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  1. It's been awhile since I've been here with enough time to follow everyone and due to so many issues, events, small jobs and other incidences; I have been very neglectful in checking out and commenting on anyone else's work. For that I apologize; it has been so hard to find the time to just enjoy the Forums. This coming week will be another extended absence as well due to a long and arduous job I'll be doing, so if I don't reply right away, you know why. I don't know how many people take my 'tours', but here is an update from the last month or so, whenever I was able to find some time at home and at Hobby Day events to get something done. That being said, this might be a bit of a long tour so all aboard the trams and remember to keep hands and feet inside at all times. Our first stop in the Hangar..... Our first stop shows the Me-110 cockpit assembly finally painted. It may not be the most accurate color but it's the closest I have and I want this finished so this is what I used.: Decals go on this instrument panels so that will be next before I close this up and start painting. Next, two Spitfires were started. These were from Saul, and so I pulled them out and we started them while waiting for other things to dry. First is the Mk.VIII, starting with the cockpit of course: Later for ease of handling while painting, we cemented the cockpit assembly into one of the fuselage halves: While that was drying, we cemented the wing tops to the lower wing section: In the next bay, we have the Mk.XIVC, which also had the cockpit assembled and then cemented into one of the fuselage halves: Followed by the same wing assembly as before: Yeah, not too much was done here, but some good progress was made. Now let us head on out to the Shipyards.... Here in the Shipyards, all the work has been focused on the small torpedo boat craft since some of them are so close to being completed. The first one is the German Schnellboot, which has been fighting us all the way. Final detail parts were added and some rigging was done, but I decided to leave off some parts that are just extra stuff. It's slowly getting closer: That is one long boat! As of now, we won't be able to complete this until I find the screws to it which I had in place ready to install, and they completely disappeared. I have to wait until they're found before I can call this one finished: Moving along, the British Vospers 71 foot boat got final detail painting, some rigging and some last details installed: The white styrene rods are rigging that we're using instead of thread because we could not get the thread to look right. At least this; when painted black, will simulate rope better. Once that is done, final decals and finishing will be done. Finally, in this last slipway, we have the Vospers 73 foot boat. Lots of seams needed filling and lots of extra parts were installed as well: All of that was painted and now all that is needed are the decals, rigging and weapons: That completes the tour of the Shipyards, now on to the Motor Pool..... Here in the Motor Pool, there is a lot that has been happening. With the influx of new kits, we went to work to get as many of these built as fast as possible. Our first bay holds one of the two SCUDs, this one is the SCUD C. The driver's cab was completed and windows installed: With that completed, we installed all four body assemblies onto the chassis: We can't go much further on this one until the sprue with the correct launcher arms are found. The ones I currently have are for the early SCUD B and this is the -C. Meanwhile, we got the launcher arms assembled and installed for the SCUD 😧 Yes, it does elevate and I forgot to get pics of it fully elevated. All that is needed now are the missiles to be painted, windows masked so we can start with Silly Putty and paint to add the other two camouflage colors. In the next bay, we started the FROG-7 missile truck. Ever since seeing this in some larger scale when I was a kid, I've always dreamed of having this as part of my 1/72 scale collection. Finally, thanks to Trumpeter, that dream is becoming reality. We started of course with the driver's cab, building the interior and testing it with the cab shell: Next all the rest of the rear parts were added to the chassis: Preliminary paint and the final launcher arm assembly was added next: This arm elevates vary nicely: After the interior of the cab was painted, the windows were installed and the cab was painted outside; the whole sub-assembly finally added to the rest of the truck: The missile itself was then completed and left to dry on the sprue: Later it was removed and tested on the launcher arm. Additional rear body parts were added as well to complete construction as much as possible for the next coat of paint: This one is coming close! In this next bay, we got started on the SA-4 Ganef, starting with these wonderfully complex missiles: Next was the lower hull and tracks, which were molded into one piece with the outer road wheels molded separately: The complex launcher arms were next, they do work well when assembled: The upper hull was completed with all but the most breakable parts, the launcher arm was added; and the whole thing was dry fit to the lower hull. Then for fun, we added the missiles to see how this ungainly vehicle was going to look: That is where this is so far. I do have a lot of missiles that we need to get painted, so someday when I have the spare time; there's going to be a missile painting marathon! Finally the last bay here contains the US Army D-7 Dozer that we got in. First assembly was the surprisingly detailed little engine: Next were the tracks. Again, simple assembly, but very nicely detailed: Now since most of this needed to be painted before any assembly of the main body could be done, we went ahead and built the dozer blade itself: Now after some preliminary painting again, we started building this up. First, the engine was added to the main body: Then the driver's seat and the rear section were added: Final assembly, painting and early weathering were done next: The track assemblies were weathered next so we could get it in places we wouldn't be able to reach when these tracks were installed: Once done, these were installed on the dozer itself: The dozer blade was then snapped into place: Looks great doesn't it? The blade will be weathered later and then installed. This little model was a blast to build; just so you know what I was dealing with, here it is next to the Exacto blade I used for removing the more delicate parts: Pretty darn small! That concludes our tour of Maddog Manufacturing for today. Thank you all for stopping in, your patronage and comments are most appreciated.
