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  2. Well it has been awhile, mostly because I actually picked up a couple jobs. However, this means I will have a pretty substantial update here today. Let's start with my aircraft. All aboard the tram to the hanger, and remember to keep your hands and feet inside at all times. To start with, I had a smudge in the paint on my Antonov that would not go away. Upon closer inspection, it seems that somehow all the white had been sanded away. So, I masked off the whole thing except for the bunged area to shoot some white: A couple coats later and after drying, I have a now very white patch! Not sure what to do about this: I went ahead and shot a gloss over this so that I could seal it in, seal the decals more, and moved ahead on this. No such luck. I waited three days to shoot a clear on this, and once it hit that blue stripe, it all crackled again: You can see the white was fine, but the Humbrol blue cracked like shattered glass. Once more into the breech.... I masked off the strip where it cracked and sanded the cracking smooth again: Sorry for the bad pic there; but this was ready for re-painting that section of blue. Already done as of this update. This time I'll be trying Future again, now that I have a new bottle. Moving on to something easier, I painted the pilot of the Vampire and then glued on the canopy: After that dried, I used my Vallejo masking agent to cover the clear portion of that canopy for painting: Moving on, I started two new aircraft. While I was building my armor, I was chatting with a friend and we were talking models. The F-27 Friendship was mentioned and since I was already planning to build it, I was motivated to start it today. Here is the interior of this plane all assembled: Just for fun, I dry fit that into one side of the fuselage: Nice! Later I glued the wing and tail halves together (not to each other though) so that I wouldn't have to worry about that later: That was good enough for now because we also started talking about the ancient Matchbox Noorduyn Norseman which I also happened to have in the stash. So, out it came and the most basic interior was completed: Here's what that one looks like inside one side of the fuselage: I then cemented the float halves together to ease construction later: There's where I stopped more or less. I wanted to focus on my armor now since I have so many under production. So, next stop for this tour is my motor pool portion of this factory.... My first one I did was the Canadian Cadillac Gage, which needed the interior, basic as it is: Not even sure why I did that, it won't be seen once this is closed up. Oh well, it was fun! Next up was the Russian CLUB M Coastal defense missile system. I'm doing this four hours at a time for our SoCal AMPS 20 hour build. Before I finished up the chassis, including the photo etch. This time, I started on the cab with the interior first: The outer cab was then done, first the interior dashboards: ...followed by the windows: After that I started the generator cab, getting it assembled: Then I started on the launch tube cabin, first assembling and then mounting the launch tubes inside: Here's the whole set of sub-assemblies sitting on the chassis: This is the other side which shows how this will look: I need to paint that interior before I add anything more. And yes, this will be shown open because I figured out how to make the launch tubes elevate.... Moving on to my Centurions, my first one is my Australian Centurion Mk.5 LR. I had already built the basic lower hull, so this time I moved on to the turret: This has a turret basket on the back so I built that. Later I'll be adding photo etch to it: Then the top part in front of the commander's hatch disappeared so I scratched out a new one and installed it on the turret: It looks close enough to the original kit part so at least I'm happy with that: Next I decided on a new approach to adding the tracks to these beasties. First I added the inner wheels and sprockets: Then I cemented the run of tracks to the bottom of the roadwheels, making sure the guide teeth were up against each one. Yes, I used the glue shown in the pic. It works! After this dried, I wrapped it around the sprockets and connected them at the top of the run; cementing them to each wheel and sprocket: Once that was done, all I needed to do was add in the outer wheels and sprockets and Bob's your Uncle! I did the same with the other two Centurion variants and it worked out exceptionally well. Here you can see the progression from first gluing on the left to finished on the right: After that, I completed all the plastic assembly for the tank. Next up is the addition of all the photo etch: I then worked on completing the hull and most of the turret on the British Mk.5: Later I also assembled the hull and turret for the British FV4005; or as I like to call it, the British KVII! The first thing I did, since the turrets were sticking on the previous two Centurions; was to fix and test the turret ring panel before installing it on the hull: Should've done that with the other two Centurions... Got the hull all assembled and stuck the turret on it: Later I completed this all the way up to photo etch: I also brought the British Mk.5 up to the same level. Here are all three sitting together ready for photo etch: And that completes the latest tour of Maddog Manufacturing, I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.
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  4. March/April is the last one I have too.... Gil
  5. When I say dioramas are often marginalized, this is the sort of silliness that is the basis for that attitude. Dak
  6. Love that Jim! Hilarious! One idea: How about having the dioramas displayed sideways so both front and back can be seen. The side of the dio with less action/story could face the wall without any loss of effect on what people see in both front and back. Just a crazy idea.... I'll go back to my Hobby Room now.....
  7. Just wondering if anyone has received a Journal since the March/April issue or is the Journal running behind. Sorry if I missed something about it being behind if so. Rocky
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  9. IF conditions are changed by Clark County the day before the convention starts to a more restrictive status, I would hope that there would be a grace period before firm implementation of the rules that would at least get us through the convention. I am fearful about the IPMS being thrown a curve ball just as the convention starts...
