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  1. ghodges

    Less than a month til JAXCON 2019!

    Our medals are in hand and ready to go! GIL
  2. ghodges

    South Texas

    Welcome Tony! Glad to have you here with us! GIL
  3. Got lots of Falcon vac canopies, but all 1/48, as you might suspect. Good luck! GIL
  4. ghodges

    1/48 Hasegawa EA-18G Growler

    Or......intake covers cost even less, add a bit of color, and save even more time! GIL
  5. ghodges

    Maddog Manufacturing 2019 Production Line

    Nice progress! As Clapton would say: "Let it Rain"....:) GIL
  6. Jaxcon 2019 will be held on Saturday, February 9th, from 9-6pm at the UNF University Center in Jacksonville, FL. This will be our 17th Jaxcon, and probably the 10th or so at the UNF Center. The biggest difference this year we want people to know about is that we will be a FULLY OPEN GSB show! EVERY model brought we be judged against the Standard. EVERY model that is brought will be able to win a medal IF it measures up to the Standard. You will beat no one, and no one will "beat" you! We've developed a new judging system that involves NO "math" or "points". It's still rooted in the basics of IPMS, but is much more flexible for the judges (since they'll judge independently at their leisure) and will also allow us to keep the model side of the room open all day, instead of needing to close it for judging. Our vendors area is once again sold out (and in record time this year)! And, we'll have Fine Scale Modeler AND a SAM publications rep covering our show. So, if you bring a model to the show, your entry (whether it wins anything or not) has a chance to be photographed and appear in 4 different modeling magazines! Although we've gone to GSB, we'll still have all of the Best Ofs and Special awards that we've always had. We'll also still have the Ace of Aces category (the only 1-2-3 category in the show) where you can pit one of your past winning models against other past winners in a head to head showdown. Jaxcon has become one of the largest shows in the southeast, and we're looking to make it even better! We hope YOU will make plans to join us for the FUN! Here's a link to our website where you can get all of the details and info you need: http://ipmsfirstcoast.org/ Gil Hodges Jaxcon chairman
  7. ghodges

    Albatross D-V

    Wish I could find a "spool" of that 6mil stuff! The Wonder Wire I bought comes "curled" in a plastic baggie. It naturally straightens out perfectly on its own as you take it out of the bag. It's quite flexible up to trying to make a 90deg bend. It will snap in two at that point. The flexibility allows you to cut it slightly over sized and then flex it into the holes. As long as the length is right and/or the holes are deep enough, it goes back perfectly straight with no need for heating. It's also rigid enough to simply be set between two points without using any holes too. GIL
  8. ghodges

    William Thaws Nieuport 17

    That is a gem! I'm always astounded by people like you who can model so crisply and cleanly, especially where rigging has to be added around an already painted and decalled model. Congrats on a gorgeous build and a very fitting tribute! GIL
  9. ghodges

    Judging Question

    Keep in mind that almost all of us here on this site, and participating in these discussions are "old hands". We've competed for years, and in many cases have judged for years. I think many of those who're "blindsided" are NOT that experienced. I totally agree that anyone, as a contest goer, has a personal responsibility to read and understand the rules they plan to compete under. However, I don't find it too surprising when they don't, either assuming a show is like any other they've attended in the past, or just blithely entering with false expectations. What I'm driving at, since many of us here help run shows, is that we need to recall what it was like when we were "newbies and blundered our way from show to show. Be kind when pointing out an obvious gaff or oversight on the part of an entrant. They don't get to "slide" or be exempt from a rule they didn't know; but then we don't have to make them feel any worse than they do if we possibly can. GIL
  10. ghodges

    Pfalz D. XII by Wingnut Wings

    Excellent build! Sweet looking model! Gil
  11. ghodges

    3-D printed models prohibited?

    Gonna disagree a bit Rusty...... You're going to tell me that the modeler that uses and simply PAINTS the 3D rocket engine bell assembly above is not using less craftsmanship than the builder who only has the basic kit supplied bell and has to add/scratchbuild the other parts to equal the look? What chance did the 3D "builder" have at leaving glue marks when adding the piping? For that matter, did the 3D builder actually draw all those details, or did he scan in a few pics from different angles that his software then replicated for the printing? How would THAT compare to even having to make and replicate that same detail in OTHER materials that are added to that bell by HAND? The WHOLE point to 3D printing, whether it's a part or a whole model, is to be able to do such things as the above in one piece, and in better scale, so that a PURCHASER/builder doesn't have to. You cannot convince me that having and adding such parts to our models in an IPMS contest will not have an impact on the judging, and more importantly, how FAIRNESS is maintained as we move forward. The problem is that at some point these parts, especially if not handled correctly by IPMSUSA, might impart an unfair advantage to some users. IPMSUSA needs to try to avoid even the appearance of such a thing, let alone the reality. We're NOT a society of computer designers, we're model builders. Whatever "design difficulties" a designer like yourself may have to overcome is just the same as those any model manufacturer has to overcome when they "up" their plastic kit technology. It has NO bearing on how well we BUILD our models, which is what we judge. GIL GIL
  12. ghodges

    Revell 1/32nd scale Westland LYNX HAS.3

    That's a LOT of eye candy! Your detail painting and wash skills are topnotch, making all of that work really pop. Really enjoying this! GIL
  13. ghodges

    1/48 Accurate Miniatures B-25B

    VERY nicely done! Those tie downs are a simple but very effective way of enhancing its presentation too. Congrats, and thanks for letting us ride along! GIL
  14. ghodges

    3-D printed models prohibited?

    The problem with this isn't whether or not it's a part of our hobby, it's how to handle 3D printed items in a contest. I agree with Jim in that currently "3D parts" are like any other parts for a model. They can be judged on how well they are painted and assembled for the MOST part. However, even there, you can start getting into some gray areas....what if flexible "individual link" (working) tank tracks are produced? What if you can't tell at a glance between them and actual individual linked tracks that HAD to be assembled? If the builder denotes which is which, then judges CAN make a determination on which one is "better crafted" by the BUILDER on the model. But what if they don't? This is ALL about how to judge these things. We're a group of people who take plastic kits consisting of many parts and assemble them and paint them into (usually) as authentic a replica as within our skill set allows us to. The degree of craftsmanship displayed in successfully doing that determines who wins what. The more something is done FOR us, the less individual craftsmanship on the part of the MODEL BUILDER is involved. As long as those differences are noted by the builder, the judges have a chance to make a determination on them. What happens if the builder stops denoting what's used AND they become indistinguishable? My concern with 3D printing is that we will cave to including a lot of items that severely lessen the need for craftsmanship on the part of the builder. At this time, that's just "parts", and we can certainly adjust to and handle those. But, 3D printing is in its infancy right now....by the time it's matured I see it as becoming the new "die cast" model. If we open the door for 3D now, especially FULL models, it might become very difficult to close that door in the future. GIL
  15. ghodges

    A 2018 Review

    You sir, are a master of understatement! That is a fantastic year! Wish you lived in the south...I'd love to see those in person at our Jaxcon show. Is there a way to post them so that we can get a closer look at some? If you click on it, the entire page enlarges instead of the individual pic. GIL