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  1. Stunning work, especially given that it is a Mach 2 kit! I've built a couple of those before: assemble everything, then carve and shape the model from the final block of plastic using a sawzall and belt sander! What a brilliant job you did here!
  2. Well, I sent mine. I doubt they will be able to be published, but at least I'm "attending" the San Marcos Nationals anyway! LOL!
  3. Stunning work Dave! Exceptional job on the IP! Your friend is gonna love it!
  4. Brilliant job! I love it! I agree, your weathering is perfect for one of those.
  5. LOL! Yeah, I am slackin'! After all I've only finished two in the past month or so. I need to step it up. LOL!!
  6. Wow, welcome to the Forums; what an amazing 'calling card' you posted in that first diorama! Beautiful work! The KV diorama was looking good too, too bad that can't be recovered. I also build 1/72 scale armor; I do my armor exclusively in that scale so I can appreciate your work on that KV immensely. Welcome once again! I look forward to seeing more of your work.
  7. Andy welcome to the Forums! This is an awesome hobby where you get top see and hold the final results of all your efforts. Once you start, don't hesitate to post pics of your in-progress work so we can all enjoy it as well. This will also help you in that others can offer advice and suggestions as you go along. Joining a local club also helps you get the same in real time. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your work.
  8. Thanks for the update. Maybe we should have a Monogram Models Group Build in his honor. May he rest in peace and his family find peace and strength.
  9. Thanks Mike! I hope to see you in Vegas as well. I've been building quite a bit to have something to bring.
  10. Ah the memories! Thanks for that Ron! This looks a lot like the one that came in the Airfix Dogfight Doubles set with the MiG and Mirage that I built as a kid (and still have!) You did spectacular on this simple little model; I think it could even be a contender today.
  11. You're welcome John! Yeah, I only build in 1/72 scale, both in aircraft and armor. I do post my works in progress as well as my completed models here; in fact, I just updated my Maddog Manufacturing thread with my latest. You can find it in the "Photos... On the Bench" subforum. Feel free to check it out if you like. I do look forward to meeting you as well. I'll be at the Vegas show; God winning and the crik don't rise; but I'm not sure of Omaha. We have some time though so we'll see what happens.
  12. Okay, here it is a week later and I actually have something to show for it. This is another small update for this week. First, I painted the propellers for the A-400 in basic black: And that's all I did on that plane. I guess I was too interested in moving forward on the An-124 instead because I kept going back to it. To wit: While chatting on the phone with someone, I picked up the one wing and started dry fitting the wing fences and engine pods, mostly to see what kind of adjustments I was going to need to do to make them fit: Well, I took some time to make whatever adjustments were needed and the next day, I found myself pulling out my two-part epoxy and gluing them all down. I started with the wing fences first as two of them on each wing needed to be fit under the rear of the engine pods: You can see just how big those wings are. They are overhanging my workspace by half! The next day; after letting the wing fences dry overnight, I added the engine pods: They are still drying there, later I'll have to do some filling and other repair work due to some issues with fit and my not paying enough attention to what I was doing till too late. Meanwhile, I decided to finish the nose section as well. I needed to cut two sections out of the bottom for the nose landing gear. I did that and then proceeded to glue in the nose gear 'bay'... such as it is: This is all you can see of it from the other side. I guess there is no room for hanging gear doors, so this is what you get: Hey, at least I don't have to worry about detailing it! LOL! Now all I need to do is find the missing nose gear strut so I can finish building it.... Oh, I also have to remember to put the ten pounds of nose weight in there so this will sit properly. Now that the wings are done I can actually paint these and the tail feathers a light grey as called for in my chosen paint scheme. After all that work on this monster Russian, I was finally done with planes for a bit. Back on Monday, it was actually cool enough to open my window to vent my airbrush. I jumped at the chance to finish the camouflage on the tank transporters. They were already masked with the Silly Putty so I loaded and shot the brown color onto the tractors and trailers. First the tractors.... And then the trailers: Then I moved and/or added more Silly Putty to cover the brown spots: After that I shot the final green color on top: A day later I peeled it all off and was pretty pleased with the results: You can see I also lost the trailer hitch pad on the HEMMT tractor. Man, I cannot catch a break! Time to rob another kit for one! There is still some additional painting and touch ups to be done, but these are getting very close to the clearcoat and decal steps. Finally! Also, I shot a base coat of green on the BTR, but didn't shoot any pics of it. I'll try to remember to post them in the next update. And that is a full account of my last week at the workbench. It ain't much, but I'm happy. Hopefully there'll be more to see next week. Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.
  13. Outstanding work Gil! I shouldn't be surprised given what a Master you are at these. I'm so impressed with the bare metal finish! I wonder of any drop tanks got damaged from the flaps being lowered, it looks like the flaps are resting right on the top of the tanks. Wow, I commend you once again on another magnificent model!
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