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  1. Mark Deliduka

    Maddog Manufacturing 2017 Production Line

    Well, it's been over a month and I finally have some time to post what I've gotten done in all that time. Let's start again with my aircraft. Some time ago I got some extra decals for my Boeing 737. I then added some decal film to them to help insure they don't break up too much. Finally, I managed to get one side on to repair the damaged ones that were already there: That has also been clearcoated for protection, and later I'll try the other side. I was surprised at how long that decal took to loosen up! Moving along, I did the radar dome on the night fighting Hellcat I'm building for someone: I need to clearcoat those parts and get the decals on this model. Moving on, I worked on my two helicopters. The Nigerian Hind was first. I assembled the main rotors first: Then I added the landing gear and gear doors: This is a test fit to see how it all sits. All I need is a bit of paint touch up; the ordinance and eventually, a canopy: I also worked on my Australian HAP Tigre; getting the main rotors done and the whole thing clearcoated for decals: Here it is with the decals on, and the canopy masking off: Later I noticed that the little beastie wasn't sitting right; she was leaning to one side. So, I turned it over, cut one of the landing gear and added a shim to the strut. That is the white thing you see here: Finally, this one was almost done. I added the ordinance, the main and tail rotors, and a tail wheel from another kit since this one had gotten lost; and then touched up some of the paint. All that is needed on this is the "eyeball" on top of the cockpit and the gun beneath the nose: That completes the aircraft, now to bring it down to the ground.... To start with, I base coated the M-992: I was going to fix the tracks some, but I'm tired of this thing sitting on the bench. I'll be hand painting the camo pattern on this later. Next I decided to get the tracks on the Russian BREM. I started by adding some links to the drive sprocket and then cementing that on the hull, as indicated by the instructions: After some more work, I got one run of tracks done: One more run to do and I'll be ready to close this up and paint it. Next I primed the Italian Lince: After that dried, I shot it with a coat of pale OD as a base: The back roof brace broke off, as I was sure it would, so later on when I'm almost done, I'll make a new one from styrene rod. Next I went to work on my WWI MACK truck. First I shot the green back on the roof of the cab where I'd filled and sanded the seams: Next, I was not happy with the looks of the tilt. I started by doing some sanding to remove some seams and then brought out my putty and filled all the seams, sink marks and gouges I'd made before: Some time later, I got everything as smooth as I wanted: I then gloss coated the chassis and cab for decals and shot a new Field Drab color on the tilt. It all looks much better now: Now I just need to decal this, dullcoat it, then assemble the last detail parts and weather it and I'll have another MACK truck. Since I was dabbling in WWI subjects, I finished painting the pattern on my WWI 8-inch artillery gun: This just needs some weathering and it'll be done. Finally! Since I was hand painting camouflage patterns, I decided it was time to finish the armored train engine too. I had started with the green before and now I finally got it all done: After that, I added the brown: This one just needs a bit of weathering also and I'll have it finished. Hopefully soon. Moving on out to my shipyards, we find the Izumo getting some attention. I had masked off the flight deck so it was time to shoot the lighter grey: It's almost impossible to see in those pics so you'll have to take my word for it. Here's the island after I finished painting it too: Later the masking came off. I was extremely pleased at how well this looked: I dry-fit the island to see how it looks: I was most impressed with how seamless the join was on this. Excellent molding! After that, I decided to build the lower hull. I added the sonar dome, rudders, strakes and screws to the underside. I'm still not sure I'll add this to the model, but at least it will be completed if I do: Later on, I painted the funnels and then cemented the island down on the deck. I then added most of the detail parts to the deck and island. I left off all the tall, thin antennas and masts that would end up breaking off as I worked on this further. Now this is ready for touch up paint and clearcoat for decals: That completes the run of progress I've gotten done so far. I hope to finish up at least four of these in the next week, and possibly another few by the end of the year. Here's hoping! Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.
  2. Mark Deliduka

    The Duke's Ten Latest Models. Six Aircraft Here

    Thank you Chris! I'd forgotten about these.
  3. Mark Deliduka

    IPMS/USA National Convention 2020

    Good to know. Thanks for clearing that up. I guess I was thinking of someone else.
  4. Mark Deliduka

    Completed Dragon 1/35th scale UH-1N.

    Thanks Bradley!
  5. Mark Deliduka

    1/48 Accurate Miniatures B-25B

    This is awesome! I'm gonna enjoy following this.
  6. Mark Deliduka

    1/48 Tamiya F-117A Nighthawk

    Brilliant work! Very nicely done!
  7. Mark Deliduka

    Completed Dragon 1/35th scale UH-1N.

    Beautiful work! Man that is impressive; the panel washes really make this pop. I'd love to see closeups of the door gun mounts; I want to try and replicate that in 1/72 scale for some of my Hogs.
  8. Mark Deliduka

    New Airfix Blehheim IV, 1/72

    Beautiful work Ron! Thanks for posting this and pointing everything out.
  9. Mark Deliduka

    Capturing the moment

    Hmmm, I should do one of these for my American Army. Beautiful job man!
  10. Mark Deliduka

    Another Aircraft From the Duke

    Thanks Gil! Yes, those are Firestreaks. I could have done them better but I just wanted to get this finished. For such a small and simple kit, this took far longer, and had more go wrong than expected.
  11. Mark Deliduka

    Another Aircraft From the Duke

    Thanks Chris! I appreciate that.
  12. Mark Deliduka


    It might not be until closer to the convention. Stay tuned on their website and they'll announce it soon enough. I think it's great that you already have something done for this next convention. Way to go!
  13. Mark Deliduka

    1/48 Tamiya F-117A Nighthawk

    Brilliant work man! That cockpit looks like I can slip right in and start flippin' switches! Way to go!
  14. Mark Deliduka

    The Duke's Latest Aircraft

    Thanks Chris! It is an attractive paint scheme. Thanks Glenn! Flames do look good on this plane.
  15. Mark Deliduka

    Good Plastic Model Sailing Ship??

    Looking forward to seeing them. Thanks for posting them.