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    Last night at my IPMS club meeting, I picked up this little jewel in the raffle: There's a lot more P/E in this tiny model that I expected! It's gonna be a bit of a challenge...
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    After a few weeks of constant repairs, I finally got ahead of the broken parts and completed the Airfix USAAF resupply set. Since these are four individual vehicles, I'm posting them as individual models and counting them as such as well. Here they are.... First is my Cushman Model 39 Package Car: That Cushman is only about an inch long.... Next is my Chevrolet M-6 Bomb Service Truck: Here is the M-5 Bomb Trailer that the Chevrolet pulls: And finally here is the Autocar U-7144-T Tractor with F-1 Fuel Trailer: I didn't weather these much, given how they spent most of their time on paved runways and inside hangers. I am glad they are finally finished now. Next I'll be finishing up the RAF resupply set.... That's all for now. Thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.
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    Years ago our Chapter had a building theme of "It Ain't My Type." We were supposed to build a model that was in an IPMS/USA Class where we would not ordinarily enter a model. Each member had to identify the Class(es) he did not like to build in, and then pick a kit and build it during the year. I do not know much about military vehicles, so I do not build tanks, field guns, railroad mortars, softskins, etc. I do like automotive subjects, however, and the nearest thing I could find to automotive in military vehicles was this truck kit. The kit represents a series of Firsts for me. This was my First true military vehicle. It was my First 1/35 scale kit. It was my First attempt at a three-color camo paint scheme. And it was NOT my First model to not be finished by the build deadline. Almost fully painted and detailed, it went back into the box and waited for me to tinker with it off and on for almost ten years. Last August, I was burned out on airplanes from the seven I built for The Magnificent 7's project, so I opened this box and decided to finish the assembly before beginning some new model. The camo scheme was the biggest challenge for me. The decal sheet had decals that spread across several color fields, and the lettering changed color in the middle of words, like "FLAMMABLE" for example. I tried to use the camo layout presented in the instructions, but the scheme did not match the provided decals. I had to draw a revised camo scheme onto the kit's pieces that was close to reference photos I had from the internet and also adjusted to accommodate the decals. Thank goodness there were reasonably close Model Master paints available for airbrush application. I actually liked this kit in spite of its flaws and complications. I have the Italeri sister kit of the Oshkosh M-977 Flatbed in my stash, but this one will get corrected resin wheels and tires and lots of Eduard photoetch details (which I have in the box). Some day I might even build it. Ed
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    Hey Gil, As always, a great event!!! I had a blast!!
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    I used a small 4"X5" flag. The cheap kind mounted on a straw. It is a thin nylon material. I sprayed it with the olive drab on both sides then cut out the shapes. I tried to cut shapes first but the threads started falling apart easily. The paint holds the threads together. For mounting them I placed a paint brush across the seats to give them a slight sag while I glued the front edge down.
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    Well, that Tankograd book arrived today. Definitely get "Tankograd American Special #3022 - M60A2, M60A3 & AVLB" if you want to build the AVLB. It doesn't really help if you're going to build a A2 or A3 in my opinion. But then, who am I? ;-)
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    This just came in. Believe it or not, I ordered this from Publisher's Clearinghouse: This looks like it'll be a fun one!
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    They are all 1/48 scale. The F3F is Accurate Miniature. The Corsair is Tamiya. The A20 is AMT. The Japanese aircraft is the Hasegawa Claude.
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    I'll post a link to our "official pics" as soon as Andy gets them to me! GIL
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    Gil, Congrats on a great show. Remember when there weren't even 400 models at the regionals we went to, never mind over 500! Good job Jacksonville.
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    Gil, had another great time at the event. Your club always puts on a fantastic show which is validated by the overall turnout. I had an excellent time, as has been the case in years past, and look forward to next year. In the meantime, here is a link to my album. I took about 500 photos. So far I have about 400 downloaded. Just a few more to go. http://public.fotki.com/1320wayne/model_shows/2018-model-shows/jaxcon-2018/
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    Those are some awesome scores Kevin! They will be fun to watch. Well, the final Christmas presents finally arrived and here they are. I had some Christmas money to spend so I went to Harbor Freight and picked up the following. I gotta go back for more: I had received an Amazon Gift Card so I ordered these which arrived a couple days ago: One of three versions of M-109's I wanted: I'd been looking for one of these for a couple years; there are two in this box: I've already started one of the Mitsubishis.
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    Ronald, YOU are the modeler/artist and you should build it to suit your desires. The youtube modeler replicated the "typical" stance of shore based Tomcats, whereby upon landing, one engine is shut down and the engine nozzle petals open. The plane taxis on the remaining engine to the ramp and shuts down with the hot engine shut down with the engine nozzle frozen in the closed (taxi) position. Whether it is "correct" or not depends on your point of view or scenario you want to portray in your model. HTH.
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    Did you notice that the men working on the models dressed properly to go to work? White shirts, ties, and jackets even in a paint shop. :smiley14: Fast forward a century and reflect on how workers (or people in general) dress today. :o Ed
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    Finally got all the tiny handles attached to the Mud Hen panel, so it looks like I've got a good build technique to continue with on the other projects. I opted to ditch the Tamiya decals for the MPCDs, since they look a little cheesy, and just went with MPCDs that look like they're turned off. Used a layered approach with Alclad gold on the backs, and layers of red and green transparent paint on the front to give them the kind of gold/metallic/brown look they actually have when off. Also got the grey viper's engine bay bulkhead and ADG painted and ready to attach to the engine bay. Intake tunnel components came out smooth and seamless using the white paint/dipping in future technique.