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  1. Thank you Chris! Yes, for the first time I seem to be doing better and better, and some awards are more than expected. That does feel pretty good!
  2. Indeed, what a concept!🤣 Seems to be the best way to model to me!! 😜
  3. Despite difficulties and issues keeping me from the workbench; I still managed to squeeze some time in to finish some up. These are the latest armor models to be delivered to my armies. First up, my United States Army took delivery of this Armory Models 1/72 scale M-41 Walker Bulldog: I know there should be a Ma Deuce on top of that but the resin and photo-etch parts for that were just a bit too daunting for me to try right now. Later, when I can go through my parts stash, I'll find something easier to mount. Next, my Australian Army took delivery of this ACE 1/72 scale Centurion Mk.5LR: My British Army then took delivery of two vehicles. The first one was this ACE 1/72 scale Centurion Mk.5: The second vehicle that they received was this FV-4005 "JS Killer", based on the Centurion Hull: And now back to the bench to see how many more I can finish. Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.
  4. Time for another update tour; this one is a small one given how little time I got to spend on the workbench. Fortunately, I did manage to finish four models; you'll see them in the finished forums. I'll start with my aircraft, since all I did was to shoot another coat of white on them after fixing a few blatant blemishes. First was the Norseman: And then the Fokker F-27: My apologies for the pics there; they were taken in my 'spray booth'. Barring any unforeseen additional blemishes, I'll be gloss coating these soon. Now on to my armor, and another apology: I said I wouldn't have any more pics of my Centurions here, but then I realized I still had a ways to go on my Australian one. To start with, I'd forgotten to put the outer return rollers on the one side. Kinda need them since this tank has no skirts: After that I figured with all the moisture in South Vietnam where this operated; I would rust out the exhaust covers a bit: Moving on, I wanted to get some more progress done on another Centurion; this time the Israeli Sho't Kal Alef. I added the turret storage bins, the fenders and storage bins on them as well: After that, I re-started another two projects that I'd been neglecting, why; I don't know. They are so close to paint now so I finished up adding all the extra parts and adding the "open" hatch to the Type 89B: Type 89A: Type 89B: There are more detail parts to add later but they would break off during painting and handling so I am leaving them off till last. And finally, this last model that has been annoying me by being in the way all the time: my M-ATV. I cemented the interior to the chassis and then finished painting the interior so I could close this up: Before I could close it up, I had to add the photo-etch grill screen on the front of the hood: Finally, this beastie is all closed up and the rear bed is attached as well: I realized later that there was a photo-etch assembly that needed to be added to the interior. Oh well, it wouldn't have been seen anyway inside this thing with such tiny windows so I'm not bothered. Now to finish the upper turret, add the windows and some other detail parts before painting. That's it for now. Stay tuned as I hope to have more to show later. Thank you all for looking in, comments are welcome.
  5. I know I sure did! LOL! Looking forward to seeing this in paint.
  6. I might even have a 1/48 scale Kitty Hawk UH-1 in my stash/sale pile. I'd have to check.
  7. Looking awesome already! He's going to love it. I hope you can get together with him soon; seven is a great age to start models!
  8. That is awesome Carlos! Way to go taking care of your great nephew this way. How old is the little tyke right now? Maybe when he gets old enough, you can take a model with you and build it with him before giving it to him, or give it to him to help you build it. Looking forward to seeing this later. Maybe get a shot of him so we can all see his smiling face when you give it to him.
  9. Thank you Bob! I wanted to catch all those angles, but the sheer size of this beast made it difficult to find a place I could shoot said pics! I finally did find a spot, and I thank you ever so much for confirming that I succeeded in what I set out to do.
  10. Most impressive realism here! Way to go Chris!
  11. Most impressive! You've surpassed me in quality on this little car! Way to go Kevin!
  12. Beautiful job and welcome to my world! Glad to see you tackle this.
  13. Thank you Carlos! Apologies for the late reply. Well, I did make it to Orangecon this year and this year I made personal history. I'd been entering and working Orangecon for 26 years now and this year I finally placed First in one of my categories. Orangecon 2021; First Place Small Scale Armor; 1946 and Later: I'm still blown away.
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