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  1. Phil, thanks! That might be an idea here. Rusty, I haven't found out yet. I would love to know myself.
  2. Continuing with the Shelf Queen theme, I pulled out another one of them to work on. This is the very old Sheridan tank I started in the far distant past. I had lost the driver's periscope piece and so this had been sitting on my shelf for years; maybe a decade by now. I then noticed I had a second unopened Sheridan in the pile so I opened it up and continued on with this, first adding that missing piece: Later I added the turret to this and any other additional parts it needed. This is now pretty much ready for paint: Next up were a couple 'qui
  3. While I was at our latest mini-Hobby Day, the guy who owns the tire store next door to our Hall came by. He gave me this kit, free of charge: The price was right! Even though I already built one; I'm still going to do this one too.
  4. That is excellent news. It's always great to hear about a quality company that offers excellent customer service. Thanks for letting us know.
  5. This is outstanding news Kenny! I do need to order more glue but I can wait. Take care of family first and then others. I do know what it is like being hit twice by hurricanes. Elena hit us twice way back when; totaling my car around a telephone pole. I'm so very sorry others have been inconsiderate of your situation. That being said, I'm thrilled you will remain in the glue business. Jeff Herne is a great guy and well worth keeping the masks going. Way to go Kenny, it's nice to see prayers answered; and I'm still keeping you in mine.
  6. Nice! In 1/72 scale, I'm currently building an A-400 Grizzly, a C-54 and a massive An-124. All my other aircraft are 1/72 scale as well. I'm interested in seeing your projects Brett, I hope you can post some pics soon.
  7. I just got my Journal last week. Man, there were so many incredible models sent in! I hope to see them in Vegas!
  8. Good to know Mike. I need to order a few more bottles from him too if he still has some in stock.
  9. Welcome Brett! Glad to see you join up. Feel free to show us your work; after all we all love seeing great models! What do you enjoy building the most? I'm looking forward to meeting you in Vegas; we'll toast your birthday. I can't think of a better way to celebrate than going to an IPMS Nationals!
  10. Wow! Stupendous work man! Most impressive! I'm feeling cold just looking at this!
  11. Well, now that I reached my latest milestone, I decided it was time to get caught up on a few shelf queens while also starting some easy assembly models and a couple others on my list to start. More on that later. Before that, I tried to move forward on more of my aircraft, but I only kept going back to the An-124 to the exclusion of all other aircraft. So, here is the progress I made on that monster. To start with, I painted the main landing gear bays and the forward landing gear, following the directions as closely as possible: Later I added the folding l
  12. This is something I pre-ordered way back when I actually had some money. That was about eight months ago and it finally came in. This is the academy 1/600 scale USS Enterprise. I originally ordered it hoping it had the beehive tower, but this is the later refit. No big deal; I'm still gonna enjoy building this: I got this from Hobbylink Japan. Once I requested it to be shipped; it took a total of three days to get to my door. Fantastic service!
  13. Wow! Outstanding work! I am overwhelmed at the quality of this model!
  14. Oh man, that is sad news! It is the best P/E glue I've ever used!
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