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  1. I will limit my model photos and try to go with the Social aspect Pittsburgh Guys "SMOKIN" Great little Italian Restaurant a couple of blocks form convention. Canadians, Pittsburghers, Michigan guys..Fantastic time. One of my Favorite Characters Even the Theme had you smiling Love the creative nature of the modeling mind And the display of unbielievable Talents A bit of work is required,(Not like working in a coal mine work) And Just keep Smiling Cheers Bill D. Pittsburgh,PA
  2. Hello Was this question ever answered by an IPMS USA management member, regarding IPMS Membership Numbers? I am also Interested in USA membership quantity. Regards Bill D
  3. Interested to see your Reply from the E Board. Regards Bill
  4. Thanks Bill a little more challenging for a Hasegawa kit. Well done on your Blacksheep aircraft Best Regards Bill
  5. Beautiful Harrier. Way to go on persevering through the challenge. Would be nice to see a better kit issued. 👍🏼 Regards Bill
  6. Thanks for your feedback Gil. Always good to see your feedback. Best Regards Bill
  7. I purchased a Japanese Base from him. It was "Bases By Bill" Super product Regards Bill
  8. Greetings All I did not want to highjack the Hasagawa Harrier Thread ,so here is my finished VMA 211 Wake Island Avenger. I had to install the gun pods as a Marine Aircraft without weapons seemed "Unnatural". This is probably my final aircraft for this collection. I have 7 Aircraft from the Wildcat thru the F-35 in collection. This is the Hasagawa kit with Super Scale decals,Resin Seat,Resin Exhaust vents, and Flying Leatherneck Det.- Cord. Two tone gray scheme with true Marine Tail.I used Gunze paints for colors and GX 100 clear for decal base and Mr Hobby Matt for final finish Last addition was the Resin FOD covers. The Hasegawa intake has too many issue to be left open and I like a little more colors these add to the aircraft. Thanks for Looking Comments Welcome Regards Bill
  9. Looking Great Also on that Aircraft only using the VMA 211 "Wake Island Avengers... Will post after completion...Complete Dullcoat ??? Cheers Bill
  10. "Best" is a Subjective term. I can only comment on what I can Recommend based on build. The new Airfix 1/48 Hurricane is an excellent kit. Great details,Good decals and trouble free to Build. Thats All I got to say about that. Bill
  11. Greetings All As these discussions go round and round ,information goes back and forth,I have a simple request. To All involved ...simply allow me to make my own decision. Go or stay at home , I simply request the ability to make my own decision and live with the consequences. Thank You Bill Dedig
  12. Greetings Rick Have volunteered for the last few years as Photographer . Offer is out there for this year also. Requested Catagorys are SCI-Fi and Juniors Cheers Bill D
  13. Registered, Flights Booked and ready Good Luck all...Look forward to Event Cheers Bill
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