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  1. Roden 1/72 Rolls Royce armored car

    I like it Ron! What comes across to me is that your finish makes it look "heavy". I'm not sure if it's the rivets, the thickness of the plating, or your metallic highlighting; but it strikes me as showing how they took a basic vehicle of the time and added very heavy armor plating and a turret to a pretty standard chassis. Must have been horribly overloaded and prone to breakage! My only suggestion would be to add something to show "scale" and just how small these models are, and just how delicate your work actually is. Nice build! GIL

    The "general" word on the early Fw-190s by Eduard versus their other kits of the later A-5/6/8 is that they're less gimmicky and easier to build. The earlier KITS has open wing root gun bays and multi part engine cowlings and gun cowlings that were difficult to make fit well if you decided to close them up. My understanding is that the newer kits of the A-3/4 don't have those issues, or fewer of them. GIL
  3. IJN cockpit colors

    I couldn't find anything for the word "Shindenkai"....did you mean the Hasagawa N1K1 SHIDEN Kai(George)? The low wing, late war, single seat fighter? The Aotake blue-green Nick referred to was actually a primer color used in most spaces where crew/pilot weren't present (wheel wells, bomb bays, etc.). Most Japanese crew spaces, much like ours, were over painted in a green or tan interior color. Here's a link to some N1K1 George images including a nice color pic of a cockpit build: https://www.google.com/search?q=hasegawa+1/32+shinden+kai&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi2uZ6cxrLZAhUk6IMKHS9nAYoQsAQIMA&biw=1583&bih=748#imgrc=yq8hx4o5Hrp-6M: Hope this helps! GIL
  4. Congrats on another super show Ron! Blizzcon has become an R-4 tradition thanks to the hard work the club has put into it over the last 35+yrs (WOW, that's a l-o-n-g tradition!). So glad to hear that things went so well and the weather cooperated! We had Marie here at Jaxcon and from I heard she signed up 3-4 people for IPMS. I know the Journals that she and Mike put on the tables all disappeared! Looking forward to seeing pics of your show! GIL
  5. Tamiya Jagdtiger in 1/48

    Despite any trials and tribulations, that came out quite striking! Have you tried using silly putty for masking like that on tanks (or ships)? It goes over bumps and lumps easily and is much easier to apply and remove than liquid masks. Congrats on a great looking build! GIL
  6. Two More Tanks from the Duke

    Dang, those ARE tiny! Love the camo work. Sorry to ask, but what's the purpose of those two "things" that stick out of the back of the Jap tank? They look like rams, but since they're on the back....Nice work Duke! GIL
  7. The Duke's First Aircraft for 2018

    Great looking pair Duke! Is the F-102 the Meng kit? GIL
  8. HELP!

    After searching, I wasn't able to find any besides the Steel Beach set either. Your first option would be to hit some of the modeling sites with active for sale forums and see if anyone has a spare set they'd sell, since they're out of production. Your second option would be to simply use the kit supplied rubber tires. What makes you not want to use them in the first place? Perhaps there's a way to work around that perceived problem if you cannot source a resin replacement set. GIL
  9. RAF WWII Colors

    I'd add Azure Blue to that list. Almost every paint I see leans towards purple, while color pics look much more blue. Being an underside color, it was not as prone to fading and shifting as topside colors. I'd like someone to definitively figure out what shade it should be for a MODEL, which would include "scale effect". GIL
  10. Thanks to our member Chris Causey, you can glimpse all of the models at our show as well as get an idea of the fun we had! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6XxjNFHmRk Enjoy! GIL
  11. I'll post a link to our "official pics" as soon as Andy gets them to me! GIL
  12. Past Builds

    Super looking models! That camo on the Zero is especially nice! GIL

    Those are some great looking builds! Could you tell us what scale they are and what kits you used? Thanks for posting! GIL
  14. Italeri 1/48 UH-1D Huey Build

    Very nice progress! What did you use to make the canvas jump seats? Very realistic sag to them! GIL
  15. I have to start by touting our club members for all of their hard work and dedication towards making Jaxcon the success we all enjoy! We set a new record of 120 entrants who put 583 entries on our tables! I'll have a link to pics of all the models later this week, but in the meantime, here are the BIG winners from Jaxcon 2018! Best Gloss finish Best Camo Best NMF Most Detailed (low boy Semi truck) Best A/C Best Armor Best Automotive (1/43 scale!) Best Nautical Best Figure Best Space/Sci-Fi Best Diorama Judges Grand Award winner The crowds were great, the vendors area sold out, and 2 of our vendors actually sold out their tables (to other vendors there) before 10am! Hope you can join us for the fun next February for Jaxcon 2019! GIL