  10. No Zoukei Mura and their fun raffles. Very understandable though Dave
  11. Do you remember Robin Williams doing the Harvard School of Business cheer? "Rick 'em, Rack 'em, Rook 'em, Ruck 'em, Get their money, Really **** 'em!" 42 years later, it still applies!!!
  12. As Ed Grune noted in his posting on July 28th, under the topic labelled Masks for judges at the Nats?? within the Forum named 2021 IPMS/USA National Convention, he stated “The NCC in a Zoom meeting addressed our plans on how we will perform our judging duties this year.” We held that NCC Zoom meeting Sunday afternoon, July 25th. The day after, I sent some emails to Convention Chairman Bob Lomassaro, to follow-up on some issues raised by the NCC members. And on the next day (last Tuesday), while I was preparing notes to post on our website here, announcements of new policies started coming from various Nevada officials and agencies, rendering moot some of the items we had discussed at our Sunday meeting. The most comprehensive review of the new masking requirements I’ve found to-date are in the following article from The Nevada Independent News, July 27th, as reported by their Megan Messerly. The underlined items below are my own way to emphasize points that may be applicable to our judging task and teams: “Vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in the vast majority of Nevada counties will be required to wear masks indoors in public places starting Friday (July 30th), state officials announced Tuesday. The new state mask mandate follows a Tuesday recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that fully vaccinated people should wear masks in indoor public settings when they are in areas of substantial or high transmission, which currently includes 12 of the state’s 17 counties (including Clark County). Though the new Federal policy is only a recommendation, an emergency directive issued by (Nevada) Gov Steve Sisolak in May automatically makes any guidance offered by the CDC binding in the state of Nevada. A new emergency directive issued by Gov Sisolak on Tuesday reiterates phrasing from the May directive — clarifying that all individuals “shall be required to cover their nose and mouth with a face covering in a manner consistent with the guidance issued by the CDC, and any subsequent guidance issued by the CDC” — while also giving counties a three-day grace period (to this past Friday) to implement the new policy. . . . . . The (Nevada) Gaming Control Board, in a Notice to Licensees on (last) Tuesday, noted that the new mask mandate will be binding on gaming licensees in the flagged counties — including those on the Las Vegas Strip. In other words, gaming establishments in those counties will be required to ensure that employees, patrons and guests are wearing masks pursuant to the state’s emergency directives.” Nevada officials said this past Thursday the recent mask mandate will be in place for at least two weeks – so at least until Friday, Aug-13th. Nevada officials will evaluate the transmission rates every Tuesday; Clark County Commissioners will review this topic again on Aug-17th – the day before the start of our convention! So while conditions and restrictions might change, we won’t know until we’re actually at the convention. For a county to relax the mandate, it would have to reduce transmission rates to Low or Moderate in the CDC guidelines for two consecutive weeks, officials said. Only five other Nevada counties are currently in the low and moderate stages in community spread of the virus. Want to bet now on the over/under odds for Clark County to reduce their transmission rates by Aug-13th? By Aug-20th? So now it looks much more likely that we will be required to wear masks as we do our Friday-night judging. We (NCC members) plan to meet with Convention Chairman Bob Lomassaro Wednesday evening to get a briefing on what he will have been told our masking requirements may be. I expect word will get around to the convention attendees Wednesday-through-Friday, and I will brief the gathered judges at our Friday-evening session before we start the actual judging. Plan for us to be required by duly-authorized, -elected and -appointed State and County officials, to wear masks as we do our Friday-night judging. If you will object to that, then do not plan to help with the judging this year; we’ll look forward to your help again next year or a following year. We will still have a task that needs to be completed, so please don’t use the likely masking requirements as your own opportunity to mount a self-serving soapbox and decry “government oppression”; you’re not required to help us judge, and so you can go to your room or some other semi-private area and not have to wear a mask that Friday night. If all judges need to wear masks, the procedures the NCC discussed at our recent session are to have the 3-person teams keep sufficient ‘social-distance’ between themselves and other judging teams. This will likely require some teams to move over to the other side of a row of tables, or to move further down the row to judge another category that isn’t so close to a category that’s currently being judged. We expect it will take longer to judge all the categories in each Class, due to having to maintain ‘social-distancing’. When a team has completed judging a category and filled-out its Judges’ Worksheet, they will return it only to their Class head judge or his designated assistant. Only the Class head judges will take completed Worksheets to Eileen’s team of data recorders, to reduce their risks to virus exposure. It will be more important this year than in prior years, that all judges attend our Friday-night Judges' Briefing before we actually start judging all the categories. We'll cover our procedures in detail at that time. The convention's Seminars schedule currently shows our Friday-night meeting starting at 4pm (16:00), but it will start later than that. The Model Room will be open until 5pm, and the Class head judges want to stay in that room as long as possible before our briefing, to make sure late entries get into the correct categories -- particularly if they may need to be moved to different tables or to a different Class. So while our meeting room is available starting at 4pm, our briefing will most likely not start until at least 5pm. I'll update this posting if new information becomes available Mark Persichetti IPMS #14324
