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  1. Story here: https://finescale.com/online-extras/2024/05/finescale-modeler-magazine-sold-to-firecrown-media
  2. I’m told that some years ago, Sky and Telescope magazine published plans of the Palomar Observatory’s 200-inch Hale telescope for model makers. Does anyone have a copy to share?
  3. The bottom WAS gray. I have the FAA file on the airplane, which includes a maintenance report form that mentions it. It is also clearly visible in the TV show episodes. I assisted Squadron with the proper colors and markings of the airplane after they posted a preliminary box art showing incorrect colors. There is an acknowledgment to that effect in the instructions. Gil’s model is well done, but the N-numbers on the wings and tail should be black, in accordance with the CAA regulations of the day.
  4. This always going to be a contentious issue, just as it has been long before the most recent judging controversy. I see no reason why a combination of G-S-B and 1-2-3 cannot be implemented, if the G-S-B system is as easy and fast to apply as some claim. After all entries have been assessed for their G-S-B classification, then judges can pick a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner in each category from the top-ranked G-S-B entries, using the same criteria as in the past. So it would be entirely possible for a category with a large number of entrie to have some Gold entries not receive even a 3rd place, or a 3rd place go to a Silver entry or even a Bronze in a category with few entries. If this combined judging system doesn’t please a majority of contestants, nothing will.
  5. Jmarc, your models are simply superb! I hope to see them in person at a future U.S. National Convention/Contest! Come on down!
  6. Part of the problem with the kit’s nose gear is that some of the design is fictional. I’m working on a detailed explanation and correction; stay tuned!
  7. Front landing gear is too short. The airplane had a definite nose-high attitude when on the ground. Other than that, which is probably the fault of the kit, excellent model!
  8. This discussion begs the question “Why is there no Vignettes category for Automotive entries?”
  9. To a certain extent, yes. Would those non-members have a local show to attend, where they can buy those raffle tickets and shop for bargains and potentially win an award to take home and put on their mantel, without IPMS? Probably not!
  10. The Executive Board must have seen a different President’s Message from the one that was in my copy of the Journal, for I don’t find anything offensive about it at all. I’ve been a member since 1967, and I’ve seen too many of the “trophy hounds” of which David speaks, as well as too many critics of IPMS on various on-line forums who do nothing but complain and obviously don’t know what they are talking about. I have personally responded to many such critics to address their misconceptions, but usually to no avail; it seems in most cases their minds are made up and there is no point confusing them with facts. So I completely understand David’s point. Further, I certainly didn’t see anything in David’s message remotely hostile toward or denigrating modelers who favor “newer, non-traditional modeling genres such as Gundam/Gunpla, Mecha, MaK, Anime and other Science Fiction subjects” as the Board’s report implies. I think the Board owes David an apology.
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