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  1. March/April is the last one I have too.... Gil
  2. Wow! Now that's a prototype I was never aware of....Very nice work on the conversion! The plane itself might not have impressed the USAF, but obviously that gun did; becoming the standard gun in most fighters til this day! Thanks for sharing! Gil
  3. Wow...how did I miss this one!? Super looking Swallow and a fine tribute to the compassion warriors can show. Thanks for posting! Gil
  4. Just to clarify..... In GSB there is NO "out-of-the-box" division, because there is NO NEED for it. OOTB was created to compare "apples to apples" in 1-2-3 competition. Since NO model is being judged against ANY other model in GSB, there's no need to consider whether it's OOTB or not. The degree of craftsmanship determines an individual model's award; and degree of difficulty and/or scope of effort CAN affect the overall judgement on craftsmanship. The idea of OOTB not getting a GOLD at Jaxcon is not a rule but a GUIDELINE, and it reflects MY personal philosophy and experience in judging. I totally agree that a model CAN be built "flawlessly" OOTB. But then the question becomes: does THAT level of craftsmanship (making no mistakes) command the awarding of the HIGHEST award? I tell my judges that IF they REALLY think it does, then award a GOLD. BUT...stop and think...have you EVER seen an OOTB build go on to be nominated for a Best Of award? I haven't.....Sure, OOTB MAY win in a 1-2-3 category simply because it has less flaws than the others...but what does that mean overall, especially compared to other models in its genre with much higher levels of craftsmanship that may or may not have won their category? This also gets to the very HEART of why I prefer GSB. In 1-2-3 it's very possible, especially in the biggest categories, for an extremely well built model to get NOTHING, simply because 3 or 4 "labors of love" with 1-2yrs of effort put into them to show up that year and ace it out of placing. In GSB ALL of them get recognized according to their merits, and no one model keeps another from getting an award. If you're planning on trying GSB at your show, you can set your criteria accordingly. My only caveat is to keep in mind 2 things: First, the usual criticism of GSB is that they're "soccer awards" so everyone goes home feeling good about getting something. You have to set the bar higher than that. Second, while you do not want a GOLD to be nearly impossible to get, it needs to represent the EXCEPTION, and not the "norm". Think about the level of work you see at IPMS shows overall....there's a LOT of very well built models on the tables....and that's the norm.....so you want to recognize the builds that are better than that as Golds. In my mind, a perfect OOTB build is the "norm" we ALL strive for.....but Golds involve more than that. But then again,that's just MY personal opinion, and is not only debatable, but carries NO weight at any other GSB show! Gil
  5. We've done GSB at Jaxcon for several years now...and with great success! That said, there's certain tricks to doing it as opposed to a 1-2-3 show.... 1) GIVE OUT A NICE 2" MEDALLION! Do NOT use certificates or any other lower budget types of awards. GSB CAN involve a higher initial expense for awards, but that evens out over time as you figure out how many of each you need on hand from year to year. 2) DO NOT put a "year" on your medallions. This is so you CAN use the leftovers from year to year. That said, DO buy some sheets of large, white, self-adhesive "dots" that you can give to whoever wants them. Those can be stuck onto the back of any award and the winner can record whatever info they want to keep track of. 3) GSB IS NOT A WAY TO GIVE EVERYONE AN AWARD! It's a way to try to award more models that are deserving of SOME recognition, instead of limiting it to 3 in any category. when you advertise your show be sure to publicize your judging CRITERIA (see below) 4) IF you get 500 models on average at your show, I suggest ordering 500 medallions...75 Golds, 175 Silvers, and 250 Bronzes. Gold medals should NOT be easy to earn, and you (probably) should NOT be giving out more than 10% in Golds. Think of a gold level build as not just a winner, but a model you'd nominate for a "Best Of" in a genre. Silver level builds are generally those builds that would be in the top running to finish 1, 2, or 3 in that style show....BUT you can recognize as many of those as deserved. Bronze level builds can be thought of as those who "make the cut' in 1-2-3, but that are rather quickly eliminated once looked at closer. 