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    The next build is an F-16C from 61st Fighter Squadron. I am using Tamiya’s F-16C as well as Ares resin accessories. The Ares accessories include the resin cockpit, resin wheel wells, and the resin exhaust. This is a commission build for a veteran who worked with the 61st FS at MacDill AFB in the 1990’s. The decals for this will be custom made for this aircraft. To start with I washed, trimmed and shaped all the resin parts. The ejection seat uses photo etch details like signs, seat belts, and handles. It was weathered with pastel chalk. Moving to the dashboard I used a photo of a real F-16C dash and made decals for the digital screens. Added some photo etch details and detail painted the rest. For the cockpit tub I added the photo etch details and detail painted the knobs, switches and joystick. The cockpit side walls were added completing the cockpit. There will be some trimming required to fit the resin cockpit assembly into the fuselage which I am working on now. You can see all the other photos in my build log at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-f-16c-from-the-61st-fighter-squadron/
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    Here is the Kiowa Warrior from MRC. Great build. Very wordy directions, but comprehensive. I also used the Zactomodels exterior details. I added some seat belts, a CAR-15 on the IP.
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    Here are some more photos of the build. The model was pretty easy to paint; overall MM Acryl Army Helo Green (FS 34031) on the outside and on the inside I used Tamiya NATO Black. Other shades were also used to break up the overall colors. The inside of the engine area was MM Yellow Zinc Chromate with a mist coat of fluorescent green from the square bottle in the transmission area. Adding the Zactomodels exterior set really helped the kit also. So, here they are... I used Lite Bright pegs for the screens on the IP. I wired up the Disco Ball and the tail area. On the rotor, I placed dots of red, blue, green and yellow with a toothpick for the maintenance indicators. I also made umbilicals from the fuselage to the weapon stations. After everything was together I gave it a dry brushing with Tamiya weathering powders.
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    This week’s update on the F-16C covers the resin landing gear bays and the intake and exhaust of the engine. To start with I primed the resin bays with Tamiya white primer. They were then sprayed with Vallejo off white. Wire harnesses were painted flat black and 32 awg wire was used for the hydraulic lines. The main landing gear bay required very little trimming to fit but it took some careful alignment. The nose gear bay required a lot of trimming and shaping to fit. The cockpit required some minor trimming and was installed into the fuselage and the fuselage was then assembled. Lastly the landing gear was installed into the bays installation was very easy. I then detailed and painted the intake. The resin exhaust was then assembled, painted and weathered. The inside was painted burnt umber and weathered using light gray, dark gray and black paste chalk. The inside cone has the edge weathered in light gray at the very edge. The outside was painted aluminum at the base and jet exhaust for the feathers. The exhaust was assembled and initial fit into the fuselage require a lot of trimming where the tail mounts. There are mounts for the tail on the inside that needed to be trimmed down to half their height. The large tab for the tail needed to be trimmed down as well for the tail to sit flush. Once done the exhaust was aligned and glued in place. Working on the fuselage details now and getting ready to paint the base coat of paint. Check out all the build photos and details from the start at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-f-16c-from-the-61st-fighter-squadron/
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    Thanks Bryan. That corroborates research I've done, but that nose cone had me confused. I have found that the "silver backpack" is actually a "hatch" or "door" to an unknown space ship. Not going to try and build the original models as I don't have all the parts but I can see these scraps being incorporated into a kit bash.
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    With the table cleared it was time to dive into the pile again for some new kits to work on. This time I pulled out two, both from Gillman Productions. The first is Pepper from the series American Horror Story, and the Freakshow story. We find the kit is similar to Twisty from the same show with a sort of carnival base. The kit comes in only 3 parts - the head, bust, and base. Every so often you'll get a cool illustration from Mark Van Tine, the sculptor! Base colors added. except for the ice cream (at the time I was still researching that). ;) (EDIT: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla) ;) First highlight added, and epoxied the bust to the base. Starting with the face this session, I gave the usual black eyes to start and also some Beige Red for a base to the skin. Some Reikland Fleshshade was added as the shadows and then some more speckled around the face. Then some Beige Red was speckled on top. A mix of that paint with some of Vs Basic Skin tone followed, and then a final of just the Basic Skin tone. Having a look the actress' blue eyes were left and I used Azure for the base color of the irises. With that I was done. Thanks for looking.
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    IPMS USA already received the kit for review so you may see some updates of the build posted soon Dave
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    Kit is in HO scale, which is 1/87. The track is just a section of HO model rr track cut down to fit.
