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  1. After some time, I managed to bring some models over the finish line. These are my three latest for this month. First my British Army has taken delivery of this 1/72 scale Roden Rolls Royce Pattern 20 Armored Car: Next, my Russian army has taken delivery of these two tanks: First, this 1/72 scale ACE IT-1 Drakon Anti-Tank Missile tank. This is based on a T-55 chassis: This next one is the 1/72 scale ACE T-62B main battle tank: With those last two Russian tanks completed, I have finally gotten that entire stack of eleven Russian tank kits out of the way. That stack of boxes is gone. I love it! These aren't the best I've done, not even close. I'm still practicing with Tamiya's weathering powders too. I'm not too happy, as I don't want my tanks looking so crazy dusty. It could also be that Tamiya's weathering powders are formulated more for 1/35th scale armor, which might be why it looks so heavy here. Hopefully someday I'll improve enough to satisfy my sense of aesthetics, or find another system that works better with 1/72 scale armor. Thank you all for looking in, comments are welcome.
  2. Once again, another short tour. Just haven't had enough bench time. Thanks to Hobby Day Mondays, I am able to catch up. This tour shows the latest progress we got done. Starting in the Hangar, we have a project that was started as a dual build with another guy on another Forums who's also building the same plane in 1/48 scale. Mine is in 1/72 of course. I started with the cockpit as usual, in particular the seat. This sub-assembly has nine parts in it and I still have to add the photo etch. The cockpit tub only has five parts: Here they are mated together: Letting that dry, we moved on to any other sub-assemblies we could do. The main landing gear bays needed to be assembled (3 parts each) and then we installed them inside the lower fuselage: There's some pretty sharp detail in there: After that, we completed the rear fuselage sans burner can. All that was needed was adding the tail feathers: There it sits until we can get to the photo etch.... Meanwhile, over here in the Motor Pool; we took a look at the Rolls Royce armored car. The decals on the turret roof were flaking off. Apparently the Solvaset didn't work that well. So, I decided that we should try some chipping technique using some light black to cover the missing decal parts. It's my first time ever trying this, so it is certainly far from being as refined as the Masters: That was almost done so we moved on to others. The Leopard 2A7 was almost completed before. This time, we finished adding the smoke dischargers to the turret and installing the tracks. This beastie is ready for paint: Finally, my Stryker MGS was painted and the wheels installed: Just have to add the decals and then weather this one and it will be done. That's it for this short tour. Once again, comments are welcome and thank you for taking the time to tour Maddog Manufacturing!
  3. LOL! It tasted like cough syrup to me. I'll stick with blue. I still enjoy looking at a well build model!
  4. Wow Brilliant work on those P/E parts! Nice smooth work!
  5. Good thing I have a good supply of Blue Pills! Yeah, I agree with you about Thunderbolt was way too over the top.
  6. Interesting idea! Never thought of that, even though I've worked with tile grout before. Wow, nice work!
  7. LOL! I just noticed that Ron! I'll have to see how to move threads again. It's been quite some time since it was needed.
  8. Oh man, alternate universes. That is one thing that most annoys me about so many of these Sci-Fi stories/sagas. It sure makes things confusing sometimes, and frustrating at times when they focus on the alternate universe at the expense of the original. Things are crazy enough in this universe anyway! LOL! Keep them coming Joshua!
  9. I have the four-kit World Cruiser set so it would be interesting to see something done for that. However, that being said; I couldn't afford it so if someone else wants it, I'll try to pick on up later.
