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  1. Loved Visiting Telford This Year. SIGs, Clubs and phenomenal interactions with modelers. One thing that did strike me though, although IPMS branch's as far away as Israel were represented, No IPMS USA display. Although it was good to see more than 1/2 dozen Americans in attendance. This was at least my 5th visit as a group from Pittsburgh tries to visit every other year. "DAM YOU COVID". Special thanks to USAF SIG who host us from Pittsburgh and treat us much better than we deserve.
  2. Short discussion.. https://www.suisoft.co.uk
  3. I painted aircraft light grey(front section)Anthracite grey (mid section,and wings,and tail) bronzish Revell color (rear fuselage) gloss black (underside). All shapes are decals. Thank You
  4. Completed with Basic Kit build rules of IPMS,however I could not leave the seat without any strapping. So wine bottle seal straps it was. This is a great little kit and the decals were absolutely fantastic. I used the Revel Acrylic paints and they worked great. I did Gloss Coat with GX-100 for the decal base. The anti-static wicks are a bit oversized but don't really detract from the appearance. Uschi Powders were used for the exhaust metal finishes. Final finish was GX-100 . This is a Thanks for taking a look Comments always welcome Bill
  5. Thanks John Just keeping my finger on the pulse. PS send me your Telford details.Heading over on the 9th and Returning on 15th. Cheers Bill
  6. To all there was a survey sent to the attendees of the 2022 IPMS Nationals held in Omaha. I read in the minutes of the leadership Nats meeting that ~300 returns were received. I believe there was mention of publishing these results. Regards Bill D
  7. Greetings IPMS Leadership. Are the results of the 2022 Nats Survey to be released to the membership? Thank You Bill Dedig 36229
  8. Here is my version of the Valom B-45 in 1/72. Out of box and a great set of canopy masks from Hannants. "North-American B-45A/B-45C Tornado kabuki masks all windows and clear parts, wheels, antiglare shields (designed to be used with Valom VAL72120 and VAL72121 kits) Manufacturer:..New Ware" Unbelievable time saver ....PS Dust is photography, not model. Caracal decal and they were fantastic. Alclad over Tamiya Gloss Black. Natural metal over-coated with Alclad Aqua Gloss. This gloss is not happy with Solvaset residue. All decals must be wiped down before final coat of Aqua Gloss. This kit is a bit of a modeling challenge for seams and fit in many places. O well as our friends in Britain say "Couple swipes with a sanding stick ". Forgot to mention I did add bit of riveting to enhance overall surface panels. Happy Birthday USAF and Thanks for Looking Comments always welcome Regards Bill D.
  9. Greetings Anybody have a method for contacting Chris Bucholtz regarding a product delivery from 2022 IPMS Nationals? Appreciate any help Sincerely Bill Dedig IPMS #36229
  10. Excellent show..professionalism abounded and created a smooth operation.sounds cold hearted , but a well run Nationals is based on SMOOTH.(MY OPINION) Cheers Omaha
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