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    Mark, so far nothing is proven about this virus. Although other forms of Corona virus do become less virulent in warmer months, that has not been proven with this particular strain. Witness the fact that as of yesterday Australia has reported 130 cases. Right now they are in the heart of a very hot summer. There is no hard evidence that this will go way as things warm up. It is a wait and see thing and not something you can plan on. I do agree that it is way too early to cancel now, but not too early to have a backup plan.
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    The cockpit took quite some time with all the photo etch. The gun bay was not to bad. The resin propellers are extremely thin, but very accurate. I used white thread to simulate wiring. So far, the fit of the parts is really good. I’ve started building the framework around the engines with thin plastic sheets. Chris
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    Hi all I'm Robert i live in Columbus Ohio. I work 6 to 7 days a week and i just got back into modeling i like sci-fi models and model planes decided to get in to modeling to help with my stress and to relax Thanks
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    This is the M+E Models conversion set mated to a 2nd generation Airfix Lancaster. You get a new nose and tail as well as a plug for the ventral turret and a page of decals. From what I've been able to gather, these used the paddle bladed props, so the ones in the kit shouldn't be used. I got a set of the other props from a friend. It sat on the shelf for a few years as the decals shattered when put in water. Then I discovered that the new Airfix Whitley kit comes with BOAC markings. I know they're not correct, but they look fine and what's more, they fit. Finish is SNJ polished with their polishing dust with the exception of the control surfaces.
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    Ok, so this little gem (in 1/100 scale), is a kit I won as part of the Gundam Grand Prix event that was sponsored by the local anime-japanese-otaku yearly convention "San Japan", here in San Antonio, Texas. I won the kit thanks to the famous Odaiba diorama y'all saw on the latest IPMS Journal. It is a limited, exclusive and special edition of the originator of all the Gundam things: the RX-78-2. In this case, the plastic sprues are clear and translucent, and some parts are colored (the original plastic is colored, not that Band ai colored them after the "imprint"). It is only sold at "The Gundam Base", the Gundam mega-store in Japan. But you can buy it on-line, or buy the regular version with normal plastic sprues. Just look for "Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. 3". Enough. Now photos. Photo of me, the Odaiba diorama and the RX-78-2 kit.
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    All that's left to do now, is dirty everything up, and put it together. It always amazes me that Trumpeter will provide a detailed engine, but no way to show it. I detailed the entire thing even though some of the detail will be hidden. To simulate rubber hoses and clamps, I used electrical tape, and photo etch scrap. Since I'll be showing these, I had to scratch build the header tanks that sit on top of the reduction gearboxes. I went thru my model stash to find the thickest piece of sprue I could, heated it, and used a large razor knife handle as a jig. I dressed them up with spare parts from my photo etch stash. The "seam" that goes around the tank, is heated sprue that was stretched out. Added hydraulic lines/hoses to the landing gear. I'm using Tamiya Bare-Metal silver for the main color. After a small "mishap" with the base, I finally finished it. I used pre-mixed sanded grout, as the ground work. First thing I did was put tape where the decorative plates would go. I applied it directly to the wood with a small spatula. After every thing was smoothed out, I stippled the surface with a large paint brush. I added sifted kitty litter to a few spots while the grout was still wet. Last thing to do was carefully remove the tape while the grout was still wet. It was painted with several shades of Tamiya brown. A heavy wash of artist oils (burnt umber) thinned with mineral spirits was applied to the ground work only. After the wash dried, I dry brushed it with Naples yellow hue artist oil. Chris
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    Thanks Gil! Hey, what better way to deal with this than keep on building? After all I:
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    Hey I really like these rodeo belt buckle style awards for category and best-of awards.
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    From Faller, N-scale (1/160);
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    This is a resin kit from Retro Tracks, a Belgian company. It's a very nice casting that went together pretty easily. The challenge was that camo in 1/72. It doesn't look too bad in the photos, but in person, it's kind of rough is some spots. The vehicle itself was not a roaring success. As a tank, it was a miserable failure. It was front heavy, the chassis was overloaded and it was underpowered However, it proved useful on occasion as a sort of proto-assault gun (that's a French 75 in the nose) and as mobile artillery. It was declared obsolete immediately after the war and discarded.
