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  1. Good looking build of a classic! Thanks for sharing! Gil
  2. Looks good to me, and it cleared another from the stash! Congrats! Gil
  3. This will be fun to watch! 🙂 Gil
  4. That's shaping up nicely! Gil
  5. Finally home from the Madison Nats and just wanted to say I had a mighty fine time! Jeff Herne and his team got most everything right, even with the incorporation of the new model registration system. That said, as those there know, the Saturday evening awards presentation was cacked up...... this appeared to be a result of several things: not enough planning/scripting of the entire awards evening (start to finish); technical difficulties due to faulty equipment; the desire to rely on their "own system" instead of the proven system/person for the pictures for the last 10+yrs; and announcers who (though they did the best they could) appeared to have been chosen at the last moment and were unprepared for the job. However.... "stuff" happens and as I said, the Madison team got FAR more right than wrong and I'm here to PRAISE THEM for their decision to OPEN THE MODEL ROOM EARLY! The awards were running late, running slowly and intermittently, and everyone KNEW there was NO WAY they'd be done by 10pm. Someone on the Madison team realized that people needed to start packing up BEFORE the awards ceremony would finally end and they unlocked the doors to the model rooms and let us start to do so. BRAVO! This is a prime example of not making a bad situation worse AND of seriously considering their ATTENDEES instead of dogmatically sticking to the "rules" or traditions of the Nats. GREAT JOB GUYS! You put on a GREAT convention, even if it was less perfect than you desired, and you showed GREAT consideration for the attendees from the day you opened until the last slide was finally shown! Again.... bravo!!! Gil
  6. Bidding on a Nats is no small matter, nor something that can be approached like preparing for a local. I sat through the bid presentation and Ft. Wayne presented a well prepared bid that covered all of the needed basic info, and then answered some questions from those there on other items. They have a team of people from more than 5 clubs across the OH/MI/IN area who have previous Nats and contest prep experience. I'm convinced they know what they're taking on, will learn from both Madison and the coming Hampton Nats to give us the best show they can deliver. As to other bids.... IF anyone else had been organized and ready to bid (not just show up and say "We wanna do it"); the Eboard would have given them time and considered their proposal. NO ONE ELSE SHOWED UP! As Nick pointed out.... we should be thankful there's a group WILLING to so it in 2026, even if having more choices would be preferable. So.... if you're out WEST or in the CENTER of the country and want the Nats nearer to you in 2027; PUT A BID TOGETHER AND MAKE IT AT HAMPTON! But be prepared to have a firm grasp of the deep end of the pool you're diving into! Gil
  7. ghodges

    1/48 MiG-21MF

    I painted the bands first because of the way the front of the band butts up to the rear of the wing. I knew it'd be a giant pain to try to mask off that junction to protect the NMF, BUT if the bands were painted first the front masking edge runs JUST behind that wing, making it a much easier masking job. That said, masking over the adjacent fuselage scoops were a pain and took some care to avoid leaving loose tape and spaces paint could blow in. As to the time.... 10-12 days....more than a week, but less than 2 weeks. Gil
  8. Last week when I was in the middle of painting my Russian MiG-21MF (posted below) I decided instead of twiddling my thumbs and watching the paint dry I'd start another easy build. Thus, I grabbed the old '70s Otaki 1/48 Ki-43 Oscar from the stash and dove in. I substituted a better seat in the cockpit, but built the rest of the cockpit OOTB. I also substituted a Falcon vacuform canopy for the old, thick, dingy kit canopy. The only other item of note was it had the worst fitting wings of any Otaki kit I've ever built, requiring me to shave down the wing roots on both sides and then fill/fix in a step in the right wing root. The camo was freehanded over some Tamiya rattle can Bare Metal Silver and the decals came from Aeromaster. On to the rest of the pics! The bench is clear, the stash has one less in it, and I'm all set to go to the Nats next week and come home inspired and ready to build anything! Gil
  9. Wow! That's one good looking, very colorful scheme! At a glance I actually think the Del. Air Guard lettering is darker than the blue used in the striping, and it could be black like the tail serial number. I have to ask how you plan to do the plane name and other unique markings, as they appear to be more involved than the simple fonts for the other lettering? If you have no way to do the art work and print them yourself, then my suggestion is to contact Draw Decals to see A) if they might already have them (doubtful since there's so few F-86H kits, but IF they do they have them in 1/72 can scale them up), or B) how much they'd charge to custom make them for you. Lastly, since you say you need these in 1/32, are you doing a scratch conversion, or are you building the old C&H resin conversion for the 1/32 F-86H Saberhog? I'd sure like to see your progress as you do it! Gil
  10. Gotta be getting close to the finish line on that one! Gil
  11. Looking good! I like the Monogram kit better than the Occidental release, but that soft Occidental yellow plastic is MUCH easier to cut than the Monogram styrene! Gil
  12. Love it! The Hamp is my favorite version of the Zero and I also have to echo the kudos on your camo job. Great looking model! Thanks for sharing! Gil
  13. ghodges

    1/48 MiG-21MF

    This is the old '80s OEZ kit of the MiG-21MF. I built it as a companion to the recent 1/48 old '70s Revell MiG-21PF I built last month, and in NMF Russian markings in contrast to the camouflage Egyptian markings. I did make some changes to adapt some better parts to the kit. I thinned out the nose interior so I could add the Barracuda resin intake cone at the end of the build, and did the same in the rear so I could add a deeper exhaust section after painting and decalling. I also modified the kit cockpit to accept the Eduard "Look" cockpit decals and a resin ejection seat. The rest of the model was built OOTB. On to the finished pics! After the green antennas and the red and white bands were painted, they were masked off and the model primed with gloss black enamel. That served as the undercoat for AK Extreme Metallics Aluminum and some slightly darkened Aluminum for some panel variation. The markings came from an old Aeromaster decal sheet which worked well, though it did involve tediously positioning the red stars over their white bases. All in all, this was just a quick build to take the stash down by one more! Comments, questions, and critiques welcome, as always! Gil
  14. ghodges


    Very good looking Bf-109! Is it 1/48 or 1/72? Thanks for sharing! Gil
  15. I just pulled this kit out of the stash and started building it. Your canopy looks great! Is that the kit canopy, and if so what did you do to get such great clarity and shine? Mine looks pretty dingy. Gil
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