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  1. One of the shows I didn't make or they would be yours. Good luck.
  2. I reviewed this a while ago and there are definitely enough pictures to help you out. Recommended.
  3. I also had a great time at the show. Loved the display area but really would have liked to have seen the tables "manned" like an English show so you could do more talking to the guys and gals that built the things. Competition was good and judging Miscellaneous was the usual fun time. Best part for me though is talking to a bunch of friends I don't get to see that much and the opportunity to make some new ones.
  4. Ed, The finished pictures appear to be missing as well as from the Britmodeller forum article.
  5. Nice finish Bryan but then all your stuff is nice.
  6. Hi Stefan. I don't have any actual documentation on German hanger colors but would stand to reason they were painted with colors on hand. So, probably the same colors used for aircraft camo or possibly the same used on vehicles. Did find a couple of videos showing remaining hangers that still have some color to them that look like the original paint but I would take it for what it is worth.
  7. philp

    Medusa Miniature

    Ah, magic bow and arrow instead of magic boobie armor.
  8. Mark told me last year he wasn't handling these duties this year.
  9. Nice build. I did one for a review here.
  10. That's fun. I took the old Toybiz kit and didn't like the base so made him a new one.
  11. philp

    Godzilla 1989

    What was Godzilla's base color? I have the big kit and want to do him someday but waffle back and forth between greens and greys.
  12. philp

    Medusa Miniature

    I love the colors and the slit eyes but am I missing something? Shouldn't there be a string for that bow?
  13. Thanks Mike. Have been lucky enough to avoid them so far but think you are correct. The bus is probably cheaper but takes over an hour to make the trip.
  14. I checked out the bus and it says just over an hour to get to downtown. Doesn't sound a whole lot of fun. Anybody going to be in the area and up to taking a rider?
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