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  1. Registration

    Yes! Now I am fully in. I got my ticket, banquet, and T-shirt. Time to get ready.
  2. Registration

    Mike, I never found any place where a link was available for banquet and T-shirts to be added to the shopping cart. I found them when I clicked on the links in the website but there was no place to add them to my shopping cart. Now that I've registered, where can I go and how can I order my banquet and T-shirt for the convention?
  3. Registration

    Is this online yet? If so, where do I go? I finally got paid and now I want to get registered for this. EDIT: Found it. I am now registered for the convention. Where do we purchase our banquet tickets and T-shirts? I checked them out but there's no link to the checkout, nor anyplace on the order form for the convention registration to add these items. Thanks for any assistance.
  4. Aichi D3N1 Type99 Val

    And another excellent model. Keep them, coming man!
  5. Nakajima B5N2 Kate

    Excellent job! Well done.
  6. C47 Dakota

    That has indeed stood the test of time. Well done!
  7. Paint fumes

    I'm like you two Gil and Pete. Only I have one room of a two-bedroom condo that my wife orders me to keep shut.
  8. 1/72nd F-5 Lightening August 1944

    Rita is looking lovely in her pretty blue dress! Nice job on such an incredible model.
  9. New Feature - Clubs

    Good to know. Thanks Eric! I appreciate all you do.
  10. Maddog Manufacturing 2018 Production Line

    Part II, continued from Part I above... Now to get back down to earth. I first pulled out my British Churchill bridgelayer and looked it over. The instructions have you decide which position the bridge should be fixed in. That is not acceptable to me so I added some sheet styrene to one part to allow it to hold one of the rods that is supposed to pivot: Next, I assembled the turret and snapped it into place, just for fun: That ain't gonna be used so this will be the last time you see this vehicle with the turret. After removing the turret, I assembled all the other bridge layer parts and added styrene rod to the pivot part to allow it to move: The bridge is not currently cemented on, it is sitting on the pivot point. You can see in this next pic how I made this workable: And to complete the bridge laying, the main swing arm is removed from the pivot point to lower the bridge down: This one is now ready for paint. Hopefully I'll get that done this week. Next I decided to start my German M-109 Self Propelled Gun. I assembled the lower hull as directed: When I removed the two sides with all the torsion bars on it, I noticed that Revell of Germany had short-shot one of my axles: You'll also notice the gaps I need to deal with. Those are all over this model. You'd think a company like Revell of Germany can mold something that fits well. Anyway, I went to assemble the turret next. Lots of slight warpage on the sides, requiring clamps to make it glue correctly: Next thing I noticed, the gun mantlet is molded in such a way that the gun remains fixed in place. Also not acceptable to me: So, I cut out the center section of the mantlet and then cemented the frame to the turret opening. Unfortunately, I forgot to take some better pics showing all I did, but the gist is there: Next I assembled the gun, added it to the mantlet and then cemented a round section of sprue horizontally to the back of the mantlet. I also added some extra sheet styrene to the sides to widen it back up: Using more sheet styrene, I cut strips and cemented them inside the turret trapping the mantlet in place: It worked. The gun now elevates the way it is supposed to: That's all well and good, but lets see how well it works with the turret roof on: Success! Now I can move on and move on I did. I added the top of the hull next: Just for fun, I placed the turret on this to see how it looks: Sweet! I'm loving it so far, despite the myriad gaps I'll need to fill later on. Now it was time to add the wheels and tracks. I added all the wheels except for the outer ones and the one that goes on the short shot torsion bar. Later I installed the track: Later on, I'll cement that last wheel to the track itself so that it sits right; then I'll add the outer road wheels to this to finish that part off. That was as far as I got on that one. Moving on, I went from Hobby Day to my AMPS meeting where they were having a Build Night. I brought my German Panzerlok Br-57 armoured locomotive to work on. Once there, I started with the lower running gear as usual: Later I added the wheels: Final assembly of the lower running gear was completed next: All that was left was to slip the upper armoured body to the top of this: After that, I finished all the extra bits and finalized the assembly. Then I moved on and built the tender. It went so fast and easy that I forgot to take pics! Finally I put it all together. This beastie is now ready for paint: Well, that's all I have for now. I hope you all enjoyed this long update. Take care and remember: comments are always welcome. Thanks for looking in.
  11. Maddog Manufacturing 2018 Production Line

    Now for my latest progress done over the last week and a half. Brace yourselves people, this is a long one. Part I begins here. I'll start with my aircraft again before bringing it back down to earth in the following post. Most all this work here was done at Hobby Day. All the painting and airbrushing was done at my home. I got the cockpit done on one of my latest acquisitions, the Eurocopter HAP Tigre. I'll be making this an Australian bird. It was fairly simple to do: Then, because I didn't want to paint, I moved on. I added the decals to the Italian Harrier so I could close this up inside the fuselage: Then, when I went to close this up; I realized I had left the sprue holding one side of the fuselage at home instead of bringing it to Hobby Day. Apparently it never got back to the box so I had to put this away for now too. At home, I fired up the airbrush and got to work. First thing I did was to shoot a grey base on the bottom of the South African Mirage. Later, I taped up the bottom in preparation for shooting the top: The first color went on next: Once that dried, I pulled out the Silly Putty and masked off the top for the second color: ....and the second color went on: After that dried, I masked off the nose and shot it black. After that dried, I removed everything to see how it looked: Pretty impressive if I do say so myself.... Got the gloss coat on it for decals next: At Hobby Day, I got the decals done: All that is left is dullcoat, landing gear and underwing stores. I'm real close with this one. Another model that I made great progress one was the British helicopter. Once the masking dried, I added the landing skids and some other fiddly bits: I then shot the green on it and let that dry. After it dried, I applied the Silly Putty masking again. You can see the parts I broke off while masking this tiny thing: The second grey color went on after that: Later on, I removed the Silly Putty and repaired the damage: Now that bird is ready for clearcoat and decals. Now on to Part II....
  12. Nice scores Kevin! I agree with Rusty, that camouflage on that Russian bird is most intriguing. I'd love to know more about that too. Okay, here are some of my acquisitions from the past couple weeks. First is this one, given to me by a friend who got it from his next door neighbor: That has since been sold. Made a pretty penny off it. Next are two deals I got from Squadron, both were gotten for between 60 and 75 percent off: I've already started both of these. The locomotive is already at the painting stage. Last is a gift I got from a friend and fellow AMPS member: That's probably gonna be it for awhile; I need to save up for Phoenix. I have plenty to keep me busy for awhile anyway.
  13. 1/48 EF-18G Growler

    This is a testament to your outstanding skills to take such a difficult model and turn it into such a masterpiece, especially since there's no signs you ever had any trouble with it. Congrats on such a well-done model and if possible, get pics of the presentation so we can all see the happy look on the recipient's face.
  14. New Feature - Clubs

    Once a club is started will the person starting it be able to upload pics? That would be most helpful and useful for those who wish to show off their club's activities.