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  1. Oh man, I hope I get both of them! I never have the luck to get anything that is "limited supply"...
  2. Excellent information. Thanks for letting us all know once again.
  3. Wow, that is shiner than I ever achieved myself. Looks like the stuff works!
  4. I can do general people and such. I tend to do that anyway since I tend to show people who have no idea what a Nationals is like.
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing that Cutty Sark! That will be amazing! Welcome back to the Hobby!
  6. Most impressive! Keep it coming man!
  7. I'll have to see when I get there. We can meet up and then I can offer something then. I might want to do the display tables that will be set up.
  8. Thanks Gil! I actually have three buildings going now: the church, the Berlin House and a Train Station. None will be ready by the Nats but I am hoping to finish them all before years end.
  9. Excellent! That is fantastic as I now know you guys will put on a proper and excellent bid. I will look forward to seeing if you get it; I would love to be able to drive out to Vegas for this convention.
  10. I almost got that Revel 1/96 scale Saturn V kit since I completely despaired of anyone ever releasing it in 1/72 scale. Then; while searching for one to buy, I saw the Dragon 1/72 scale kit and got that one instead. Great looking model there man!
  11. What Gil said. I've used the Wal-Mart 96cent spray can of flat white on my white models like the Saturn V and Space Shuttle. I then clear coat it with gloss, then apply decals, Afterward I add another gloss coat or three and polish it with 8000 grit sanding pads.
  12. That is simply magnificent! Way to go! Thanks also for the heads up on that decal sheet.
  13. Wow! Amazing work! Way to go man!
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