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  1. WOW! That is one stunning diorama! Brilliant execution man! I'm blown away!
  2. Looking great so far! I commend you on the nice smooth coat.
  3. That is amazing work! Way to go on a Lindbergh kit; that looks more Tamiya style!
  4. That is pretty impressive Dave. I missed that one for some reason. Now you got me thinking.
  5. Magnificent work Dave! Congrats on getting that canopy so shiny and clear. I'm gonna have to save that technique so I can use it in the future.
  6. Very nice! Those Airscale decals really do enhance the instrument panel tremendously.
  7. Excellent pics Dave! I love this model! It's got to be the best rendition of that kit I've ever seen.
  8. Yeah, I wish I had that arrangement. Sometimes I have too much time, yet never seem to make it to the bench.
  9. Looks fantastic! From that angle it does look like it's feeding. You got more shots? This is too good to only look at from one angle.
  10. Sweet. I have a bit to do and then I can post pics too. Man, I feel like I can never find enough time for the hobby room.
  11. Thanks Carlos! I think most of my Russian vehicles are Guards unit. I like adding that anytime I have the option.
  12. Welcome Rodolfo! I just saw your HUMVEE vignette; that is an excellent 'calling card' you brought. Glad to see you here. Show us more of your work as we love looking at models. Feel free to look around; there's lots to see.
  13. Looking great Carlos! Keep it coming!
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