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  1. Michael, I converted your list to a Word doc and attached it here. I'll send a copy to your email so you can make changes. If you like, you can let me know what changes need to be made and I'll update the list and repost for you. Hope this helps. Richard MODEL INDEX.doc
  2. Michael, What you're attaching is a text file that opens in Notepad. Try saving it as a PDF and then attaching it to a post in this forum.
  3. Michael, First, my condolences for your loss. Having to dispose of things that he loved has to be especially difficult. As to the models, I would be interested in at least a few of the aircraft, depending on subject, scale and price. Do you have or will you be developing a list? I agree that the kits need to go to a good home instead of the nearest dumpster. Richard Marmo IPMS/USA #2
  4. I remember it well. Also built one when it first came out, as well as most of their box scale multi-engine aircraft with a swivel ball mount and clear plastic stand. BTW, as I recall, the original Revell kit came with an intake splitter plate and an attached nose spear.
  5. Gator's Grip. This stuff is an acrylic glue that will hold the part but is not that difficult to remove and dries dead clear. Similar to Elmer's but way superior.
  6. Biggs AFB in El Paso during the 1950s also had KC-97s based there. And let's not forget the B-36 that crashed on Franklin Mountain in the late 50s.
  7. Can the replicator of Star Trek: The Next Generation be far behind? You know , where you simply speak what you want and the replicator creates it from basic atoms. Doesn't matter whether it's a steaming hot steak dinner or a Stradivarius violin.
  8. Brian Latour, There's a lot to be said for your comments. My passion is WW-II aircraft and I don't care that much for the Gundum/Transformers models, but I also have a deep interest in science fiction and am a fan of Star Wars, along with some of the comic book heros and I'll guarantee you that I'm well over 30. Your last paragraph brings up an important point. Just because someone's interest doesn't match yours, it does the hobby no good to stereotype or complain about a particular generation. What is it they say? Variety is the spice of life.
  9. Brian, I don't necessarily disagree with you in a lot of respects. I, too, am a lifelong modeler...started when I was seven...and it is also my business. But it is not 100% that no kids will take up the hobby. If that were true, there wouldn't be a junior section at the IPMS/USA Nationals. That doesn't mean it's not a hard row to hoe. Also, some of us got into the hobby as a result of bad health. That's how I got started. But once into it, combined with my love of reading which led to an interest in history, one thing led to another. A couple of people wanted me to build models for them, from there I obtained a kit review column in a magazine and so on. A kit review column in Flying Review International is what sparked my interest in having my own kit review column. Once that was up and running, I reviewed the original Revell 32nd scale Cobra and Huey kits and called Bell for reference material. They asked to see the models when they were built. Took the finished models to Bell, just to show them off, and walked out of the building with an order for 600 builtup models and a career as a freelance writer and professional modelbuilder. You never know where life will take you. Sometime you make your plans and it works out exactly the way you plan it. Other times it's pure serendipity. And sometime it's simply meant to be.
  10. Eric, The link you provided simply fits with all the others I've seen. There's a nasty little phrase in the middle of all this that "anything that appeals to kids" must be marked 'made for kids'. Considering the wide range of interest that most...or at least a substantial number of...kids have, almost anything could be construed as appealing to kids. That is especially likely when it comes to modelbuilding videos and aviation history...in fact, any history videos. I have three videos that are designed to encourage purchase of my CD-ROMs. Also one on the Williams Bros C-46 that promotes my E-book on the build. According to YouTube's analytics, no one under 13 has viewed any of them, but you never know when that might change. I was also planning on developing a series of kit buildup videos, but.... As things now stand, unless the FTC makes some significant changes in their COPPA rules, I will end up pulling all of my videos, closing the channel and not producing anything for upload to YouTube from this point forward. Will it hurt me? Yes. But the potential of a $42,000 fine as the result of an opinion from some government official who does not understand the modelbuilding industry will hurt a lot more.
  11. If anyone reading this enjoys watching kit buildups or kit reviews on YouTube, you need to watch a video that can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXHYVWyAGcE&t=11s Why? Because the Federal Trade Commission has just announced that starting January 1, 2020 any video that is identified as made for kids but that they believe is not made for kids, the creator of that video will be fined $42,530 PER VIDEO. Incidentally, a kid is defined as anyone under the age of 13. So why should that matter to us? Because two of the categories that they will be especially focusing on will be arts & crafts and toys. Modelbuilding, scale models and model kits are all too often classified by those who do not know what they're talking about as arts & crafts or toys. Rather than spend a lot of time and space recapping information that is already on YouTube, I'd suggest you watch the video...and others...then reply to this post. By the way, if you think this doesn't affect us, it does. We're a family friendly organization, we want to attract kids so they become modelbuilders and kids watch YouTube in droves. If they can't find videos about modelbuilding, we lose a very valuable source that may expose them to scale models for the very first time. Anyway, watch the video and let me know what you think.
