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  1. With the help of two members of our local model club (one, a UPS pilot, the other, a recently retired manager for UPS aircraft maintenance), I was able to donate the 747-8F that I had built. The photos below are of the actual aircraft (N608UP). Chris
  2. Beautiful work on this one Gil👍👍. Got my copy of the journal last week in the mail. Great article of yours. Chris
  3. Great work Rick. That was a very ambitious project. It definitely paid off in the end. Can’t wait to see more of your work Chris.
  4. Wow! Really love the last three figures. Chris
  5. Thanks so much for the feedback Kevin. Chris.
  6. All, After taking the figure painting class here in Louisville, I wanted to strip, and repaint the bust. I was never really happy with the first attempt. After trying to fix areas on his face, with no improvement, I decided it was finished. After some careful disassembly, I began the stripping process. His hat was the only thing that was not stripped. In a small metal cup, filled with Lacquer Thinner, I used an old brush to start removing the paint. With my first attempt, I used a combination of acrylics, enamels, and oils. The thinner did not attack the resin. After the paint was stripped off, I let the pieces sit for about 15 minutes. During our class, we were given a very detailed "Step by step" process on painting our figure. The first time I painted it, I used a combination of Vallejo, Model Master Enamels, and AK Products. (All, very good paint products) For the second attempt, I used the paints that we were provided in class (Formula P3). The one thing that stands out with these paints, is their pigment saturation. Even after being thinned with water( and I mean, thinned) they still retained their pigment. Brett Avants quote for the day, "Thin is in". Because of the pigment, the thinned paints, allow you to, gradually build up the layers as you go. Granted, I've got a ways to go, but these paints have made things easier for me. Happy Painting! Chris P.S. In my second attempt, he seems to have contracted "Lazy eye, in his left eye.", which I'm eventually going to fix.
  7. Rick, The helicopter turned out great. The interior is what I’m most impressed with. Your attention to detail is top notch. Congrats Chris
  8. Dave, A great job, on a very rough kit. You hit this one out of the park. I built this one a few years ago. Very disappointed with the quality of the kit. I’ll probably never build another Roden again. Congrats Chris
  9. Wow! Amazing work Gil. She looks beautiful. Chris
  10. I'm giving Aircraft a break for a while, so that I can work on improving my figure painting. In July, I had the opportunity, with 8 other modelers, to attend the Sabot Miniatures Painting Academy here in Louisville Ky. Our instructor for the day, was Brett Avants. Our day started at 7:30AM, and ended around 5:00PM. If your serious about improving your figure painting, or just want to hone the skills you currently have, this class is a MUST attend. Our project for the day was Young Miniatures Siege of Bastogne bust. We learned everything from advanced flesh painting techniques, to simulating woodgrain with different ink colors. A lot of things I had never done before. By the time the class had ended, we all had a mostly completed figure. It was an intense class, but well worth it! Chris
  11. Well, the last time that I built a F-105G, I was in the 6th grade. Man, she’s a BIG one. A good friend of mine in our club gave this to me to build. It came in a box the size of a small suitcase. The assembly on this one is relatively straightforward. I’ve purchased an Aires cockpit, with all the Fixin’s. Chris
  12. Bradley25mm

    Tamiya P-51D WIP

    That is a sharp looking Mustang Paul. Congrats on a great build. Looking forward to more of your work. Chris
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