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  1. Ralph, I am well aware that Testors is extinct, eliminated, done, fried, hanged, shot, strangled, drowned, suffocated, executed, done for, bought the farm, vanished, gone away, been permanently reduced, listened while the fat lady sang and involuntarily welcomed the grim reaper. The entire point of my post was that RPM et al should have had the decency to kill the testors.com website so that inexperienced and/or beginning modelers won't stumble over the testors website and waste time trying to find some shop such as Hobby Lobby (Don't say it. I know they're not a hobby shop.) that carries Model Master or Testors paints. All that remains is for me to post a photo of Testors' current employer with whom they have permanently merged:
  2. Out of simple...or maybe morbid...curiosity, I checked the old Testors website and found a full list of testors and model master colors. Huh? So I checked the Rustoleum site. They have...or had...a link at the bottom of their home page that goes to their testors website with all the changes. Today that link is gone. BUT the original old testors.com website still exists. Stranger, when you put testors into the Rustoleum search box, you get a page of listings for testor with the top one being a link to the testors.com website. Yes, that's right...the old testors website that is no longer valid. Given the size of the companies involved...from RPM on down...you'd think they'd be able to keep the various company websites up to date...including killing the testors.com site. Or maybe they just don't care enough to bother. Incidentally, for those who might be interested, Stevens International and Megahobby both list 99% to 99 1/2% of all testors products as out of stock. And adding insult to injury for car modelers, there's an online article in the new FineScale Newsletter that recommends the high gloss lacquer and wet look gloss lacquer spray cans from testors as the preferred clear coats for a high gloss car model finish. Now all you have to do is find the stuff.
  3. Appreciate that! Hey...finally someone who found it funny!!
  4. Yes and no. Wound up cobbling up a figure from two different police figure kits. Turned out all right. At least the magazine was satisfied. Here's a couple or three shots of the end result.
  5. Hey Carlos, Yep, that's the one. Here's the story that Lloyd told. When Revell decided to produce a kit of the F-104, it was still a more or less classified aircraft and the landing gear design was definitely classified. Ergo, the USAF provided Revell with the necessary drawings to produce a model of the aircraft...EXCEPT for the landing gear. Initially, Revell intended to produce a kit that could be mounted on a swivel ball in flight configuration, much as many of their earlier kits had been. For whatever reason that Lloyd didn't describe, Revell decided that they would really like to include landing gear in the kit. Since the USAF didn't provide any info, Revell's kit designers sat around a table and started brainstorming landing gear designs, the approach being "If I was an F-104, what would my landing gear look like?". Remember, the F-104 was...or would be...known as the missile with a man in it, due to its being the smallest design possible wrapped around its engine. This meant that the landing gear had to be unique at that time. Anyway, Revell's designers came out with a configuration they thought looked good, incorporated it in the final kit design and put the model out on the market. Note that since the design was fictitious, no one bothered to check with the USAF. After the kit hit the market, things got more than a little interesting. All of the alphabet security agencies of the time...think DIA, CIA, etc...as well as the USAF landed at Revell's front door. Reason? They wanted to know where they stole the drawings for the F-104 landing gear. Turned out that the fictitious landing gear that Revell brainstormed was a dead match for the Lockheed drawings! It took a while for everyone to understand that given a known amount of space and dimensions, certain things such as articulation can only occur in a certain way and that you don't have to be an engineer to figure it out.
  6. Hello Carlos, There's a very interesting story involving the original Revell F-104 kit...not the one you have but the original F-104 Revell produced when the 104's landing gear design was still classified. Lloyd Jones was directly involved in it and I got the story direct from Lloyd during a telcon some years after the smoke had settled. I'm talking the original 1958 vintage kit with a Revell Authentic Kit logo in the lower right hand corner. The aircraft was identified on the boxtop as a Starfighter with Sidewinder Missiles but F-104 was nowhere to be seen.
  7. I know. Seems like that's one of my favorite errors! Thanks for the catch.
  8. O.K., what color would you suggest other than white? Also, rather than Times New Roman, which is a newspaper default font, what font would you suggest?
  9. Hi all, At the risk of wearing everyone out asking for opinions, I have finished revising my Scaleworld website...at least until your opinions show up. I'd appreciate it if y'all would check out the site...you can find it HERE...and need your opinions/critiques on it's overall appearance, how it works and more. Please be as specific as possible. Thanks in advance.
  10. Check out an architectural supply. What you're looking for is something on the order of Chart-Pak or similar graphic arts tape. Graphic arts tape in varying widths is designed to follow curves, some of them fairly tight. Staples carries black Chart Pak as narrow as 1/16", but I used to see it in artist's supply shops as narrow as 1/64" which is almost too narrow to see. Hope this helps.
  11. Bottom line is that the last few years....especially the last couple or three years....allows Squadron to be used as a classic example of "How to destroy a business in insert number here easy steps."
  12. Another indication of where they were going was when they 'reformuated' Squadron White Stuff to the point that it became useless. Allegedly it was the manufacturer's fault, but.....
  13. And what most people don't realize is that the pandemic will continue to cause changes...and many of those changes we won't like one bit...even after vaccines become widely available.
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