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  2. Have you tried taking a poc and loading into google translate? It’s pretty good.
  3. Going to be a show stopper! I don’t know why others haven’t added lighting to armor before. This will be a world apart from the traditional build.
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  5. Excellent information! Thanks guys!
  6. Thanks for the leads, Gil. I think this just illustrates how frustrating this process can be. Both sheets suggest they were in basic desert schemes. However, the Special Hobby decal sheet I have suggests they had distinctly blue shades (attached). The Kits World image shows Peter Hanks' (PPH) aircraft also in basic desert colors. But Historie & Collections Supermarine Spitfire Mk1 - Mk((-MkV (Vol. !) shows the "temperate" scheme, and has the photo to support. I'll keep looking, but it feels like it's ultimately going to be "best guess." I just found this photo of Claude Weaver's
  7. Broke off one of the cannons and the carpet monster had hold of it for a good five minutes (and I don't even have a carpet).
  8. Hi everyone! This is probably a long shot, but it's worth a try. I'm searching for a specific book that was reviewed by an IPSM member (Brian R. Baker, 43146) a while ago titled "Fighter Training at Santa Rosa Army Air Field, 1942-1945" by Douglas D. Olson. It was written in 2007. I've searched the internet high and low, and I can't find anywhere to purchase it. Out of the research I've done, I've discovered that Mr. Olson passed away in 2012, and that two public libraries in California have copies of the book (I live in Oregon). Does anyone know of any (preferably available) cop
  9. Review Author: Gregory Hansel Italeri Introduction: The Yamaha XT 660 was an enduro style bike that featured the most powerful single piston engine of its time back in the 80s. The kit was initially released in the 1980s and was developed by Protar from Italy. Protar had a series of 1/9 bikes as well as a series of Formula One cars in 1/12 and 1/20. Construction: The kit comes on five sprues and has rubber tires, vinyl hoses, springs and a LOT of screws. The only chrome is the wheels and th
  10. Last week
  11. After doing on on-line search of "Malta Spitfire images" I found the following.... This set appears to have Sgt. Weavers Spitfire included.... https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/3/6/0/952360-12741-33-pristine.jpg And this one appears to have both on the sheet...... https://www.sbmpics.com/sbmimages5/ksw172217.jpg Although a bit small, the profiles on those sheets at least show the side codes and basic desert camo used for them. You can do a more extensive search and maybe find out more...Hope this helps! Gil
  12. I’m researching RAF Squadrons 185 & 249 as they served in Malta. Specifically, I’m looking for profiles and camouflage/color information for aircraft BR112 as flown by Sgt. Claude Weaver, and BR323 as flown by Sgt. George Beurling. I appreciate any information you might share.
  13. And, if all else fails and you either don't have a local shop or the local shop doesn't carry an alternative, True North Precision Paints are, I'm told, nearly identical to Model Master. You just have to order them online... As I said when the initial "Woe is me, Testors is going away" posts started popping up on the various forii, Testors didn't have anything in their line that doesn't have an available alternative or alternatives that in some cases are better and/or more economical, it just means that you'll probably have to buy it online. Seeing as "the local hobby shop" might not ex
  14. Review Author: Dick Montgomery Kagero Publishing From the website - An Overview: "The result of years of experimentation by the Imperial Japanese Navy, the Mitsubishi A6M Reisen is perhaps the best know Japanese World War II fighter type. The Zero, or "Zeke", in official Allied reporting, saw action in practically all battles waged by the Imperial Japanese Navy, from the attack on Pearl Harbor all the way through the defense of the Home Islands against the B-29s. During the first months of the war
  15. Review Author: Brian R. Baker Italeri History: The Lockheed P-38J was one of the finest twin engine fighters to be developed during World War II, and although it wasn't as effective in the European Theater, it excelled in the Pacific, where some of the highest scoring aces scored the majority of their victories on the type. Although faced with developmental problems, it became a highly effective, well armed, and long ranged fighter with excellent overall performance. It was especially effective
  16. Does anyone know whether the Supermarine Seafire was involved in the defense of Malta, such as convoy protection? I would appreciate any information available.
  17. Review Author: Brian R. Baker Pen & Sword The Book: This book is the first I've seen to present a complete modeler's guide to what is probably the most famous transport aircraft ever built, the Douglas DC-3/C-47 series. The author begins with a historical account of the development and service life of the plane, accompanied by profuse illustrations showing nearly all conceivable forms in which the aircraft appeared, and providing detailed accounts and reviews of nearly all of the plastic kits
  18. I ordered this base on Friday and it arrived in today’s mail and out of the package... and a quick try on with my A-7 from last year. Just the thing for photo shoots!
  19. I love the contrast between the two Blade Runner busts. One is the epitome of female wholesome goodness and the other of sinful seduction. I look forward to seeing them painted and displayed on here Dave.
  20. Mark, I personally think that Revell enamel paints are superior to Model Master I get better results both brush painting and airbrushing. Their only drawback by comparison is a more limited color selection. But you will find more German and RAL colors there than FS colors. But when combined with Humbrol you really get a wide color selection range.
  21. One of the local shops here in Phoenix said that he was going to be carrying Revell enamels once they were available, to fill to void left by Model Master. And yes, with a few simple techniques, you will find much longer shelf lives with your tinned paints than with bottles. I have Revell tins over 20 years old and Humbrol tins almost 35 years old that are as good as when I bought them.
  22. Excellent information! Thanks, I never considered that.
  23. Good to know Michael. I am also a bit annoyed by the tins, but if they keep the paint that long, I guess I have to adapt and overcome. I just hope the Revell paints are at least as good if not better, than the Model Master which is my go-to paint.
  24. Got a few figure busts after selling off a bunch From Gillman Productions and Jeff Yagher (sculptor)- Peter Cushing as Van Helsing, Christopher Lee and the Mummy and from Bladerunner- Joanna Cassidy as Zhora and Sean Young as Rachel Dave
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