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  1. I also love the Batmobile and got their snap together version with the prepainted body as I just didn't want to try all that trim. Been thinking about getting the original Aurora version or probably repop as it is close to the scale of the Batcopter I will get to someday. Thinking a dio of Batman getting out the door and Robin jumping over his to "Get to the Chappa!" I have acquired a few more things but trying to hold out until Nats to see if I can get some deals. Also, doing the shipping for the Review Corp and trying to fit my own reviews in has been taking up too much time.
  2. I also took advantage of the Flash sale and picked up Dragon's El Alamein Sherman, another of Platz's T-33s and a set of figures (ordered 2 but the other must have been out of stock). Got all that for about half of what the Sherman retails for.
  3. It is a good day to take in some of the sites in Phoenix. There are a few museums in and around worth hitting and the Diamondbacks might be in town that night.
  4. philp

    A couple of 2018 National Ship contest items

    Hmm, I don't normally build boats/ships unless they are in my scale but have been thinking of a possible commercial entry. Guess I better find a kit.
  5. Has been a fun show both years and I plan on attending again. Of course, seeing you makes it nice and my oldest lives just down the street so it is a win, win, win for me. And sometimes I get to do Disney also.
  6. philp

    German Navy type VII

    Nice job on both subs. I have been contemplating the 72nd scale kit. I have the Gato in the stash and hope to do the USS Drum with it sometime. Course I got the early kit and I think the new one comes with markings for the Drum.
  7. philp

    Hobbico Hasegawa Oct. 23, 2017 Releases

    The Skyraider is still the best kit in this scale IMHO. Nice to see it back as I can use another one or two. That roller is interesting and those robot things look fun.
  8. philp

    Hotel Reservations

    Booked mine also but might need to modify and get the Tuesday as well. Will probably stop in Vegas on the way down but don't want to get up too early to finish the drive so we shall see.
  9. philp

    LF 1/72 NATO E-3 decals

    Ed, I have two of the Airfix kits, an AMT KC-135A and also have the E-6 conversion set. Thinking I might sell one of the E-3s and the E-6 conversion, use the TF-33 engines on the AWACS to do a NATO bird, probably with those decals from Heller E-3A set if I can find someone who wants to trade. Then will probably use the CFM-56 engines on the KC to make one currently flown by the Utah ANG since I just saw a set of decals released with those markings. Course then I have to find a display case big enough for them, a couple B-52s, Nimrod, Vulcan, Victor, etc. Oh, and a good deal on a Bear.
  10. philp

    Cue the Imperial March....

    Looks good Mark. I picked up one of the large Zvezda kits at the Nats this year. Who knows, maybe I will try to light it.
  11. philp

    Alexei Leonov Spacewalk

    Steve, Not much help. I googled pics from the walk and the tubes do seem to go all over the place.
  12. Here are the links to the photos I took at the show. https://photos.app.goo.gl/UOwAed2BtU0THaHR2 https://photos.app.goo.gl/CoH96wMtLzMn6DnC3
  13. philp

    Want to buy B-17 & B- 25 Bombers

    Ray, I have the 1/48th Revell B-17F Memphis Belle kit that I will let go for $15 plus postage. Let me know.
  14. All I can find is the Special set from Draw Decals. Just want to do a regular NATO E-3.
  15. philp

    1:350 USS Carl Vinson Project

    Well that's too bad. I agree that I have not seen PE figures ever really look right. I know l'arsensl carries injection molded crew and have seen some from Tamiya which can be painted to look like US crew. Free Time Hobbies seems to have a lot of options on their site but I understand it is your model to do how you want and I am loving the air wing so far.