5) DO NOT TRY TO USE ANY SORT OF POINTS OR "SCORING" SYSTEM!!! There's plenty of experienced judges out there who know what to look for, and there's no need to reinvent the wheel here! Use the regular 3-person teams. They START by taking a vote on what they think the model should get after viewing it for a few minutes. If they all agree, they make that award and move on. If not, they discuss their differences, iron them out, and make a decision then. Golds and "No Awards" are easy and fast as one is outstanding and the other has easily spotted multiple problems. It's the bronze and silvers that take more time.... Here's a copy of our "pocket judging guide" we give to our judges for GSB....you can make adjustments for your show as you see fit, but this works well at Jaxcon.... JUDGING STANDARDS- a simplified handheld reference GOLD- VERY impressive, you’d nominate this for a “Best Of” Award, Flawless finish, superb detailing beyond aftermarket, Head and shoulders above other entries around it, not an OOTB build, Have to search hard to find any flaws. This should be a RARE, but not impossible award to achieve! SILVER- Extremely well done, NO flaws at first glance (though some small ones are there) Would probably be in the final cut of a 1-2-3 show, extra but not extensive detailing, great looking finish with excellent weathering if applied, a “cut above” the majority of entries BRONZE- Well built, but some very MINOR flaws are easily visible, NO MAJOR BASIC ERRORS, not more than 3 minor flaws of differing kinds, would “make the initial cut” in a 1-2-3 show, pretty much blends in with the crowd POSSIBLE DISQUALIFIERS- Many flaws immediately visible at a glance, even if small, major alignment problems, easily seen seams, plainly silvered decals in several places, fogged/glue smeared clear parts, sloppy paint demarcations/details 6) Use "display zones" instead of categories. These LOOK LIKE categories, but can be much more general and broader since no model is competing against any other sitting beside it. The zones merely show where people put their entries AND also allow you to divvy up the judging easier. 7) Keep in mind you'll still need the usual "special" awards....7 Best Ofs for the various genres, Best Junior, Best of Show, Most Popular, etc.; as well as any others your club wants to give away. At Jaxcon we have a Best Camo, Best Gloss, Best Detailed, and Best NMF awards. 8- You CAN limit the number of medallions you need by awarding the BUILDER instead of each individual model. BUT, be aware that this also does NOT encourage people to bring more models, since if they bring 5 planes, they'll only get ONE award in that genre. It also (in my opinion) defeats the entire purpose of GSB....which is to award MORE DESERVING builds as compared to 1-2-3. Those are just the highlights. If you email me I can send you more detailed info. Hope this helps! Gil
  6. Great save of a great classic! I like the way the stripes add some zing to the plain OD/gray scheme. Thanks for sharing! Gil
  7. This is what you're looking for right, though this sheet is 1/72.... If so, it seems simple enough to come up with 2 white "S"s and the black letters and numbers to do the serial number on each side. Or, is there more to it? I didn't find any 1/48 decals either for the scheme when I searched.... Gil
  8. Finished my A-3B bomber this evening. Started with the CollectAire 1/48 resin EA-3B, so I had to saw off the plain tail and convert the backside by adding the gun stinger and rear radar bulge. The side door and windows had to be eliminated and the nose "sharpened" a bit too. This is one of CA's better, later edition kits with the wingfold option, dropped flaps and slats, and PE parts for the cockpit. I chose these markings (Caracal decals) to match the CA resin A-5A Viglante bomber (converted from the RA-5C) I'd built some years ago. And in-progress pics... Wing assembly test fitting Tail conversion work Side door and windows filled Engine assemblies The CA resin A-5A Viglante bomber that it matches... Comments, critiques, and questions welcome, as always! Cheers! Gil
  9. I do believe that as long as you keep your models packed away and out of direct sunlight, they should be fine. If they're in the interior of your car with you, they'll only be experiencing the same temps you are; so no problems there. If they're in the trunk, as long as the car is moving it shouldn't overheat. I'd avoid leaving them in a parked vehicle for more than 30mins under any circumstances, and never have them sitting in direct sunlight. I've attended 2 "hot" conventions (Phoenix)....While the heat is a concern, much of it's greatly overblown, and I've yet to hear of anyone who actually had a problem getting their models to the hotel and then to the contest room due to the heat. Gil
  10. I'm currently building a resin 1/48 A-3B bomber and had to heat up a pot of water to remove some warps. I used the opportunity to grab my old CollectAire resin RA-3B Skywarrior from the shelf where it was languishing. The wing tips had sagged due to the heat in the garage, so I heated 'em up and straitened them back out. The landing gear and doors were long gone, so I filled the wells with epoxy putty and repainted parts of the old model. Then, using the hot water once more, I heated an acrylic rod and bent it to shape so I could mount it "in flight" like a desk model. Here's how it looked on my shelf.... Gear wells filled..... Finished and mounted.... Now I've preserved my Vietnam NOGS scheme Whale for another 20yrs, hopefully! Gil
  11. Looks great, and it'll probably take a bump better too! Gil
  12. Good looking build of an underrated and under appreciated bomber! Gil
  13. Excellent idea and execution! Gil
  14. That's great to know James! So.....that also means it would take little to no extra effort for what they put in the Journal to be put here too. Paste and copy perhaps? And yeah....I realize it would be read as little or less here than in the Journal....but why should the NCC ignore the one other officially sponsored IPMSUSA outlet? And Corey...thanks for suggestion. I believe after giving that some thought, you're correct. Why should I continue to try to hold the NCC accountable for paying attention to JUDGING questions on the IPMSUSA JUDGING forum? Especially in the month or two before the Nats cranks up? How silly of me! I guess I should have given them 2 months to reply instead of just one. I stand humbly corrected! Consider it now left alone! 😉 Gil
