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  1. Resin Spacecraft Creation Models 1/350th Savanna Class DY-588 series SS New Zealand (Botany Bay) new in sealed box $150.00 Filmy Girls 1/6th Stella new in box $225.00 Filmy Girls 1/6th Aurora new in box $225.00 ? 1/48th? UFO Interceptor new in box $40.00 Space & Sci Fi Airfix 1/144th 6171 Orion (2001) Parts confirmed $30.00 AMT/ERTL 1/6th 8784 Darth Vader Parts sealed $25.00 Fine Molds 1/72nd SW-16 Darth Vader's TIE Fighter $20.00 Monogram 1/144th 6060 First Lunar Landing - Heritage Edition Parts sealed $30.00 Monogram 1/144th 5082 Apollo Saturn V Rocket + Moebius Ranger adapter Some parts sealed $50.00 Navy DML 1/350th 1002 USS Ohio Parts sealed $30.00 Trumpeter 1/700th 5706 US Battleship BB-64 Wisconsin 1991 Parts sealed $20.00 Auto AMT 1/25th AMT-620 White Freightliner $30.00 Hasagawa 1/24th CF-3 Italya Reynard 89D F3000 $20.00 Hasagawa 1/24th CF-5 Wacoal Dome Reynard 89D F3000 $20.00 Hasagawa 1/24th CF-18 Wacoal Dunlop Lola T90-50 $20.00 Tamiya 1/20th 20040 Newman Haas K Mart Texaco Lola T93/00 Ford $20.00 Aircraft Academy 1/72nd 12529 USN F-4j VF-84 Jolly Rogers $25.00 Airfix 1/72nd 255 Beagle Basset 206 Parts confirmed $15.00 Airfix 1/72nd 392 H.P. Jetstream Parts confirmed $15.00 Airfix 1/72nd Vickers Valient $60.00 Airfix 1/48th 7106 Supermarine Seafire FR46/47 $20.00 DML 1/72nd 2508 YF-22 Lightning 2 Parts sealed $15.00 Eduard 1/72nd 708 Bf 110 G4 Parts sealed $20.00 Frog 1/72nd F239 DeHavilland Hornet F.Mk.3 Parts confirmed $15.00 Fujimi 1/72nd H-8 British Phantom F-4K Yellow Bird $20.00 Fujimi 1/72nd H-22 MiG-21 SMT Humpback $20.00 Fujimi 1/72nd H-22 MiG-21 SMT Humpback $20.00 Hasagawa 1/72nd 1989 Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden Type 21 & A6M5c Zero new in sealed box $30.00 Hasagawa 1/72nd 601 F-16A Plus Parts sealed $10.00 Hasagawa 1/72nd 720 Tornado GR Mk.I "Desert Storm" new in sealed box $15.00 Hasagawa 1/72nd 2817 F-104S/G Starfighter $15.00 Hasagawa 1/48th 9148 Messerschmitt Bf109G-14 Parts sealed $25.00 Heller 1/72nd 248 PZL P11c $5.00 Hobby Craft 1/72nd HC1343 "Vietnam" Caribou Parts sealed $25.00 HUMA 1/72nd Dornier Do 27 Parts sealed $10.00 HUMA 1/72nd Bucker Bu 131 Parts sealed $10.00 HUMA 1/72nd DFS 230 Parts sealed $10.00 Italeri 1/72nd 1118 CG-4A Hadrian Parts confirmed $15.00 KP 1/72nd IL-10 Avia B 33 $3.00 KP 1/72nd AVIA CS-199 $3.00 Matchbox 1/72nd 40418 McDonnell RF-101 B/F-101 F Voodoo $10.00 Matchbox 1/72nd PK-551 Victor K.2 $25.00 Monogram 1/72nd 5206 F-16XL Fighter Parts sealed $25.00 Monogram 1/48th 5429 AD-6 Skyraider (broken 20mm part in bag) (broken 20mm part in bag) $10.00 Monogram/Pro Modeler 1/48th 5936 Messerschmitt Me 410B-1 Parts sealed $30.00 Pioneer2 1/72nd Fokker D-XXI $3.00 Revell 1/72nd 4455 F-89d Scorpion Parts sealed $15.00 Revell 1/72nd 4397 Fairey gannet AS Mk.1/4 $15.00 Tamiya 1/48th 61082 Messerschmitt Me262 A-2a w Kettenkraftrad Parts sealed $30.00 Testors/Italeri 1/72nd 689 Northrop F-5F Tiger II $20.00 Trumpeter 1/48th 2807 Curtis P-40B Warhawk Tomahawk IIA bonus main wheels and decals Parts sealed $20.00 Armor Academy 1/72nd 13411 M1126 Stryker $15.00 Airfix 1/76th 2312-6 German Recce Set $7.00 ESCI 1/72nd 8606 Panzer IV $7.00 ESCI 1/35th 5012 British Camp Rest Area new in sealed box $5.00 Hasagawa 1/72nd Starter Truck Toyota GB $7.00 Heller 1/72nd 198 AMX 13 Parts sealed $7.00 Matchbox 1/76th PK-171 Sd.Kfz II/7.5cm PAK40 $15.00 Matchbox 1/76th PK-176 CHAR B.1 bis/Renault FT 17 new in sealed box $15.00 Revell 1/144th 3350 US Army Vehicles Parts sealed $5.00 Trumpeter 1/72nd 7225 M4A3E8 Tank (T66 Track) Parts sealed $15.00 Trumpeter 1/72nd 7225 M4A3E8 Tank (T66 Track) Parts sealed $15.00 Prices don't include shipping. Shipped from 84118. Usually sent Priority mail. Gladly accept Paypal. Let me know if interested and I will package them up and get you a shipping cost. Can add pictures as requested.
