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  1. Keith I agree, it is rather ugly; I almost didn't build it because of that. But I wanted a simple and fast kit to build that that fit the bill. Thank you for the compliment!
  2. I love ot! Beautiful detail painting and smooth camouflage
  3. Thank you Jean-Marc. So far it is good; I just have a whole mess of things going on and everything is coming to a head quickly.
  4. Wow, I'm dizzy looking at all this. I might have to take notes on how some of these smaller furnishing and other accoutrements are done so I can try to build them in my scale......if I can figure out how to scale them right....
  5. Wait for you?? Dude, you are so far ahead of me I'm looking at you coming up behind me to pass me a second time already! More to come soon, although it might be awhile. I got a perfect storm of stuff starting that will keep me away from the bench for at least a week, maybe longer.
  6. The work to increase my collection continues as two more vehicles roll off the assembly line for delivery to their respective armies. This first one is the SS Models second kit of the 1/72 scale M274 Mule, only I sourced a recoilless rifle from the spares box to make this a Marine Mule. Otherwise, everything is built as is from the box: And to give you an idea of how tiny this models is, here it is posed next to a Number 11 Exacto blade: And yes, there were at least 20 parts in the kit, not including the photo-etch, which has four parts attached. The second model I finished is a kitbash of the Trumpeter 1/72 scale T26-E4 Pershing to make it a T26-E4 Super Pershing. All of the add on armor, the stowage rails on the back and the capacitors on the top of the turret were scratch built by myself. It was the only way to get this in my collection, so I bit the bullet and got it done. I've since been informed that this particular tank is supposed to have the split loader's hatch, but I'm done and it's gonna stay inaccurate. I also took a bit of artistic license and added a couple stars to it, figuring if they were taking this into combat to try it out; they'd want the stars so this would not be taken out by 'friendly fire'. Here it is ready for delivery to my US Army: I don't know where that shiny spot came from in the second pic, it sure doesn't show to the Mk I eyeball, so I'll have to go over that with some more dullcote. Easy fix. Thank you for looking in, comments are welcome.
  7. After some long and sometimes difficult effort my Tamiya 1/72 scale Japanese PT-15 has been completed and is now ready for commissioning. There are a few parts that are still missing, but they are minor enough I can overlook them until I fond them. Here she is ready for delivery to my Japanese fleet: Thank you all for looking in, comments are welcome.
  8. Here is my latest aircraft completed this month. This is the ancient Matchbox kit of the Swedish SAAB J-29 in 1/72 scale. I used the kit's original decals to complete it. Sprayed with a rattle can of metallic aluminum: Thank you all for looking in, comments are welcome!
  9. Time for another short tour of Maddog Manufacturing today! Anyone wishing to join this one, feel free to board the trams and remember to keep all arms and legs inside at all times. Our first stop in the Hangar, has a couple projects going. In this first bay, we got the interior of the Cessna 172 painted up and the instrument panel detailed: Later it was fitted inside the fuselage. You'll note I tried something different, masking the windows before installing them: This will be painted and decaled later. In the next bay, we got the pilot figure of the Swedish Tunnen painted, as well as some other cockpit detail: Later, all was closed up, masked, and shot with silver basecoat. Decals went on next: Yes, those are the original kit decals. They went on surprisingly well considering their age. However, some still required some 'persuasion' in the form of Tamiya Extra Thin cement. In this final bay, we didn't get much done on the JRS-1, but the main canopy was masked and installed. A few more detailed parts to add and this will be ready for basecoat: While that was drying, we decided to get the engines installed inside the cowlings: And that is our tour of the Hangar for now, on to the Shipyards. Here in the first slipway, we are starting a new destroyer for a Group Build for anything that floats on another boards. This is what was chosen: The keel was laid down and the bridge sections and forward superstructure were built up. The rear stack and structure are only dry fit at this time: It doesn't show here but the rear superstructure is cemented down and additional detail parts were added. We're hoping to get paint on this soon: In the next bay, we have been trying to get this massive Japanese PT boat out of the slipways and out to her base so extra work has gone into this. First off, all the railings have finally been rigged: Later, all the extra additional parts were added to the superstructure. The main mast is only dry fit here for removal to prevent breakage later: This is when I realized that the one side of the superstructure was missing parts that would normally block the view of the interior, so we scratched up some bulkheads for that side. It's a good thing I hadn't glued down the main superstructure: After that was trimmed and painted, windows were installed and some additional touch up painting was done: Superstructure was then re-installed in a dry fit and additional hull detailed were painted. There's still lots to do on this but it is getting closer to being done: The frustrating thing about this is it gives me stickers, not decals and they are all on a single piece of glossy plastic. I'm not sure what to do about that at this time. Anyway, that concludes the tour of the Shipyards; now on to the Motor Pool. In the Motor Pool here, we have been trying to get things caught up on some projects, and started a couple more. In this first bay, we finally managed to get the superstructure of this French gun fully assembled. It took a bit of a fight, with us having to remove almost all of it and rebuilding it: Later we installed all the broken wheels back on and then added the tracks when they were dry: We may get this painted soon, along with about seven other projects. In this next bay is another project I've been wanting to do for a good long time. It was about time to start on this US Marine M274 Mule with a recoilless rifle on it. Basic assembly was easy: This model is barely an inch long. Later I'll post a pic of it with an Exacto blade so everyone can get an idea of how small this is. Later on the detail parts were added and the photo-etch parts installed. After they were dry, we started on the photo-etch railing around the bed: Eventually, the railing got installed all the way around: The recoilless rifle was only dry fit so off it came to be painted separately, while we painted the rest of the vehicle: That one is about ready for completion. That being said, let's look into the next bay where we started a German flatcar again, only this one is sporting a 128mm anti-aircraft gun. The bogies were started first, we did one, then the other: There are some extremely delicate pats in there that don't necessarily fit well in that so you can see why we delayed doing the second one for a bit: After that the basic flatcar was assembled: While that was all drying, we started on the gun, making the barrel first: Several detail parts later and after the trunnions were built, this gun is starting to look like an AA gun: We then built the mounting box for this and dry-fit it on the flatcar: The gun mount was the added to the gun sub-assembly and now it's looking more like it should: Again it's only dry fit so we were able to get some additional parts on it to complete the sub-assembly: Finally, we got started on trying to replicate a wood colored base. I'm only partially pleased with the result; more experimentation will be needed: And that concludes our tour of Maddog Manufacturing once again. Thank you all for joining the tour; I hope you enjoyed it. Comments are always welcome.
  10. Magnificent! Thank you for the memories too! Beautiful work!
  11. Wow, just a "quick build" he says! I am so overwhelmed at the quality of your bare metal finish! Way to go Gil!
  12. Wow! Magnificent job, especially on a garage-sale score! I love the incredible mottling on this plane!!
  13. Mark Deliduka


    Way to go Fred! Your paint work is pristine!
  14. This past month, my Shipyards have been busy, and the result is these four new ships added to my Navies. First up is my 1/400 scale Mirage Tarantul-class German Missile Boat Hiddensee: This is followed by my 1/700 scale IBG Hunt-class destroyer escort HMS MIddleton: Next up is my 1/700 scale Hasegawa Japanese luxury cruise liner Nitta Maru: Finally, my 1/500 scale Renwal USS Shangri-La aircraft carrier, complete with Regulus missiles on board: And that's it for June's ship launching, thank you all for looking in, comments are welcome!
  15. Thank you Keith! I didn't either until I picked it up in our Distressed Kit Auction. I've even started another Matchbox kit that I didn't know they issued: the Swedish Tunnen.
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