  15. Thanks for your detailed, if tardy reply Mark! You claim to check the forum every 2-3 weeks, and YET somehow missed my inquiry in the Judges Topic area...which was down there a FULL 30 days....sorry, but I don't buy it. And, as you yourself said, at least one person emailed you about it, and yet it went unanswered. Perhaps, as I said, if I haven't had the same problem many times getting official responses from the NCC on this forum in a timely manner, I'd be more inclined to chalk it up to an "oops". Where'd I get the idea the NCC was going to require masks for judging? Hmmmm....that would be the following sentence in the March/April Journal, and I QUOTE: "In addition, all judges should plan on being required to wear masks (bring your own- don't assume the host chapter will be providing 200-plus masks!)..... UNQUOTE.... There is NO modifying sentence after that stating, or even implying, that that policy might be modified by show time. No, I don't think I misunderstood what you wrote in the Journal. And yes, my asking for a TIMELY update to that policy announcement in the Journal, in a COMPLETELY civil and forthright manner, is also well within the bounds of being an IPMS Judge. You can try to backtrack what you wrote, but it's IN PRINT. And why didn't I simply email you directly? Because your policy decisions SHOULD be made PUBLIC here too; not just in the Journal, and not passed on by "word of mouth". YOU are the official, not me! So.....the Nats judging got done somehow during the 8yrs I missed between 1990 and 2019.....no surprise there! It somehow got done before I ever became a judge and will no doubt continue to do so long after I'm gone! YOU may not be determining your travel plans based on masking policy, but there are those who ARE! My only implication was that people make plans, and knowing WHAT is happening at the convention determines those plans. After all....IF someone cannot wear a mask for hours on end due to health reasons, they may want to plan on a dinner with friends on Friday evening instead of judging. So please don't try to say that I was implying judging won't be done or be successful if masks are indeed needed by the judgement of the NCC, or if I skip judging. You are the Chief Judge. You have the RIGHT to make policy for our National Contest. I've never disputed that, even when I've disagreed with some of them. My inquiry had nothing to do with GSB, and yet you want to open THAT can of worms by saying I've been unresponsive? Well your both right AND wrong on that. I was part of a group that tried to put GSB forward back when Aris was Chief Judge. I've also been involved in past "polls" that tried to determine what the membership might prefer. So I have been VERY responsive and involved with trying to bring GSB to the attention of the NCC in the past. But after YEARS of butting my head against that stone wall, I decided that the ONLY way to prove my point was to put my money where my mouth was, to STOP trying to convince the NCC, and SHOW the NCC that it can be done. That is why we switched to GSB for Jaxcon several years ago. That is why I will no longer "pester" you, or answer or conduct polls, and am no longer "responsive" to the NCC about GSB. I will repeat myself once more: "IF GSB is ever to become a preferred method of contest judging, it will HAVE to prove itself at Locals and Regionals first, and then simply become the standard at the Nats by acclaim of the membership!" Will that ever happen? Who knows? You want to take the credit for opening up the NCC meetings at the Nats? GREAT! No matter the reason for the change or who influenced it, it shows that the NCC had a record of NOT being open to the membership for all of the decades UP until YOU chose to make that change. So, I stand by my criticism of the NCC being too closed off and distant from the membership and judges it should SERVE. I'm glad to see such a giant step taken and hope that it helps pave the way for better progress and communication in the future. I've watched the NCC operate ever since I joined in 1977, and have served as a judge for most of the last 30+ years. In all that time, on the outside AND the inside, I've seen almost nothing to to discount the NCC's reputation of being a "secret, uncommunicative cabal" for most of that time. Only VERY recently, and yes, during YOUR tenure as Chief Judge, has there been any attempt to change that. And since you say you want to continue in that direction, I want to challenge you and the NCC to POST ALL OF YOUR MINUTES AND POLICY DECISIONS HERE, as well as in the Journal. After all, if the Eboard is able to do so, I see no reason the NCC shouldn't be able to to so also. Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed and thorough answer Mark! I'll simply accept that you and I will probably never see eye-to-eye on these matters. But, thank you for your continued efforts to ram-rod the Nats contest, as it's NO easy job. And IF I do judge in the future, you will have my best efforts and support on that night in the room! Cheers! Gil
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