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  1. Thanks Gil for the very detailed reply.
  2. Thank you Nicholas, and Michael.
  3. Gentlemen, I rarely build anything that is shiny. I’m starting a Boeing 747–8F. Can anyone recommend a good white paint that I can use. I’ll be shooting it through my airbrush. Any replies are much appreciated . Christopher
  4. Gentlemen, (Ladies) I just wanted to pass this along to anyone interested in building this kit. I still use enamels when painting my builds. Testor Model Master, to be exact. After referring to the paint chart recommended by Academy, I went to my local hobby store to pick up the colors. The paints went on great, as always. The problem was that the kit supplied decals were almost invisible when I applied them. After a shot of Dull Coat, they faded even more. Practically nonexistent. I want to say that Academy provides really good decals in their kits. I've never had any issues before with them. (And I've built A LOT of them).I just think that they missed the mark on this ONE kit. I purchased the below decal sheet yesterday. They are made by Flying Leathernecks Decals. These are the best decals I've used in a very long time. They even include a very realistic vinyl sticker for the front sensor ball above the gun. I've always had a hard time replicating the color. This company has nailed it. I hope this helps someone incase they are still using Testor Model Master Paints Regards Christopher
  5. As always, your attention to detail, makes your builds above all others in my book.
  6. Thanks Bill. I lightly hand traced the pattern with a pencil, then used poster putty as a mask. Thanks again Mark. The decals were a combination of kit, and aftermarket. Took some time to apply them. Completed the base this morning. I made taxi light from my scrap box. The static grass is from a company in Germany. I used masking tape and pastel chalks to simulate tire marks on the taxi way. She's a big one. The base measures 22 3/4 by 26 3/4. Good times indeed. Regards Christopher
  7. Decals on and have started the weathering.
  8. Well, I'm finally in the homestretch. Everything is ready for decals, then a pin wash of artist oils thinned with mineral spirits. I was not happy with the exhaust nozzles. Again, I got in a rush, and did not look at any photos before I started. I stripped them down to bare plastic and started over. I used Testor's metalizer lacquer on the nozzles, and engine panels on the rear of the fuselage. Buffing, and non-buffing. 5 different colors. These are for airbrushing only. No need to thin them. Easy to work with. The heat marks are Tamiya clear blue thinned down. No fit issues at all on the rudders. After a little sanding, they fit perfect. No need for putty either. I should be able to start on the base this weekend. Regards Christopher
  9. Another great start for a true masterpiece. Regards Christopher
  10. Holy smokes Batman! That is one gorgeous model Bill. The finish is flawless. Regards Christopher
  11. Fantastic looking model as always Gil. Love the paint scheme.
  12. Thanks Bill. All the sub assemblies have been completed. The missiles took quite a long time to paint and apply decals. I got this kit at a swap meet from a vendor. After a closer inspection of the kit, I noticed that it had been subjected to a lot of moisture. There was actually a light film of mold on top of the decal sheet. With a damp rag, it wiped right off. The staples were rusted on the instructions. The decals were a challenge. I experimented with pre-shading on the rudders, and elevators. I did something pretty stupid. I assembled the wings with the leading edge slates installed , WITHOUT looking at the instructions first. When it came time to attach the wings to the fuselage, they would not fit. After using a few #11 blades to carefully remove the slates and some sandpaper, the problem was fixed. I'll never do that again. Regards Christopher
  13. Looks great to me Ed. A very interesting subject, I might add. Your photography is top notch. Keep em coming.
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