  2. Thanks Carlos! I got more since these: I apologize for being so absent lately; so many things have happened: so much has been suffered; a game convention out of town was worked; and some extra work came my way; all of which has kept me away from these boards and way out of the loop. I haven't stopped building though, so progress will hopefully be posted soon. Meanwhile, here are some of the things I picked up, or were sent my way... First is these decals for M113 APC's from Vietnam so I can dress up a few that I have, or possibly use them on other vehicles: Here's more decals so I can make a Marine Corps M48 Patton too: Now to find another 1/72 scale M48A3..... Another acquisition is this speed control for my Dremel. This also came with a nice engraver and some extra fuses too: An added surprise was these two 1/72 scale Spitfire fighters, different marks: These were a most unexpected and highly pleasant surprise! Finally, almost four months later my Christmas order from Hobby Easy came in! These are what I ordered, all in 1/72 scale: Orange Models Bulldozer D-7: Trumpeter Russian SA-4 Ganef: Trumpeter Russian FROG-7: And another Dragon M1293 Stryker Dragoon. I had already gotten one in another order from another company because I forgot that I'd ordered this from Hobby Easy so it went to a friend: Finally, after another job paid me, I was able to order this Takom M1070 Gun Truck that I wanted: And that is all I got from the end of April till now. Hopefully soon, I'll be able to post some progress pics of some of the models I've been working on in between all the craziness I've been going through this past month. Thanks for understanding guys!
  3. I'll have to look into something like this, I have a Concorde that needs windows added to the openings in the fuselage....
  4. Wow, amazing pictures again! I cazn't express my appreciation enough for these. Yeah, I did drive across Texas on Interstate 10 as I was moving from Florida to California. I stayed for a couple weeks with a friend in San Antonio, but subtracting all that time there, my total driving time was over 18 hours! I almost felt like I was going to drive over the edge of the world before I ever left Texas! It's such a great state! I loved staying in San Antonio!
  5. Thank you Carlos! Yeah, I have to buy a B-4 kit first, but I will continue to watch this come together in the meantime. This is sensational work!
  6. Thank you Gil! Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get this room back into shape! Like you said though, it is well worth it once it happens! Right now, I'm going through a ton of parts containers trying to condense like parts into one container each instead of having them scattered throughout five or six. Stay tuned I hope to have more progress to show soon. I have about four motor torpedo boats that I am so close to finishing!
  7. Well, gee, if I'm going to make a complete idiot of myself, I might as well do it right, yeah? Go big or go home! Thank you for the clarification, I don't know what I was thinking.. These pictures are fantastic I love being able to watch this happen here since I would never have the opportunity to see this in person. I love the shot of Columbus' ship; I was on the Santa Maria replica moored in the river in the middle of Columbus Ohio. What a blast!
  8. Dave that is another masterfully finished model! You sure have some mad skills man!
  9. Magnificent work! man, I love watching your build threads!
  10. Despite having a complete upheaval in my hobby room, rendering it impossible to work in; I did manage to finish one model. And this is a 'historical' event as well, in a manner of speaking. I've built at least ten UM Model kits; and started six UM Models Sherman kits. Until now, none of those Sherman kits were able to be finished. This is the first UM Models Sherman kit that I have ever finished. Granted, there's a lot wrong with it that I could not get past, but I am simply thrilled that I actually finished it! Here is my 1/72 scale UM Models M4A1 Sherman with M17 rockets: This was weathered with Tamiya weathering powders, and the rocket launcher on top does elevate: Some more shots from different angles, as always: That's all for now. I do hope to finish a number of motor torpedo boats that are just thaaaaat close to being done. Stay tuned, and thank you for checking in to see this.
