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    • ModelFiesta is scheduled for Feb 16th in San Antonio. It will be the 38th year for this annual event. Some 55,000 sq.ft of floor space is divided between the contest area (817 entries last year!) and the vendor area.... the table count for vendors fluctuates so I'm not sure of the count, somewhere between 125 and 140 tables. Go to the Alamo Squadron website at "www.alamosquadron.com" for particulars.

      Tony, you can find "local" chapters in South Texas by going to the IPMS website, select "ABOUT", and then select either "Region Map" or "Chapter Map". There are clubs in Houston, Galveston, El Paso, San Antonio, and Austin. Other clubs are a bit farther north.

      As for the 2020 Nats....San Marcos is 20 miles south of Austin and 40 miles north of San Antonio. As you probably know from your trips up and down I-35, its hard to figure out just where the boundaries are for Austin, San Marcos, and San Antonio. But that's in 2020, in the meantime focus on the Big Show in Chattanooga in August! Should be a killer show!
      By the way, Lake Charles, La has a contest this Sunday! Again, go to the IPMS website and look for the Event Calendar. The Lake Charles show is always a blast!  
    • Amen!  I do still want to do the up-armored BMP-3 in the variant of the three-color desert they used on their BMP-T "Terminator".    
    • Our medals are in hand and ready to go!   GIL
    • Main rotor blade leading edges took sometime to mask off, but their done.  On most of the photos that I have seen, the color looks like silver with a touch of gold. I added sandpaper to the gear bays for a non-slip surface. Everything is closed up now. On the main rotor cowling, there are two round windows on the actual aircraft. I'm guessing to check fluid levels. I drilled them out, and added some clear parts from my scrap/leftover box. Forgot to added the rest of the decals to the main rotor head. Had to add nuts, and bolt heads from MENG to the rotor arms as well. The blade holders are done now to. Adding rivets took sometime. They are great to use. One thing you need to make sure before you prime, is that you blend in the edges of the decal film with Solvaset. My first time using Mr. Finishing Surfacer. I sprayed it into a plastic cup to decant it. Let it sit for about 5 minutes, then put it in my airbrush.