  10. It's been awhile, so time to start another tour. There's a bit more to show here so all aboard! We'll be diverting this tour slightly to stop by the parts warehouse first. There you'll see some of the behind the scenes work we've been doing to organize, condense and streamline all the excess parts that get left over or left off the various models that we do. We started with the small container holding pioneer tools and other accessories. They were all painted as best we could and then the many that were still attached to sprue parts were removed from them. That way, all the tools and accessories are free and ready for use. Before we started, the container was practically bulging from all the parts in it. After removing all the sprue parts, this is what we have: The next box was the weapons box. This holds all the rifles, machine guns, hand held anti-tank rockets, tripod mounted weapons, mortars etc. Once again, they were painted and then most of them were removed from the sprue parts. Some of the sprue sets had ammo crates that are supposed to attach to the machine guns. They were put in that small glass vial at the top left. Again, before this, everything could barely fit due to the large quantity still attached to sprue parts. There's quite a bit more of them than the tools, but still, loads of room for more: This is the small box containing the sprue parts we snipped off all those tools and weapons. They don't look like much, but they sure did take a lot of room: That container is considerably deeper than that pic suggests. Wait till we start on my stowage parts box! Okay, it doesn't matter much, but I just wanted to show why productivity has dropped lately. That took considerable time and was very needed. Now on to the production buildings where we finally did get a few more things moving forward. We'll start once again in the Hangar where one small project was started as a 'palette cleanser' so to speak. In here we got started on a German Horten flying wing. This is the new Revell boxing that we received as a gift. First part of course is the cockpit: Here's a shot of the instrument panel that will be getting a decal later: Then this was flipped and the engine exhaust cones were added: On the bottom of part of the fuselage, the cannons were added and the framework around the forward landing gear bay I believe: The wings were then assembled and now here is where we are before detail painting starts: Now on to the Motor Pool. Lots was done here, starting with the finding of the missing wheels for the Rolls Royce Armored car: These were later added to the car, but the front axle broke (it's a Roden!!!) so I didn't get any pics of them until after I'm sure it has dried solid enough to hold the car. Moving on, we went back to a Shelf Queen that had been sitting for three years now. The reason was because of the extreme (for me!) difficulty in mounting the wheels and suspension. I swear these must have been torn off and/or torn apart at least five times each time until we finally found out how they were supposed to go. I came to the conclusion the fenders we'd glued on earlier were causing all manner of trouble so we popped them off to finish this. Almost three hours hours after starting this again, here is the result: Looks like a dead bug lying there like that. We had to reinstall several interior parts that had broken off in the fight to mount these right. That was enough of that! I then set upon a much easier kit to do; this time it was a dual kit of two Japanese armored scout cars that we started. These are from the air self defense force, most likely used for perimeter patrol around air bases. They went together fast; here is where they ended up before I remembered to photograph them: Later on we painted the interior with the base Green Drab using a brush. While we were at it, we also painted the bodies as well: Next we painted the extra detail pieces (wheels, window frames, etc) to have them ready to install later: That is where we left off on those. We then went back to the last two Russian tanks I have left to build. Starting with the Drakon IT-1, we installed the tracks on the wheels and sprockets. You can see this is one of ACE's earliest kits by the roughness of the molding: Here it is all mocked up, ready for paint: We later shot paint on this. I had found a rattle can of the Dark Green I use, and sprayed with it. That was an ordeal as the can would not stop spraying once it got started. Therefore we only sprayed an incomplete coat, while catching the remainder in a clean bottle to use later: The next one was the T-62B. Tracks were installed here too, as well as fuel cans on the back end: This got the rattle can treatment as well: You can see we had started spraying this one as it has a more complete coat. That was a far as I could go with those so I decided we should start a couple more vehicles. Since we were doing tanks, it was time to get started on the last Leopard I need to complete the entire Leopard line...until they bring out a new version.... The torsion bars all had to be individually installed. While they were drying we assembled all the wheels while they were still on the sprues. You can see the start of that here: Then the upper hull and rear plate were done with all the additions needed, including photo-etch: Later the wheels were added, but we left the drive sprockets off until it was time to start the tracks: The turret was completed next. I like how they molded the anti-slip coating right on the turret: Here it is mocked up, almost ready for paint: Finally, one last vehicle we started was this Trumpeter HEMMTT LHS (Load Handling System). I'd had it on my list of models to start so it was time. Naturally, we started with the chassis; as always with these big trucks. Trumpeter's chassis was all one piece making it easier to assemble than the Modelcollect version of this type of truck: Next was the interior of the cab. Fast and easy: Next we assembled the engine cover. Once again, Trumpeter molded the cover and deck it sits on as one piece, all that was needed was to add all the detail parts. Much simpler than Modelcollect, while not compromising any detail: Next we assembled the load handling system itself. This was a bit difficult due to the vagueness of the diagram. Looks impressive though: Then the bed of the LHS was added to complete it: Finally, we assembled the container box...all two pieces of it. I then mocked it up on the truck; it fits well: Moving on to our Shipyards, we find that the main gun turrets of the Italian battleship Vittorio Venetto have been completed: First we checked how one of the small turrets sat on the deck: We then test fitted one of the largest ones and the four smaller ones on the ship: With her boats installed and the main turrets and superstructure mocked up in place, she was finally launched and sent to the dock for final fitting out: There is still some photo-etch parts to add, as well as some other details. I also need to find the scout plane they say was packed in this kit, but I never saw it anywhere. I might just be overlooking it. Once most of these are added, we'll be able to start painting. And that completes this tour for today. Thank you all for looking in, comments are welcome.
  11. That rocks man! What a sensational kitbash! So seamless! I'm also a "just get it done" kind of guy as well, but mine never look this great when I get them done!
  12. Nicely done! Most impressive! I may be in the minority here but I like this version more than the later Thunderbolt version.
  13. Thank you Carlos! Yes, there is some rigging on this, but it's not as complete as I'd like. I'm just glad it's done.
  14. Outstanding! This should keep you busy for awhile!
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