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  2. If you apply multiple coats by airbrush, you can start the second coat almost as soon as the first is applied. Just be careful not to apply it too heavily, since it will run. You can airbrush it right from the bottle. Clean the airbrush with Isopropyl Alcohol or Windex followed by a clean water rinse. If you are brushing, follow the instructions on the bottle. To be hones, when I apply by brush, I only ever apply a single coat. The important thing is to let the Future cure out at least overnight before trying to apply decals over it. That will eliminate the potential for the
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  4. I'm with the Duke. Excellent work on polishing the canopy. Hope you'll post how you mask the canopy & paint it.
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  6. Hi. Throwing out a life line here. Anyone have some 1/100 scale USAF decals they can spare. Need the high visibility stars and bars, serial numbers, USAF, U.S. Air Force, etc. Lettering and numbers in white. Re-printed ones would be fine. Thanks, Miles
  7. Quick question. Do I need to wait between coats of the gloss? It’s going on tomorrow morning. thanks!
  8. Review Author: Dick Montgomery Detail & Scale, Inc. When visiting the D&S website, note that when the page opens it will feature a series of publications labeled, "Detail & Scale Series". To find the publication being reviewed here, scroll down to find the "Colors & Markings Series" in which this publication is listed. About the authors: Bert Kinzey is well known as the creator/author of the Detail & Scale series of publications. These publications, as noted in Kinzey's b
  9. Review Author: Gino Dykstra Helion & Company As a figure modeler for roughly half a century, I'd like to think I know a wee bit about the Napoleonic Wars. And yet, up until recently I really had no idea that the Danes were much involved in that series of scuffles until I sat down with this little volume. Although the author David Wilson doesn't dwell a great deal on Denmark's direct involvement, apparently Denmark joined sides with Napoleon when the British attacked the Danish fleet in Copenha
  10. Review Author: David Horn Helion & Company "Air Wars between Ecuador and Peru" is volume 3, Operations over the Cenepa river valley 1995 is the final book in the three part air war series between these two countries. The author who is from Peru goes through great detail from both sides with a strong emphasis from the Peruvian perspective which is understandable. The book is 80 pages of print and eight pages dedicated of colorful aircraft art, photos and a map. There is a list of abbreviations in
  11. That is pretty impressive Dave. I missed that one for some reason. Now you got me thinking.
  12. Nick, I would imagine that the normal demands of your profession leaves little time for model making, made even worse with hospitals having to cope with the covid epidemic. I can only admire what health care professionals are doing world wide under current circumstances. All the best Noel
  13. If you Google : “ U.S. yellow ID letters and numbers decals 1/72 scale” you will find, as I did, several options. Nick
  14. Hi Noel: The blanket insurance helps. All you do is contact the National office with a date and venue and the insurance company issues a certificate as needed. Depends on state and location how much but we cover them. IN a normal year, there are 80-100 IPMS shows including the regional and national. Of course, we have a lot more square miles to cover than the UK too. I do remember several cases where the insurance was used too I believe Dave
  15. No, but I play one on T.V.! 😼 Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Yes, I am a practicing physician and surgeon.
  16. I am building a 1/72nd scale OV-1B Mowhawk. Does anyone know where I can buy the above described Decal Sheets? Bob Walker IPMS 17121
  17. Dave, thanks for explaining. It is interesting to see how IPMS operates in different countries. I think that IPMS UK insurance for shows that any British branch puts on and of course SMW Telford must be done at exec level and is part of each member's subscription, as no separate charge is levied at branch (chapter) level.
  18. James and Nick. Judging by James's original suggestion and Nick's reply, are you both doctors?
  19. Excellent glass work! the cockpit detailing is looking good....are the Eduard panel details actually that blue or is that just how they came out in the pics? Gil
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  21. Review Author: Bill Kluge Avonmore Books This third volume of Claringbould's aircraft profiles, the first of Allied aircraft, highlights the Douglas A-20 Havoc (Boston to the Commonwealth forces). The A-20, and its stablemate the B-25, were the two-workhorse low level attack aircraft of the US Fifth Air Force in the Southwest Pacific. At one time or another, the A-20 equipped three medium bomber groups in New Guinea - the 3rd, 312th and 417th (the 3rd often known by its pre-war moniker, the "
  22. Review Author: Doug Hamilton Pen & Sword Artillery has generally been known as the King of Battle for quite a long time and for good reason. The ability to reach out and touch your opponent on a battlefield is an obvious advantage. And if you can do that first, further, with more power than your opponent there's a strong chance your forces are going to win the day. Battlefield artillery has come a long way since the United States has been in existence, and the US has found itself at the forefron
  23. Review Author: Frank Landrus Guideline Publications Matthew Willis is a writer of historical and speculative fiction, and non-fiction. Matthew studied Literature and History of Science at the University of Kent, where he wrote an MA thesis on Joseph Conrad and sailed for the University in national competitions. He subsequently worked as a journalist for Autosport and F1 Racing magazines, before switching to a career with the National Health Service. His first non-fiction book, a history of the Blac
  24. I'm glad you like it Mark, but I think the one George Seletas did as a NASA vehicle at the 2015 national was much better. That is the one which got me to buy one of the kits. Dak
  25. Magnificent work Dave! Congrats on getting that canopy so shiny and clear. I'm gonna have to save that technique so I can use it in the future.
  26. Very nice! Those Airscale decals really do enhance the instrument panel tremendously.
  27. Excellent pics Dave! I love this model! It's got to be the best rendition of that kit I've ever seen.
  28. Nevada just lifted the mask mandate for vaccinated people in all indoor and outdoor public spaces.
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