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  1. wdedig

    First BIG Thank You

    Thanks Dave
  2. Hello Dave Morrisette provided https://gallery.ipmsusa3.org/
  3. Main Page IPMSUSA Websites: Gallery Gallery Archive But They are not there today??????? Wednesday 8 August Bill
  4. Sorry..Found them.. Cheers Bill
  5. Sorry for this ..Mark, Where are the Photos Posted?? Thanks Bill
  6. wdedig

    First BIG Thank You

    Mark..Great working with you and the least I can do to Support our IPMS. PS Keeps me out of Vendor temptation for a few minutes 🙄 Glad to Help Cheers Bill
  7. Hello please note I have Already Commited to SyFy and Juniors. Trying to avoid overlap. Bill
  8. One Sucker coming Up...I mean volunteering. SCI-Fi and Juniors Categories if that is OK ? Bill
  9. wdedig

    Classic airframes 1/48 P-12e

    Thank You Dick Cheers Bill
  10. wdedig

    Classic airframes 1/48 P-12e

    Thank You Guys for your Positive comments Bill
  11. wdedig

    Classic airframes 1/48 P-12e

    I wanted a little bit of a challenge after a Tamiya 1/72nd P-51 I got exactly what I asked for. Challenges Vallejo Olive Drab and Tamiya rattle-can Camel Yellow colors were the only simple items. The basic parts all had flash,All need some sort of work Struts needed trimming and pins inserted for support. Landing Gear parts were all needing trimmed and adjusted and I think I still missed the mark. Rigging was all steel wire to simulate the metal braces I will say the resin engine cylinders needed minimal cutting. I did add Albion tubing and copper plug wires Tons of stuff but just posted Final results Cheers Bill
  12. wdedig

    Vindicator by Accu Mini

    Nice Work Dick...
  13. wdedig

    1/48 F-15D Eagle

    Nice F-15 Gil
  14. wdedig

    1/72nd F-5 Lightening August 1944

    Thanks Mark
  15. wdedig

    1/72nd F-5 Lightening August 1944

    Thanks Gil That is Xtracrylic PRU Blue. Just a change from OD/Neutral gray. Upcoming P-47 will be OD/NG Cheers