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  1. That is cool Kevin! It's like finding treasure when you go through things like that. Congrats on the find. Nice one Mark! I'd love to have something like that in 1/72 scale....
  2. Mark Deliduka

    1/48 F-20A Tigershark (Freedom Models)

    Beautiful work on that great looking plane. It's a shame that it never got accepted for production.
  3. Mark Deliduka

    Maddog Manufacturing 2018 Production Line

    And now for part two of my update; the armor models.... First up, I decided to try and progress on my Russian Zil-5 truck. I added the windshield and the side windows to the cab, along with the headlights: From the looks of things, I didn't cut that front windscreen very well. Time to pull that out and replace it. Moving on, I was searching through my stash for one box containing the instructions for another model I was working on and I 'stumbled' over this RAF Airfield Service set that I'd already started some time ago. So, it was time to move forward on these trucks. First off I painted the interiors and assembled the cabs. First came the Bedford truck: The top is only dry-fit on there. Next came the Tilly: Then, since I made the Bedford into a fuel truck instead of a cargo truck; I had the cargo truck bed parts left over. Just for fun, I assembled the truck bed for the Bedford. Maybe I'll make it into a trailer or something..... Next I started work on the German MAN truck. I decided to try something different when painting this. I 'assembled' the cab, closing it up with Silly Putty to hold it together: I then added all the remaining bits and bobs underneath the truck bed: Later, I added more Silly Putty to the cab and bed to cover the green that I wanted to remain green: Next I painted the second color, a NATO Black: While doing all that, I also masked off the German M-109 Paladin since it shares the same camo colors as the MAN truck: Later on, when I shot the NATO Black on the truck, I also shot this gun: After all this, I wanted to do something simple. I pulled out the Vauxhall ambulance and shot the finders and other sections with the Olive Drab ANA color: Later I painted the rear area with the 'stone grey' they called for in the instructions. I used Dark Gull Grey, since I had it out to paint the noses of my two aircraft. Here it is dry-fit to the lower part of the ambulance: Later on, while looking for something else to move forward on; I found my German Br-58 Panzerlok and decided it was time to paint that. I started by painting the underside and wheels. I used an Oily Black on this as a first coat: The lights were really washing this out. I then started painting the camouflage pattern on the side. I got this far before the fatigue really set in and I fell asleep: That pic was taken the following day..... Okay, that completes the depiction of my marathon efforts on my hobby bench these past three or four days. I apologize for the lengthy post, but I'm thrilled to have gotten this much done. Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.
  4. Mark Deliduka

    Maddog Manufacturing 2018 Production Line

    Well after only three days during which I was left alone during my recuperation; I was able to get a lot of progress done on a number of models. Warning: This is a long update so please have patience with me. Starting once again with my aircraft, I was finally satisfied enough with the white on my Boeing that I shot a coat of gloss on it: Now I just need to find the decals for this plane and get them added. Next I decided to paint a base green color on the Australian HAP Tigre: Later I will mask that and shoot the second camo color on it. Moving on, I got a lot of progress on three of my jets. Two of them are the Italian jets I've been doing. Before I show them, I'll post some comparison pictures between the Italian F-16 and the Japanese F-2A so everyone can see the slight differences overall between the two aircraft: The Italian F-16 is on the left, the Japanese F-2A is on the right. Plan view above. Profile view: Upper angle view: Okay, now that I got that done; here is my latest progress on the Italian F-16... First I masked off the canopy which was later trimmed down when it was dry: Once that was done, I shot the underside with Light Ghost Grey. It is tough to see in these pics, but then I am shooting grey paint over grey-molded aircraft: I also later shot the nose with Dark Gull Grey, and when all that was dry, I masked off the bottom and the nose: Next came the Dark Ghost Grey on the top and on the tail fin: Again, very difficult to see. The Dark Ghost Grey is dull whereas the bare plastic is still shiny. When that dried, I masked off the tail fin and front part of the upper fuselage: Then came the Gunship Grey over the remaining exposed plastic: The next morning, I removed all the masking tape. Not bad if I do say so myself: Later on, this got a coat of gloss to prepare it for decals: Now, since a couple of the colors were the same as the F-16; I also worked on the Italian Harrier jet alongside the Falcon. First came the canopy masking which was trimmed again after it dried: Next came the Light Ghost Grey on the underside. I had shot it right after tyhe Falcon. You'll have to trust me on that given how difficult it is to see..... Later came the masking, just like on the Falcon: So, when I shot the Falcon with the Dark Ghost Grey, I also shot the topside and sides of this Harrier with the same color: Later, when the masking tape came off the Falcon, I also removed it from this Harrier: There you can see the two colors on this plane. Finally, I shot a coat of gloss on this in preparation for decals: Next up, I added the canopy to the Japanese F-2A: It fit surprisingly well. Naturally, I masked it off at the same time as I masked the Italian jets: Finally, when it came time to start painting this aircraft, I took a bit of artistic license on this plane. The instructions call for a dark green underneath the aircraft with a Navy Blue topside. Yet, on the box top photograph of the real aircraft; the underside appears to actually be an Intermediate Blue color. It probably was a trick of the light when that pic was taken, but I like the look of the blue on blue scheme better so I shot the underside of this plane with Intermediate Blue: Later I masked off a portion of the underside and the nose (which had already been painted a Dark Gull Grey when I painted the Falcon nose): This wasn't masked completely because I will be coming back to the Intermediate Blue later to refine the pattern on the top of the plane. Meanwhile, I shot the Navy Blue color in an oversized pattern in the same splotch pattern indicated on the instructions: Later on I will be going back over the top, adding the Intermediate Blue to the areas between the Navy Blue splotches with my Sotar fine-tipped airbrush. Right now this is sitting aside waiting till I have time for that. Well, that is all I have on my aircraft; time to check out my latest armor progress in the next post....
  5. Mark Deliduka

