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  1. Looks like a fine way to start off this year.
  2. It might be helpful if you list the scale for the part that you are looking for.
  3. I was out of town and away from my bench on Tuesday and Wednesday so no progress then. But yesterday I finally got the fuselage assembled. and unfortunately despite all the test fitting and sanding, I still have a bit of a gap behind the cockpit from the added fuel tank. But that should not be too difficult to fill. And what can be seen of all the added detail inside up front... Also I did a bit of grinding with my Dremel to thin outbthe cowling edges Next up... seam filling and clean up...
  4. That came out nice! Though it sounds like it was a rough road getting to the finish line.
  5. I wonder what will happen to their AM product lines- the resin and vacuform stuff? And their line of tools?
  6. Yes, there is a market out there for these kits. But not enough to sustain a whole company long term. If they had been part of a larger company offering a wider variety of subjects, they could have gone on for longer I would bet.
  7. Thank you Mark. I don’t know about this one being a silk purse, but it’s better than it would have been if built OOB.
  8. That stuff looks like it would be good to use on a F117 canopy.
  9. Thanks for the heads up Gil. Looking that the new tool Eduard and Roden kits in my stash, I know exactly what you speak of. I have plenty of model building experience. But none on new tool biplanes, and aside from one a few years ago, it’s been decades since I’ve built old biplane kits like this one. I training up to the new ones. Lol! Ive seen the Wingnuts Wings kits. They are gorgeous. But also outside of my preferred scales, build areas, and price range.
  10. Thanks Gil. This kit has nowhere to go but up.
  11. Today’s progress report: So today I completed my intended goals for yesterday. I added instrument decals to the IP, RAF WWII type, rather than the WWI type that I had planned to use but were invisible because they needed to be applied over a white background. Then I drybrushed and touched up the seat And lastly, I touched up the inside colors. Next session I can install all the interior parts and close it all up.
  12. Thank you Chris. According to Scalemates, Italeri first issued this kit in 1978. I have a 1979 Testors boxing. This is kinda fun upgrading an engine compartment. I’ve never gone down that route before.
  13. So today was spent doing steps 5, 6, & 7. Although step 6, adding parts to the underside of the upper hull, and 7, finishing the fender items and attaching the engine and upper hull to the lower hull, I only did partially due to my choice to upgrade the engine compartment. I am also backdating the kit to an early production model, so I had to swap out the driver and assistant driver hatches periscope brush guards for the older type used, rather than what comes with the kit. Fortunately I have some in my spares bin. and lastly I started detailing the engine part that c
  14. One small update from yesterday’s work: I forgot to get a better shot to show the sidewall wood grain effort and now that the oil wash on the engine has dried and I do not need to worry about it staining my photo booth, here’s a photo of the engine
  15. My wife was eavesdropping my hobby club online zoom meeting over the weekend. She thought that we sounded like an AA meeting as we made the rounds during the self introductions... “I’m Carlos and I’ve been building models since...” 🤣 🤣 🤣
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