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  1. Small Tiger

    Thanks for the Positive feedback Guys Cheers Bill
  2. Small Tiger

    This is the Trumpeter 1/144 Rafale Tiger kit. Mostly trouble free build with very nice responding decals. Gunze Paints and Uschi powders Space is becoming critical at Home. Thanks for looking Comments always welcome Cheers Bill
  3. F-16 Tiger

    Thanks Guys The Revell of Germany 1/144kits have been great and their decals really work well. Cheers Bill
  4. F-16 Tiger

    Great little Model and Markings Wine Seal for F.O.D. covers Revell of Germany Kit and decals except wing walk lines from spares. This is the 1/144th scale Belgian F-16. Painted with Gunze and Uschi Powders on Exhaust. Thanks for Looking Bill D
  5. This is part of my 8th Af Project . Trying to have a representation of the main players from 8th AF in WWII. Need to complete a P-38 and will be completed. Simple OD over Neutral Gray Basic Kit decals and some aftermarket decals Thanks for looking Comments always Welcome Bill
  6. 1/48 Martin B-10 DONE! (updated 11/22, pg.2)

    Gil That is friggin Beautiful. That is the coolest ugly aircraft designed and you really made it shine...Great work Cheers Bill
  7. 1/48 Martin B-10 DONE! (updated 11/22, pg.2)

    Amazing work. Good Luck.Looking good :smiley14: :smiley14: Bill
  8. 1/48 A4 Skyhawk VMA-211

    Thanks for all the Positive feedback Guys Bill
  9. 1/48 A4 Skyhawk VMA-211

    Greetings Completed Tonight, Hasagawa kit part of my "Wake Island Avengers" collection Red Light added after initial photos Cheers Comments are cool Bill
  10. IAF Mustang 172nd Tamiya

    Thanks Mark I will complete my collection with the 1/72nd Tamiya Mosquito MK VI. Looking for Stars of David with Blue Surrounds. Any ideas? Cheers Bill
  11. IAF Mustang 172nd Tamiya

    Thanks Gil
  12. IAF Mustang 172nd Tamiya

    Greetings First Photo is B&W to kind of set the tone. 1950's era Israeli Mustang between Independence War and Suez Crisis Super Kit, Markings are mostly from Spares Box except the 101 "Angel of Death" emblem that I got on a special sheet from Hannants. Tried to do the wings as oxidized,so just some Dull Aluminum from Alclad Rounded the kit prop tips for a more realistic version according to Photos This is a truly sweet kit to build. Working on a a Israeli Prop aircraft collection with the Mosquito up next. Thanks For Looking Bill
  13. Greetings Jim Crow is looking for anybody to share a ride from Chicago and some roommate stuff. Please call Jim at 630-834-7718. Cheers Bill
  14. Hotel reservation NOT available any longer as of 5 July Cheers Bill
  15. This room is still available and will be so until 10 July. I will cancel then. Plans change Bill