    Lockheed P-80B Shooting Star S/N 45-58568 Completed

    Sometimes those old kits are the most fun to build!
  6. Mark Deliduka

    1/48 F-20A Tigershark (Freedom Models)

    Brilliant work man, I really love that instrument panel! Way to go! Looking forward to seeing more.
  7. Mark Deliduka

    Lockheed P-80B Shooting Star S/N 45-58568 Completed

    Way to go on that magnificent little model! That is some stunning work. I envy you your outstanding metal finish.
  8. Mark Deliduka

    New from Sacramento Silver Wings

    Welcome Guy! I love that pic! Ride 'em cowboy!! I'm looking forward to seeing some of your work. Welcome back to the Hobby. My very first model was an Aurora plane as well.
  9. Mark Deliduka

    Maddog Manufacturing 2018 Production Line

    Okay, here's an update showing the most recent work I got done during Hobby Day on Friday and Saturday. Once again I'll start with some aircraft. I started one aircraft and continued a second one in hopes of getting them to the paint stage so I can paint them along with about seven others on the paint staging area. Since I wanted to build something simple, I pulled out my Italeri F-16 Fighting Falcon which will be made into a single-seat Italian Falcon. Naturally, I started with the (very!) basic cockpit: Later I added all the parts to the underside; air intake, main gear bay parts etc.: I had also gone through and cemented all the halves of the ordinance and underwing stores to complete them and have them ready to hang under the wings when the time comes. Later, I added weight in the front of this plane as per the instructions and closed it all up. Adding the tail parts, wings and canopy has brought this to the paint stage as planned: There is a bit of sanding and filling I do need to do; as well as masking the canopy, but this is already right where I was hoping to get it. I'm going to have a lot of time to spray this and many other models over the next couple weeks as I follow Doc's orders. I'm just hoping I can get them all done. Moving on, I pulled out the Japanese F-2A fighter that I'd assembled the cockpit for some time back. This time, I cemented the air intake into place, assembled the rear portion of the fuselage and added the vertical tail piece: Later I added the cockpit and painted it. With some additional weight for this as well, it was ready to close up: After that was done, I added the canopy to this as well, closing it up for paint. All that is left again is a bit of sanding, filling and masking the canopy: You may think that is the Italian F-16, but look closer: the main difference is in the canopy for the most part. These are two different aircraft. I was also hoping to get further along on my EH-101 Merlin but I ran out of time. Moving on to my armor, I started out by adding the fenders and running boards to the side of my ambulance. Then I closed the rear portion of the ambulance bed and added the driver's seat cushions to the front of the ambulance. Here it is all dry-fit together. I'm gonna paint some more before I glue this all together: Next up, I decided to take a shot at the Modelcollect BMP-3, particularly the photo-etch bar armor. This photo-etch is extremely difficult to assemble, especially the turret armor which is what I started with. These three pieces were finally glued together properly after 15 minutes of attempting to cement a fourth P/E piece to it to make a 'box'. I had to give that up since I couldn't get one side piece to glue in place without knocking the other one off: Yes, that is a set of clamping tweezers holding that three-piece assembly. This is what I got done after a total of 34 minutes working on this bar armor for the turret: When I start this again, I think I'll invite my friend Jack (Daniels) to 'assist'. After that, I'd had enough and so I set all that aside to set up fully. That's when I pulled out the rest of this model to add the easier P/E parts to it. I started with the turret, adding all the panels and doors: Since this turret has an interior, I assembled all that to get it ready for interior paint: Looks pretty good. Next I dry-fit this to see how it sits and how it will look: Time to find out how these vehicles look inside..... Moving on from there, I finished assembling the upper hull, adding the sides and front fenders to this: Then I dry-fit this to the lower hull to make sure it dries in the proper position so this top glues right. I also added more photo-etch to the upper hull, For fun, I also popped in the turret to see how it looks: You'll note I'm leaving the hatches open; I plan on posing them open to show off whatever interior can be seen when this is done. Yes, this lower section has a full interior as well. I popped off the top when it had set enough and started building the interior: It doesn't look like much, but with some additional paint and possibly some decals for the instrument panels (if I can find something small enough and suitable enough) this should start looking better. Still, not much of the interior can be seen when the whole thing is together as you can see here: Well, that is about all I have for now. This week coming up might allow me to do a lot of spraying so hopefully I can get a lot done by next weekend. Stay tuned for more. Meanwhile, thanks for looking in, comments are always welcome!
  10. Mark Deliduka

