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  1. Original AMT automotive kits - the Round 2 repops are garbage. Pactra paints with the teardrop bottles. $2.00 Monogram kits. Burland's Hobby Shop in Pittsburgh, with the built models in the front windows. Amer's Hobby Shop in Boardman Ohio. Painting enamels with a brush and getting a smooth finish. I could do it when I was 12, I can't do it now. Waking up to kits under the tree on Christmas morning. Passing around the old Squadron catalogs in 6th grade (the ones with drawings of each kit, all black & white) like Playboys. Scale Modeler magazine. Building models with my sons when they were little kids.
  2. I'm sorry to tell you this...that kits a mess. Pantographed from the 1/32 kit, which was even worse. I got it half built and threw it back into the box. I wish you the best of luck with it.http://imodeler.com/2014/10/imodeler-review-zoukie-mura-148-focke-wulf-ta-152h-1/
  3. Finished this one up this a.m. Painted with Tamiya acrylics, as well.Excuse the spurious smoke rings, I claim artistic license and fun. Some things I added were: PE seat harness. Drilled out the cowling guns. Replaced wing cannons with blunt-tipped syringe needles. Added gun camera lens and wingtip nav lights from PVA glue. "Invisible Thread" antennae wires. Added brake lines from small gauge wire. Replaced pitot tube with Albion Alloys tubing. The bomb is from the bottom of the spares drawer. Oleo struts covered with Bare Metal Foil.
  4. Pretty sure Squadron used to carry it....maybe they still do?
  5. The distribution map is 46 years old. I respectfully disagree.
  6. Thank you gentlemen...I was merely asking out of curiosity.
  7. There was a "secret" freight elevator behind the hotel check in desk. When the big ladies and their bigger, um, "bags" showed up, my girl and I used that exclusively. No lines, no wait, no worries. In fact, it was so secret, that there was a ginormous sign advertising it in the main elevator alcove. Which is how I learned about it. Also, why are comped rooms for the volunteer leadership such an issue? It shouldn't be. They earned it. Do the members of the Eboard receive comped rooms at the convention?
  8. Picked up (2) kits at the National Convention: Model Kit #25004 1/25th scale 1926, ’28, ’29 Winning Miller 91 rear drive from American Racing Miniatures. Another one of these lol. The front end needs a lot of attention, but it builds into a nice representation. I also bought a Glue Looper set, and that's about the simplest, most brilliant idea ever. Works like a charm!
  9. I want to trick him with a Slim Jim!
  10. Ian, this model is one of the most incredible works I've ever seen. Hence, my question here. Truly a work of art.
  11. That is, indeed, some perspective. Yikes. Thanks Ron.
  12. Its not accurate to say that we can't hold a Nats in big city - we can't hold a Nats in a big city that is not a convention city. Places like Orlando have worked because they have the necessary infrastructure in volume; there are many competing convention sites there to keep the prices down. I disagree with this assessment. While using a University or some such other place may not be a great idea, every city with an airport has hotels and restaurants nearby. The infrastructure is present in cities without a dedicated convention center. As for the alternative sites for holding a convention, that is not a convention center....the Marriott Renaissance was a few blocks away from the Hyatt in Columbus. I'm curious as to what the costs would've been had the convention been held there? Looking at their meeting space page, it seems that the space they have would be adequate. I have no idea if that hotel was even looked at by the Columbus chapter, it's just something that I was wondering while I was there. They may even have had better lighting. :) Maybe someone involved with the planning of the Columbus show can shed some light here....
  13. It'd be really cool if the "bagged kit in the registration packet" would become an annual thing at every national convention.
  14. Hi Gil, Good idea. No clue as to what happened to it. I think it stayed put, but I don't know.
  15. I was wanting to know what knocked this model out of contention? : Definitely in my top 3 faves of the convention. I don't know what ship judges look for, but I was really surprised it didn't place. Any thoughts? Anyone here actually judge it?
  16. I got a Minicraft 1/144 Lockheed Columbine III. I thought that getting a bagged kit in the registration packet was the best idea ever!
  17. Vegas would've been awesome. I hope Phoenix gets it.
  18. My kits arrived yesterday.... Spectacular!!!! Gonna do a red one, a silver one, and a racing white one. These are the 1/32 Birdcage Corsairs of the car modeling world.
  19. You have no idea how ecstatic I was over this news yesterday. This is my favorite car in the world, period (with the SLS AMG a close second)... And the sexiest car ever made. I need at least a dozen.
  20. Hi Ed, Thanks! This build seems to have triggered memories for a lot of people. I've never driven one, but it's on my list of cars I wish I could have now!!
  21. Revell 1/24 Pontiac '69 GTO, built OOB. I used Testor's rattle can enamel for the exterior, and Tamiya acrylics for the rest. A fun kit of something different, and my first of 2015. A lot of mistakes, but it was fun to use Bare Metal Foil for something other than canopy masking. Hope you like it.
  22. That is absolutely spectacular...(!)
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