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  1. Robin, you're correct. Monogram produced a 1/48th B-24J during the 80s and it is still a very good kit. Shep Paine did a series of color sheets for a number of Monogram kits at that time and the B-24 was one of them. That's why I'm hoping someone has a scrapped or unwanted built kit that still has the canopy so I can finish this metal B-24 for my client and get it back to him.
  2. Thanks for the info. I'll check it out, though I still would like to acquire an injected canopy from the Monogram kit, mainly because the B-24 I'm working on is metal.
  3. Hi all, In the process of repainting and remarking a metal 1/48th B-24J, I discovered that a critical part is missing as the result of a burglary. The cockpit canopy. I'm assuming the canopy from a Monogram 1/48th B-24J would fit, so... If anyone has a scrapped Monogram B-24J that still has an intact canopy, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Don't need the rest of the model, just the canopy. Willing to pay a reasonable price. Richard
  4. Point taken! Actually, the ten year comment was more or less tongue in cheek. But the simple fact is that any kind of wholesale...or even semisale...change in Nationals contest judging/awards won't be done overnight. More like two or three years at the very least. It all depends on exactly what is decided on. As for me, I don't have a dog in this hunt since I probably won't be around when this is all decided...if it ever is. Anyway, if I don't make San Marcos, I will have no chance of attending any future Nationals.
  5. Don''t misunderstand me. Your opinion matters just as much as anyone else's and is also wanted as much as anyone else's. But since we're discussing a subject that is anywhere from important to extremely important to a great many members, sometime we all tend to get a little hot. Just sayin'.
  6. True, but it is getting a little heated. Since it'll take around ten years to implement any major changes on the Nationals level, we have plenty of time for everyone to have a say, don't you think?
  7. Whoa, guys! Let's dial it back a bit. This is supposed to be a rational, civil discussion about a very complex subject. If y'all aren't careful, it'll go off the rails and then there'll be no discussion at all. Chill, for pete's sake.
  8. After wading thru all the previous comments, I figure it's about time I threw in my five cents worth. If it isn't worth that much, I'll accept change! Over the decades I've entered a lot of local contests, won everything from first to third and have the ribbons to prove it. Nationals or major Regional? Nope, for the simple reason that most of my building has been for clients or commissioned articles. But thru it all, every contest has been the 1-2-3 system and I believe it needs to stay that way...at least for the Nationals. Local and Regional contests can experiment however they want. So why do I think this? Here's why: When the 1-2-3 system is used...no matter how difficult it is to determine the standing...there IS a winner who is demonstrably at that moment the best entry in that category. Think about it. In horse racing, the same system is used and you have a clear winner, even if it is a photo finish. Same applies to the Olympics and most other competitions you can think of. Someone wins, someone loses. That's life. Now I'll grant you that there are circumstances when multiple awards can and should be handed out. But the IPMS/USA Nationals in not one of them. Like it or not, the Nationals is a head-to-head, best of the best competition that brings together some of the best modelers in the world and that's the way it should stay as it is. I've never entered a Nationals contest, probably never will and probably wouldn't win if I did. That doesn't mean I'm not a good modelbuilder. All that means is that I simply don't have the time to deal with clients and work on my next Modelbuilding Guides or CD-ROMs. And if I did enter and didn't win, I wouldn't whine or cry about it. That's just the way the cookie crumbles. If I wanted to enter the next National, I'd learn from the one I didn't win at and work to produce something that would have a better chance. Do I get change back from my five cents or not? Richard Marmo
  9. You're getting just slightly ahead of yourself. 2020 is in San Marcos, Texas. Las Veas is 2021.
  10. Ed, I don't know what the problem is re: your Malwarebytes. The deep scan that Freeyellow performed identified two...and only two...problems. Both were files identified as Quiklink and were contained inside a Quiklink folder. The files were a redirect to Yahoo.com and evidently they weren't functioning because they did not activate when I did a test click on the link in my original post...the same one you used. In any event, both the files and the folder containing them were deleted and the site continued to function as designed. If anyone else has run into problems clicking on the posted link, I would appreciate knowing about it. If it isn't reported to me, I can't do anything about it. As for the problem you're having...since you are indicating interest in the CD...I would suggest two alternatives. One, open a separate browser window and type the actual URL, which is scalepublications.freeyellow.com/avhisref3.html OR if you are interested in purchasing that specific disc, send $15.95 (includes shipping) to me via PayPal, using the email address of tennexican@mindspring.com Hope some of this helps. Richard
  11. Hi All, Just want to notify everyone that Freeyellow found the redirect malware and I have deleted it.
  12. Thanks, Phil, for your recommendation. BTW, the revised version...which I don't recall if you've seen or not...has the image count up to 517.
  13. Ed, I've been in touch with Freeyellow (the host for my Scale Publications site). They found no malware alerts on the site and will be doing a deep scan as well. At this time there is no problem, so it appears Malwarebytes is being hypercareful. FYI, I went to the site again, using the link in this original post and had no problems. Richard
  14. Ed, That's weird. I just clicked on the link myself and it went directly to the page with no problems. Only thing I can think of is that your antivirus might be a little oversensitive. No two are exactly the same. In any event, I will contact Freeyellow tomorrow and advise them of what you ran into. Also, you might try it again in a few hours. I've also had the experience of being warned about a site one time and then no problem the next. Richard
  15. Robin, This Guide is now available in both epub and mobi (Kindle) formats from Smashwords. The URL to that site is https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/953586 All of my other Guides are also on Smashwords in both epub and mobi formats as well as Amazon in mobi format. Keep in mind that the entire focus of the book(let)...it's only 12 pages...is printing a PDF. Once you browse thru it, I'd appreciate you letting me know if there's other info you'd like to see included. I'll be glad to make the changes. And since I'm continuing to create new single subject How-To Guides, your opinion on other kit builds or specific information would be very welcome. Richard
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