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  1. When I say dioramas are often marginalized, this is the sort of silliness that is the basis for that attitude. Dak
  2. As I said, I grok all this. I priced a convention at Harrahs about ten years ago. I still think putting dioramas against the wall is a mistake and by basing the argument on power needs, you are granting special treatment to a small group at the expense of others. I think a couple thousand words explaining all this would make a good article in the Journal. Let people actually know the problems you face. Everything is set now, so making an issue about it at this late date is unnecessary and puzzling. Dak
  3. Jim, Again you are are being unnecessarily pedantic. I know all this and and am just speaking in general terms for people who are familiar with the problems. Perhaps you should write up a piece for the Journal explaining all this to those who have never been involved with putting on a contest. I made a suggestion for a possible change or future events and that is all. However, your remark shows how for one or two people an entire group must suffer so a few can have special treatment. That is why I say put those that need power in their own spot. I know in past events some big entries got separated form their category with no problems with judging. You guys are making way more out of this than I am and frankly, you are sounding overly defensive. It is as if you are trying to justify some careless oversight. Dak
  4. I did not say--- Every event has its own special challenges. All I am doing is suggesting dioramas are better served when they are out in the middle of the room where people can see them from different angles. This should not be taken as an insult to those doing all the hard work to put on the show. However, as with so many things, there is never change unless someone says something. There is always a tendency to do things the same old way because we have always done it that way. We have created a system which will more than likely increase the number of dioramas and I know some were unhappy with their model being literally hidden behind other dioramas. I have seen many venues where there are power outlets out in the center of the floor. If access to power is the issue, perhaps this should be a consideration when choosing a contest room, in the future. Not always possible, I'm sure, but something to consider. I will lose no sleep if the dioramas are against the wall and I expect no change at this date. Hopefully we will all have fun, but I will continue to say the models are badly judged unless I win.😜 Then, of course, I will wax poetic about the fine quality of the judges and their superb esthetics. Dak
  5. I have seen an OOTB nominated for a best of award. It may have won, too. It was some years back, and I’ve slept since then. The problem with Gil’s GSB is that it requires judges to use a standard and that can be hard for some to grasp. Many can never see the flaws in their own work and resent having reality explained to them. While I find OOTB to be an archaic concept in this day and time, it is quite clear many want and expect it at a show. Dak
  6. Not mine. I have at least three ME walls. 🤣 Dak
  7. The biggest advantage to keeping the awards small is that it is easier to transport and place with the model at home. Big awards feed the ego nicely, but they take up a lot of space. Dak
  8. While I agree with Gil on a number for points, I still have to ask---how do you win a gold in out of the box? I still think it would be better simply to give an award to the best in a category. Don't worry about which of those is THE best. In one category you might only give one and in others multiple awards. I have been an advocate of the BODY OF WORK award. The more you bring would help towards an award. Of course, if you bring a lot of trash, it could hurt you. Dak
  9. In many ways I prefer a small medallion to a big trophy. Easier to carry and display with the model. Do not charge per entry, but just do a base fee for unlimited entries if you want a good turn out. If you decide to go for a point based GSB award system, make sure all the entrants understand how it works. Experience has taught me people assume all contests are the same and they aren’t. Dak
  10. You should consider how much work your group is willing to put into things. Using a GSB system based on points takes a lot of work. Not that the standard free range judging is easy, but establishing a point system and getting everyone on board is tricky. And as Nick pointed out, you must be willing to have some categories where no one gets gold. Even with a point system, someone still has to check the sheets for confusing things like 4 giving it a five and 1 doing a 2. The main difference is whether you want to judge the individual model or pick which are the best in a category. You might consider just doing an "award". Give out three or four in each category, but don't designate a place position. This could speed things up by not requiring the judges to pick a place line up. Dak
  11. This is the companion piece to Tiger 112 from my Shelf of Woe. 721 is of course the one they brought back to Aberdeen. I depict it here as it was in American hands. The tool clamps are all 3D resin. the stenciling is home made on the computer and should be whiter. Since I can't print white on my computer, I went as close to white I could get and still be able to see it. The main objective was to complete a kit for the abandoned stack. The Lieutenant is an S&T bust with an Alpine head and the driver is a Miniart body with an Alpine head. The B&W picture shows my source of inspiration. The question is whether it is now Allied armor or still German?😏 Dak
  12. I would say it is all subjective. At an air show at Tinker AFB in 1979, I saw an F4 Phantom with the rescue arrow applied off register. The imperfection interested me more than the pristine examples. If you want pretty pictures of the Grand Canyon, take them in the morning or evening. At midday everything it washed out. The same thing often applies to models. To be visually appealing, we do weathering and paint effects to make it attractive. I know it upsets some when I say model building is art. But as long as we praise the techniques that make them visually appealing, it will be in the realm of art. Many years ago, I remember one prominent person saying weathering was a gimmick used by model builders to hide defects in their work. He went on to say heavily weathered models weren’t worth looking at because he knew they lacked real craftsmanship. Well, times change. Dak
  13. That’s the point. We don’t have all the information. A loader wearing headphones is possible, perhaps not probable, but definitely real based on one photo. So, if you were judging this, you give it the benefit of the doubt. Dak
  14. Since this originally about accuracy and craftsmanship, here are some pictures. David Byrden, accredited author told me loaders on German tanks didn’t use headphones. Yet....... When I showed it to him, he posted another shot of the same tank. Obviously, the picture is posed, but it illustrates why accuracy is a heartless bitch. And why we are fools to get too carried away worrying about it. Dak
  15. Scratch building doesn’t guaranty accuracy. It only guaranties any mistakes are yours alone. I too enjoy the competition. I can’t say I haven’t lost any sleep over judges decisions, but I still keep coming back. If you don’t play, you can’t win. The objective is completion, not perfection. Like with all art forms, the final result is the artist’s vision and not that of others. Michelangelo’s greatest critics were not the public, but other artists. And we are like magicians. We all know how the tricks are done or how we would have done them differently. It takes a lot to impress us. Dak
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