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  1. Love that Jim! Hilarious! One idea: How about having the dioramas displayed sideways so both front and back can be seen. The side of the dio with less action/story could face the wall without any loss of effect on what people see in both front and back. Just a crazy idea.... I'll go back to my Hobby Room now.....
  2. Oh, okay. Thanks James; I'd forgotten about that one. Now I have to go see it...
  3. I would say that Jim summed up my attitude about contests in general and Nationals in particular in his final paragraph. I can't wait to see all you guys again and show off all the new models I built sine the last Nationals!
  4. Which interview and with whom? I never knew about one, but based on this, I'm glad I missed it!
  5. I found out about this when his wife responded to a Christmas card I had sent them, telling me about his passing. It was a terrible blow for me; he was one of those guys that I always wished I could spend more time with. I was always amazed at the thrill he got from seeing all my models at each convention I went to. It felt great and he always made me feel like my accomplishments in finishing what I did were tremendous accomplishments in his eyes. He will be sorely missed. Maybe this should be a lesson to all of us: spend as much time as you can with all those modelers who are special to you. Seek out the ones who's names you've seen but have never met and be sure to get to know them. You never know if that convention will be the last chance you'll ever have to do that. I am at least thrilled that I got to see and get to know Clare.
  6. Beautiful score Carlos! Glad you got what you needed. yeah, others have mentioned the same idea of duct tape on the flex section of the lamp. I'll be doing that soon.
  7. Sir Dog of Madness, come find me at the Nats. We need to catch up old friend.

  8. Brilliant idea and execution! Wow that is so cool! Great question too. Hmmm.....
  9. Hunter, it sounds like you've already got the technique down based on the grits you listed. Keep using those, and then cover the missile with a leveling type primer that fills all the tiny micro abrasions and you should be good to go.
  10. It has been awhile, but here is the finished Patton tank that I did for my Tribute Build in commemoration for all the friends I lost this past couple years: Chad Lebo aka Zod Cliff aka New Mex Rich Durham Carl aka Shellback, And Ken Tinsley whom I've heard has not been doing very well. This tank is done as one from his old unit. Here it is my 1/35th scale Dragon M-48A3 Patton tank; the second only 1/35th scale tank I ever built. (My first was a Pz-38t done when I was eight) Yes, the gun does look misaligned in this last pic; it is an optical illusion as I've already checked it for true. This tank will be part of the SoCal AMPS Group Build entry at the Las Vegas Nationals And there it is; thank you for looking in, comments are welcome.
  11. Recently we had our Distressed Kit Auction at my IPMS meeting to commemorate our first face-to-face meeting in 17 months. We called it "Christmas in July". With a small amount of money I earned on a small job recently, I supported the club with these purchases... No, these are not chocolates: But actually this tin contained the old Airfix HMS Iron Duke already started: I got this mostly for the tin since I have an Iron Duke finished, but I will still finish the battleship as a sister to the old Duke. Next I got some more Model Master paints; although this was the smaller container of them: Next was this desk lamp that was donated: After I tried to use it; I realized why it was donated: It barley stays up to shine the light where I need it! Anyway, moving on... Next I got this for free since everyone in the club knew that nobody would bid on it anyway: Finally I got a plane I've wanted and gotten outbid on in two other auctions; now I have one: Later, I saw a few things sitting on a side table with a sign that said "Free" so I picked this up: I guess someone moved on to something else and decided to leave it for someone else to continue using. I also picked up two brand new Paasche airbrushes and a compressor set together which I did not get a pic of. Those will be donated to our Hobby Day Hall for people to use at Hobby Days. Finally, I was helping my church with a fund-raising summer sale and boutique and I saw this book that I was gifted for all my help: I've already looked through it and it is really fantastic. That's all I have for now. Time to get back to the bench....
  12. That is fantastic that you were able to resurrect this kit so well and save it from the dumpster. You did magnificent! Way to go!
  13. I love it! This is really looking fantastic already! Beautiful interior work!
  14. Beautiful work once again! That is fantastic! Way to go Gil!
  15. I'll be looking forward to seeing that helicopter. I built one of those Fujimi Hogs some years back.
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