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  1. wdedig

    Final VMF-211 Aircraft..1/48 F4U-1D

    Thanks Sir appreciate the positive comments Regards Bill
  2. wdedig

    Final VMF-211 Aircraft..1/48 F4U-1D

    Thanks for the positive feedback All Bill
  3. wdedig

    The Duke's Latest Aircraft

    Very Nice Aircraft Cheers Bill
  4. wdedig

    Final VMF-211 Aircraft..1/48 F4U-1D

    Thanks Mark Very kind of You Cheers Bill
  5. wdedig

    Final VMF-211 Aircraft..1/48 F4U-1D

    Thanks Gil Amazing the difference in looks,folded VS straight. I believe weathering requires artistic talents I am challenged to obtain. I envy your skill in this area.Reason I tend to build clean. cheers Bill
  6. wdedig

    Final VMF-211 Aircraft..1/48 F4U-1D

    Thank You Randall I suggest taking one of those Corsair kits and spend a few days..This is a fall together kit and you will enjoy the build. Cheers Bill
  7. This aircraft was flown by Marines in Ground support for Army in 1945 in Philippines. This is the 1/48th Tamiya kit Gil mentions in his build below. Great Kit and a nice relief for some well engineered model. Some basic stuff, Testors Spray Gloss Blue(Decanted),Mr Hobby Semi-Gloss (Decanted), Eduard Seatbelts, filled step in starboard dropped Flap. Only color was Green in a couple of places. Uschi fine line used for Antennas Thanks for Looking Comments Welcome Cheers Bill
  8. wdedig

    1/48 "Ford Nose" B-24J Liberator

    Great Aircraft Gil...Love your efforts with Monogram kits Cheers Bill
  9. wdedig

    1/48 VMFA -211 F-35B "Wake Island Avengers"

    Thanks Guys Tamiya Corsair already started. Decals from F√ľndekal newest sheet with "F4U & FG Corsairs part 2 ""Whistling Death" VMF -211 Markings from 1945.Obtained at Phoenix Nationals Cheers Bill
  10. This is my next to last build for the VMF(A) -211. I had custom markings created for this aircraft as it belonged to the Commander. I loved the RAM Decals from WOLFPACK...These were absolutely perfect This was a very well engineered model and defects were self induced. I didn't have the heart to load up the wings with racks. So I left her stealthy. I have completed the Wildcat,Skyraider,Skyhawk,Harrier,and the F-35B. The CF markings are a Little large on the tail but not detracting. Last project for this group is the F4U-1D Corsair. Start Tonight Thanks for Looking Comments are always welcome Cheers Bill
  11. wdedig

    Luftwaffe1/48 F-4F Phantom

    SWEET Cheers Bill
  12. wdedig

    First BIG Thank You

    Thanks Dave
  13. Hello Dave Morrisette provided https://gallery.ipmsusa3.org/
  14. Main Page IPMSUSA Websites: Gallery Gallery Archive But They are not there today??????? Wednesday 8 August Bill
  15. Sorry..Found them.. Cheers Bill