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  2. Atlantis models is releasing shortly, the old 1980’s kit of the Allison turbo prop engine in September. Unfortunately the kit will not come with the motorizing accessories included with the original. I am hoping that someone out there may have an idea of where to obtain these componants without having to purchase the entire old kit off the internet. I’m mainly interested in the gears and their support structure within the reduction casing. I’ve spoken with a representative at Atlantis and they evidently don’t have the molds or aren’t interested in producing the extra parts. I have the instructions for the motorization and would be glad to share them with anyone who would be interested and would provide an email address. The animation of,this model was what really fascinated me the first time i built it and don’t understand why it was eliminated from successive issues.
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  4. Yeah, it was so streamlined that it hardly impeded the airflow. 😲 In a strong head wind, at max speed I think it could hover
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  6. Very neat build Ron! I wasn't aware they actually hung a radar dome under that old Stringbag...credit the Brits for getting every pence worth from an obsolescent pre-war biplane! GIL
  7. A true expert needs to reply, but I'd say you're correct. That's not just an exhaust, it's a flame dampener. It is a sort of "stealth mechanism" that make the a/c harder to see at night. I'm guessing those fins keep the pipe from glowing and giving the a/c away in the dark.
  8. Forgive my ignorance as I am a ship builder. Are the fins on the exhaust pipe cooling fins? Fine model there.
  9. This is a combination of the new Airfix kit with the Eduard PE interior set (SS432), the Pavla Mk III ASW conversion kit (U72-134), the S.B.S. Swordfish rigging wire set (72050)and using the eduard Swordfish mask set (CX316). There are many reviews of the new Swordfish, so I won't go into that. The PE interior set consists mainly of assorted control panels, seatbelts. and machine gun detail parts. The all fit fine and "busy up" the interior nicely. The ASW conversion consist of the radar equipment, a new place for its operator, a radio, larger oil cooler, new side panel to cover where the forward mg was, the flame dampener for the exhaust, th "hump" for the radar scanner and the antennae for the wings. These parts are all nicely done in resin with the exception of the new cover for the radar compartment, which is vacu-formed (you get two in case you screw one up) and the antennae, which are PE. The mask set gives you masks for the windscreen, inside and out, and wheels. Finally, the rigging set gives you a full set of PE bracing wires all made to fit perfectly. You do not get, however, the flying wires for the elevator nor the antennae, which I thought was odd. It makes for a fiddly little model in this scale with all these parts and cutting things out and shaving things off and putting replacement things back on, but the result is as you see it. I wanted to do one with the rocket racks underneath, but the racks in both the old Airix and Matchbox kits are primitive and there are none in the new release. So, I made new ones from scratch. The rockets came from the spares box. The markings are spurious as there are no Mk III markings in the Airfix kits and the ones I had left over from the Matchbox kit had gone south long ago.
  10. Of course, this only reflects part of the reality. Some, like myself, attend only every couple of years. Location also changes the people who attend. For example, I plan on going to San Marcos because it is relatively close. My pount being that while the attendance at a specific National may be only a fourth of the membership, those who actually attend the events may be a good bit more, when viewed as part of a big picture. Dak
  11. Some membership numbers for context. The current paid membership is 4045 (give or take). There were about 950 registered attendees at the Chattanooga show. This includes international members (Canada; UK, Argentina, Venezuela, etc) whose membership is reciprocal with the US organization. That is less than 25% of the membership participated in the show. There is a lesser percentage who actually entered the competition.
  12. This is one of three books in Pen & Swords Land Craft series. The other books include The Jeep and Bren Gun Carrier. The Land Craft books are good resources for modelers as they provide background on the design of vehicles, detailed descriptions, and description of variants. They also include a gallery of completed models and kits available. M2/M3 Half-Track Book Contents Introduction Provides a brief description of the history of half-track vehicles subsequent to World War I, including early French vehicles and the half-track car T1. These early vehicles were tested for use as prime movers. read more View the full article
  13. My 2 cents on the issue, and that's all it's worth. My most optimistic guess for implementation of an open judging system IMHO would be six to eight years. That is IF a majority of the membership want a change, and that is a big IF. Two years hard work by a committee to write up a formal proposal for the system and present it to the membership and E-board. One year to take suggestions and proposed changes. Three years to educate the membership, try it out at regionals, make proposed changes, train judges, and test the awards ceremony. One year to build a computer database and adopt a new record keeping system for the award tabulators while more regional trials continue and changes made. One year to educate the judges and membership. After all this (and I'm sure I overlooked many things here) the E-board will still need to offer a guaranteed profit to any clubs bidding on the convention the system will be used at the first nats to encourage bidding. And that's just the beginning. Fred is right. Many of us may not be around to see the new system implemented and it will cost the Society some bucks to get done, but I hope we are all considering the future of the Society.
