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  1. Holy smokes brother. From the finish on the disco ball, to the optics on top of the rotorhead, and your weathering. Awesome! I built this model about three years ago. It turned out pretty good, but not as fantastic as yours. By the way, your glass is the best i’ve ever seen on this model. Christopher
  2. Absolutely stunning! Fantastic weathering effects.
  3. Awesome work as always. That is a tremendous amount of scratch building and modifications. True craftsmanship. Keep it coming. Christopher
  4. All the parts have come in. The engine covers are what I'm working on now. After they were cut apart, I thinned all the panels with my Dremel tool. Just like the Mustang I built, I'm going to pose this one in a state of maintenance as well. I've purchased mechanics from Black Dog Models, and a B-25 Mitchell crew from ICM models. The engines, and all the framing will take the most time to construct. Christopher
  5. Holy smokes! For as fast as you built it, it turned out great. As slow as I am, there’s no way I could have done it. Congratulations Mark.
  6. “You sir, are a steely eyed missile man”. Fantastic work as always David. Can’t wait to see the finished model. Christopher
  7. Great build, and a very impressive display. Congrats!
  8. Always wanted to build this kit. Love the decals. Great job and Congrats Ed. Christopher
  9. Thanks Dave for the review link. Christopher
  10. Richard, Thanks for the reply. I’ve purchased everything you’ve mentioned above. I’m going to buy the propeller correction set as well. I’ve decided to really take my time on this one. I’ve opened up the engine panels on both nacelles already. I’lI thin the panels out with my Dremel tool. I plan on super detailing the engines, and gun bays. I’ll have to scratch build the framing around each panel attachment point, as well as a few other things. As far as being tail heavy, I glue all my models to their bases. Have you built this kit? Christopher
  11. Does anyone know of an aftermarket detail set for the engines? Thanks Christopher
  12. My first Nationals. Had a great time. Made some new friends, and got a lot of good advice from some fantastic modelers. In reference to judging, is it common place for judges to pick up models off their bases to look at them? Just curious. Christopher
  13. Well, I don’t know where to start. From the cockpit to the engine. The landing gear, and the landing gear bays. Absolutely Phenomenal work. She turned out great. Congrats. Christopher
  14. Really awesome job James. Can’t wait to see more of your work. Keep the builds coming.
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