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  2. Nice scores Mark! Have you given the airbrush a test run yet? When are you planning to build the FV.432 conversion? I can’t wait to see that one. I’ve had a few new items arrive over the past couple of weeks, so now I have enough worth posting… First up, for the Academy 1/48 Hawker Hunter that I’ve had in my stash for ages, a cockpit set to replace the very under scale kit parts. Then this nice old Accurate Miniatures 1/48 US ordnance set to correct or change some load outs on a few of my future builds… always nice to have! and last but not least, a new improved more accurate better replacement for the Hobbycraft La-5FN that I built last week for my great nephew… That’s all for now…
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  4. I was tremendously saddened to read this, although it was not a complete surprise. All good things come to an end. I grew up in Irving in the 50's and 60's and my Saturdays, from age 8 or so onward, were spent going to the Saturday matinee at the Irving Theater across the street and then wandering to MAL to spend whatever I had left of my allowance while waiting for my parents to pick me up. I remember Sr and mom, as well as Jr quite well. The shop would let us modelers display our 'creations' in the display case in the front of the shop for a few weeks, rotating models out as other kids brought in assembled kits. I learned about Airfix kits and Floquil (sp?) model paints at MAL and remember watching Jr build his HO scale layout in the front of the shop. I also bought a few Tyco and Bachman HO scale engines and rolling stock when I switched from plastic kits to HO scale railroading. MAL was a tremendous part of my childhood and early adulthood and I loved every minute I spent there. Later in life, I also acquired two of Sr's balsa kits, the 'Flying Aces' 'Mr Mulligan' and 'Al Williams Gulfhawk', both of which are absolutely great kits. So many memories of the Seays and MAL. RIP Jr, and also MAL. The end of an era.
  5. Tom, try generating an extra email address for yourself and try registering again on Scale Motorcade is all I can suggest. One thing about site, if you go past the very first opening page the login will fail. Try logging in as soon as the first page shows. Incidentally Nick has more stuff on the Britmodeller site to look at just now.
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  7. Sorry..A bit confused by the question...Useful is "What" Let me know Bill
  8. Gents, I'll forward this thread to our office manager. Sorry for the problems!
  9. Im in a similar situation. I have also sent emails and am waiting on a response too.
  10. I have the same issue. I joined on September 8th and my membership status still says Processing. I sent a couple of emails to manager@ipmsusa.org and haven't heard anything back. Any help with getting my membership going would be great. Tim
  11. wow; quite impressive: unobtainium - Alfa Romeo 8C Wire wheel upgrade anyone have a connection w/ Scale Motorcars? since the spring, i've tried to log in, register, re-register ad nauseum including an email to the administer - with no luck . any help gratefully appreciated. thanks
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  13. Made some good progress this week and also got some key items knocked together for this build....started by assembling the bomb bay and radio room sub-assemblies together and checking their fit into the fuselage. The next major area to tackle was the waist..... Got the wooden floors added and then scratchbuilt new gun pedestals on the gun support floors. These will allow me to add the waist guns at the end of the build through the open waist windows Twin waist guns and twin radio guns means that I had to scratchbuild 3 ammo boxes not supplied in the kit. In this pic, 2 are kit parts, 1 is an Eduard pe part, and the other 3 I built... Since "666" had twin .50s in both waist windows and the radio area, I had to build twin-gun brackets with a post for each waist position. I kept these very simple reasoning that the crew had to do something simple that the field machine shop could weld together quickly and easily. The guns are a combination of the kit guns and some resin aftermarket guns, all of which are drilled to accept the brass barrels that will be added at the end of the build. The one gun with the socket is for the right nose window, and the other gun is for the left nose position. This represents about 10hrs of work....but it was worth it! Gil
  14. Really starting to look the part! Very nice camo work! GIL
  15. I just started putting on the decals today. The decals that came with the kit are from TwoBobs. They went on without any issues. My first time using them. Amazing! Just to make sure they were nice and flat, I used Walters Solvaset. Took me a while to airbrush this beast. I used Tamiya paints, thinned with Mr. Color Leveling thinner. A friend of mine in our club recommended it to me. So glad I took his advice. To produce the faded section of each panel, I added a few drops of white. Tomorrow, I finish the decals, and start the weathering process. I checked all the lights once again to make sure everything was still operational. If you have this kit, I highly suggest you build some sort of gig to hold it. I got the idea from a YouTuber by name of Primedmodelworks. He Used insulating foam board to make his. This jig has made every aspect of the build so much better. When I’m done with mine, I’m mailing it to a buddy who has the exact same kit. Chris
  16. MODELFIESTA 40 UPDATE Jan 8, 2022 New Braunfels Civic/Conference Center-New Braunfels, Tx Please share with your members. Pre-Registration for model entries is now underway. Pre-Registering your contest entries will significantly reduce your “time in line” on the day of the event. It’s a simple process. Go to alamosquadron.com and navigate to “ModelFiesta 40”, and then “Registration”. The Pre-Registration forms can be downloaded and there is additional information concerning submission of the forms via email. THIS JUST IN! Tamiya is sponsoring the Armor Class and also is sponsoring an Individually Sponsored Award for “Best Tamiya Model”. Remember that the entrant must “log in” any model eligible for an ISA (Individually Sponsored Award) in a folder at the Theme/ISA Station (There will be signs!) The Vendor Area continues to grow as each week more tables are reserved. If you are interested in vending at ModelFiesta 40 you can find information about how to reserve a table on the Alamo Squadron website. ( alamosquadron.com) Please feel free to contact alamosquadron@gmail.com if you have any questions.