  14. OKB Grigorov is a small model company based in Bulgaria that you may not be too familiar with. The company focuses primarily on AFVs, tanks, and naval ships in 1/72, 1/350 and 1/700 scales and they have an extensive list of products available. They produce full resin kits with photo-etch enhancements, as well as resin, photo-etch and white metal conversion pieces for other models. More recently, they began producing some plastic AFV kits. read more View the full article
  15. Perhaps, but a vast majority of the membership, I imagine, have not been judges at the National level. It is not so much an attitude as perspective. If you judge as many contests as I have, you develop an understanding for the methodology involved. Those who have never judged have lots of ideas about how things should work. However, they do not realize some things have been tried in the past, or always grasp the logistics involved in implementing a new method. This does not mean they are wrong, just hat there is a bigger picture which needs to be considered. Trying to change the judging methods for the National are tricky and risky. If done wrong, it costs the host chapter both reputation and money. The contest is critical to a National convention. If it goes well, many other problems can be forgiven. When you have a category with 30 or more very good entries and must pick only 3 as winners, you start wishing more awards were available. Dak
  16. That's a heck of a collection and I have to agree with your analysis that he may have had more colorful planes in his career than anyone else. I knew about many of these, but to see ALL of them together really completes the story. Great looking builds and cool history too. Might I suggest you elaborate on this a bit and submit it as an article for the Journal? I have to believe that a LOT of our members would love it! Thanks for sharing! GIL
  17. This is the first release in a new series by Mushroom Model Publications. I am a big fan of their products, so I looked forward to reviewing this book. It is a softcover publication of 24 pages, 6 of which are in color. The cover is a heavy card stock with a color top view of a Russian P-39Q. There are also color side and bottom views of the same aircraft in the book. The text in the book is limited to photo captions. There are 36 black and white pictures along with 10 color pictures. The pictures are of a good size and of good quality throughout. There is a mixture of walkaround style photos from restored aircraft and wartime photos of U.S. aircraft in the Pacific theater. A couple of the photos are of P-39s undergoing maintenance and show several areas of the aircraft exposed. read more View the full article
  18. Excellent progress and some sharp looking detailing! GIL
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  20. When I was asked to review this kit, I have to admit to feeling a bit daunted. I have only done a handful of modern armor pieces, and even those were really restricted to IDF tanks and vehicles. There's not a whole lot of information out there on this specific vehicle either--a cursory Google search brings up primarily pictures of the actual animal known as the Clouded Leopard. read more View the full article
  21. Point taken! Actually, the ten year comment was more or less tongue in cheek. But the simple fact is that any kind of wholesale...or even semisale...change in Nationals contest judging/awards won't be done overnight. More like two or three years at the very least. It all depends on exactly what is decided on. As for me, I don't have a dog in this hunt since I probably won't be around when this is all decided...if it ever is. Anyway, if I don't make San Marcos, I will have no chance of attending any future Nationals.
  22. I am not sure where the “Ten Year Rule” came from ( Chairman Mao?), but if so we are all going to be either dead or senile, and it isn’t going to matter! Cheers. Nick
  23. Don''t misunderstand me. Your opinion matters just as much as anyone else's and is also wanted as much as anyone else's. But since we're discussing a subject that is anywhere from important to extremely important to a great many members, sometime we all tend to get a little hot. Just sayin'.
  24. Oh sure. I was just taking my turn, and was just hoping that my opinion would matter just as much as anyone else's. 😃 The fact you put out a ballot seems like now was the time.
  25. True, but it is getting a little heated. Since it'll take around ten years to implement any major changes on the Nationals level, we have plenty of time for everyone to have a say, don't you think?
  26. Don't worry. I'm watchin'. And yes, before this gets hotter I suggest everyone think carefully (and read the rules) before posting.
  27. Whoa, I dont have any issues. I dont see any name calling or the like. Just having a discussion.
  28. Whoa, guys! Let's dial it back a bit. This is supposed to be a rational, civil discussion about a very complex subject. If y'all aren't careful, it'll go off the rails and then there'll be no discussion at all. Chill, for pete's sake.
  29. Perhaps, but a vast majority of the membership, I imagine, have not been judges at the National level. So if this is the attitude going forward how does our opinion not take a back seat to those who have done judging or are on the board perhaps that are more in the know than us who go once a year to compete. We are the consumers here in the end.
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