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  1. I play 6-string and 12-string guitars (acoustic) and 5-string banjo, and am trying to get my 76-year-old fingers to learn mandolin. My repertoire is folk, country-folk, and folk-rock. I can also sing lead vocals and harmony. Having said that, I don’t know if I’ll be attending Madison in 2024. At my age, that’s too far ahead. But I’ll be at San Marcos next year.
  2. Some incredible work!
  3. While I sympathize with those who were not able to book a room, I also have to agree that the system worked as advertised. I was able to book a room for the August 2-5 block shortly after midnight on the 2nd. It took me less than a minute, and most of that time was taken by my fumbling for my credit card! I did not try to add additional rooms, however. Now, the question I have is: Does the hotel have a shuttle to/from the Amtrak station in San Marcos? I’m not fighting the traffic on I-35!
  4. You can bet that many will show up not having read the rules and complain vociferously about the change when they find out their contest entry must now compete in a category other than the old “out of the box.”
  5. Star Trek Modelmaker Greg Jein Dead at 76: https://heavy.com/entertainment/star-trek/greg-jein-dead-at-76/ Also, it has been reported on Hyperscale that “AJ Aviation, formerly known as The Aviation Hobby Shop, is closing down due to the death of the proprietor Tony Eastwood. Tony was also the author and publisher of several books annualy on civil aviation through the AJ Aviation Publications business, which …will also most likely discontinue. We send our condolences to family, friends and regular customers.”
  6. “Context”?? Most modelers I know (and you are one of the few exceptions) don’t particularly care about “context” but are quick to complain if their favorite [insert any model building hobby-related item here] goes away. My post was intended for users of Colourcoats who might not follow Britmodeller and were unaware of the discontinuance of these colors and might want to stock up on them before they are completely gone. I have to confess that I myself was not even aware that Colourcoats made most of them.
  7. As posted on Britmodeller:  “We are discontinuing the entire range of French Air Force, WWI Allied Naval Camouflage, Italian Navy, Modern Navy, Imperial Japanese Army, Australian Army, Israeli Self-Defence Force, Italian Army, Russian Army and United States Army and Marine Corps, alongside individual colours as named below.” C07 – Buff C08 – Bright Blued Gunmetal C10 – Parkerised Gunmetal C11 – Blued Gunmetal ACGW05 – Beige ACGW06 – Chestnut Brown ACGW07 – Dark Green ACGW08 – Light Green ACGW09 – Light Yellow ACLW07 – Hellgrau (L40/52) ACS05 – WUP Grey Interior Primer ACS06 – IMUP Blue-Grey Metal Primer ACS07 – ALG-5 Metal Primer ACS14 – AE9 Grey ACS22 – A.II Red ACUS10 – WWII USN Non-Specular White ACUS31 – Yellow Sand (FS20400) ACUS32 – Brown Special (FS30140) KM07 – Blaugrau Dunkel KM08 – Norwegian Blaugrau Mittel KM09 – Blaugrau Hell US37 – Slate As of this writing, some of these are already sold out at H & B Hobbies, but White Ensign Models has stock of the most common colors except French Air Force.
  8. On a recent modeling podcast, a modeler heard that S. C. Johnson is no longer producing Futre/Klear/Pledge Floor Care. Ge wrote to them to ask, and here is the reply he received: "Hi (name withheld), Thank you for reaching out. I’m sorry to share Pledge® Floor Care is no longer being made. That said, your continued interest has been shared with the Pledge® team." It is the end of modeling as we have known it. 😢 You may send your unbuilt kits to me for disposal.
  9. I never claimed they are “benign,” no paint is. But the chemistry does sound more like the old Floquil lacquers than anything else. What I found most interesting is (1) they are available to match all FS 595 colors, and (2) they are available in many quantities and a variety of application methods.
  10. SkyKing


    Easy???!? If you armor model builders make a mistake, all YOU have to do is cover it with a jerrycan! 🤣
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