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    Magnificent work man! What a sensational model, I commend you on the fantastic modifications you did to achieve such a beautiful model.
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    Very impressive build and a beautifully displayed gift! That Hawkeye just looks so much more the war plane with those scimitar props! Congrats, and thanks for letting us tag along the build! GIL
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    The conversion from the 1/48 Kinetic E-2C 2000 to the Northrop Grumman E-2D “Delta One” aircraft is now complete. I can also reveal that this was made for a wonderful lady who has worked many years on the E-2 aircraft program. The model has been mounted in to a custom made display case made by Grandpa’s Cabinets. If you want to protect your model and display it in a case, I highly recommend them. They provided the case for my 1/350 USS Carl Vinson and for this model. Their website is http://www.grandpascabinets.com/ With all the decals applied a nice gloss finish was applied. The antenna line was added using EZ-Line. The side windows and top windows of the cockpit were sprayed with a 50/50 mix of Tamiya clear orange (X-26) and clear yellow (X-24) to replicate the gold tint. To keep the model from sliding around I drilled a hole into each wheel (only one of the nose wheels) and glued in a piece of wire. I then set it on a piece of paper so the wires poked thru the paper. The aircraft was positioned on the base. I then taped the paper down and removed the model and used the paper as a template to drill holes in the base. The wire pins were coated with some clear two-part epoxy and the aircraft was placed on the base. The last step was to mount the brass etched name plate that was made by EnM Engraving. https://www.enmengraving.com/ The last thing was to place the acrylic cover and the model was ready to be displayed. While the kit itself had some fit issues, overall it presents well. Thanks for following along. Check out all the details, modifications and photos from start to finish at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-northrop-grumman-e-2d-conversion/
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    LOL. I love it. Big fan of the big guy Dave
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    Its Testors Aluminum. Just shows what lighting can do to color in a photo. I screwed up the footstep decals that came with the kit, so I customized ones from an old Matchbox Wellesley kit to at least look the part.
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    Here is my latest progress done at Hobby Day and a few days before and after. I was very happy with how much I got done. I'll start with my aircraft; or in this case, helicopters. I finished painting the interior for the HUP-2, so once I get the windows in the fuselage, I'll be able to close this little bird up: I also got the interior painted on the Huey Hog. This one will be able to be closed up after I apply the instrument panel decals and then install the windows as well: Now here is the work I did on the Gotha I bought from my friend. He had already assembled the booms and the wings, so I started with the cockpit... such as it is: This model gives the option of making this plane a glider or a powered transport aircraft. I decided that since I haven't got this in powered form yet, I'll build it with engines: As those were drying, I then added the engine nacelle parts to the wings that will hold those engines and the booms: That's as far as I got on that. After all that I moved on to my armor. The first thing I did was to paint the base tan color on the deck of my railroad flatcar. Later I'll try to make this look more like wood: Next I decided to move forward on more of the Aerosans for the Treasure Train game that I'd been "threatening" to put on for a year now. I had one already half built so I assembled the engine and added it to the body to finish it up and have it ready for paint: After that, I started the last one I have in my stash. I do need to buy a few more.... Anyway, I got that one half done before I realized I left all the engine parts at home. Still, it is started at least, and the engine will be easy to get finished and mounted on this. Here is the last one next to the finished on I just did: Moving on from there, I next decided that the T-15 Armata was calling my name too loudly so I got started on that one. First thing I did was to build the turret. That went fast: Next I added the detail parts to the upper hull. There wasn't too much to add, so this went fast as well: After that I assembled the lower hull. I'm really thrilled at how well this model fits together: Finally, I test fit everything together sans turret. This is one big beastie! Check this out: I did stop there but I was having so much fun with this Zvezda kit that I pulled out the Terminator to finish up a bit more. The first thing I did was to assemble the rocket tubes and mount them on the turret: They are pretty fiddly and will make turning that turret a bit hard. Moving on, I finished up adding the bogies and roadwheels to the lower hull: I also added the side skirts and other detail parts to the upper hull as well: Putting the upper and power hull together looks great, this vehicle is now ready for paint: After that, I moved on to the final steps I needed to do to finish my Nagmachon. All the photo etch radar antennae, stowage fences, fenders and anti-RPG bar armor was installed: After some touch up to the paint and adjustment to some of the photo-etch screens, I can declare this thing done. Pics of that are forthcoming later.... After that, I just wanted to build and/or