  17. As the two hotels adjacent to the convention center are sold out, I called the Hampton Inn and Suites across the street. There is currently no convention rate and the rooms go for around $250 a night. I think I saw where you were working on getting a convention rate there. If so, how are you making out with that?
  18. Thank you Chris! Yes, for the first time I seem to be doing better and better, and some awards are more than expected. That does feel pretty good!
  19. Indeed, what a concept!🤣 Seems to be the best way to model to me!! 😜
  20. Never seen Megan Markle with a dog or cat in any photos. Am I missing something about how she appears to be an authority on animal feeding to write a pet recipe book? Just cashing in on being married to a royal I guess. More interesting things in the world than an ex actress writing about feeding pets, like the future of Fine Scale Modeler. It 'absorbed' Scale Auto. Well that was doom for auto modelling enthusiasts straight away! I have seen a number of magazines go that route where the absorbed magazine content dwindled to nothing very soon after. Nothing changes does it?
  21. Up to now the only upgrade to the big Airfix Bentley was a set of Hartford Shock Absorbers from Shapeways. The great news for big Airfix Bentley builders is that there is a guy named Nick over here in the UK who is developing 3D printed after market upgrades. He is developing wire wheel kits, engine detailing, chassis and suspension upgrades. I believe that he will be marketing the upgrade kits to suit different modeller's requirements and alternatively a full upgrade transkit that will have everything included. He has indicated that a full kit might also be in the offing as well. He is marketing under his website Unobtanium that shows what is already and will be on offer. Nick has a presence on the Britmodeller and Scale Motorcars websites where you will be blown away by the examples shown of his 3D CAD developments and renders as well as photos of test pieces that he has already printed up. I am really looking forward to what he has to offer as I have donor kits of the Bentley in my stash already.I Incidentally, Nick already has wire wheel kits available for an Alfa Romeo kit by Italeri.
  22. Thank you Gil! Now he can protect his home in the motherland from fascist invaders 😉
  23. Excellent looking Lagg! That is going to thrill that young lad! GIL
  24. Thanks Mark. A fun old school, no frills build. No AMS. No weathering. No Aftermarket. Use the kit decals. Plain ole fashioned plastic model building. What a concept! 😜
  25. Week 17 on the USS Hornet was more work on the island. I mounted the LED’s in the main part of the island and verified the effect I am looking for worked and it did. I then started working on the catwalks and rails. As I was working on them and checking the photos I noticed the catwalks were grated not solid. I then looked over the many accessories and found that I purchased the White Ensign Models Catwalks Set. I thought it was just the catwalks around the ship but then found out it includes the island catwalks! I then removed the kit catwalks, filled the mounting holes and started mounting the photo etch versions. These look a lot better and appear to be sized correctly. The kit ones looked a little thinner width wise. There are two large search lights on each side of the island. These are molded in the kit gray. I decided to make them look more realistic. I took a drill bit the diameter of the search light lens. Drilling into it create a concave divot. This was then painted with chrome silver. I finally covered it with a round clear lens I located in my spare bin. I then cut off the molded area on the aft side of the island that represents the stairwell. This was replaced with numerous photo etch parts. I am working on the port side island catwalk replacement now then I will work my way up to the masts. See more photos and details from the start in my build log at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-350-uss-hornet-cv-8-doolittle-raid/
  26. The October 2021 Executive Board Meeting Minutes have been posted. View the full article
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