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    The next build is a de Havilland Vampire jet of the RAF. It was the second jet to be flown by the RAF. It did not become operational until after World War II in 1946, but had a successful history with the RAF until the late 1950’s. I am using the Trumpeter kit with the Eduard detail set. More photos in the build log at: https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-vampire-fb-mk-9/
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    Here the models presented in this contest are shown in the best possible way. I hope you like it
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    This is the Freedom Models 1/48 scale F-20A Tigershark. Built by Northrop (before they became Northrop Grumman). I started on the cockpit. The dash board was painted to match photos of the actual aircraft. To create the realistic multi-function displays I painted them a chrome silver and use Tamiya clear green on top. The screens look like real displays as the light reflects light from different angles. You can see more photos on my blog at: https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-f-20a-tigershark/
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    I have always enjoyed the Bid presentations, making my selection, and then hearing the winner announced at the Banquet. 😀 The suspense is fun!
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    I saw over on Hyperscale someone saying that San Marcos, TX is going to give it another try in bidding.
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    Kevin, Got your registration, including guests. Jim
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    The figure came out well done, and a nice job on the base. On another point, it angers me when companies don't deliver what is advertised on their box art. I would be certain to ASK before purchasing another kit from those guys. On the other hand, it could have been a business decision (still no excuse for deceptive box art). The model in the box art may have cost too much to produce. I.e. the cost of the extra resin and rubber mold material needed to make the base shown on the box made it too expensive. I had the same thing happen to me on one of my model kits. It turned out just too expensive (though large and lots of parts) and as a result of the price, I have sold very few of them.
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    Thanks guys, Gil: Thanks. My adopted way is sort of a technique of two guys I subscribe to on You Tube. The first guy is Andys Hobby's HQ. He does his priming backwards. Instead of priming white or gray and then outlining the panels in black, he primes in NATO black, which is, IMO, really a dark gray and to me has a tiny bit of brown in it, and then fills in the panels with white for some modulation. At this point I use this other guys technique (I'll have to look up his name again) who adds the white on the panels in little speckles and squiggles to make the top coat look uneven and worn. Bill: Thanks. Yep, definitely a weird landing gear set up. The front wheels are on one set up sitting side by side. Plus it seems weird to me in how high it makes the plane sit off the ground... 🙂
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    I totally agree with and support Mark's statement about still modeling to the best of one's ability and continuing to enter contests. I myself go into contests with my entries fully expecting to be locked for fifth place. So if I do place, it is a most pleasant bit of icing on the cake! I still enter anyway, regardless of my chances. After all, this is a hobby and sharing my work with my fellow enthusiasts is where the most fun is for me.
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    Mark said, "I will still build models to the best of my ability." Words to model by.
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    Rusty says it best and I wish I could instill that attitude in all my model buddies. While I go to contests and enter models I no longer worry or care about not winning. I still chat and discuss when something wins that I feel shouldn't have (as all modelers tend to do). My theory or mentality is that if I win I was fortunate enough that 3 fellow model builders (hopefully) thought my entry was better than the others presented on that day and time. If I don't win.....Guess what? I will still build models to the best of my ability and will still enter contests until I can no longer build.
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    Way cool. I haven't seen many finished. A local club member has been working on one for a few years.
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    It is now completed! This is the Glenco 1/48 scale J2F-2 Grumman Duck representing VMF-2 that patrolled the Caribbean Ocean off the Virgin Islands. The Duck’s were used for patrolling areas and performing search and rescue of downed pilots. More photos can be seen in the Gallery page on my blog: https://davidsscalemodels.com/gallery/1-48-j2f-2-grumman-duck/
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    Hi, Kevin, I must admit I have never seen such a vehicle before. I like that you have a figure of the driver/pilot/whatever-title to establish the scale. Now you need the two-seat version for a flight training instructor. The model looks excellent! Ed
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    The fuselage and wings now have their base coat paint on and the rigging of the wings is done. Still have decals, detail painting, and weathering. I also bought the Squadron Vacu-Form canopy as the kit canopy is very thick and it appears the mold was not clean. Looks like some dirt got into the plastic. More photos in the build log https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-j2f-duck/
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    Real Life has kept me away from the workbench over the last 7 months, but more free time recently allowed me to finish the Accurate Mini kit of the Vindicator.
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    Hi Andrea, The tail caps are FS33538, and the helmets are FS13538.
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    My reply is not so witty, but just a compliment on a well executed bust.
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    There is so much to assume reading the builder's statement that I can't really give an answer. What strikes me most from the modeler's statement was; ..."shadows and highlights painted on." By that, I can only assume that he didn't paint his shadows and highlights as others in the category did. As I said, ASSUMING that, would make an informed answer or opinion impossible. IF he chose NOT to add highlights and shadows, I can easily imagine why his entry was judged below the other figures in the category. Also, modelers are biased towards their entries that they invested lots of time and effort in. There's nothing wrong with that. It's just human nature. The biggest problem with 1,2,3 judging (as Gil mentions) is the outcome of judging ON THAT DAY. Try not to let any contest results get you down. There is always another day and another group of models to compete against.
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    Here's my latest acquisitions. I'll start with this model won by someone else in an online contest. The winner requested that it be sent to me: When I opened the box, I saw a ton of P/E. Everyone I showed this to asked me "Who'd you cheese off to get that?" or words to that effect! LOL! Then, after a tough and trying couple days of preparatory procedures before my treatments begin, I decided I needed to lift myself out of my funk. What better way than to go buy some more models. These are the models I bought myself, starting with these two Roden kits that have been on my list for awhile: I also bought these two models.... A 1/72 scale UH-60 that will be done in Australian markings: and a 1/72 scale F-16 which will be done in Italian markings: Finally, at my IPMS OC Build Night meeting; I won this in the raffle: You can see that it includes resin figure of Batman and Robin. That's gonna be fun. I also purchased a number of paints, putties and other supplies, but the Gallery I use keeps freezing up whenever I try uploading any other pics. I'm wondering how I'm going to upload all my works in progress now. Anyway, thanks for looking in. Some of these will be started fairly soon so stay tuned....
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    There will be a bid presentation in Phoenix Saturday AM for 2020 and 2021. Open to members too. Not sure who's bidding
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    Hi, Kevin, Thanks for checking in. I'm ready to build the Moon Lander. Ed
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    Found an interesting kit in the clearance aisle of Hobby Lobby today. Originally $27.99, it was $7.50. The Revell 1/144 White Knight Two and Spaceship Two.