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  1. Add to the list, decals from Isradecal, Aztec, Syhart, Daco and others. I have 84 on my database. Enjoy. Regarding detail bits, Quickboost has some neat seats, and Isracast has a fairly complete conversion kit. I would follow Tim's suggestion to take a look at Eduard. Also, look at Aires for some resin.
  2. Here is a long OOP kit. Around 1972, a gentleman named Ken Rymal came out with a series of vacu-form kits of a number of experimental subjects. Here is my model of the XP-88. The kit was a single sheet of a male-form vacu-form. The directions were contained in a blue-line diazo print. The vacuform sheet contained basic wing and fuselage parts and "suggestions" on how to obtain or make the rest of the parts. No decals were included although a vacuformed canopy was included.
  3. Hi Freddie, Interesting technique. I am not familiar with that Vallejo product. What doe it do? Is it a protector to the base coat? Would Future work just as well. It appears that most of the effect is achieved by brushing off the white acrylic top layer with a wet brush. I assume that the white acrylic may be dry to the touch but is not really fully cured. That way it can be partially removed by a wet brush. Would a base coat of enamels covered by the white acrylic work just as well. How does the Vallejo product add to the process? Please don't think that I am being negative, I am just trying to understand what the Vallejo product does.
  4. Here is my OOP photo. It is a Rareplane YP-37. I call it a NIP because I don't believe that it was ever in production other than a Rarebit. I met Gordon Stevens of Rareplanes during a few business trips and again corresponded with him while I lived in South America. On one of my trips, he gave me the vac-sheet for this model. It used the wings and tail from a P-36 or P-40 and provided the unique fuselage. It was one of my earliest attempts to show different metal tones. It looks kind of garish now but was fun. While I was getting ready to post this pic, I did some research and found the following story about Rareplanes in Gordon's own words. He was really one of the pioneers of our hobby. Here is the article; http://www.aeroscale.co.uk/modules.php?op=modload&name=Sections&file=index&req=viewarticle&artid=4305
  5. Welcome Kalle. It was good to see your finished models. Great work. Glad to see another 1/72 modeler plus great color schemes.
  6. Our HobbyTown in Kalamazoo is great to deal with. It is good to have a LHS to get the little things like paints etc that you need. Also, if I want a special kit or book, they can get it in a few days. Cost is usually better than on-line shops with their shipping. Good, friendly people who seem to enjoy their job. Also, the club can set up a build at the shop once a month. It has been a help recruiting new members.
  7. Great job Bill. Great camo and details. I got tired just reading the problems that you overcame. Love the Canberra. Saw it flying in the 80's in Venezuela. Always impressive.
  8. Forgive my stupidity but what are those white things on the model? It looks good so far.
  9. Nick, The ABT that I mentioned was a company that provided after-market decals. The full name was Max ABT and I believe that they produced products in the late 60/s and early 70's. They were a french company and the French Aircraft color chart is the only one that they published to my knowledge. They are not the source of the paint chips listed on the Memorial Flight web site but they may have copied them. I note that the photo at the top of the page that you reference seems to have more than the eleven chips shown. Therefore, the ABT chips may be a copy of the set shown in the photo. I am sending you a scan of the ABT chips. You will note that there is a Chamois Brillant color listed. It seems to be listed for fuselage interior and cowling interior protection. Check with Roger on this info. Clare
  10. Hi Nick, I just sent you a PM with my e-mail. You can send me a copy of the chart if you wish. I think that I can get it posted. Note, your latest edit to your message listing the Memorial Flight web site shows the entire document very well. Interestingly enough, most of the colors are virtually the same as those contained in the old ABT booklet. Clare
  11. Great job so far Ron. Keep up the good work.
  12. Hi Nick, After I sent my last comment, I found this second posting. The hyperlink now shows eleven colors but the resolution is even worse - 150 x 240 pixels. Again, I would love to see a higher resolution version of the chart.
  13. Hi Nick, Thank you for posting this interesting information. For your info, the document that we can see contains five colors and is very low resolution - 280 x 210 pixels. It is very dificult to read any info. Is this all that you posted? I have been using dark blue as my normal French based on an old color chart from ABT decals. Your information on the color of landing gear legs, chamois, is new. I believe that this will add some interesting color to French models. Is the total document shown? If not, I would love to see the entire document. Also, I would love to see a higher resolution version. Thanks again,
  14. Welcome Paddy. I'm sure that you will find lots of friendly people around here. Anyone who builds 1/72 aircraft can't be all bad. :D Show us some of your models.
  15. A good tip Frederico. A couple of questions. What is the finish of the basic model? I assume that it is enamel but is it flat or gloss? Also, what kind of a solvent is contained in your cristal cleaner? Is it like our Windex? Gracial por providing a link to your web site again.
  16. Our club is having another internal contest for the March meeting. The subject is OOB Armor. Being an aircraft modeler, I had to ask what an armor model was. I was told that it had to have a turret with a big gun, thick metal armor along the top and sides and finally, it had to have tracks. Do you guys think that this model will meet the requirements?? Clare
  17. Good grief Steve!!! How did you make the old Airfix kit look that good? Really great job. Love the camo scheme.
  18. Very nice. Those Monogram kits were sure some great kits. The only way to easily assemble a biplane.
  19. Good data Dennis and Eric. It shows that the items that we publish get viewed. I for one, however, would love to see the numbers shoot up even more. Lets get some good discussion topics going. When I click on the "show new content" button, most of the new subjects are reviews. Now, this is good because we have been pumping out a lot of reviews in the last year or so but I would also like to see more questions, comments, into requeste etc.
  20. You have been busy Rob. This one is great too!!! I particularly love the very slight rust effect that you have added to the body plus the chipped paint along the door sill. Great job.
  21. Well done!!! The blanket is a great addition. The wood parts look completely in scale.
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