just want to move merchandise as they say?
  13. All, You may have seen the post I have up on FB. I am helping an older Air Force vet who was supposed to pass a couple years ago but is still kicking. He wants to sell most of his collection before he passes so his wife isn't stuck with them. I still don't have a list put together, going to try and work on that this week if I get time. Do have a bunch of pics though stuff has been selling well. Mostly 72nd aircraft with a bunch of 72nd armor and a few old Monogram 48th scale kits and 3 32nd scale 109s. Only car left is a Revell 1/40th scale Beetle from the early 60s. Also an old Revell X-15, Aurora C-119, bunch of FROG, Airfix/MPC, Hasagawa and more. I will attach a few pics and if you see anything that interest you just let me know. My biggest problem right now is tracking down boxes to ship.
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  15. I'm curious how many members make up the current membership body?
  16. IMPORTANT NOTICE THE 3rd ANNUAL SOUTH CAROLINA SCALE MODEL MEGA SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED Our show committee met this past week and made our final decision for the 2020 South Carolina Scale Model Mega Show: We have decided to cancel the show this year. There were several underlying factors, but South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster's Executive Order 2020-21 was the prime reason we made this decision. Contained in the EO is this passage: …I am directing additional emergency measures in response to the threat posed by COVID-19, to include temporarily prohibiting restaurants from providing certain food services for on-premises consumption and prohibiting events at government facilities that would convene fifty (50) or more people in a single room, area, or other confined indoor or outdoor space... Unfortunately, our show venue, the National Guard Armory on Bluff Road, falls under this restricted occupancy mandate. Clearly, it would be impossible for us to host a show under this condition. Additionally, with the continued rise in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in South Carolina, we see no reasonable possibility that this restriction will be amended or lifted within the next 45 days. Finding another venue of the same size and cost would, at this late date, be impossible. Therefore, with heavy hearts, and in the name of the health and safety of all our modeling friends, we made the decision to cancel this year’s show. Vendors and sponsors will be receiving individual notifications shortly. We appreciate your patronage and cooperation, now and through the years. We look forward to working with you all again when conditions improve—hopefully, that will be sooner than later. We fully intend to host our show next year in 2021, tentatively scheduled for roughly the same weekend in June. We hope that you will once again join us. Thank you very much for your patience and support for our show. Stay safe and we hope to see you soon.
  17. I used British Interior Green. It is a close match.
  18. Is this an armour colour or an aircraft colour? I cannot find that Model Master did an FS 34558 or anything named ”Italian Interior Green” at all in enamel. However, a company called Life Color does an “ Italian Interior Green.” It is their product number UA 116. Regards, Nick Filippone
  19. With the demise of Model Master, I need options for Italian Interior Green, FS 34558; any suggestions?
  20. Earlier in June I tried to find a Standard C-119 Nose to backdate an Italeri AC-119K to a G but was unable to find one. My solution was to vacuum form a nose from a Roden C-123 and cut it down to fit the AC-119. Used three vacuum form noses super glued together to re-enforce the thin vacuum. Worked perfectly. Easy solution to backdate the "K" to a "G."

  21. HOLY COW! THAT is impressive as all get out! That last picture needs to be offered as "wallpaper" for model builders! As impressive as the lighting is, I have to also say that the choice of an overall matte finish really adds to the "cleanness" of the overall look. I like the look , and it was probably just as authentic after a month or two at sea anyway. I suggest wearing thick shirts at shows because you can expect a good number of pats on the back when folks see it! Thanks for sharing! Gil
  22. Those are some great looking builds! A couple of questions: How did you accent the panel lines on the 102, and whose kits are those deck tractors? Excellent work! Gil
  23. Wow Mike! Can’t wait to see more of your work. Chris
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