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  1. Thanks all for the Compliments
  2. Thanks All for the Positive feedback. Off to a 109G-10 project
  3. Shiny Korean War veteran Alclad for Metal sections over Gloss Black Tamiya Decanted. Painted Yellow and Black ID Bands and nose. Older Microscale Decals used.CMK Interior was beautiful .Sorry I couldn't photo well. Airfix Kit was highly rated but my opinion is Hobbycraft and Fujimi are better F-86 kits. Airfix was missing some basics,Upper inlet,Upper fuselage panel, Side small Vents, Under-nose lights, nose radar scribing. Most of these were added but not all. Some small issues on the wings ,so 3ft is a good viewing distance. There is no dark area in front of gun panel, just a photo lighting issue. Thanks for Looking Comments always Welcome Bill D
  4. Hello On behalf of the Three Rivers IPMS club ,I would like to hear about this status. Anybody else with Tax-exempt status. This was recently questioned as we attempted to purchase awards for our Annual Show. Love to see some Information Regards Bill D.
  5. Thank You All very Much for the Positive feedback Regards Bill
  6. Thank You Gil We are blessed to have some great modeling talent in Pittsburgh and their willingness to share their skillsets has been a boon to our Club. Thanks for the memories and I will pass to Mr Ritter and Barry Best Regards Bill
  7. For the National American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor (ADBC) Museum, Education & Research Center Here is a few photos of the 1/72nd aircraft being donated. Academy B-17D built by Bill Ritter and Painted by Bill Dedig Special Hobby B-18 Donated by Mr Eric Robey ,Built and Painted by Bill Dedig Special Hobby P-35..Built and Painted by Bill Dedig Hasagawa P-40E..Built and Painted by Bill Dedig Thanks for Taking a Look These will be donated from Three Rivers IPMS in Pittsburgh Regards Bill D
  8. Mike from all the Guys who visited from Pittsburgh...😃 Thank You & Your Team.
  9. Greetings Rick I have done this the last few years and had a good time. I have done Space & Sci-Fi and also Juniors. My contact info is wedjr@aol.com and Cell is 412-449-7505 Let me Know Bill
  10. Greetings David In the section on the Judging Survey I have posted some information regarding the "Open Judging " used by Pittsburgh. I would be more than willing t talk to you regarding this system and why Pittsburgh has chosen it. Dave Morrissette has posted my email and my mobile number is 412-449-7505. I would be more than happy to talk with you and offer any support needed. Best Regards Bill
  11. Hello My name is Bill Dedig, I am currently President of Three Rivers IPMS ,Pittsburgh. I am a Senior Judge for IPMS Nationals and I have been involved with the Three Rivers Contest since its inception. at present I am the head judge for Aircraft for our show. Three Rivers has been using an Open Judging system for quite a few years and we are quite satisfied with our methodology and the feedback from those who have entered our contest. ( measured by Social Media postings and personnel interactions) To decrease the wording I will use some bullet points Our show normally runs about 300 models on the table We have numerous Category locators ,but only for ease of model placement and keeping like models together,( Example 1/48 Aircraft, Figures ,etc) We do not judge with a numeric system ,but a simple subjective selection of Gold,Silver,Bronze,Nothing. ( Our judging process was described in detail and few posts ago by Mr. Morrissette from our website ). Numerics are involved at the computer operations for result summations. We use three man teams and we try to ensure that we have a club member on each team to provide continuity. We start judging at our show when we start to see numbers of models on the table. (Start time is usually around 11:00 Am) After Judges Meeting. Models are awarded Gold- Silver- Bronze awards based on normal model finishing standards, Construction,Alignment,Finish, ETC Category "IE Best Aircraft, Best Armor etc" are selected from the Gold Medal winners by the category judges. Best of Show is selected from Category winners by the category Lead Judges. Pittsburgh has used Gold, Silver and Bronze award medals for quite a few years and the participants have given us Very Positive Feedback. Pittsburgh normally has around 12/14 Sponsored awards from our club members that are judged by the sponsors and paid by the sponsors( I normally do Best USAF Aircraft) Things we do not do We do not wait for all models to be registered in order to start judging, as this is not necessary in the "Open Judging" system. We do not provide written comments on each model. ( I have given feedback when asked about a particular model... Good & Bad) We do not limit how many awards any individual may be awarded. We do not announce every winner. We place Bronze and Silver awards just before we announce Golds and Specials. Logistics We have statistics from last 5 years and we purchased normally two years of awards based on the statistics. We have seen numbers move up or down but never drastically. Sponsored awards and Best of Awards are purchased Annually. Summation: For those that ask for details I have responded, I have kept mostly to the facts as to how Pittsburgh" Open Judging" functions. Finally here is my only opinion.."GSB" is nothing but an abbreviation for an award type, not a Judging Methodology ( but I get it) Best Regards Bill D
  12. Thanks Guys...Sorry for Delay in Response. Gil.. Stripes are painted and Black undercoating for Alclad was the Black section of the Stripes. Heres a Look at the Business end and the Karaya Gun Barrels that are really nice. Regards Bill
  13. Model built for a Local Boy Scout Troop to Honor a local pilots service. P-38J from 394th FS of the 367 FG. Pilot perished in the channel on July 20 1944. Pilot was 1st Lt William L Mushrush from Steubenville OH Minecraft 1/48th P-38J with True Details interior, Eduard tires and Karaya gun barrels.The Aftermarket stuff way surpassed the Minicraft kit. Uschi Lines for antenna into a filament spring( Which you really can't see🙃) Alclad Polished Aluminum over Gloss Black Thanks for Looking Regards Bill D.
  14. Gil Thank you for a quantitative answer and clear direction regarding this "Open Judging" system. IPMS E Board I look forward to the survey and the ability to voice my opinion regarding the two systems as put forth. Regards Bill
  15. Greetings The two replies offer more "definition " than anything in the original posting. Thank you Barry and Gil for clear and detailed information. Your replies shall be 100% more effective in informing members of some of the details regarding "Open Judging" and 1-2-3 Judging. As President of Three Rivers IPMS, I will do my best to ensure our club members are reading this forum and actively involved in this discussion. A. IPMS E-Board please try for an open mind regarding this subject.The survey looks to be a step. B. Thank you Gil and Barry for your time. Regards Bill Dedig
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