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  1. Hi IPMS Members, I have enclosed the results of the 2022 IPMS Nationals Post-Convention Survey. Thank you to the 347 respondents that shared feedback on their show experience. Your feedback is vital to capture what IPMS does well and what we have to improve on for every aspect of the show. This survey was only sent to registered attendees, but be on the lookout for more membership surveys in the future. If you have questions or recommendations concerning the survey please email ipmsusa2ndvp@ipmsusa.org. Cheers, John Bonanni IPMS 2VP 2022 IPMS Nationals Survey Results.pdf
  2. Results will be shared by EOD tomorrow. Thanks for keeping us honest 🙂
  3. Hi Mark, the convention bidding packet is getting a major overhaul. I'm hoping to have a new one out in a month or so. When it's complete it'll be published to the website.
  4. A couple great members stepped up for volunteering! Huge thanks! See you all in 9 days! Cheers, John
  5. Phil is correct and his logic follows the judges thoughts. I echo and would recommend 200B. I'll be putting my JP there 🙂
  6. The NCSC is the first step for investigating that process. There are many factors that need to be evaluated (one of the most important aspects is consideration for the same local support and likelihood of burnout). Stop by our seminar at 2:30 on Thursday to learn more and present your feedback/recommendations. We can also discuss this over a beer, likely multiple now with everything we have to cover. :)
  7. Hi Mark, I can't promise we'll be able to record it, but I'll definitely provide any content shown during the seminar to you following the show. Also happy to connect offline and discuss any aspect of the National's bidding process. Cheers, John
  8. In short, yes. The 2nd VP serves as the chairman of the committee and the NCC representative is delegated to the NCC Chief Judge. I could be retained on the committee if the new 2nd VP wants me to. The committee composition is determined by the 2nd VP. If interested in learning more, stop by our seminar or catch me at the Nats.
  9. Thanks for the feedback @jcorley. We're in unchartered waters here; this is the first time (I believe) that only one bid has been submitted for a national convention. To add some excitement, we the Eboard, have been pretty tight on communications around the bid details. The Nats are 22 days away when everything will be revealed. If you have questions feel free to reach out directly to me or any other Eboard member. There's no agenda by the Eboard to keep members uninformed, we're always striving for increased transparency (our detailed meeting minutes are one example). Are you going to Nats? If so, lets catch up.
  10. @JClark, correct, they are appointed positions. Myself, Rob Booth, Len Pilhofer, and Mark Persichetti serve on the NCSC. The initial members (Mark was asked in May) were noted in the Q2 board minutes found here. @jcorley, no secrets, high level context was provided in the Q2 board minutes, but we do owe the membership more information. The charter was approved, but it hasn't been released yet. We've been working hard in the background to finalize everything, it's just delayed due to competing priorities. The NCSC has already supported multiple calls with potential bidding clubs and actively supports the club that submitted a bid for the 2024 convention. Again, no one is trying to hide anything from the membership. I'll publish the NCSC charter prior to the National Convention. *Also forgot to mention we'll be hosting a seminar on the bid process and NCSC in Omaha, stop by at 2:30pm on Thursday for 'Meet you E-Board Members/Bid Process for a National Convention' If anyone has any questions feel free to message, email (ipmsusa2ndvp@ipmsusa.org), or call me. I'll also be at Nats and happy to chat.
  11. Thanks for the context James. This sounds very similar to the National Contest Steering Committee we just established.
  12. Can you share details on the B/G idea? First I've heard of it.
  13. Thanks for all of your questions. We're following the process where the initial bid is evaluated by the Eboard, presented to the Eboard at the National Convention, and announced at the awards ceremony. I appreciate your interest and stay tuned for more details.
  14. August 2-5, 2023 is the dates of the National Convention
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