    Maddog Manufacturing 2018 Production Line

    Okay, you will be missed. Man, so many people I know are going to be skipping Phoenix. I was so hoping to see so many who won't be coming. Oh well, life goes on.
  11. Mark Deliduka

    Judging Question

    Well spoken Kevin!
  12. Mark Deliduka

    Maddog Manufacturing 2018 Production Line

    Thank you Gil! The prayers truly help. The A-10 is done; I just need to get some pics of it and get them posted. Meanwhile, I hope to get even more finished soon. Here's hoping to see you in Phoenix!
  13. Mark Deliduka

    Judging Question

    I totally agree with and support Mark's statement about still modeling to the best of one's ability and continuing to enter contests. I myself go into contests with my entries fully expecting to be locked for fifth place. So if I do place, it is a most pleasant bit of icing on the cake! I still enter anyway, regardless of my chances. After all, this is a hobby and sharing my work with my fellow enthusiasts is where the most fun is for me.
  14. Mark Deliduka

    Glenco 1/48 J2F Duck

    That is one beautiful bird! Way to go!
  15. Mark Deliduka

    Maddog Manufacturing 2018 Production Line

    In spite of the fatigue I've been fighting from my treatments, I did manage to get some things done both the day before my first treatment and the day after. Here it is so far.... I'll start with my aircraft and helicopters. On the EH101 Merlin, I completed the painting of the interior. Now all I have to do is add the interior decals and glass in the windows and I can close this bird up: Next I worked on my Australian HAP Tigre. I masked the canopies for painting: That's when I noticed the gap in the top of the nose. So, I decided this was a good time to try that new Squadron putty: I slathered some on, trying to keep it over the gap as much as possible. I was surprised that it came out looking almost clear: Later on, when I went back to sand it after it was dry, I saw that it had caused some slight pitting in the top of the nose. I was able to sand it all away, but this was unexpected. After reading the tube, it does contain Toluene which does melt plastic a bit. So, this will take some getting used to for me. It also dries clear so that; even though it appears that I still have a gap, there is none there. I forgot to take a pic of the nose after all this. I did move on and add most of the final detail bits to this so it is almost ready for paint: Moving on, I spent more time on the A-10, trying to bring this over the finish line. I didn't quite make it but I came close. Here's the progress I made on that so far. First off, I shot a dullcoat over this model: After that dried, I removed the masking from the canopy: There were a few areas I needed to touch up, which I did later on. After getting the canopy removed, it was time to install the landing gear and gear doors: There was a lot of touch up needed here too since I forgot to paint the exterior of the doors. Oh well, I got them after I installed them here. Once they were sufficiently dry, I added all the ordinance that I could fit in place. I still have one pylon I need to figure out what to mount on but otherwise this bird is loaded for bear: You can see I also added the wheels to this. Now all I have to do is some more touch-ups on the weapons themselves. This is by no means the final pic, but it gives you an idea of how this bird will look. I still have a lot of touch-ups to do before I can call it finished: Moving on, I got a lot of small progress on a number of my armor and vehicles, as well as started one new one. First off, I shot a basecoat of dark green on my Russian Zil 5 truck: After that dried, I painted the seats inside a leather color: Meanwhile, since I had the dark green out, I also basecoated the MAN 5-ton truck with this color: I also dry-fit everything to see how it looks so far, as well as tried to plan how I'll paint the other two camo pattern colors: Later, I also painted the seats inside a leather color: I still need to fix that gear shift lever.... And still, since I had that dark green out; I shot the German M-109: I also shot the hubs for the outer wheels: Now I can mask this one and start the second two colors for the camouflage pattern. After all that, it was time to change colors. I pulled out an Olive Drab ANA color and shot the Churchill bridgelayer: I gave up on trying to make that operational again; the engineering is just a bit beyond me, especially in my fatigued state. I'm just gonna finish that as is. Next up, some color modulation, glosscoat and decals... Finally, I started the little Roden Vauxhall ambulance that had been calling my name. First up was the delicate suspension: I broke about three of those parts trying to put them in place. That's actually pretty good since on the Vauxhall staff car (which has the same suspension) I broke seven pieces... I'm getting better! Next was the main body of the car. This was fairly straightforward, but I was a bit put off by the 'blast shield' they had in front of the driver. I guess he's supposed to peer over it as he drives: Next I built the upper box area where the stretchers are carried: I want to paint the interior and the stretchers first before I close that up. Come to think of it; I wonder why I want to do that. Nothing will be seen once this is closed up. Hmmm..... Anyway, here is this tiny model all dry fit together so far: Later, since I had the Olive Drab ANA out, I shot the lower part of this car with it too: I should have waited here too until I had the fenders on and such. They need the same color. Doh! Oh well, there is my latest progress so far. I don't know how much more I'll be able to get done after my treatment tomorrow so I may have to wait till next week to get more done. We'll see. Meanwhile, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.