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    • As much as I hate to say it unless there becomes an app available on a smart phone to make models, not too many kids are going to get interested in the hobby. I haven't seen very many kids get into model building anymore, most are more interested in the social media aspect of modern society. If the kids are on youtoob i'll bet 90% aren't looking for model info sadly. If you think about it most of us 'back in the day' were lured into the hobby because we wanted to be pilots, tank drivers ship captains or some sort of military related career and build subjects as such. How many kiddos do you see in a local hobby shop in the model section or club meetings? I tried pretty hard to get my kids into the hobby but they had ZERO interest in it and I am a lifelong modeler.  Our club has had countless make and takes over the years and guess how many kids from those sessions became interested in the hobby let alone joined the club? Pretty much none of them. Matter of fact 80% of the MnT models got broken and tossed into the trash can on their way out. Plus the price of most kits now are out of the price range for many kids and their parents. I am all for everyone trying to get more kids into the hobby but I ain't holding my breath on getting a sizable influx of youngsters into the hobby. 
    • This illustrated photo album includes over 120 B&W pictures of the Kaiserliche und Konigliche Eisenbahn-Bau Kompanie unit (German Imperial Railway Construction Company) which operated during early stages of WW1 in the Western Galicia, now southern Poland. The railways are mostly narrow gauge. The book uses black & white photographs to illustrate various construction or repair projects by the K.U.K in Western Galicia during the early WWI years between 1914-15. Captions are provided with each of the photos to describe the location and content of the photo. The photos are clear, and many show damaged bridges being built or repaired with descriptions of various construction methods and materials. A brief, but detailed outline of military operations provides context for the projects. The railway projects are organized in these towns or areas: General Outline of Military Operations in Western Galicia between August 1914 and mid-September 1915 read more View the full article
    • Eduard Models has released a PE set to spruce up your Revell Fw-190A-8. Typical of the Zoom line, this set consists of one fret, focused on the instrument panel and a few other cockpit details. The instrument panel fret is pre-painted and would look very good with an open canopy. It will certainly enhance the looks of your Fw-190. The fret also includes all kind of switches, levers, oxygen regulator and rudder pedals. Please note that this set does not include seatbelts. You can get them on the sets 33227 and 33179 (steel version, which are very nice to work with). Given the small size of some of the parts, I will recommend this kit to modelers of all levels except the most novice. Highly recommended. I would like to thank Eduard Models and IPMS/USA for the review sample. View the full article
    • Eric, The link you  provided simply fits with all the others I've seen.  There's a nasty little phrase in the middle of all this that "anything that appeals to kids" must be marked 'made for kids'.  Considering the wide range of interest that most...or at least a substantial number of...kids have, almost anything could be construed as appealing to kids.  That is especially likely when it comes to modelbuilding videos and aviation history...in fact, any history videos.  I have  three videos that are designed to encourage purchase of my CD-ROMs.  Also one on the Williams Bros C-46 that promotes my E-book on the build.  According to YouTube's analytics, no one under 13 has viewed any of them, but you never know when that might change.  I was also planning on developing a series of kit buildup videos, but....   As things now stand, unless the FTC makes some significant changes in their COPPA rules, I will end up pulling all of my videos, closing the channel and not producing anything for  upload to YouTube from this point forward.  Will it hurt me?  Yes.  But the potential of a $42,000 fine as the result of an opinion from some government official who does not understand the modelbuilding industry will hurt a lot more.
    • https://www.theverge.com/2019/11/13/20963459/youtube-google-coppa-ftc-fine-settlement-youtubers-new-rules
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