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  1. Mark Deliduka

    MK44 Saturn Knight

    Wow! That's crazy good! Beautiful blending on that. Looks like you're close to painting now.
  2. Mark Deliduka


    Gil, we have something similar, only we call ours the "Distressed Kit Auction" Kits, tools, parts, or anything else model related are donated by the club members. We offer receipts for those who wish to write the donation off on their taxes as we are still a 501c3; but all proceeds from our auction go straight to the club. We do ours twice a year and it's a great fund raiser for our club (second only to Orangecon) and is also a thrilling and fun meeting.
  3. Mark Deliduka

    Maddog Manufacturing 2019 Production Line

    Okay, here's my latest update, mostly on work I managed to get done at Hobby Day this past weekend. I'll start by posting the pic that was wrong in the previous post. Here is what the truck bed and chassis look like dry-fit together: Anyway, moving on from there, I pulled out my Dark Green and started to shoot just about everything that needs it. After it dried, I neglected to shoot pics; instead I went straight to a lighter green and started to modulate the green on all the single color vehicles. Before I get to that, I'll start with the aircraft I was working on. As I looked over the Israeli Sufa, I noticed a few more gaps and seams that needed filling. Out came the Vallejo acrylic putty and into the seams it went. You may not be able to see the newest seams I filled but now they are all done: Now I think this is ready for paint. I'll have to mask off the canopy first and then shoot it with a primer to actually see what might still need to be filled. Moving on, I started the AH-1 given to me by my friend on another Forum. First was the cockpit: Later I did the engine and transmission cover since closing up the main fuselage requires weight in the nose to keep this bird on it's skids. I didn't have any at the time so I just went ahead with the engine and tranny cover: Moving on to my armor; I decided to start a couple new projects. One was the IBG Hungarian Toldi II tank that has been sitting for awhile. I started by assembling the lower hull and the wheels. I didn't shoot a pic of the wheels, but here is the hull: Then because I didn't want to deal with the suspension, I went forward in the instructions and assembled the turret: My next started project was another IBG model; this time it is the Diamond T wrecker that I've waited so long to get. First was the chassis which was surprisingly easy to do given that there was so much assembly required: Next was the lovely, well-detailed engine that will unfortunately be covered up. But it looks great before it gets hidden: Finally, I started the cab; but I only did the front part of it since I still need to detail paint inside the cab before I close it all up: Now I can show all the painting I did on all this armor. I'll start with the Wrecker cab since I just posted the previous assembly. Here it is painted and semi-poorly modulated: Next I modulated the Russian BREM vehicle. It didn't turn out anything like I was hoping. I seem to be finding it difficult to adjust my air pressure properly. Oh well, at least I had a lot of practice today, starting with this: Subsequent washes and weathering will probably blend that in better. One can only hope. I then shot the cab and front fender of the first Russian tractor: Followed by the cab, fender and tractor bed of the second tractor: I then basecoated and modulated the SA-6 Gainful: Finally, I decided I needed to finish up another short run kit that I'd had sitting for awhile. The Soviet SG-122 got the second run of tracks on the other side, as well as the side armor protecting the gun. I also added some more filler to several seams that I found again: Man that model is crude! Next I assembled the gun. The front plate broke as I was pressing it into place, so I tried to get it sanded as smooth as possible after fixing it again. There was a lot of other areas that needed sanding as well. I then drilled out the gun barrel too, although it is not easily seen in this pic: Here is the whole thing all assembled and ready for paint so far: And finally, I basecoated this and modulated the green on this as well: I find it amusing that the best modulation was done on the crappiest kit! Oh well, story of my life.... Last but not least, I also shot a base coat of dark brown on the IBG Japanese Chi Nu tank. I'm probably going backwards putting the darkest color first, but I started with it. These are the Mr. Color paints specifically for Japanese armor by the way. It's kind of hard to tell in this pic, but this is painted I assure you: And that covers everything I got done on Hobby Day weekend and the rest of this week. Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.
  4. Here's my latest.... I managed to only buy one thing at the Military Hobbies Airfix contest because they were also having a "pull your discount from the hat" sale. Mine was 20% off: Earlier that week, I had gotten a package in the mail from a friend on another Forums. It contained this for starters: But it also had these decals: Yeah, I got this started already. Finally, during Hobby Day my friend Harmon walked over to the thrift store next door to our hall and found this item which he gave to me: Imagine finding one of those in a thrift store! Okay. that's everything for now. I gotta go post my latest progress now....
  5. Mark Deliduka


    Well, I have about 400 models in my stash, but I have about five or six models on the Shelf of Woe, or Doom if you will. I do need to get more of them done. I'm tired of them taking up space in the workbench and hobby room.
  6. Mark Deliduka

    New Forum purpose?

    I like that idea. If that can be set up I can get it started there.
  7. Mark Deliduka

    Tamiya 1/32nd scale P-51D "Glengary Guy"

    That is magnificent! Such stunning work!
  8. Mark Deliduka

    1/48 Tamiya AR-196A Seaplane with Eduard Details

    Wow, you're a braver man than I Gunga Din! That P/E does make this look better though as Gil said.
  9. Mark Deliduka

    F9F-5P about half done

    Nice work Nick, and good thinking on the fix. I'm sure it will look fine when done. I'm looking forward to seeing how your fix works out. BTW, I have family in Grove City.
  10. Nice stuff! I'd like to see the Charlie brown one too. That sounds interesting.
  11. Mark Deliduka

    Monogram A-37 Dragonfly

    Brilliant work man! Most impressive!
  12. Mark Deliduka

    David Hardy, Yucaipa, CA

    Welcome David from another Southern California resident. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do. I also hope you take advantage of the many shows and contests in Southern California to gain more experience and tips on techniques. Even if you don't enter anything, the experience is invaluable.
  13. Looking forward to seeing them Kevin. I have a last shipment coming in, hopefully tomorrow.
  14. Mark Deliduka

    Judging Question

    I agree that moving sometimes causes problems. I do wish that judges would ask first before making an arbitrary decision that affects the modeler. I also understand how difficult that can be with a100+ contestants wandering all over the place.