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  1. Excellent information! Thanks guys!
  2. Excellent information! Thanks, I never considered that.
  3. Good to know Michael. I am also a bit annoyed by the tins, but if they keep the paint that long, I guess I have to adapt and overcome. I just hope the Revell paints are at least as good if not better, than the Model Master which is my go-to paint.
  4. Well, here is a small update on some of the work I've done after recovering from that difficult week. Things seem to have gotten a bit better now. This is also all the work I got done yesterday and today. To start with, I assembled all the wheels for my 1/35th scale Patton that I am doing for the SoCal AMPS Group Build: Next I painted all the bare pieces that I'd installed earlier: Moving on, I decided that that tracks for the FV-432 needed to be finished, so I did the other side on the track jig. I then test fit the first run I did
  5. Happy Birthday to me! These are three items that came in for my birthday. This one was a bit unexpected; my sister Kat sent this to me out of the blue: These two I bought for myself with Christmas money. I'd been wanting these for quite some time: Military version: Civilian version: Yay!
  6. Very nice! I am not sure, but I think I might have a T.I.E. fighter too. I look forward to seeing pics of the finished model here.
  7. Stunning work man! You work fast and masterfully! Brilliant job here. Now I want some Crown Royal....
  8. Brilliant work Gil! Looks like you didn't need to shake any rust off. Those look amazing!
  9. Rock and roll Carlos! It was a blast watching you get that done!
  10. This has been one of those one-step-forward/two-steps-back kinda weeks. That is why I've only done this much. I'll start with the 1/35th scale M-48 Patton I'm doing for the SoCal AMPS Group Build. This actually went pretty well; probably the only thing that went well this week. To start with, I added all the extra detail parts to the upper hull that I'd left off before. Things like headlight, lifting hooks and gas caps for instance: Of course, this didn't all go so pristine; when I went to add the vision blocks to the driver's hatch, I found that one was ei
  11. Excellent information Kevin! Wow, that is something. Here is three models I got this past couple weeks. All of them were free. First are these two kits I got from a friend at my IPMS club. He'd gotten them from a widow who'd contacted him to donate her husband's models, supplies and tools to our SoCal IPMS club. One was still in plastic: a collector kit of the ancient Hawk 1/72 scale Spirit of St. Louis commemorative kit from the 50th anniversary of Charles Lindbergh's flight: This other one he gave me was a started 1/72 scale Airfix SH-2F Seas
  12. LOL! I can. It comes in even clearer when I remove my glasses....
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