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  1. A couple more I forgot about! 1/48 G3M "Nell" Japanese bomber.... And the B-24J "Ford Nose" conversion for the Monogram kit... This shows where the work was done.... Currently building 2 more of his Fokker D-VIII kits (along with an Eduard kit) for a "triple Razor" build... Gil
  2. "It ain't much"....... Yeah....you're slackin' off......but compared to the rest of the world? Gil
  3. Indeed, may the Lord bless Bill's family and friends with a flood of loving memories through this tough time. I was acquainted with Bill having first met him at the Dayton USAF Museum fall airplane contests back in the '80s, and then buying his vacuform kits and conversions from him when he vended at shows. He was a fine gentleman and a VERY good model builder, whether he was building one of his vacs, or tricking out one of the old Monogram kits he helped design back in the 60s. We've had a richer hobby experience due to Bill's input into the hobby both at Monogram and with his line of vac kits. I'm going to miss chatting with him at shows! I 'm attaching some pics of the kits of his I've built....and I still have several in the stash too! Gil
  4. Welcome! I can commiserate when a project goes sideways....but just remember it's still only a model! You can start again from scratch if you think something can't be salvaged, or take a little time off like you did and have at it again. Those dioramas look pretty good to me! Glad to have you here plugging away with us! Gil
  5. Welcome Andy! Make yourself at home and ask any questions. You'll get the best responses down in the specific topic areas. Glad you're here! Gil
  6. Nice! Looks much more like the Mig-15 than I expected from such an ancient rendition. Cool nostalgia build Ron! Gil
  7. Thanks for the very kind words... Mark: Yes....you have to watch the angle of the flaps or they can interfere with the fit of the drop tank pylon in the rear if they're too low. John: To my knowledge, the wing was the same chord as the early Saberjet wings on the F-86A and E. I think the slats themselves actually have a wider chord to them by comparison, which may give the illusion of a wider wing. The kit "V" style tail hook is designed to be shown down, and as manufactured, the plane had 6 small doors that covered it when closed. Since I wanted the tail hook up, I actually simply filled the wells with epoxy putty and sanded them smooth rather than trying to glue, fill, and sand all 6 of those small doors, and then just cut off the hook part to put in the very rear of the bay! Later model Furys simply left the doors off and the bay completely open, so if you do a later schemed -2, or the -3 Fury, you can just leave those doors off. And, I've seen that episode of Dog Fights....those guys did SO much with so little while holding the line and starting us on the road to victory! Gil
  8. Finished the Fury this week! This is the 1/48 Kittyhawk FJ-2, and is the first really "correct" FJ Fury in 1/48...the older ESCI effort being a mis-mash of F-86 and Fury parts that wasn't really accurate for either one. This KH kit is one of their better efforts...not perfect, but darn close to it. Most importantly, it gives you the separate leading edge slats that were the main difference between it and the later -3 Fury (soon to be released). The kit has a lot of options, with open gun bays, ammo bays, speed brakes; separate flaps, ailerons, and rudder, as well as the option to fold the wings. It also has a complete engine. I elected to build mine with everything closed up and left the engine out. The various doors actually fit pretty well making it pretty easy to close the gun and ammo bays. Despite how the instructions look, you can build the cockpit tub without the gun bay wall parts. The down side to leaving out the engine is having to come up with a tail pipe, unless you cut it off of the engine (I used some plastic tubing). The cockpit detail is "adequate", using decals for the main panel and side consoles. The cockpit decals NEED to be cut up to fit in their positions properly, but the instructions do not show or mention that. I look for someone to release an aftermarket cockpit set that will better address the lack of detail here, as well as the plainness under the canopy behind the seat. The overall fit is good...BUT, you DO need to test fit all assemblies and make some "adjustments" to get parts aligned right and avoid problems. You need to add some plastic shims (ala vacuform style) between the front/rear fuselage halves to give more gluing surface, as there's almost NO positive locating pins/tabs to aid when joining them. The wing fold joints are very good, but I do recommend adding some sort of pins if you build them out (unfolded). The kit doesn't supply anything to strengthen that join when the wings are extended. It also does not include the jury struts to support the wings while folded. Another anomaly is that KH molded the locator pins for attaching the drop tanks to the pylons, but forgot to mold pins on top of the pylons to attach those to the wings! I had to drill and add wire pins for that.... The kit decals (used here, except for the stars) come off the sheet easy and lay down well with a good setting solution. The blue on the kit stars is way too light, so I used some from my spares box. Also, on THIS particular scheme, the red/yellow fuselage stripes are TOO short, and do not come together on the top of the fuselage. Luckily, the open canopy covers that gap (barely)! I used AK Extreme Metal Aluminum overall, with Alclad Aluminum for the wing center panels and some other various panels. This was a pleasant build for the most part, with most of the "problems" coming from closing up panels, leaving parts out, and engineering the nose gear assembly to be added later in the build. It looks like the early FJ-2, and the wing fold option with the slats and flaps hanging down is another snappy look for my shelf. I look forward to getting the FJ-3 kit when Kittyhawk finally releases it! Comments, questions, and critiques welcome, as always. Cheers! Gil
  9. That's a terrific looking T-Bolt! I'd have never guessed you had any problems at all from the result! Congrats, and thanks for sharing with us! Gil
  10. Sharp looking build, and you need to display that on a mirror so people can see the great work you did in the bays on the bottom! Gil
  11. I'm always amazed by the number of irons you have in the fire! Nice progress an all of them, but that landing gear assembly is really impressive! Gil
  12. Those bays look super! Gil
  13. Sweet! Very shiny! What kits did you use and what scale are they? Those will turn some heads wherever you take them. Thanks for sharing and congrats! Gil
  14. Heck of a good looking Hurricane! 2 questions: what scale is the kit; and were the elevators separate, or did you cut them and reposition them? Excellent addition to your BoB collection for sure! Thanks for sharing! Gil
  15. Super looking build! It's amazing how a little elbow grease can make a classic like that shine....literally! Gil
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