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  1. Hi David, Unfortunately, I can’t see the information you’ve posted. It appears to be on a restricted page, even when logged in I can’t view it. Cheers, John
  2. Thanks Ron, just curious why they list it by month on the website. During these trying times I was interested to understand the Eboard’s perspective and how the society is managing it. Cheers, John
  3. Where did you read them? They’re not on the site or forum (used the search function)
  4. Why are they listed by month? And if so, when did it go to quarterly?
  5. Are the Executive Board Meeting Minutes available for the months of April, May, and June? Additionally, since the national show was canceled when will the annual Business Meeting presentation be posted? Cheers, John
  6. Are you saying so few indulged to vote, in reference to the low submitted responses at the 2019 Nationals? After the first day of the 2019 Nationals the poll was removed from the registration process. I was told that they (IPMS) didn't want members voting twice. Potentially once at the show and once through the journal. Many people were wondering where it went. Additionally, I was under the impression only the Journal votes were counted in the poll.
  7. Good question and I'll provide my experience. My father passed away and I had finished a model he had started. I entered it as display only at the Nationals, but the local judging team went outside of the rules to judge it. I was awarded third in the category. I'm saying this because what your talking about is more of a gentleman's agreement which shouldn't be limited by the rules. Are you attending this year? If so, please contact NCC@ipmsusa.org
  8. Great discussion and I like the idea of placing "Award Winner" type business cards next to models that have placed. It doesn't explicitly state what they've won, but indicates to the general public this is an award winning model. Is this a new concept? No, Scale Model Challenge (Europe's premier show) puts out cards every year, example below. Guess what? Everyone still goes to the awards show regardless. The notion that everyone would leave the show early on Saturday is completely unfounded. Why would I leave the Nationals early? I've bought the banquet ticket when I pre/registered, booked a hotel room to check out Sunday, and have a travel arrangements for Sunday. Would I change my plans because I didn't win? Would other people adjust their schedule to leave Saturday by noon if they didn't win? I highly doubt that. As mentioned, it's the Nationals, it's a convention that's more than just a contest. Using a local show to state people would leave early is not a comparative example. It's not even apples to oranges but apples to chicken wings. Attendees at local shows are predominately local (within a few hours driving), the sooner the show is over the earlier they get home. The Nationals is a completely different scenario. The majority of attendees aren't local (my hypothesis based on attending the last 10). The thought of 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' is the worst way to view any business, event, or situation. It's been proven countless times that adage is the reason things die off. I don't think anyone is saying the system is broken, we're just saying there's room for potential improvement that benefits attendees. Like everything else in life, the show evolves. A small step was indicating the Best of's. This same discussion of 'it'll be the death of the show' was stated. Guess what? People love it. A simple suggestion by a long standing member of the society shouldn't be destroyed on arrival. Let's have an open ongoing discussion.
  9. Hi Rick, I'm happy to do armor if it isn't taken. Below is a link to my shots from last years Nationals. https://www.facebook.com/pg/closetmodeler/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2007881295902724 My contact info bonanf35@gmail.com and 724-699-4898 (cell) Cheers, John
  10. Hi All, Not sure who to direct this question to, so I'm asking here. Has anyone considered reaching out to Andy's Hobby Headquarters for him to plug the show/organization? He's from Arizona and has over 66,000 subscribers on Youtube and his videos routinely have over 50,000 views (some over 200,000). I think he'd be a great ambassador for IPMS and the show. He's really an icon in the hobby for many and could bring new life into the society. Thoughts? Cheers, John
  11. This is why no one wants to join IPMS, it couldn't be explained any better. Yes, the society is meant to please it's members. However, you have to expect change and evolution. Your post is nothing short of selfish. 'What do we gain from the younger modelers?' You gain new blood with talent and drive to keep this aging organization alive. Seems like a big deal to me. I'm 30 now and one of the youngest guys at many shows. I build mostly armor, but I gladly support any model entered in a show. The sci-fi modelers usually have the most imaginative pieces that can inspire us a lot more than a green tank or grey plane. They often push the boundaries of painting more than any other segment as well. The notion of a sci-fi take over is nothing short of paranoia.
  12. Can you further clarify that remark? Weathering includes everything from washes to add shadow, chipped paint, oil fading, streaking effects, etc... I'm finding it hard to understand any part of what you're saying. Every modeler I know weathers for realism and style. I highly doubt they do it to cover mistakes. In fact I would say weathering, when done right, is more challenging to accomplish than painting. This is not the first time I've encountered the thought of weathering 'covering up' something. Sadly, I experienced it while judging.
  13. Great work Jared. That's a great graphic. I have a favor to ask. Anyway you could do that for the distribution of the current IPMS members? Maybe a heat map to best illustrate the data? I'm curious to see the distribution of the membership. Thanks, John
  14. Thanks for this information Larry. This spreadsheet tells a lot about the strength of the hobby and society.
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