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  2. Your model is absolutely spectacular. I can smell (and almost taste) the JP-5.
  3. I agree with Bill that many clubs now choose to host local shows that are less a financial and organizational risk than a regional show.
  4. Roktman

    Fr. Merrin

    This is another beauty kit from Gillman Productions. Any horror fan will recognize Fr. Merrin as Max Von Sidow, one of the two exorcists who came to help the possessed Regan. This is a 3 part, 1:4 kit, in flawless resin. There is a minor seam-line you can detect through the hair, that is done away with in no time at all. As usual I started out with black primer, and a highlight of light gray. When dry I added Beige Red for the first skin tone. Since the Holy Water bottle isn't quite correct (the one on the movie was made of glass) I decided to make this one gold. So to get that done, I added gloss black to the vial. My usual MO is to go from dark to light. With that I painted Merrin's hair a medium brown knowing it would be going to gray. Remembering back to, I think, part 2, the younger Merrin first encountered the demon in the desert dig site. So I turned the gray rocks brown with a number of lighter dry brushes. Merrin's clothes started out with V's Black Gray, with highlight's going to German Gray, and the shadows with Nuln Oil. It's here when the eyes were painted black. This session began with Merrin's hair getting it's first highlight. It was now time to paint the demon. I had to look it up. I haven't seen this movie in years and in doing a little reading I was surprised that the face was only seen momentarily. I also found out the the demon was played by a woman, Eileen Dietz. Also read that she was a little annoyed the four other actresses that also "played" Regan weren't credited. The producers wanted to viewers to believe it was all Linda Blair. Anyway, back to painting... To finish the model off Merrin got two more highlights in the hair - a gray and then an ivory color. The priest's stole was painted purple. It's received one highlight and one shadow color. The Holy Water vial needed a little something so I painted the cap and the cross white His eyes were painted, and then everything that needed to be glossed was done. With that I was done. Thanks for looking.
  5. I’m wondering—. Where is the data that leads you to say “clubs don’t have webpages anymore”?? Here in New England, I don’t see it. There are 8 clubs within a couple hours driving distance for me. All but one of them have a website, some are on bookface too. (The exception is IPMS Central Connecticut, a club that formed in 2012, and is only on BookFace. ) I do get the sense that the Region 1 (Northeast) event isn’t as popular as it used to be. But I also don’t recall any cases where R1 clubs were “competing” to host the event in the last 20 years. In the last 10 years, several clubs (mine included) have decided that it isn’t worth it. We are already hosting a very successful annual contest, and no one has the appetite to take on a second, larger show, one that will be significantly more work and carry a larger financial risk. I also would challenge your statement that “10 years ago IPMS members and clubs used to be so enthusiastic.” I”d say they are still as enthusiastic as ever, just not about hosting Regional Events, for all the reasons others have mentioned. Our club is growing— because our focus isn’t on IPMS Competition.
  6. Thanks, Ron, I've been in contact with Paul and he's been very helpful. I'm putting out a "broadcast" to see if there are others in the area we don't know about.
  7. Kit: The Douglas A-26 Invader was an American twin-engine light bomber / ground attack aircraft. From 1948 -1966 it was re-designated as the B-26 and served in the Korean War from 1950-1953. read more View the full article
  8. ICM has produced a fine decal set specifically to be used with ICM kit no. 48281, B-26-50 Invader. The decal set includes markings for four aircraft, the most notable of which is B-26B-61-DL "The 7th Chadwick" piloted by Lt. Col. R. Fourtney, CO of the 13th BC 3rd BG in Korea of Spring, 1953. Other markings are included for B-26C-30-DT "Marth Ann" of the 3rd BG, B-26B-55-DL of the 95th BS, 17th BW and B-26C-45-DT of the 3rd BG. Reviewer's Comments: Each of the four options are intended for black-painted aircraft. A double-sided, full-color instruction guide is provided. Only side views of the aircraft are given. Placement markings are fairly understandable; however, cross-referencing is recommended. read more View the full article
  9. Richard, if you contact the Regional Coordinator for Region IV, your region, he can get you a list of IPMS members in your area that are not affiliated with a chapter. It may be a source of recruiting for you. Contact Paul Helfrich at paulhelfrich@yahoo.com
  10. Masterpiece Models has provided a useful aircraft building jig for 1/32 to 1/24 scale aircraft. The Jig is designed for use in assembly of models, Painting and transporting. There is no instructions included but the assembly of the jig is simple and the photograph on the box is enough to allow you to build it with ease. Peeling the protective paper off the acrylic sheet parts was not very easy. I suggest pulling it off very slowly works best. The black plastic vertical mounting parts need slow cleaning up of flash. It is made from a clear acrylic sheet and comes with four adjustable supports that can be adjusted vertically and in and out. read more View the full article
  11. So what happened? 10 years ago IPMS clubs and members used to be so enthusiastic. Clubs had to compete to host a regional. Most clubs had web sites of one form or another. I would think more members would volunteer if properly motivated instead of just saying "anyone want to help?" The shows used to be called "regional Conventions" not just regional model shows. Model train clubs still pull off regional conventions (up to 4 day long) all across the country. Just curious what has recently changed about model clubs in the U.S.
  12. Last week
  13. Welcome Eugene! I'm glad to see you on these boards. I am hoping you post pics of your Arizona; I love watching people build that ship. Have fun and enjoy the other posts here.
