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  2. Never one to rest on their laurels, AOA Decals has rereleased their 32002 stencil sheet for Hi-Viz A-6 Intruders in 1/32nd scale. Not only have they rereleased the sheet but they have also upgraded it to include: main and nose landing gear placards, walkway outline stripes, red engine intake warning markings, "A-6B" identifications, original style fuselage formation lights, radome latches (red & white), & tail hook stripes. And it gets a new number- 32026. This is also in addition to the following from the original sheet: read more View the full article
  3. UMM-USA is one of the premier tool makers in the modeling market. John Vojtech has made many of these based upon his needs for his award-winning models. This is the Precision Sprue & Wire Cutter. This version, 02, has a rounded end. The piece comes in a plastic sleeve for easy storage. So, let's take a look at the cutter. I personally like the rounded end version as it allows great vision for cutting. The end comes to a sharp point and that allows a fine cut on smaller parts. The part is "springy" and acts like tweezers. Because of the action at the cutting end, it allows for a very flush cut and leaves almost no clean up necessary. read more View the full article
  4. AOA Decals specializes in Vietnam to modern era planes and covers all the major scales. This sheet is 1/32nd scale and complements with VA-75 SUNDAY PUNCHERS (1), Sheet 32-027 and covers a spans of almost 20 years of the A-6 Intruder in service with one Navy squadron - VA-75 Sunday Punchers - from Vietnam to Desert Storm. This review is for Part 2 and covers the low visibility period with coverage of the late 1980s into Operation Desert Storm in 1991. There are two markings included for the following: A-6E TRAM Intruders USS John F. Kennedy / NAS Oceana (1989-90) USS John F. Kennedy / NAS Oceana (1991) read more View the full article
  5. AOA Decals specializes in Vietnam to modern era planes and covers all the major scales. This sheet is 1/32nd scale along with VA-75 SUNDAY PUNCHERS (2), Sheet 32-028 covers a spans of almost 20 years of the A-6 Intruder in service with one Navy squadron - VA-75 Sunday Punchers - from Vietnam to Desert Storm. This review is for Part 1 and covers the high visibility period including coverage of their third and final deployment to Vietnam in 1972-73 and also their better known postwar white-tail markings. Markings are included for the following: read more View the full article
  6. Wow, that's Tiny Ron. Great job on a such a wee model.
  7. This was just for fun. It's a seven part kit that is surprisingly nicely cast. It could liven up a 1/144 scale airfield diorama.
  8. More pictures, more pictures!. It’s nice to see that someone actually dirties up the seat cushions on an ejection seat. The wash really makes things stand out. Great work. Christopher
  9. Thanks Bryan. That corroborates research I've done, but that nose cone had me confused. I have found that the "silver backpack" is actually a "hatch" or "door" to an unknown space ship. Not going to try and build the original models as I don't have all the parts but I can see these scraps being incorporated into a kit bash.
  10. Last week
  11. Dick, I didn't know but asked on the Star Ship Modeler forum.
  12. First mod was to cut off all the solid wall “ railings”, for later replacement with PE. I also replaced the main deck and scratchbuilt the gear on the foc’sle, and converted the kit whaleboats to USCG Motor Surf Boats. I also scratchbuilt a new tripod mainmast and radar room.
  13. I built the old Revell Secretary-class Cutter as the USCGC Duane for our club’s Vietnam war theme. The kit was originally released in 1957 as the USCGC Campbell, in her post Korean War fit. I converted the kit to her sister ship Duane as she appeared during her deployment to Coast Guard Squadron Three in ‘68.There is a full build thread over on ModelShipWorld: https://modelshipworld.com/topic/19370-uscgc-duane-by-rcboater-bill-finished-revell-1305-plastic-ca-1980/?tab=comments#comment-591280
  14. Go look at the ships forum on the Fine Scale Modeler website. There is a terrific build thread on the Revell Cutty Sark there.... It seems to be the place to go for plastic sailing ships....
  15. FWIW, this is a real person also Pepper was based on Schlitzie the Pinhead (on the left) Dave
  16. This what a PRUSA printer is capable of producing ,over 100 PLA parts. Still had to assemble and airbrush no different than polystyrene kit. 1/8 scale Little Boy from CGtrader.com.
  17. Any idea as to which kit(s) these parts might go to? Lindberg and Strombecker had a series of space ships that used parts similar to these. Note that the parts are molded in silver and white.
