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  1. First of all, welcome to the Forums! I'm glad to see you here. I don't know what you can do given the manufacturer is long closed down. I wish you luck on your search; I'm sure someone here has one or knows where to get one.
  2. Sounds good but I never swiped mine with a cotton swab. I just applied it using a downward brush stroke and let it dry.
  3. Greg, I have found that mixing a wash or filter with Windsor-Newton oils and Mona Lisa thinner works perfectly over my Testor's enamels. Mona Lisa thinner is the most inert thinner out there and so far has not affected any of my underlying paint coats.
  4. Same here, it does sound like an interesting model. Hopefully the issue clears up soon.
  5. Impressive work! I love it!
  6. Welcome John! Glad to see you here. To answer your question, tags are words or sets of words you can 'tag' your post with so others searching for a specific subject (i.e. German WWII halftracks) can find it faster in a search. Your title looks fine too. I'm looking forward to seeing your work.
  7. I'm also looking forward to seeing pics. Thanks Gil for helping him out.
  8. Wow!! Stunning work Ron! Oh man that is phenomenal!
  9. That is cool. I do have one of those attack helicopters mostly built; I got it in a box of discarded half-built models. I always wondered where it was from. Thanks Rob!
  10. Wow! More magnificent wizardry from you Oliver! Way to go man! Give it time; when this all blows over you'll have a load of time getting those pics. Looking forward to following this build!
  11. Hey Robert! Welcome to the Forums guy! I have a brother who lives in Columbus as well. Looking forward to seeing some of your work.
  12. Beautiful job Dave! That is sensational!
  13. That is cool to know Rob! I never knew about those armor kits. I wouldn't mind building a few of them.
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