paint. Since I wanted to move forward on some of my eight-wheeled trucks, I pulled them out and chose the AA-60 fire truck first. While cleaning the seam on the end of the tank, I ended up cutting a big hole in the end of it! Out came the sheet styrene and some squares were cut. The first one went on the holed end: To make this look better, I added the other square to the opposite end: I then trimmed the excess off with a pair of scissors: ...and some careful sanding later, I have a smooth finish on each end: Next, because the end plates on the main body were not fashioned properly to fit without major gaps; I used more of that sheet styrene to plug the ends: After some additional assembly, I then cemented the lower body and the forward engine cabin to the chassis. I then snapped the tank in for now. Here's how it looks so far: Well, that was enough of fighting that. I then pulled out one of the KZKT truck cabs and started to assemble the interior: Next I added the axles to the chassis: Additional detail parts went on, such as the fuel tanks on the side. I also checked to be sure the wheels all line up and sit properly: I then painted the interior of the cab: Here's how the cab looks all assembled. I only snapped the outer cab on the interior: Now that was for the KZKT Heavy Truck. I also worked on the MAZ heavy Truck, starting with the axles and fuel tanks on that chassis: The MAZ has that split cab and so I assembled and painted the interiors for both sides: And that is where I had to stop due to Hobby Day being over and all the work I've been doing this past week. Hopefully I'll have more to show soon. Thanks all for looking in, comments are always welcome.
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    Well, I'm about a week or so late but I haven't had time to log in and post these earlier. These are my latest acquisitions from about a week or two ago. First off are a bunch of paints, thinner and filler I got. There was a sale, and I did need a lot of green for my latest eight-wheeled Russian trucks: Next are two models that I had on my list to get. First was Zvezda's T-15 Armata, the APC version of the T-14 Armata tank: Once that is built; I'll have both Armatas in my Russian Army. Next is a T-55 from Revell; this one with the cheek armor. I want to research this to see if these tanks were still in service in the East German Army during the reunification. If so, I want to make it with west German markings. Otherwise, it'll be Russian: Finally this last one was bought from a friend. No, it is not in my preferred scale, but I got it to build for my SoCal AMPS club's Patton Group Build. Everyone is building Pattons for the next west coast Nationals and since the M-48 is my favorite tank, I'm gonna join the group build with this model: Oh, I also got a Gotha Go-242 transport from another friend who was selling it but I didn't shoot any pic of it. Maybe I'll post that one later. Thanks for looking in, I've been pretty busy in the Hobby Room so feel free to check out my Maddog Manufacturing.
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    Great job. The eyes are perfect. Wonderful.
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    WOW! another great piece, your color choice is fantastic.
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    Nice work! And kids who look at it will only see a cool model of an X-Wing... About the same time Revell moved their molding to a the facility in China, their plastic also became softer--probably more vinyl and/or regrind added to the mix. That's the main reason that if I want a vintage Monogram kit, I buy the earliest issue I can find in order to get that sublime Monogram styrene...
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    Dang Nick....learn the difference between a VALID question and a complaint.....All of us know how well our volunteers do. Gil
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    It ain't much but I did finish a couple models in October here. It sure felt good too! First is my Modelcollect 1/72 scale NATO MAN Tractor with Pershing II missile that I built as a tribute to my departed friend George Creed: This next finished model is not a vehicle at all, but it is armored; quite heavily in fact. This is the Modelcollect 1/72 scale Austratt turret on Ostwind Fjord: That's all I have finished for now. Thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.
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    Duke, keep it up and you'll need a semi to get your collection to the next nationals! That turret would make a cool diorama.
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    I am creating an eventual diorama called "The Long Siberian Winter - 2022" It will have the T-14 in the pics and a T-15 Armata IFV. I have created an original camo for the models, and opinions/suggestions are welcome. The issue I have is whether or not the camo design I created looks "plausible". I have been toying with adding darker "highlights" to the pattern, or even a sort of dark spot pattern. Whatever it is, I will need to recreate it for the T-15.
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    Congratulations on a well-deserved award. I spent at least an hour and a half looking over this incredible model and I always saw something new. It is a stunning model that was well worth seeing in person.
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    Hello friends The Tiger I was the first tank to be equipped with an 88mm cannon which proved to be formidable on all battle fronts. I had to have it in my collection, from the Tamiya brand at 1/35 scale. Greetings and I hope you like it
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