  18. Creepy looking...but in a good way? I guess. Nicely done. Bill
  19. WildBill50


    Looks like he could use some braces. Great job Kevin. Bill
  20. According to Scalemates, it is not. It was a new tool in 2011. The Hasegawa kit dates back to c. 1992. Nick Filippone
  21. Question for everyone.... Is the 1/32 Hobby Boss Spitfire Mk VB the old Hasegawa kit?
  22. IPMS USA already received the kit for review so you may see some updates of the build posted soon Dave
  23. I think you may be right Michael. Probab!y the only one is the Airfix Quickbuild kit. I can but still hope!
  24. Well it finally got aired! I was so looking forward to the story being done in period. Unfortunately it nowhere came up to my expectations. Besides running out of steam half way through, it was too much about a love story to me with the invasion theme being of secondary importance, plus the flash forwards made the whole thing a bit disjointed for me. It failed to show the Martians being wiped out by microbes. The three parter looked promising to start off, but when the sphere started to levitate, and giant machine, far bigger then the sphere started to come out of the ground (as in the Spielberg modern setting movie) the original novel plot was completely lost! If we want to see a proper version made, I reckon Peter Jackson who made Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Mortal Engines ad King Kong could do the novel justice. As he is the owner of Wingnut Wings maybe he could be lobbied through his company to get a suggestion through.
  25. Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is over, I'll show you the small amount of progress I managed to make during the holiday weekend. I don't expect much replies given the small update, but personally I'm very thrilled with the progress I made. So sit back and enjoy this latest tour of Maddog Manufacturing... I'll start with the unexpected setback I had when I was preparing to paint the interiors of my Russian truck cabs. I didn't use much pressure and I sure wasn't gripping this too hard, but this is what happened anyway: Fortunately I had another bottle of that same paint which had been used so I was able to filter the remaining paint from the broken jar into the other one: So, after that was done I painted the seats on the interior of some of the trucks. While they dried, I pulled out my German railroad flatcar which I'd already painted with a light tan. I then gave it a heavy dark brown wash: After that, I decided I didn't want to work on axles and bogies so I started another German Cabriolet car from ACE. I started with the chassis/undercarriage. I got only a little progress when one of the springs shot out of the tweezers and disappeared. After spending too much time searching, I said 'screw it!' and cut a piece of sprue to the same length as the first spring. While sizing that and getting it ready to glue; it snapped off and disappeared. A second one also did. Finally, the third one went on: That's it. I was done with that! It ain't gonna be seen with the wheel on anyway! Axles and bogies didn't look so bad after that ordeal! So, I pulled out the MAZ tractor and assembled all the axles and installed them and other bits to the chassis: Next it called for installing the main driver's cabin and the one behind it. So, I assembled the whole cabin and then mounted that on the chassis. That did present some issues, but it went on well, along with the rear cab: Another shot from slightly above: And of course, I just had to shoot this whole thing with the trailer behind it: That went well. So, I pulled out my KZKT Heavy truck and moved forward on that. Since I'd already had the cab built for this, I installed it onto the chassis along with the rear cab and the cargo bed: After that, I pulled out my MAZ Heavy truck. Since I had already had the axles installed on the chassis of this truck, I went to work installing the cabin. This time I decided to try assembling it the way the instructions showed. This required me to cement the rear cab first, then add the two forward interior sub-assemblies to each side of the chassis. It took some doing getting them lined up and straight, given there were no attachment points on the chassis for these parts. Finally, I got them done well enough. Here it is with the exterior cab shell in front of it: Finally when that was dry, I slid the exterior cab shell over it and cemented everything in place. I then added the rear cargo bed too. It was slightly harder to do the driver's cab this way than the way I did it: assembling the full driver's cab all the way before installing it. You can see where I had to add some filler to a couple very small seams: Those three trucks are now ready for P/E detail parts and then paint, along with my BMPT Terminator. Finally I was getting tired of the Leopold rail gun sitting around my workbench. It was time to get it finished. So, I pulled it out and assembled the interior elevating mechanism: Later I had to install that and several bulkheads inside of the interior main gun carriage. That took some fiddling around and fighting parts to line up; widening holes and trying to keep things from breaking as I assembled this interior. Finally I fought this to a standstill: And just to show you how big this is, here's a shot of it next to an Exacto knife: After assembling this, I had to slip it inside the exterior gun carriage superstructure and hopefully it would sit right so the top plate would go on solid. Of course it didn't. So, I started gluing and clamping this on one end to get it to sit right: After much fussing and fighting and more clamps later, I got it all glued and clamped together to fit right(I hope!!!): That's three hours of my time I won't get back! After that, I pulled out my flex-i-file and sanded the seams of the main gun. Once that was done well enough, I just had to dry it it to the previous assembly to see how it looked: And that is everything I got done over the past four or five days in between baking pies, shopping with the wife, singing with my choir, and attending the in-law's for Thanksgiving dinner; then more shopping with the wife and more singing in the choir.... Wow, imagine how much I could have done if my wife had been working.... Anyway, that completes my short update. Feel free to comment; they are always welcome and motivating. Thanks for looking in.
  26. Hi all, Just looking for the Utah ANG decals from this sheet. Anyone have the sheet and willing to spare them please let me know. Thanks
  27. That is looking like a great start! Although the figures with their heads on sticks looks creepy. LOL
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