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    John, your first Journal will be the March/April issue which will go out about mid April. Marie Van Schoonhoven, Office Manager
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    The Javelin build this week is moving along. With the wings on I assembled the landing gear. The main gear was a little tricky as one of the struts needed to slide under a brace then mount the main strut and attach the other strut. I was able to get them lined up and glued into place. The nose gear and the gear doors all went on with no issues. The various antenna’s, refueling probe, and scoops along with some photo etch details were installed on to the fuselage. Weights were added to the nose cone to keep it from being a tail-dragger. I then painted the base coat on the aircraft. The bottom was painted aluminum and the upper areas were painted with RAF dark green and RAF gray. Getting ready now to apply the numerous decals then onto the canopy. See all the details and photos from the start at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-gloster-javelin/
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    Greetings all, I realize that the Corona Virus (COVID-19) has taken the world by storm in a rather quick fashion the past few weeks and as a result we are seeing many, many cancellations of a wide variety of events…especially well known events, meets, conventions around the world as well as here in the US. Let me break my response down into fact and opinion. FACT: I have reached out to both the City of San Marcos and the IPMS/USA E-Board to let them know that the convention planning committee is keeping an eye on the COVID-19 outbreak and how it could potentially affect our convention slated for late July. The response I received from the city was that, as of the past week, they consider the threat to be low. Like us, they are keeping an eye on the situation and have, as of March 5th, assessed the threat to be low. Please check out the following link for more info from the City of San Marcos: https://www.sanmarcostx.gov/279/Coronavirus-and-Flu-Information-and-Prev As a result of all the information we have at the current time (March 12th) we are continuing planning for the 2020 convention. All team members are (generally) healthy and continue to nail down details for the upcoming show. In fact, we have been preparing the IPMS web store items (Pre-Registration, tours, T-shirts, trophy sponsorships, etc) to go live early next week. I, as convention chair, will continue to keep a line of communication open with the City of San Marcos on this very topic. OPINION: It is my personal opinion that a lot can happen in the coming weeks and months and at this point it is too early to make any changes. Yes, I fully recognize that airlines are not as forgiving when it comes to cancelling or changing flights but as of this time, I think it would be unwise to make any changes when the show is still 138 days away. From what I have seen in the media a lot of what is being cancelled are shows/events that are happening in the next several weeks. If these drastic measures are successful in the short term then COVID-19 will hopefully be in the rear-view-mirror come show-time. I, like many of you, are very, very excited about the 2020 convention this summer. I will continue, along with Team 2020, give it our very best effort to make it a success. If the planning committee has news regarding COVID-19 and its potential negative effects on the 2020 Convention I will post the info the main page of the convention website: www.nats2020.com. If you have specific questions regarding planning around COVID-19 please e-mail me at director.nats2020@gmail.com but be forewarned I do not have much more info than what is being reported via the various media outlets…and will most probably answer with the words I typed above. Best Regards, Len Pilhofer
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    Personally, I would like to hear IPMS/USA's official current position on the subject.
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    The build of the Gloster Javelin is moving forward. I assembled the exhaust and then painted/weathered them. The center of the fuselage was then assembled and I started on the landing gear bays. The main bays looked a little too clean so using 32 awg wire and some scratch built plastic and metal pieces to represent the hydraulic cans. I used bare wire for the wiring and black sleeved wire for the hydraulic lines. The bays were then painted with aluminum and weathered with pastel chalk. See my tips and tricks section on weathering with pastel chalk ]https://davidsscalemodels.com/tips-and-tricks/weathering-with-pastel-chalk/ Finally the wings were assembled and installed to the fuselage. Stay tuned for the building of the landing gear and the detailing of the fuselage. See this build from the start in my build log at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-gloster-javelin/
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    We might want to be cautious about this. The Bucharest Aviation Museum, much like the city of Bucharest itself, is in Romania. In fact, it is the capital of Romania. It is not in Hungary. I suppose it is possible that this person is confused about the name of his own country or where he lives. There is a Budapest Aviation Museum, but the name Madalin Marian appears on the Bucharest Aviation Museum website. HMMMMM. Snarky! Personally, I would not suggest sending any money until this is clarified! PS. 40 is the phone code for Romania. PPS. Other possible explanation is that he did not specify a country-only a city- and Dennis confused Bucharest with Budapest and inserted the country name himself in error. Not hard to do. Regards, Nick - got an A in Geography- Filippone
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    I applied the final coat of polyurethane on the trim of the base. I normally only apply 1 coat. This trim has 3 coats, sanded between coats. I've laid all the photo etch Marston Matting that I have on hand. I'm waiting for the last 4 sets to come from Tom's Modelworks. The pieces are pretty delicate when you handle them. The hooks are easily bent if you bump them. I used tweezers every chance I could to reduce damage. The instructions state that you should leave them on the frets until your ready to apply them. It cut easily with scissors. The base is furniture grade plywood. I final sanded it with 220 grit sandpaper. I wiped down the plywood with a damp cloth of Mineral Spirits to get all the fine sawdust up, before gluing the photo etch down. I used Loctite super glue to attach them. I used several photos of the actual runway as a reference. The most important task is to make sure the joints are staggered when you start out. Although I used a reference line to start the runs, its not perfectly straight. Actual photos looking down the runway show that it pretty wavy. Once the surface was leveled and compacted, the pieces were put down one at a time. Each piece was about 66 lbs. Each piece measures 10ft long x 15in. wide. Once I get all the pieces laid, I'm going to apply a thin coat of sanded grout on both sides to simulate dirt. I'm going to use kitty liter to simulate small rocks on each side, The figures are a mix of Black Dog, and ICM. The tools are from MiniArt. The ladders and small table are from Black dog. The large table was scratch built from balsa wood The ammo crates, and tarps are from Value Gear. The kit itself comes with a lot of photo etch parts. I did purchase several Eduard kits to improve the interior, exterior, and gun bay. The plaques from the Trophy shop turned out great, I thought. Chris
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    I really like your flesh tones, Kev. They have the warmness in their color. The hair looks great also. Well done all around on this one. Bill
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