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  1. Inside of F-16 exhaust nozzle

    That whitish area is actually a ceramic coating, which then gets stained black and brown. Ralph's method should work perfectly! GIL
  2. 1/48 Academy F-4B

    Good start and what looks like a lot of tedious detail work ahead on those seats! Can't wait to see them! GIL
  3. Aichi D3N1 Type99 Val

    Very eye catching scheme! Love it! GIL
  4. Hobbico files for bankruptcy...

    No problemo....The way people trade molds today it's really a Godsend to have the internet so we can find out whose plastic is in what box before we buy it! And with the Hobbico sale, who knows what type of box the Revell and Monogram molds will come back to us in the future? GIL
  5. Paint fumes

    That's why "Gil World" is in the garage! GIL
  6. Hobbico files for bankruptcy...

    Jim, I think you've mistaken HOBBICO, a multi-national and multi hobby company OWNER (owned Revell GER, Revell/Monogram USA, Estes rockets, etc.) for the Hobbycraft plastic model company. To my knowledge, Hobbycraft is still in business and wasn't a part of the break up and sale of all of the interests owned by Hobbico. Others can correct me if I missed that Hobbycraft was involved, as to my knowledge, it's still plodding on as usual, good kits, not so good kits, and all. GIL
  7. Aurora Fokker/B25

    I've seen the B-25 in the vendors area on occasion, and it's usually not cheap. I've also seen a couple built up over the years, and they were quite eye catching and popular since they were also so rare. As for being "flyable"....not sure, but I also seem to remember Cox having several plastic U-line controlled flying models somewhere in the 1/32-1/24 size range, and perhaps these were molded with adapting a Cox motor to them. As for the $3.50.....in that day it would have taken me several months to save up my .25wk allowance to get one! GIL
  8. Paint fumes

    Personally, I've never thought of them as smelling pleasant; just stronger or not so strong. And, I've always used enamels and lacquers which have the heaviest fumes. That said, I do have a "fondness" for the smell of paints, thinners, and glues; but I think it's simply because I associate them with the fun of model building; not with any direct olfactory stimulation. To paraphrase Robert Duvall in "Apocalypse Now"...."I love the smell of Dull Coat in the morning".... GIL

    A few other items of note....the bottles of Micro Gloss and Micro Flat (already yellow in the bottles!); Future, which was at that time VERY new to modeling; Weld-On #4 cement (still using it, though I buy it by the pint now!); a pack (with the rubber band around it) of the original Mattel plastic sheets for their vacuform machine; and (non modeling related) the piston from the blown engine of my 1970 Mustang! Yep, that is a Lindberg 1/48 Skyray that I was "tricking out"; building it as best I could to production standards. Here's a pic of it as I originally built it off of the bench pic above.... And then a few years later a resin "update" set with new intakes and engine exhaust was put out and I went back and incorporated them into a rebuild, and here's a pic of it after the rebuild... Today, if you want a 1/48 F4D Skyray you just build the superb Tamiya kit (been der-done dat too)! GIL
  10. PACTRA

    Yep! Loved it! Here's a pic of my bench @1980, and there's more than a few bottles of it there....as well as some other Pactra paints. Note the Liquiplate and Floquil paints too....which are also now long gone. GIL
  11. 1/72nd F-5 Lightening August 1944

    Good catch and nice build! Reminds me that I need to do an early F-4 photo-Lightning build. Is that a PRU Blue scheme, or is it one of the Haze Paint finishes? Eye catching scheme, regardless! GIL
  12. C47 Dakota

    Excellent indeed! Congrats! GIL
  13. Nakajima B5N2 Kate

    Looks good! GIL
  14. 1/48 EF-18G Growler

    The wings came from Admiral Ken Belisle (in our local club), and the patch I found online and printed out. GIL
  15. 1/48 EF-18G Growler

    Here's the finished presentation..... GIL