  12. It is now 10:41 a.m., October 28, 2019. I just got off the phone with Rustoleum and here is what I learned: 1. The Bulletin about Testors going away is fake and they are still trying to track down who posted it. Rustoleum didn't say so, but I would suggest the idiot is in a world of hurt whenever he or they are caught. 2. It is TRUE that international distribution will end EXCEPT for Canada. Again, Testors products will continue to be distributed in the U.S. AND CANADA. 3. It is TRUE that Aztek Airbrushes are gone. 4. It is TRUE that Metalizer products are gone. 5. The ONLY link for current Testors products is https://www.rustoleum.ca/product-catalog/consumer-brands/testors/ 6. The familiar testors.com websie does NOT show the correct current product line. 7. The Testors link at the bottom of the Rustoleum home page is NOT currently correct. At this time, it takes you to the old testors.com home page. 8. Having been made aware of the link/website problems, Rustoleum will be working to correct them. 9, Rustoleum stated during our telcon that Model Master is not going away any time soon, but colors that do not sell will not be continued. What that means for anyone's favorite color I can't say since I have no idea what their criteria for sales volume is.
  13. Dave, as my last post in this thread indicated, the Testors letter that was posted is fake. At the same time, it was reported that Aaron Skinner had been in contact with Rustoleum and stated that Rustoleum was dropping Aztek Airbrushes as well as the International and Military lines. Adding to the confusion, the following link https://www.rustoleum.ca/product-catalog/consumer-brands/testors/ takes you to an updated Testors website that matches the products in my latest post...including Aztek and Metalizers no longer existing. BUT the https://www.testors.com/ website lists a wider range of products...including MM colors that are known to have been discontinued. Adding insult and confusion to injury, if you go to the Rustoleum site...http://rustoleum...scroll down to the bottom and click on the Testors link, it takes you directly to the https://www.testors.com website instead of the revised website that I listed in the beginning of this paragraph. I will be calling Rustoleum shortly to see if I can get some accurate information directly from Rustoleum. Maybe then we'll know what's really going on and what to believe.
  14. If I remember correctly, some manufacturers did offer scale effect colors. At least a few shades such as variations of black. But to do this across the board doesn't approach being feasible, particularly when whether or not any given shade is 'right' is determined entirely by the eye of the beholder.
  15. Today I stumbled across a post on the Oldie & Goldie Scale Models Facebook Group. Someone had posted an alleged Product Bulletin that was addressed to all Testors Distributors. Subject was the end of an era. If you want to look at the Bulletin yourself, go to Facebook and search for Oldie And Goldie Scale Models. Some are claiming that it is fake news and others don't know. BUT at least one person stated that what they did know...from a separate source...was that Rustoleum was definitely dropping Aztek Airbrushes along with the International and Military colors. Since the above info was impossible to verify, I went to Rustoleum's Testors website to see what, if anything, had changed. Here's what I've discovered: 1. Aztek Airbrushes are no longer listed. 2. There are 20 One Coat Lacquer Spray colors (19 colors and Spray Wet Look Clear 3. Dullcote & Glosscote are still available in both spray and bottle. 4. The entire Metalizer line is gone, including Metalizer Sealer and Thinner. 5. Acryl acrylic is still available as follows....but the number of colors is diminishing: Flat: 34 colors + clear flat Gloss: 18 colors + clear gloss Semi-Gloss: 10 colors 6. Model Master enamels are still available...kinda, sorta...as shown below: Auto enamels: Gloss: 29 colors Military enamels: Flat: 27 colors Gloss: 2 colors Semi-Gloss: 1 color Figure enamels: Flat: 5 colors Semi-Gloss: 3 colors Stain: 2 shades International Military: WW-II US & United Kingdom: Flat: 4 colors Gloss: 1 color US Military: Flat: 2 colors Gloss: 2 colors Semi-Gloss: 3 colors WW-II German Luftwaffe - RLM & Panzer : Flat: 2 colors Semi-Gloss: 8 colors WW-II Italian/Japanese/Russian: Flat: 2 colors Semi-Gloss; 1 color Modern Armor Gulf War/Nato/Russia: Flat: 1 color Semi-Gloss: 1 color Since I started writing this post, all comments relative to the presumed Product Bulletin have been removed. I wouldn't be surprised if the Bulletin image disappears before long, especially if it is fictitious. Still, the list I have provided is taken direct from the Rustoleum/Testors website...essentially straight from the horse's mouth. I'll try to contact Rustoleum the first of next week to see if I can get any updated information.
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