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  1. Agreed. I Also will run the compressor awhile longer after I open the bottom valve so the air will push it all out and dry it faster.
  2. Yes, a moisture trap is essential in humidity like that. As the air compresses, water gets squeezed out and so a moisture trap is needed to keep that from getting into your airbrush and ruining your paint or splattering it all over your models. I saw it suggested once that if you have a tankless compressor, the best thing to do is mount the trap as close to the airbrush as you can without compromising flexibility. Another possibility of you can: invest in a dehumidifier if you have an enclosed room with a sealed vent for the spraybooth. That will help remove a lot of the humidity and help any moisture trap work more efficiently. I hope this helps.
  3. Hey Phil! Yes, I still have my cell number. I don't want to change it since it is also my business line. So far, Orangecon is still on, but everything is being closely monitored. I'll keep you posted.
  4. Beautiful work Paul! You nailed this!
  5. Awesome work! That looks magnificent!
  6. My deepest condolences on the loss of your wife. Your Robins are a worthy tribute to her and your shared love. Beautiful job!
  7. Phil, I might be interested in some of that 1/72 scale armor; mostly the trucks and jeeps along with a few others. I'll have to make a list and hope that my incoming paycheck will be enough to cover them. Have you got my cell? E-mail? If so, contact me.
  8. Welcome Bill. Glad to see you join up. Welcome back to the Hobby as well. We all would love to see your work here, feel free to post pics.
  9. Mike it's great to see all these again, especially all together like this. Way to go!
  10. Medic! I'm thrilled to see you here as well! You models will fit right in here, they are magnificent! Welcome Mike!
  11. Thanks Gil! Four of them are already completed. Feel free to check them out if you haven't already.
  12. Probably because the rest of the internet ain't model builders! LOL! 🤣
  13. Interesting experience. I cannot answer to the air pressure thing, but I can offer a suggestion for the cleaning aspect. I too pour any remaining paint into the jar it came in. I also have two of the airbrush cleaning bottles that you can spray into to remove anything in the brush. One I use when I'm cleaning out the cup. They way I clean my cup is this: first I get a small spray bottle with an adjustable nozzle and set it to 'stream' and I fill it with Lacquer thinner. You can use any cleaning medium you wish. The small spray bottle I use can be gotten from one of those stripper kits for stripping shellac from wood surfaces. After clearing the interior of the airbrush by spraying it into one cleaning bottle; I then tip the airbrush cup over the mount of one of the cleaning bottles and spray the stream of thinner in the cup, letting it run out and into the cleaning bottle. I keep spraying until it runs clean. Then I add some more thinner/cleaning agent to the cup, cover the needle end with a paper towel and backflush the brush. I then pour out the remainder and spray the remaining interior cleaner into the other cleaning bottle. I repeat until the backflush comes clear. After that; if I still need to break it down to clean, I do. Sorry I couldn't be more help with the rest of your questions. Hopefully soon, others will be here to offer more excellent advice.
  14. Thanks Kevin! As I'm already building two other tank transporters, I should be starting that Japanese one soon. Hey Gil! Do you want me to send a couple back? I don't often use Gloss Black, so let me know.
  15. Thanks Tony! I've always loved that gun myself; I'm so thrilled it's finally been released in my preferred scale.
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