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  1. Welcome Eugene! I'm glad to see you on these boards. I am hoping you post pics of your Arizona; I love watching people build that ship. Have fun and enjoy the other posts here.
  2. Excellent. I look forward to seeing your Aerosan built.
  3. Thanks Gil! I'm thrilled with your reply; I was sure it was obvious how difficult this was. Now when I finish my Gotha, Waco and Horsa gliders I'll have one from all the major combatants in WWII Thanks Chris! Doing my best!
  4. Magnificent work. Way to go!
  5. Sweet Rick! I never knew they had a 1/35th scale model of this. Please do build it; I'd love to see it built.
  6. Another brilliant silk purse! Way to go Ron!
  7. Thank you Rick. Yes, there are some pics with these sleds having the red strips. Apparently even with the guards, people were getting hit by those props so they added the safety stripes.
  8. Thank you Bill. It is an interesting bird that I never knew the Soviets had. I appreciate the compliments given how short run this model is.
  9. Brilliant work Kevin! That is amazing!
  10. Thanks Bob! As for the Cold War logic, there's at least one nuclear delivery capable vehicle in that collection up there....😉😎 Thanks again for the great comment! Ron, thanks! Part of the reason I did all of those trucks at the same time was because of the repetitive nature of assembling the same chassis and suspension over and over. I just wanted to get all those chassis and suspensions done and everything else just fell into place. Thank you again for the compliment too. I do enjoy this Hobby!
  11. Wow, that is so cool seeing inside that thing. Amazing!
  12. Beautiful work Rick! That is an exquisite model of a most interesting aircraft I knew nothing about. Thanks for the history with it as well as these awesome pics.
  13. Welcome Rick! I look forward to seeing your work on these boards. Glad you joined us.
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