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  1. This was a 10-day "quickie" build that I started during the "Skyhawk" week on the D&S FB page. This was the only major variant of the A-4 I didn't have on my shelves already, is a simple build, and so I decided (in my best Cleavon Little) to "whip it out"! The build is OOTB, with the only problems encountered of my own making (like cracking the fuselage seams while trying to shove a paint handle up the tailpipe.... ). One little "cheat" you can see is that instead of bothering to fill and sand the round mold marks inside the flaps (there's 5 of 'em!), is that I used a pin to make
  2. Did you apply the decals over a glossy surface? If not, THAT may be contributing to the decal's not wanting to stick. You ned a glossy surface to help not trap air under decals that can cause "silvering" (how air pockets look under sealed decals; and in the worst cases (over lumps and bumps) can make decals not want to stick down. If you didn't use any gloss, there's another method you can use on your decals....poke the holes as suggested, but then apply a drop or two of Future floor gloss ("Pledge with Future shine", all purpose floor acrylic gloss). It will seep in and act a as gloss AN
  3. Gotta agree that those old Monogram kits really gave you a lot of bang for your buck! I just started the old 1/48 Monogram OA-4M Skyhawk the other day, and will just build it OOTB as a "quickie" build. Looks like you're off to a great start once more! Gil
  4. Finished my 1/48 Monogram B-24J "Dragon and His Tail" this evening. I used Kit Worlds decals, and unfortunately, they caused me several headaches! The first, and worst problem was they tended to curl under the edges as you removed the backing paper. Luckily, they are a little thick and I was able to use a knife tip to save the big ones. However, the thin wavy tail curled up into a tube and "died"! So, I had to paint the flowing tail part, from just forward of the waist window on back. That said, once the decals were on they did suck down on the surfaces pretty well. Thankfully, I'd decide
  5. Excellent job in bringing that older mold up to snuff! Your Unbleached Linen and PC-10 colors look spot on. Thanks for letting us tag along the build! Gil
  6. I think I can help ya Miles! Please email me your home address at: slowhandshodges@bellsouth.net. I almost never use pilots in my models and have 6-7 1/48 seated pilots I can send. Hopefully you'll find a couple of "usable" ones in them. Gil
  7. Yep....nothing fancy, but a better "scale" look to those elevators! I actually recommend the UMM scribing tool to do that work as it's a bit hardier with less flex in the blade. GIL
  8. Vacuforms have NOTHING on some of the insane assemblies you tackle, especially in 1/72! Nice progress! Gil
  9. Glad you're here Bill! If you haven't posted this down in the nautical area, please do so. That way people like yourself with ship building and kit knowledge (I'm an airplane guy) will see it and you'll have a better chance of getting "expert" help. On a more positive note, don't give up on those Tramp Steamers! Lindberg has been rereleasing many of their older items and other companies have picked up older Aurora (and other) molds and are putting them out again. As we modelers "gray" the companies are realizing there IS a market for nostalgia! You didn't mention any particular scale
  10. That main IP rocks! Too bad it'll probably will be nearly invisible in the end. Gil
  11. Simply superb! Love the dynamic poses of the figures! Gil
  12. Very good progress! That's the way to tackle such finicky and stressful chores....do a bit at a time and use several sessions to do it so you get the best result. It's like the old saying: how do you eat an entire water buffalo? One bite at a time! Gil
  13. ghodges


    Sweet! I've never seen that one before, and I suspect from the look of the kit parts that it took more than you alluded to to get such a good result. Thanks for sharing, and congrats! Gil
  14. Welcome Jared! Looking forward to seeing some of your work! Make yourself at home and let us know how we can help you have more fun with building models! Gil
  15. Very cool....AND unique! Congrats! Gil
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