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  1. Glad to have ya back Carlos! Settle in and make yourself at home! Gil
  2. Wow! Your skills squeezed every last drop of "cool" from that old Aurora repop! Congrats on a super looking model from what is at best a mediocre kit! Gil
  3. Really nice fighting Falcon! If you hadn't specified 1/72, I'd have taken it as bigger with the excellent details and photography! Gil
  4. I'm guessing that's Russian for "nice turd polishing"..... Gil
  5. Excellent, and informative progress! Gil
  6. Welcome! Glad to have you here Brett! Make yourself at home and let us know how we can help your model building more fun! Gil
  7. Simply stupendous! Those cockpit shots look like they were taken in a warbird at an airshow. Congrats, and thanks for sharing! Gil
  8. One of my local shops still has a "decent" supply of MM enamels, including many of the camo colors. However, when I checked out the owner mentioned that they were discontinued. I took this to mean that they would NOT be reordering more, so even if Rustoleum has a bunch in their warehouse, THAT'S where they'll stay since shop owners seem to be under the impression that they CANNOT be restocked at all. I lament the demise of MM and Testors.....as they're the brands that I've used since I was a kid. That said, I probably have a lifetime supply of most of the colors, and there's NO shortage o
  9. Sweet looking P-40! I like the very restrained weathering, as the pre-war planes were quite well maintained. I've got one of these but have yet to tackle it. Glad to hear that it's mostly trouble free. Thanks for sharing! Gil
  10. Great start! What did you use for the anti-slip walks in the passenger cabin? Looks authentic! Gil
  11. How about a hint as to what subjects those sheets are for, and what schemes in particular you're looking for? Gil
  12. Finished my 3 1/48 Fokker D-VIIIs; 2 are Koster vacuforms and the other is the Eduard kit. The "bumble bee" scheme is actually the only true WWI scheme...the other two are "whiffers" based on internet images, and thus may be bogus. But, I already had a Koster D-VIII in the over-all lozenge finish, so I opted for 3 painted versions. The vac kit details are partially scratchbuilt (cockpit stuff) with spare parts engines, wheels, and props. The Eduard is OOTB. Pics of the construction..... The trio of Razors.... The Eduard kit....
  13. Wonderful Warthog build! That lighting is going to be a real attention-getter anywhere you take it, and a real crowd pleaser. Congrats on a super build and thanks for letting us watch and learn! Gil
  14. From a "sales" point of view, I wonder if an Ebook covering the 1/48 bombers from Monogram/Revell might interest people. There's the B-17G, the B-17F, the B-24D, the B-24J, the B-26 Marauder, the A-26 Invader, and the B-29 Superfortress. While you'd never do a comprehensive step-by-step build of all of them, there are many similar components and build techniques that could be applied to all. You could cover areas such as: 1) Getting the most from the stock, OOTB molded interior details by using advanced painting techniques. 2) The best way to paint and detail (in correct period color
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