  11. Awesome scores guys! Recently I received some late birthday money, so I set out to get a few things I'd been putting off. First was these two kits I picked up on sale at Hobbylink Japan: 1/72 scale Scimitar Mk.2: ...and this 1/72 scale Ford Model A car: And since my compressor went on the fritz and I was afraid the repair cost was going to be high; I bought something I wanted for awhile: a more powerful, longer lasting portable airbrush from Spraygunner: I got that on sale, and they even threw in an extra airbrush cleaning kit! Then at Hobby Day Monday this past couple days, a friend of mine who realized he was not going to be building and painting models anymore brought in all this for me. All of this was given to me for FREE!! First is this old school Dremel and old school soldering iron: Next was something I had been wanting for quite some time now: I finally have a decent spray booth: Oh, did I mention it was collapsible and portable? That was the booth in the closed, portable condition, here it is all opened up: Brand spanking new, never been used. Speaking of never been used, He also gave me a big box containing in part, these three airbrushes. One is a single action external mix suction feed brush like a Paasche. It has a .8 needle in it. The next one is a double action, gravity feed with a .3 needle in it, followed by another double action, gravity feed brush with a .2 needle in it! All are still in the original boxes! This also included an extra air hose and an instruction booklet on how to airbrush. Yes I will be keeping that and reviewing it occasionally. Each airbrush also includes an adapter to attach to any air hose available: The other part of that big box contained this brand new, never-been-used compressor, along with a an instruction booklet and an airbrush holder that fits on the compressor. An extra addition not in the box is the airbrush cleaning pot that he gave me, along wit a couple things not shown: a large bottle of airbrush cleaner and a smaller bottle of sewing machine oil: Wow, Maddog Manufacturing got quiet the upgrade thanks to a great friend! I can't wait to finish organizing the Hobby Room so I can break in all these fantastic new tools! God is good!!
  12. That is so cool! I do hope they leave her in Galveston alongside the Lady Lex near the cruise ships. USS Iowa is next to the cruise ship loading docks and they get tons of traffic from them. Thank you for these pics, looking forward to seeing more.
  13. Wow! Welcome to the Forums and brilliant 'calling cards' you've posted! Looks like you have some mad skills! I'm also a part time tabletop gamer that builds models, still from the looks of that outstanding Maus; you'll fit right in here!
  14. Sensational work Dave! That is amazing!
  15. Here is the latest tour of Maddog Manufacturing. First, we'll show you some of the renovations being done to help improve things. This has been a long time coming. So, all aboard the trams and remember to keep hands and feet inside; especially now with all the renovation construction debris everywhere... This is what was done first, rendering the 'plant' unusable for a while. This is the one side of the room where my workbench and staging area are: The reason for this? Right here. I have some new shelves that will be holding so many things in a far more organized manner. This is the view from the door. You can see half of my armor tubs already in place along with a few other things; some of which will not stay there: Later on, I re-positioned my wife's sewing cabinet (after removing her sewing machine) into a new position to hold more model kits in a more organized manner. I also added a long shelf along the side in front of my model shelves for the purpose of holding even more model kits. This is on the opposite side of the new shelves facing the closet: Then I placed the remaining armor tubs on the one side of the long shelf board, along with some open boxes of models under construction. Using sturdy display boxes from Costco, I filled them with more models kits to organize them better, as well as a couple boxes of smaller in-progress models. The plastic totes behind the armor tubs are holding many, many parts that I will need to sort out and organize later: That was two days of work.I still have to clear the workbench and the chair I use as well as some of the rest of that side of the room before I can use it again. Until then, here is what we got done in between the two renovation days and at our weekly Monday Hobby Nights. Starting in the Hangar we can show the start of a new aircraft this is part of a mini group build on another boards. This is the Eduard Weekend Edition of the Me-110. Naturally, we started with the interior and cockpit: Then the wings and engine nacelles were built up: We then decided to place the interior inside the wing cavity for fun: We have a good amount of interior detailing and decals to add to that before we can close it up inside the fuselage. Now lets see what's going on in the Shipyards.... Here in the Shipyards a lot has been happening there, especially in the smaller slipways. To