  13. As I said, I grok all this. I priced a convention at Harrahs about ten years ago. I still think putting dioramas against the wall is a mistake and by basing the argument on power needs, you are granting special treatment to a small group at the expense of others. I think a couple thousand words explaining all this would make a good article in the Journal. Let people actually know the problems you face. Everything is set now, so making an issue about it at this late date is unnecessary and puzzling. Dak
  14. Our plan is to tour this show on Saturday with the VP to see how the Rio is handling its first major show post?during pandemic. The star trek people have announced a lot of covid type restrictions. Photo ops highly regulated. We will see how the Rio is doing. Joe
  15. JIm, And $35 was a heck of a deal. Dak, "then the excuse that dioramas are against the wall because some may need power, is a poor reason." I interpreted that as "poor excuse for throwing them up against the wall" FYI the original budget for ALL electrical, Data and AV Needs was 12k. After our pie in the sky approach with the Rio they hit us with a 29K bill. Once my heart restarted Dioramas got thrown to the wall, so we could shave the bill down to 11k+. what did we loose. All the data and power drops we needed. 2 k A 1/2 day of seminars because they charge full price for the whole day. another 2.5k An awesome awards show spectacular 10k. A far out raffle Audio visual display 6k. yeah i though that much for audio for the raffle WTF? Anyways I wonder. safe travels all Joe
  16. Jim, Again you are are being unnecessarily pedantic. I know all this and and am just speaking in general terms for people who are familiar with the problems. Perhaps you should write up a piece for the Journal explaining all this to those who have never been involved with putting on a contest. I made a suggestion for a possible change or future events and that is all. However, your remark shows how for one or two people an entire group must suffer so a few can have special treatment. That is why I say put those that need power in their own spot. I know in past events some big entries got separated form their category with no problems with judging. You guys are making way more out of this than I am and frankly, you are sounding overly defensive. It is as if you are trying to justify some careless oversight. Dak
  17. DAK Yes, there are out lets in the floors of many venues. That doesn't mean you can simply plug in. Sometimes power has to be turned onto those that are in the floor, sometimes the facility will state they have to have their electrician come in and plug in the extension cord. All of that cost IPMS money. in 2018 we had to pony up $35 for every single plug that went into an outlet. You get an entrant that brings 2 powered entries and you're now paying him to show his/her stuff. So much can be done with LED's these days that I don't see much demand for anything other than battery operated items. I'm getting ready to build a Warhammer Imperial knight that will have 4 flickering , 1 breathing/pulsing, 3 solid and one trailing row of LED's all powered off a 9 volt battery. Go check out evandesigne.com for more lighting ideas.. Jim
  18. How much is the garage for the unwashed masses not staying at the Rio?
  19. No Eduard No Special Hobby I had guessed the new travel restrictions would prevent their attendance. Sadly, it appears to have come to pass.
  20. I did not say--- Every event has its own special challenges. All I am doing is suggesting dioramas are better served when they are out in the middle of the room where people can see them from different angles. This should not be taken as an insult to those doing all the hard work to put on the show. However, as with so many things, there is never change unless someone says something. There is always a tendency to do things the same old way because we have always done it that way. We have created a system which will more than likely increase the number of dioramas and I know some were unhappy with their model being literally hidden behind other dioramas. I have seen many venues where there are power outlets out in the center of the floor. If access to power is the issue, perhaps this should be a consideration when choosing a contest room, in the future. Not always possible, I'm sure, but something to consider. I will lose no sleep if the dioramas are against the wall and I expect no change at this date. Hopefully we will all have fun, but I will continue to say the models are badly judged unless I win.😜 Then, of course, I will wax poetic about the fine quality of the judges and their superb esthetics. Dak
  21. An article came across my newsfeed. There is a StarTrek convention scheduled at the Rio the week before we're there. Tickets still available for annual Star Trek Las Vegas convention Aug. 11-15 (ktnv.com) The hotel staff will look at us and think we're the normal people!😁
  22. Shade is your friend Cameron. Either under cover in the car or simply park the car in the shade. There is a bus stop style entrance on the east side of the convention center where you can [part and quickly bring your entries into the convention center and then go park your car on any level but the top of the parking garage. Joe
  23. Read the rules. The Host club does not have to provide power or space to anyone without 30 days notice. Section I #6. As for it being a "poor excuse for throwing them up against the wall" What else do we throw up against the wall? We can have more power available at less cost to the membership along the wall. Center tables all require their own drop. Each drop cost money. Along the wall I can have one or two drops and power dozens of models. I personally believe it is a waist of IPMS USA money to provide power for anyone's models or dioramas. DC power only and write it into the rules. Models must be self contained, PERIOD. NCC Write it into the rules. I truthfully think the biggest issue is will we have enough room for all the entries. Joe Porche' Not written by an arm chair quarter back. The person who personally spent dozens of hours going back and forth on the model room layout and will take full responsibility for it. Don't like it hit me up, we can have a spirited conversation. 702-296-9976 or jwporco@gmail.com
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