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  1. Just a bunch of weenies! Just because of a pandemic and people dying all around is no reason to cancel! A zombie apocalypse would never stop us! Civil War would stop us ! Well all put on hazmat suits and make it work!!!! Take to the streets and burn a few cars! Who’s with me? Oh wait. My wife says no. Oh darn. Good luck and stay safe. Dak
  2. As long as dioramas get judged well. They are the only really important categories. Dak
  3. The Covid19 virus is particularly insidious because the symptoms come on slow and doesn’t effect everyone the same way. This has bred complacency in both political and non-political areas. Dak
  4. I have always said keep people informed. Even when you know nothing and have no information, tell people that. It really does calm things. Silence begets rumors. Rumors create fear. If the various parties are waiting for Texas or the local community to make decisions, then say so. They could also put a clear plan out in case it all does work out for us. Let everyone know what to expect as an attendee or vendor. Masks, tracking list, limited numbers in the model room, maybe taking temps, etc. Silence only breeds uncertainty. Uncertainty destroys confidence. Dak
  5. It’s all moot until we know what the State of Texas will be doing in a month. A secondary aspect is if they get enough to register for the event My bet is they will end up in a new lock down prohibiting large gatherings because they failed to set stringent guidelines for reopening. If the convention comes off, it will mean things like wearing masks, and limited numbers in the model and vendor’s rooms at one time. The banquet would need more space to achieve adequate social distancing. Dak
  6. The name is Kimbrell, not Kimball. It is not the number of models which is important, but those who attend and pay the fees. My information says they need at least 400. Dak
  7. The eternal optimist, I'm waiting a couple more weeks before I cancel any reservations. Personally, I blame the French. I'm sure this is all a plot by them to destroy the Texas wine industry for remarks by a Texan about the quality of French wine during WWII. They have only waited this long to put off suspicion. Dak
  8. I’ve already decided to reduce the number of my entries to one or two, if it comes off. I have come to accept the National probably won’t happen this year because the Texas government can’t get their act together to deal with a pandemic. I’m sorry to be with the negative waves like Moriarty, but I’m not seeing a good ending for this. Dak
  9. Is this a new requirement or the one that expires on July 20th? And what exemptions are there? Of course, they could come out and mandate masks everywhere all the time in public. I’m betting on that because they don’t want a shut down. Dak
  10. Nick, This is what I don’t get. It is such a small thing that can help so much and the top people on the pandemic are recommending it! I have spent 30 years working in an environment that requires safety gear. I even worked with radioactive materials. Wearing a mask is no big deal Those opposed to masks run to videos and such which show masks don’t guarantee protection and have problems if worn too long. They ignore that no one says they absolutely guarantee protection. Like all safety equipment, they only improve your odds. Dak
  11. I see the top medical people in the country saying wear a mask if you are going to be in a large group. Why isn’t this enough for us to require attendees to wear masks? Why do we have to wait for the reluctant government of Texas to mandate such things? Dak
  12. I have heard a rumor that the San Marcos Convention only has about a hundred pre-registered attendees. I do not know if this is typical or not as I always register as early as possible and never given it much thought, however, it does not sound good. I expected to see some drop off because of loss of income and illness or fear of contracting the Covid19 virus, but I have know idea how much. A good clear statement is needed from the convention and IPMS leadership to clarify the situation. And to clearly establish what safety steps they plan to take assuming it all goes on as planned. Masks, or no masks, social distancing, will the hotel bar be open, what specifically is the hotel requiring convention attendees to do? I know things can change over night, but we know it won't before the better. Keeping people clearly informed is the best way to instill confidence. Dak
  13. Then those who don’t want to wear a mask should not attend, IMO. Dak
  14. Repeated tests are showing masks of any type are better than no mask in REDUCING the spread. No one says anything but distance really stops it. In a room with a couple hundred people at any given time, the temperature and humidity go up. In the vendor’s room, we will have the added effect of people touch lots of stuff. People will get closer together than they should. Throughout the world we daily rely on safety equipment. None of it is guaranteed to stop anything, but it gives you a fighting chance. We also accept many things in today’s society we would not 30 years ago. We currently worry about a child seeing a naked lady, concentration camp stuff, or a soldier peeing. But some how, asking everyone to wear a mask is a horrid violation of your civil rights. If a family comes to the show and contracts Covid19 resulting in a long hospitalization or death, IPMS could be held responsible if we do not follow CDC guidelines. We can’t guarantee no one will catch something. But we can take precautions. Simply requiring the wearing of masks is good faith start. A lot can happen in 36 days. Today,Texas hit 112,944 documented cases with 2191 fatalities, according to John Hopkins Start watching the daily spikes. Dak
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