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  1. Mark, you got some good stuff there! I’d be with you on the paints, but all the other goodies are great scores. Made a run down to Andy’s Hobby HQ today and found this kit for a good price, so I could not say no… then I got these supplies…and for anyone in the area, Andy’s is now carrying Gunze’s Mr Color and Mr Hobby paint lines…. Between those and AK Real Color like I have here, my acrylic needs are now covered! And a nice restock on Value Gear too!
  2. I hear ya David. Over on another website many years ago, a few of us members started a “Monogram Mafia” after getting tired of the constant bashing those kits would take from some folks. As we both know, they are not unbuildable junk. Now some do take more modeling skills than others, most were cutting edge in model molding when they were first released.
  3. Very sharp & clean build! Nicely done! I think that Monogram did a great job in 1974 on the old girl.
  4. Woohoo! Olive Drab applied! I used Mission Models FS 33070 version of OD on this one. In all honesty, the more that I airbrush Mission Models, the less that I like them. Maybe it’s the dry climate here, but I get far better control and results with most every other brand. Anyways…. and some close ups of the casting texture and marks decals under the paint More to come in a few days…
  5. Looks good. I like the idea of adding the weight to give it a proper sit.
  6. Try a five minute epoxy. That will give you the time fudge factor to position the wheels properly. On a tail dragger, that’s pretty easy, but on a tricycle nose gear type, you may want to prop up the tail during the setting time to insure that the nose wheel ends up correct.
  7. Your Ju-88 came out about as best as can be built from that kit. Once again, some very nice work! Bravo!
  8. Man I remember seeing that kit on the store shelves all those years ago. Very nice work on the old Marauder!
  9. 1975?! This one is comparatively modern 😉 And it looks beautiful! You’re building, presentation, and photography really all come together just right.
  10. Another good looking build of a classic molding. It may not be as up to date detail wise as it’s new tool twin brother, but it still looks the part
  11. That is one very sharp and clean looking build!
  12. Good looking build David! You are really showing that these old kits can be built into fine representations using what comes in the box.
  13. Looks like a Gladiator to me! So what if it doesn’t have all of the latest bells & whistles of today’s scale modeling? I’m sure that this model gave you plenty of hours of modeling enjoyment. Very nicely done!
  14. I airbrushed on a coat of Humbrol enamel Matt Black for the base coat And a couple close ups of the added armor texturing and Archer casting mark decals under the base coat paint. I think that they look pretty good Good guys wear black…
  15. Aside from adding the tracks and some antennas, basic construction is now complete. I replaced the kit .50 for the TC, with one from Dragon out of my spares drawers. Painting can begin tomorrow…
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