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  1. Made some good progress this week and also got some key items knocked together for this build....started by assembling the bomb bay and radio room sub-assemblies together and checking their fit into the fuselage. The next major area to tackle was the waist..... Got the wooden floors added and then scratchbuilt new gun pedestals on the gun support floors. These will allow me to add the waist guns at the end of the build through the open waist windows Twin waist guns and twin radio guns means that I had to scratchbuild 3 ammo boxes not supplied in the kit. In this pic, 2 are kit parts, 1 is an Eduard pe part, and the other 3 I built... Since "666" had twin .50s in both waist windows and the radio area, I had to build twin-gun brackets with a post for each waist position. I kept these very simple reasoning that the crew had to do something simple that the field machine shop could weld together quickly and easily. The guns are a combination of the kit guns and some resin aftermarket guns, all of which are drilled to accept the brass barrels that will be added at the end of the build. The one gun with the socket is for the right nose window, and the other gun is for the left nose position. This represents about 10hrs of work....but it was worth it! Gil
  2. Really starting to look the part! Very nice camo work! GIL
  3. Excellent looking Lagg! That is going to thrill that young lad! GIL
  4. I see some bedroom flight time in that one's future! Gil
  5. Very cool, and great progress! Gil
  6. About 2.5ft....just a bit bigger than a 1/48 B-17 or B-24. Gil
  7. What a coincidence.....I did that scheme when I built my 1/48 ID models vacuform P-3C...but I had to paint the bird on the tail, as there are no 1/48 P-3 decal sheets! GIL
  8. The wash is a mix of Apple Barrel acrylic black (bought at Walmart), water, and a couple of drops of liquid dish washing soap. Decided to work on finishing up 99% of the nose area; and primarily to determine where to position the nose gun that was added to the floor beside the bombardier. Took some fiddling and time, but got it added and then decided to finish the area out for the most part. Note that that the seat belts are hanging down so that the crewmen can be added later in a "pre-flight" condition. This is the first time I've felt like some really significant progress has been made, despite the mountain of work still to be done.... GIL
  9. Super looking Lightning! Nose art themed contest or not, that's going to turn heads and get a lot of closer looks. Thanks for sharing! GIL
  10. Got some more work done in the Radio room and the bomb bay....... Radio room side walls...doesn't look like that much, but it involves more than 30 PE parts... A few door doo-dads added to the bulkheads... Bomb bay side walls,,,unpainted so the parts can be seen before they're blended in... Bomb Bay doors and the center bay brace.... Not sure how much will be seen, but it's being added! GIL
  11. Gotta concur....excellent! Now git 'er done! GIL
  12. Here's some ideas.... Basically a folded/buttoned up tarp-looking "raft" with some strapping will do the job..... Couldn't find a real 1-1 image...probably need the E&M manual for that! GIL
  13. Wow! That's going to set some people back on their heels when they peek inside! GIL
  14. Some more progress along the same lines..... Cockpit walls and seat supports just sitting together for the pics... Cockpit side walls Front radio room bulkhead Rear radio room bulkhead Rear cockpit bulkhead Kit ammo chutes and aftermarket 3D printed ammo belts Bombs glued up... More pics when more gets done! GIL
  15. My best suggestion is to simply use the Scalemates Page itself on your computer as a guide, especially if you have a laptop you can keep near the bench. The illustrations there can be blown up to +350%, and although you can't really read the verbiage on the stencils, most of them are unique enough in markings/color/shape that you can determine what goes where. Short of lucking into someone actually copying and sending you the color instructions, that should work. Best of luck in any case! Gil
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