  14. A few random thoughts... Contest venues are expensive. Our one-day show in Columbia, SC is held at the National Guard Armory, and we pay $1,000 a day. That could be why it seems that contests are in decline. Perhaps, too, people are tired of the need to compete, the need to win at all costs, so they don't go. Perhaps they don't get anything out of a contest, so they stay home. As far as the misguided notion that contests are money-makers, that's largely hogwash. Any club that hosts a show as a fundraiser is going out far on a weak limb. Most shows break even, at best, and that's fine. The true goal of a show should be to offer exhibition space for folks who want to show their work, as a recruiting aid, and as the public face of the club--i.e., show the public what it is you do, and give them the avenue to get involved. Unless you have a compelling reason to host a two-day show, folks get tired and leave. Pushing the awards to 6PM on Sunday is a non-starter. Back in my Region 11 days (Florida), most shows that ran for two days wrapped up by Sunday at Noon. The last two day show I was involved with in South Florida (near Calder race course and whatever they call Joe Robbie Stadium these days), the venue cost $1,200 a day. For the four hours we occupied the venue on Sunday, we paid the same $1,200 as we did for the entire day Saturday (and this is 1999 money, I'd hate to see what the get these days!)--the show broke even (actually, it cost both host Chapters about $100 each). We could have saved the money and done the awards at 5PM on Saturday. Hotels cost money. Not everyone wants to pay for a night or two at a hotel for a local or regional show. Not everyone can do that. Even if you have seminars, they need to be compelling enough for folks to stick around to sit through them. Facebook is a hot issue. Some refuse to go near Facebook because of their well-publicized security issues. As for the RC's, Dave has it right--they volunteer. Finding a replacement RC is sometimes a long, drawn out process due to the lack of volunteers.
  15. A few of us in the area of Lansing, Michigan, would like to meet with other modelers, with the ultimate goal of starting a regular modeling club. If live in the vicinity and would be interested in exploring this idea, please post a reply.
  16. My thanks to all the replies, especially Roktman's update - surprising to say the least. Fortunately the order is on my card, so nothing charged until it's sent. I've resolved to let it rest; if the order comes, great; if not, no loss. In the meantime I'll look toward other suppliers.
  17. Welcome Eugene! Glad to have you here and hope you'll make yourself at home an post pics of your work. GIL
  18. I build mostly build wwii kits. Currently building the 1/350 scale hobby boss USS Arizona on dec 4 1941.
  19. The Hasegawa 1/48 AH-64D Apache longbow is now complete! As typical with most Hasegawa kits this one went together very well. The kit decals that I used worked very well and the IPMS 2010 convention decals worked out perfectly. The detail of the kit is very good by itself. The photo etch set add the super detailing and the Master Model chain gun is great. If you are looking for a nice kit of the AH-64D, this is the kit I would recommend. Thanks for following along. See you next week for the next build. You can see the entire build from start to finish in my build log at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-apache-longbow/
  20. My thoughts as to the reason some regionals are two days and some are one is the cost of renting the venue, cost of a hotel room (and if they can get a discount for the rooms) and what there is to do in the area. I know at my old club in the bay area of California it was really hard to find a venue that didn't break the bank for the club just for our one day contest. I realize that California is not the normal for costs but still that's the main issue for clubs. Also if there is nothing to do outside hanging around a contest for 2 days I would just go for 1 day. Yes, you can say there are seminars but still if none interest me then I won't go for 2 days. There is also the issue of getting enough volunteers to run a 2 day contest. I've only been to one contest in the area I currently live in but still at that one they were still having trouble finding enough people to judge the contest. I joined a team so we had 3 people but at times had only 2 because of one person being entered in a category we had to judge. Just my two cents. Eric
  21. OK- my thougths only RC's are in there job to not get members, that is the clubs function. Some clubs have active web pages, some don't and don't want to be bothered. And Facebook has little activity if you check the clubs that do have pages. Most members come from local shows and word of mouth. Plus we still have a lot of members who would rather build a model than spend time on line so not sure if technology is the answer for recruitment. As for electing them, it is hard enough to find volunteers to work for nothing so elections don't make sense when there are so few candidates As for regionals being two days, many are already. Those that aren't , want it that way. Some are formal with banquets and all, some aren't As for the number of contests, that is dictated by success. Some of the clubs no longer hold them due to not making money or more importantly, over saturation. Our region at one time had a contest every two weeks from mid Sept to start of Nov. It thinned out due to the number and people picking and choosing which to go to...Currently, there are over 100 contests listed this year alone. Seems like it is not declining much at all..might even be growing Dave
  22. Why are so many IPMS clubs non active on facebook or a web page anymore? Some states have groups meeting but no way to get new modelers involved. If IPMS/USA wants more members why not get the regional coordinators to communicate with these clubs and get them motivated to do something. Facebook is free! Even if you have only a few members start one! If IPMS/USA does not care then the regional coordinators won't care and then the clubs won't care then members. Should IPMS/USA make regional coordinator positions elections every year? This might get other more motivated members to take up the cause. I believe some RCs keep the job but do little to further IPMS/USA campaign to recruit new members. Also local and regional contest are on the decline. Hosting a contest is easy you just need to know what to do I.e ask a RC and they should have all the answers. I believe all regional should be 2 day events and award presentations at about 6 pm. I don't want to go 200 miles to another state only to have the hours 10am to 4pm neither do vendors. Feedback please. Thanks
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