  2. The Special Forces one is a two seater like the one they "borrow" in the film. The regular one is a single seater.
  3. All, Found this story on Facebook and figured if there were any members up his way that can contribute some time it would be worth it. https://bangordailynews.com/2019/02/24/news/midcoast/maine-man-looking-for-a-steady-hand-to-help-him-finish-one-last-world-war-ii-diorama/?fbclid=IwAR29qA3kq12ZeDFZdVtP7NlDSpLMyitkg5tgqFvCORePDQfNuULZytaUNvE Phil
  4. Hmm, counter offer, Pterandon, A-4KU, Israeli F-4E, Israeli F-16D Brakeet and 1 of (H-19, F-104A or Mig-21 F13)?
  5. I am in Salt Lake City, 84118 but will be out at [url=http://www.commiesfest.com/]Commiesfest[/url] in Golden the end of March. Can pick up from you then if that works? Also, we probably still have some vendors tables available, you would probably need at least two for that lot but if your prices were good I bet you could get rid of most of it at the show. I will take another look through your pics. Lots of stuff I would like but money is a bit tight since I just bought a new car and have to put money away for the show in Golden (I am the Head Judge so got to get there). Some I know I am interested in are that 1/35th Pterandon, 72nd scale Fujimi A-4KU, Hasagawa F-15C. Other possibles are the Italeri F-5E, F-104A, Revell Mig-21 F13, H-19 chopper and possibly one of the Hunters. Possibly an F-4E or two, the Hasagawa Israeli one and either the other Hasagawa or possible Fujimi ones. Hasagawa F-16D Brakeet. The Heller Boeing 707 is another possible. At the most I will have possibly $100.00 so if you want to take a look at the the list I have above and let me know what you would include for that I can Paypal you and pick them up at the show if that works for you? Let me know
  6. Some interesting stuff there but no way I can afford the whole set or even want them all. If you decide to part them out, let me know and I will pick up a few.
  7. Hi all, So I have 3 kits that were actually made during WWII. A 1/12th scale US Jeep by a company called West-Craft and 2 kits by Rogers of a 40mm AA Gun (Bofors). The copyright on the Jeep's instructions is 1943 and the guns appear to have been released in 1945. Did find Old Model Kits has the gun going for $89.00 but can't find anything regarding a price for the Jeep. So, anyone have a source for pricing collectible antiques? These images are from the web but I can take pics of the kits if anyone wants more details. Thanks for any assistance or any serious offers.
  8. Hope the Nats crew will look into options for a general discount. Will probably look at the shuttle services. Thanks for the link.
  9. So, if I manage to be able to afford to go this year I will probably have to fly and at $16 a day for car parking at the Read I will probably try to avoid a rental. What are the options on getting from the airport to the hotels? Am I stuck with Uber or Lyft?
  10. Still not sure I will make it but grabbed a room at the Read. Will see how that goes.
  11. David, Just a belated thanks for bringing the Wellington with you. Looking forward to seeing you in Chattanooga if you make it this year.
  12. Christmas was pretty mellow. My Sekrit Santaski got me a Bandai General Grievous (which I had just picked up on a half price sale so now have one to sell). My son bought me a record player so now I can actually play all those records I bought back in the 80s. And to round it out my daughter bought me some slippers.
  13. Some nice stuff there Mark. I also picked up the Comic Con version of the B-wing from USAGundamstore but the pilot looks a little short for a B-wing pilot. Will have to do a bit more research. Today I stopped at Hobby Lobby to see what they had left on the clearance kits. Just two in the store, one I already grabbed and a car I wasn't interested in but I did help a couple of clerks sell and airbrush with compressor to a lady who wants to use it for her art. I could definitely tell the young ladies were out of their league so made a comment and then ended up basically taking over the sale. Next I hit Barnes & Noble and picked up the latest issue of Airfix Model World. Then I hit MRS Hobbies and found the new Revell PT 109 kit, the new Joker and a piece of power armor that I have odd plans for. So a good day out.
  14. Since it was kind of close, I drove to Nats. Meant I could bring more for the SIG/Club tables (Let's keep those as a fixture please) and could bring more stuff back home. First off I did OK at the raffles and giveaways. The mugs are from the Squadron raffle, the OLFA, cutting matt and P-40 from the IPMS raffle, the paint were giveaways from Hornby. First two books from Casemate at a very nice discount, next two from SAM and the rest from Rareplanes. Already found out I have a copy of the M113 book so that goes into the for sale pile. The Wellington was brought over from England for me by David at SAM. What do you know, forum posts work. The other Airfix kits were on the Hornby stand but they weren't selling. However, their kits were earmarked for Hobby Depot so went and chatted with Dick Christ and picked them up at the end of the show. Special Hobby kits from them and the two Eduard Migs were from them. The Scale 75 figures were on their table and though still a bit pricey, I saved shipping. Other 3 kits were from Stash sellers. Spent about what my budget had for this so think I did ok.
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