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  1. Thanks for the context James. This sounds very similar to the National Contest Steering Committee we just established.
  2. Can you share details on the B/G idea? First I've heard of it.
  3. Thanks for all of your questions. We're following the process where the initial bid is evaluated by the Eboard, presented to the Eboard at the National Convention, and announced at the awards ceremony. I appreciate your interest and stay tuned for more details.
  4. Details will be shared in 36 days 🙂
  5. August 2-5, 2023 is the dates of the National Convention
  6. Hi All, I'm pleased to report a bid for the 2024 National Convention was submitted. It will be evaluated by the Eboard and details will be shared at the National Convention in Omaha. Thank you all who have reached out and supported the current bid cycle. See you in Omaha! Cheers, John
  7. The 2023 Nationals will be in San Marcos, Texas. Additionally, I've had multiple conversations with potential future hosts. Please message me any context for the late 'decisions.' Anything worth sharing will help influence making future shows better. Your last statement concerning responsibility is misaligned with the current process. Correct, the local chapter is the main action arm of executing the convention. In fact, they are the heart and soul of the convention and the National Organization is indebted to their service. However, the National Organization supports registration and bears the financial responsibility. The contest is managed by the National Contest Committee (NCC), which develops the rules and categories, executes judging on Friday night, and communicates the results on Saturday. They work tirelessly from Friday to Saturday in order to get the results ready for the banquet. Another team that is critical to the show's success. The resource we're developing will clearly communicate the ins and outs of hosting a National Convention. We hope this resource, which evolves every year based on feedback, will incentivize clubs to put a bid in for nationals. I'd also encourage anyone curious or interested in any aspect of the National Convention please shoot an email to ipmsusa2ndvp@ipmsusa.org
  8. Hi David, Thanks for your feedback. I'd like to focus on your last paragraph. The notion that a day will come when no one bids on a nationals is a very real possibility and one of the reasons I chose to run for national office. We are making significant progress behind the scenes, details to be released soon, on how we're thinking about it and ultimately dealing with it. If interested in supporting the initiative, I'd encourage you or any other member to reach out to me. I'm happy to discuss our thoughts, gather your feedback, and take any help offered. Cheers, John
  9. There are currently no bids for the 2024 convention.
  10. Ralph, is SC interested in doing another one? I loved everything about the show.
  11. Hi Mark, Where were they displayed? I don't recall seeing a 'Reviewer Corps' display in the contest hall. Cheers, John
  12. Hi Mike, I've responded to your email. Unfortunately, mistakes happen. I've notified the NCC of this instance and hopefully we can catch these circumstances next year before judging. Thanks for raising the event. Cheers, John
  13. They posted on October 22 and update on the show site. MORE HOTELS Both of the connected hotels are SOLD OUT. There are still hotel rooms very close. Just across the street. If you are driving these are very close. Walking you are within site of the Conference Center. The Hampton Inn and Suites as of yesterday has about 80 rooms for each night. This is the closest hotel to the Conference Center. They are not offering us a rate and are charging just over $200 a night. The Hampton does have a shuttle and has offered to provide transportation to and from the Convention Center. Their phone number for booking is 402-895-2900 The newest hotel in the area is the Comfort Suites and across the street. We now have a room block with the Comfort Suite at a rate of $154 (plus tax). It’s a small room block, but they will expand the block for our needs. Comfort Suites is not a large hotel so if you want a room- don’t delay. Here’s the link to reservations at the convention rate. Their phone number is (402) 505-7333 if you have trouble. https://www.choicehotels.com/reservations/groups/tt81k7?checkInDate=2022-07-19&checkOutDate=2022-07-24&ratePlanCode=BPDCXH
  14. Hi Mac, I addition to the gallery above from Vlad's crew, which was posted within a few days of the show ending, check out the links below for more pictures and video. I've also included podcasts that provided a detailed show wrap up. JB Closet Modeler Facebook Gallery Wasatch Modeler Videos Plastic Posse Live Broadcasts Podcast Recaps Plastic Model Mojo The Model Geeks Plastic Posse Podcast Cheers, John
  15. Hi David, Unfortunately, I can’t see the information you’ve posted. It appears to be on a restricted page, even when logged in I can’t view it. Cheers, John
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