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  1. So I have been doing lots of small purchases since my last update post on here, and now I have enough that's worth looking at... For my 1/35 armor I picked up all these accessories/AM items... brass 20mm barrels for a quad Flak 38, brass engine deck screens for my current Panther project, a transmission for my Marder III to fill the open space in there, some ModelKasten T-34 tracks, and some Value Gear stowage... because you never can have enough of that stuff! and this LAV-R, which I had been wanting for years and a guy on Armorama was selling off for a great price Then for my aircraft I had been wanting one of the old Revell 1/32 FW-190D's for a long time, and again found a good deal for one and some decals for the Dora, plus for a few other aircraft in my stash...
  2. Thank you Highlander. The basic kit here is pretty solid. Mine was a newer boxing, I think the 2000 issue of the kit, as it had one of the flip top boxes that Revell went to for some reason, and not one with separate top and bottom pieces.
  3. Nice work! The setting on the ramp space looks perfect, and the figures give the right tough of everyday goings on. You've made this old Hog shine.
  4. Oh very cool! I love the C-130 in any guise. One of my favorite rides! This one will sure be interesting to see.🤔
  5. Jean Marc & James, thank you both for looking in and your kind comments. I truly appreciate them.
  6. Stuart & Chris, thank you both for looking in and commenting. Stuart, I know what you mean. I used to see them fly every year for many years at MCAS El Toro until the powers that be shut that base down. Great memories.
  7. The way of the future! What a nifty kit of a good looking design. Very nicely done!
  8. Keith, Gil, and Jim, thank you for your kind comments. Ya got love the Blues, and I do hope that my build pays a proper tribute to those superb aviators and their ground crews.
  9. This is my Monogram F/A-18A Blue Angels, done as the lead solo aircraft, #5, for the first year of Hornets, 1987. That was the only season that the Blues did not have the fence installed on the LEXs in front of the vertical stabilizers. I built this kit OOB, aside from modifying the stabilator attachment point using some aluminum tubing, to aid in seam clean up back there. Also the kit has a paper "H" to cut out from the instruction sheet to add to the ejection seat as parachute harness risers. I substituted some 1mm Tamiya making tape cut to the proper lengths instead. I used enamel Humbrol Gloss Midnight Blue and Model Master Blue Angels Yellow for the main colors, and a set of Milspec Decals in place of the kit decals. Thanks for looking, comments and critiques welcomed 😉
  10. Tamiya did at least two releases, one with fixed wheel landing gear, plus bombs, flares, and a torpedo weapons options... I have that kit in my stash.... and a floatplane version, and I don't know what sort of ordnance it has off the top of my head. I'll bet that Scalemates has the answer...
  11. Such a funky and VERY Russian vehicle. This looks great!
  12. A firefighter jeep! Just when you think that you have seen jeeps in most any imaginable configuration... Very nicely done!
  13. Final report on our entry at the Nationals, we took third place in the Chapter/Group Entry category The photo and bio for the dedication of our project is on the center.
  14. Thank you for looking in and your very kind remarks on this build Jean.
  15. Wow! That is one beautifully detailed fantastic build! Outstanding work!
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