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    • Communication is always the key. Now, that being said, you might not always LIKE what I have to say, but it's gonna get said, regardless. I have long abandoned the hope of trying to please everyone, and appeasement is not in my vocabulary. I now fully understand why Nats organizers try to maintain a low profile. Even 14 months out, I'm getting emails and PMs about the rumors and gossip being tossed about. Some of the questions are legit, upfront questions that need to be answered and we will do our best to answer them. Sometimes we're not far enough along in the process to answer them. Some questions are out in left field... and a few are bordering on the ridiculous (sorry, they cannot change the color of the vendor room floor). So, as of today, 6/8/2023, we can effectively answer questions pertaining to the following: 1. The venue. We LOVE our new venue, and we think you will, too. 2. Hotels, although we are still working on a few details. 3. Parking. Parking in Madison is either run by the City of Madison or the State of Wisconsin. It is what it is, and we're not influential enough to change it. We're working on shuttles. 4. Tours - lots of great tours in the works, including a day trip to the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee and a VIP Dinner trip to the EAA Museum in Oshkosh. 5. Seminars - we're gonna have a full schedule of seminars, and some surprises as well. 6. Apres-show - LOTS to do on Capital Square after hours... and we're planning a Happy Hour in the Grand Terrace each night. 7. Show Theme - All American, Red, White, and Blue. We can babble for hours on all the possibilities for a theme project. 8. SIGS, Group Builds, and Display Only - we intend to offer ALL three. 9. Vendor information - what we have, we'll share, but NOTHING is official until San Marcos. 10. Our mission to Texas. Yes, we will be there, please seek one of the team out. 11. Volunteer and Team opportunities - Many hands make for light work. We're always looking for people with the motivation and drive to be a part of this team. Contact me. That's what I know as of today. I'll post updates here if they are pertinent to the general membership. You will NOT be getting updates about stuff you don't need to worry about, i.e., we just got word that they re-lined the lower-level parking spaces!  Efficiency is mission-critical in this process simply because there's so much to do between now and then. I hope you'll understand, and if you don't, well... 😉 Jeff  
    • I'm already bookmarking restaurants lol.  
    • Jeff & all, You may not know it, but you folks may have just saved my marriage! You see, with the original schedule I would have been travelling home that Sunday the 17th of August which also happens to be my 50th wedding anniversary. Oh I can tell you I was getting some very icy stares from the Boss about that! Now all is good! Problem solved. 😀 Thanks guys, John
    • Kevin, as far as I know, Brookhurst Hobbies is the last shop standing in OC. The only other shop there in the county that I know of, Military Hobbies, closed during the pandemic shutdowns. Yes, it’s great that at least one old time shop still survives. There are a few RC shops that also sell some scale static models, but those are not in the same league.
    • Bert: I can't answer the parking question, but I believe the B-25 should go into Medium  Prop (in the appropriate scale grouping). According to the Category listing on the IPMSUSA home page, for Medium Prop (cats 111 &113) the model cannot EXCEED (length or wingspan) 11" in 1/72, or 17" in 1/48. The Large Prop cats are for models which exceed those stated lengths/wingspans. Perhaps the Head Aircraft Judge will stop by to confirm or correct this.   Gil 
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