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  1. The drooping nose is a cool factor on the Concorde, but she looks so much sleeker when it’s raised! Beautiful looking build Mark!
  2. Yeah, I always have the Micro Scale liquid Decals Film handy. I figured that I'd test on some of the excess decals that I do not plan to use anyways. I will say that I've had pretty good luck with old ESCI kit decals.... Today after our monthly AMPS meeting here, we made the usual trip to Andy's afterwards where I picked up these goodies... I just can't help myself sometimes...
  3. Well I've been nickel and diming acquisitions since my last update here, and now I've picked up enough worth of an update post... for my 1/35 armor stash I have picked up the following items: some ESCI decals for US & Brit AFVs, some Panda Plastics T49 & WE-210 tracks for Shermans, a Verlinden US OIF era AFV crew figure set for my 1/48 aircraft & 1/35 helos I have picked up: a Falcon Clear Vax IJAAf canopy set, a monte mask set for a Ki-45, and lastly some detail goodies for the HH-60 that I picked up last month... thats all for now...
  4. Thanks JM! Im waiting on some antennas to come in the mail, and working on some crew figures for this, so no progress to post for awhile...
  5. Looks like they forgot the fire control illumination radars for the missiles too! Yes, she is quite inaccurate for her CLG fit. But you made a nice build of what comes in the box, as per the instructions 😉 👍🏼 🫡
  6. So here are a few more shots of what I had accomplished last week with the upper hull and ramp area I also started filling in the motorization holes in the lower hull And then yesterday, we had an IPMS Build & BS session where I started working on the turret. I cut up the mantlet to the proper fixed sides configuration that the A2 has More progress to come in a few days…
  7. After being repeatedly sidelined for the past year, I have gotten this one going again. I followed Vodnik’s mods on the rear plate area, adding the spaced armor plates behind the stowage bins, and the angled spacers behind those onto the hull Next I added some pipes (bilge pump drains?) onto each side of the ramp using some brass tubing Lastly I glued the troop ramp into place I’ve also been adding some of the small bits onto the upper hull More to come in a few days…
  8. That is quite the display my friend! Bravo to you for such an impressive array Mark! From the tiny FT-17 to the massive Dora, that is a sight to see.
  9. 900 builds! And you still have them all. Mark, that is most impressive!
  10. That is gorgeous! And it is a VACUFORM kit!!!!! You sir, are a MODELER!!! 🫡
  11. Over the past year, I’ve done a little bit of work on this here and there, but no major progress until today. Recently I had completed the hammerhead turret by using the flexible portion of a bendable straw for the cover on the optical duct Then during the past few session when I had been working on this I had been working on the tracks, which I finally completed today… So now this is ready for final assembly then painting… my big decision will be to have the trim vane down as a cargo shelf or have it retracted like normal. Plus I need to improvise some antenna base guards…
  12. Hard to decide which camo scheme looks better on a Matilda... this one or the Caunter scheme. Bravo to you for the excellent paint job that you pulled off here. 👍🏼👍🏼 🫡
  13. So this is the Italeri Panther A that I started last year and just finished up yesterday. I did add some Aber PE screen and ring sight for the TC's AA MG, plus some Dnepro Models clear resin periscopes to fill the empty voids where they should be on this kit. Decals are the kit markings Stowage is from my spares bin, and the camouflage colors are Tamiya Dark Yellow, with Model Master enamels Red Brown and Olive Green. I based the paint scheme off of a couple of photos and some color profiles of Grossdeutschland Division Panthers during summer 1944 fighting in East Prussia and the Baltic States area. I left the hatches open, as I have some crew figures that I'm working on to place in those. I will take and post a few more photos when they are completed. Thanks for looking, comments and critiques are welcomed 😉
  14. Nice to meet you Terry. I look forward to seeing your work on here.
  15. Quite the assembly line going on here right now Mark! Very nice work using the twine as straw for the pigeons' roost!
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