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  1. But the next question would be what is the world wide IPMS membership total for all countries? 75,000? 100,000? Less? More?
  2. Hello Gordy and welcome! Look forward to hearing more from you. And don't forget to post photos of your models.
  3. Update: Found a couple of kits from the Ukraine that I think I can combine to create the cop that I need. Ordered from a U.S. company that is supposed to have'em in stock. But the operative word is 'supposed'. Now we'll see if I get'em in the next week or so or if they don't show up til September!
  4. Working on commissioned article that is a vignette incorporating a motorcycle cop making a traffic stop on a 24th scale farm tractor and its driver. Problem is that somehow I ended up with a 35th scale standing motorcycle cop instead of the required 24th scale. I know. Stupid, stupid. Worse, I didn't realize it was 35th until I started to position everything on a base. Yeah, REALLY stupid! So far I have been unable to find a standing motorcycle cop in 24th scale. Since figures aren't my strong suit, meaning I'm not familiar with the various figure manufacturers, here I am needing your help. If anyone can help me solve this problem, I would be more than grateful, because without the cop the vignette can't be completed or the article finished. HELP!
  5. Dave, I know what you're saying about no longer being able to attend certain meetings. I haven't been to IPMS/North Central Texas for decades due to their meeting on Sunday, as well as the time of their meeting. IPMS/Fort Worth? 45 minutes one way on Monday nights. Richard
  6. Gil, Your latest comments are most welcome. At least some of them...as well as Robins'...will become a part of the history I'm trying to develop at some point. While there has been 'drama' at the local level and problems even on the national level, they pale to insignificance when you look at the positives. IPMS/USA is a truly unique organization that has survived, evolved and grown in ways that I think few of us ever expected or hoped. Hopefully the end result of this history I'm working on will be as fair and balanced as it deserves. Negatives? Sure, every organization has them or experiences them, but they need to be placed in perspective. Positives usually overcome the negatives and the longer an organization exists, the truer that becomes. Richard
  7. Same here. You can always weaken it with a little water if necessary.
  8. Bob, You'll do. I was getting review samples from Squadron about that time and earlier. '73 is still the early days, especially since those who joined in the 90s look on anything in the 80s as the early days. Believe me, they don't know what they missed. Richard
  9. David, DWaples, Ed, et al have all posted valid comments and concerns. It can be argued that we shouldn't have opened the state as early as we did, that we shouldn't have done this, shouldn't have done that, etc. All we're doing right now due to insufficient and/or inaccurate information is playing the would've, should've, could've game, which is a game where no one wins. Currently the only one who has the most accurate information is the virus itself and its not telling us what its plans are. Bottom line is that we need to have a little patience.
  10. The first thing that's coming from Abbott's office is a statewide mandate to wear masks outside of your home. That's already mandatory in Harris and Dallas Counties. It's a virtual guarantee that it will be statewide before too much longer. Richard
  11. David, I'm with you, unfortunately. I'm also disappointed in the weak response from Texas leaders...and this includes most local as well as State. Worse is the lack of common sense on the part of ordinary Texans. If the great majority had managed to rub two brain cells together, not only would this State be open and functioning, we wouldn't be having this discussion about the Nats. We'd be looking forward to a great time in San Marcos. Instead, a high percentage of Texans have demonstrated that they're at least one brain cell short of the number needed to rub together. And before anyone says anything, you have no idea how much it pains me to make these comments about Texas. I was born in Tennessee and got to Texas as soon as I could. I'm a Southerner thru and thru and I expect better of Texans.
  12. Nick and David, I agree with both of you completely, so I suppose it's about time i threw in my reasoning. I am definitely in the high risk category for multiple reasons, starting with asthma combined with elements of COPD...no I've never smoked, the asthma was never properly treated for most of my life...combined with a respiratory collapse a couple or three years ago that also discovered I have severe sleep apnea and exacerbated with a cardiological birth defect known as AV Node Re-Entry Tachycardia. I make every effort to avoid contracting Covid-19 since doing so stands a high probability of killing me. Does that mean I won't be attending the Nats in San Marcos? Absolutely and you have no idea how badly I wanted to be there. My wife is also high risk, though not to the degree I am. That said, if I was hell bent on attending the Nats regardless of my medical problems, I would have absolutely no problems wearing a mask in order to protect not only myself but those around me. It is simply nothing more than pure old common sense. Given the evident resurgence of Covid-19, anyone who refuses to wear a mask at a crowded venue...except for the specific and rare situations where wearing a mask would be contradictory...needs to rethink their priorities. Finally, at the rate things are changing re: the virus, this entire thread may be moot. From where I sit, the odds are that the 2020 Nats will end up being cancelled is at least 50/50...and that's as I write this. What they will be tomorrow, never mind next week, is literally anyone's guess. If we really want to know the most accurate information, we probably need to get it straight from the horse's mouth. Ask the virus. Richard Marmo
  13. Tony, You can spray the entire sheet with Testors Glosscote or Dullcote from a rattlecan. Either will work, though you will probably be better off using Glosscote since you will be applying the decal over a gloss surface. When the decal dries, you can flat coat as needed. Be aware that by coating the sheet you are essentially creating a new carrier film, so you will have to trim each design closely. For more information on this and other methods...including making your own from scratch...you might find my ebook called How To Make Your Own Decals to be of interest. You can find it here. Hope this helps. Richard
  14. Hey Ralph, good to hear from you. Watch it with the "old guys" crack. We're not old and never will be as long as there's a new aircraft kit coming out! Send me your email address to [email protected] and I'll keep you updated on some of stuff I have and ideas about where this is gonna go.
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