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    • Al glad to see your work again.
    • A couple of changes That I did not mention in the build section. 1. There is armor plating on one side of the cockpit exterior wall. The kit supplied Armor was way too thick. I chose a much thinner sheet of plastic to fix it. 2. There are two radiator Inlet assemblies (One under each wing, towards the wing root). I cut all of the louvers out, added half rounded plastic sheet on both sides, and post them in the open position.              3. There is a radio transmitting seeker right underneath the rear guns. The one that was supplied with the kit looked pretty bad. I scratched built one out of plastic tube, and extra photo etch that I had. I used reference photos from the books my friend had loaned me on this build. 4. The drop tanks. I added brass tubing to the front of each tank going off of reference photos. 5. On each landing gear, there is a section that looks like an accordion. I used bare metal foil to replicate the canvas that is actually used on the real aircraft.  6. The huge air scoop under the front of the engine. Are used photo etch screen to more accurately represent the one on the actual aircraft. I also added louver adjustment arms on the right side. I don’t do many German aircraft. If anyone sees anything out of place, I welcome your comments.    Chris  
    • So here we have my latest completion- Heller’s Etendard IV M in 1/48. Let’s just say that this kit was challenging. The front of the fuselage was warped around the intake areas, the plastic quite brittle, and the fit in some other areas less than ideal. She fought me more and more as I neared the finish line, but in the end I did complete this bird. Using the kit decals, and some scavenged from an Etendard IV P in my stash I was able to finish this in the scheme worn in the mid 80’s, using some Xtracolor enamel on the topside and Tamiya acrylics on the undersides. It has lots of little flaws due to various things that happened along the way, but I am quite happy to get this one finished and onto my display shelf. Thanks for looking, comments and critiques are welcomed 😉
    • Here is a recently completed 75mm Georgi Stamov sculpt of Nanny Ogg, a character form the Discworld series of books. The figure comes with her cat, wine bottles, packs, banjo and broom, but no base. I used a Bayardi tree to anchor a brass rod support for the packs and thought the connection of the front of the broom might need additional support so I added an ancient Tamiya plastic sign and post roughed up to simulate wood grain. The smaller trees are Joe Fixx products. I added a Shapeways digitally printed barn owl. I used Photoshop’s “replace sky” function to include a shot of last September’s harvest moon for interest. The kit was painted primarily in acrylics.
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