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  1. Beautiful model. How do you create the photo plate for the base?
  2. Sorry to hear about your health issues, Pete. Glad to see you post something super-cool.
  3. Thanks Mark, your work is great! I love seeing peoples' year-end reviews too.
  4. Here's what I completed in 2022...9 pieces (1.3/month). Certainly not as prolific as my years in the 2000s, but I've learned to slow down and address the minutia more closely. Still, I feel like the older I get, and the more experience I gain (20+ years not counting the 10+ as a kid) the worse I get. I suppose with my busy work schedule and Homelife, 9 is pretty damned good. Goals for 2023 include mastering the Cameo Silhouette 4 plotter/cutter, as the plan is to mask/paint as many markings as possible. Also, a 1/32 Bf-109 extravaganza with all the Barracuda Cast resin detail parts made for this particular kit. Cheers!
  5. Thanks Gil, I appreciate it! Regarding the blue surrounds, I found this: "The Insignia Red outline was replaced with an Insignia Blue outline through the amendment of Army-Navy aeronautical specification AN-I-9 on 14 August 1943. This was followed by an amendment to Technical Order 07-1-1, issued on 24 September 1943, for units in the field. On some US Navy aircraft in the Pacific the blue outline was lighter than the insignia blue."
  6. Tamiya 1/72 Chance-Vought F4U-1A Corsair. Piloted by LT(jg) Doris "Chico" Freeman, VF-17 Jolly Rogers. He would claim two victories with VF-17 and an additional seven with VF-84. Improvements include: Quinta Studios Cockpit. Aires Landing Flaps. Ceramic Wire Antenna. Blanked off Trailing Edges. EagleCals decals. The oil tapes and wing walks are Tamiya decals from the kit, and were the worst Tamiya decals I've ever used. Shattered, tore, etc. The oil tapes are silvered around the edges, despite my best efforts. Oh, well...on to the next one.
  7. Pics and menu look like a nice, semi-upscale place. Wondering how the food is?
  8. I had no idea EZ Line came in different colors. I'd recommend ceramic wire.
  9. I can't look at this without my sunglasses!
  10. Tamiya 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf-109G-6. I finished this up early last month, but didn't feel like shooting it until today. Built out of the box, with only ceramic wire antenna added. Airbrushed with MRP RLM 74/75/76.
  11. There's a discreet link across the top of the opening banner, but, by this time of the year, there's always been a prominent link with the Convention theme featured on our homepage. Why not this year??
  12. Thats REALLY cool, Bill! Hobby Express in Cranberry TWP has a full rack of the Revell acrylics. Haven't tried them yet.
  13. Today was held our 2023 Vacation Picks.... WooHooooo, I got the week off for Nationals!!! I can't wait to place a bunch of mediocre models on the tables that won't win anything. The best part? In-N-Out Burgers!!!!!!
  14. I remember reading about this a month or so ago....John Bonnani was spearheading the project (Thank you, John). Looking forward to the results.
  15. Traveling is as much a Gastronomical adventure as anything else, therefore, I would ask of Mr. Pillhofer and company to put forth their best local restaurant recommendations. I understand how subjective food is, so no static. Where would you suggest for the: Best Authentic Mexican Best Italian Best Steakhouse Best Seafood Best Vegan (My wife is Pescatarian..maybe you are, too). I'm asking locals for local recommendations. Believe me, I've looked at Trip Advisor. I believe about 30% of what they say.
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