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  1. Hey Richard, I am also a 72nd scale builder and have 3 of the PBY kits to make, The RAF one that spotted the Bismarck, a US one, probably the one that spotted the Japanese fleet at Midway and a Black Cat but I might try to make a warbird or foreign post war version with that one. Saw some neat Norwegian markings from Vingtor.
  2. The only problem with food trucks, at least from those we have tried to get, is they require a set number of bodies to sell to. I think a Nats can handle that volume but we can't seem to get them to a local show.
  3. We did Seatac back in 1992 and I had a great time.
  4. I had a great time at the Orange County show and would go again. Mark, we seem to have the same issue in SLC. They held the 1980 show and lost a lot of personal funds. This was before Board stepped in to cover expenses but getting people to understand the way things work has changed is an uphill battle. Salt Lake City has a lot to offer as in sites to see and has 3 local clubs to support the show. Maybe someday.
  5. Track me down Paul. Saturday will be crazy busy for me but I should have time late afternoon. I can run you out or I can haul it back and send it from SLC (might be a bit cheaper, depends on what you grab).
  6. Paul, my understanding was there will be nothing on site for attendees. The hotel has some arrangements for vendors. But there are several USPS locations within 10 minutes drive of the venue.
  7. OK, I don't judge the Armor category so you may get a different answer from one of their judges but in my mind German heavies start with Panthers, Tigers, Elephants, etc. I would think of Medium as Panzer III and IVs and light would be Panzer I, II, 38t, etc. I don't see anything spelled out in the rules so that is something that probably needs to be addressed. My 2 cents.
  8. Since preregistration has closed you would have to fill out the proxy at the show. basically you need the IPMS# of the person you are entering their stuff for. I do believe a proxy registration is cheaper than an in person registration but will leave it for someone associated with the show to give more particulars.
  9. I am just happy to see 72nd scale items again. A police car would have been neat.
  10. David, As part of the Board I am looking forward to my first selection process at this coming Nats. From what I understand, the rotate around the country isn't in play anymore because we ran into times where no one in those areas submitted a bid. A few clubs I have talked to, while interested, said they don't have the manpower to pull off a Nats. I would love to see SLC host another one, we are a Delta hub, within driving distance for about half of the US (I consider 2 days as driving distance) and have some great attractions nearby (Hill Aerospace Museum, Ft. Douglas Museum, Utah Army National Guard, Utah Air National Guard and the Model Car Museum all within an hours drive.
  11. Also, if Hawaii or Alaska had a show, I would go. I might even have to bring a few of my vignettes (everything 72nd) to pack the tables. Other than the tours of Pearl Harbor, Wheeler Field, etc. I would probably be at the convention site otherwise, snarfing up any vendor deals. Shipping to Utah probably isn't that bad and I would gladly pay for an extra suitcase for the trip back. My buddy, Phil Cater or IPMS/UK once brought 45-60 72nd scale aircraft to Phoenix for the Nats. They were mainly on the SIG tables but still, he built a special box and packed them tight. Even I managed to get 5 to Telford one year.
  12. Just for comparison here is a link to where the chapters are. https://ipmsusa.org/region-map So looks like the northern half of the US hasn't done a show in the last 20 years. I did go to Seattle back in 1992. If we take it Western, Central and Eastern like it used to rotate (I went almost every 3 years when it was out west) the breakdown is: West - 6 Central - 5 East - 8
  13. Don't think the dates are announced until during the current convention. Someone on the San Marcos crew probably has that info but whether they can announce it or not I am not sure the protocol.
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