start with, the Vosper's 71 foot MBT, had the torpedo tubes and depth charges installed: The mount for the 20mm gun was lost, so I had to fabricate a new stand. I calculated wrong on height, which was discovered later when I found the original part: I'll have to decide later whether to remove my fabrication and use the original part later. Until then, all the remaining detail parts were added. All that is needed is the threads and the detail painting and this will be done: The original kit did not have hull number decals, only a flagsheet. I'm considering trying to find a hull number to add to this. Moving on to the next slipway, we had to do a marathon session of adding all the detail parts to the Vosper's 73 foot MBT due to the fact that the instruction sheet got stuck on a wayward piece of tape and practically disintegrated on one side with pieces falling off the other side: We were on a roll, so instead of trying to find and download a new set of instructions, some serious construction commenced while the instructions could still be (barely!) read: First, the bridge was built: We then installed that onto the main deck, trying to get it to glue into the proper position: We even tried a bit of persuasion, but this thing was stubborn: You can see how stubborn it was by how it looks here when we tried applying the deck to the hull. This shot shows the deck placed on the hull to see how much persuasion it was going to need too: That did need some persuasion but we applied a bit of glue to one section, allowed it to dry, then re-positioned the hull and deck to slowly glue it section by section into place. We then installed the railing around the forward gun. This was not so easy; the uprights were all individual pieces that had to be glued in place first, then the ring added later. Despite our best efforts, it isn't as pretty as it should look: I was still not satisfied with the bridge cabin, so drastic measures were taken. The whole thing was removed and disassembled: This time it was reassembled in situ right on the deck to insure everything lined up properly as it is supposed to do, starting with the troublesome side walls: Later, just before the glue seriously set, the interior was added to the side walls, lined up and glued in place with a great clamp providing extra support: After that dried, all the extra parts were installed at the stern of this boat; all but two of the mufflers because they both disappeared. They were too complicated for me to even consider scratching new ones so they got left off. The shafts, screws and rudders were also added at this time, hence the foam taped underneath to keep them from breaking off during handling: The main mast was completed next, but not installed yet. That thing is screaming to break at the slightest pressure so it's being held off untill the very last: Finally everything else was installed on the boat. Now for final touch ups, decals and thread and this will be finished too. Following that, we masked off the bottom of the Vosper's Perkasa MBT and shot paint over the hull. The superstructure sub assemblies also got the same paint, even though it isn't shown here: Later, we masked off the connection points on the deck and re-sprayed the green on the deck to make it a more uniform and solid color: Here it is all mocked up to see how it will (hopefully!) look: While we had that green out, we also shot it on the bottom of the hull for the Japanese PT-15, and we also shot the same grey over the PT-15 superstructure parts: Finally, we started the PT-109 some days ago, getting it all assembled (mostly) and removing the life raft mounts on the forward deck. We plan on mounting a 37mm cannon on the deck like so many pictures of Kennedy's boat show: This then got the overall OD green paint on it: That completes what's happening in the Shipyards, we'll make a brief stop in the Motor Pool where only one things was started and another moved closer to the finish line. Next door to that in the miscellaneous workshop, we have something else to check in on as well. Here in the Motor Pool, we started on a couple of simple Infantry Carts used by the Wehrmacht in WWII. It was something needed to clear the pallet. Assembly was quite straightforward; it includes two horses and troops. We did one of the horses and then built the carts. One cart has a couple mounting brackets for holding Panzershreks, while the other is supporting a self defense machine gun: Next, since we were shooting OD green on the PT-109, we also shot some on the M-4 Sherman sporting the M-17 rocket launcher on top of the turret: After a clear gloss coat, the decals went on: This tank did not sport the white stars originally. I just took some artistic license and added them as I think it makes this tank look better. Finally next door, we repainted the hood on the Packard, giving it a nice smoother and more consistent color: Later this was gloss coated for the shine: Meanwhile, the interior was built up: And that concludes this tour, thank you all for coming and remember comments are welcome.
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