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  1. I have been being charged sales tax on most of my out of State mail orders for quite some time and some even charge my State's sales tax (9.9) when the supplier is not even in my State.
  2. Arrived today! SO Cool...
  3. Mark Aldrich

    Vindicator by Accu Mini

    Great Job! Are the wing walks painted or decal?
  4. Mark Aldrich

    Dragon "styrene" Tracks: NEVER again!

    Man, Sorry to hear that. I must consider myself fortunate. I have never (knock on wood) had that happen to me. I have heard all the stories and am just so happy that I have not had that problem. On the plus side.....you can get you some Masterclub tracks!! I wish they made a set of T54E1s. I would probably buy about 20 just to start!.
  5. I know I am posting this earlier than normal but I just noticed this Topic and figured I would get us started. As usual, I am looking for photographers to help photo archive the upcoming Nationals. This year should be an easy one as I am actually going to get to attend! If all has gone right, I should have a SIG table and we will use that as the handoff location. As in previous years, I am in need of all the different categories to be covered as well as any trips, vendors, make-n-take, and general convention shots. You can contact me here or at tacomipms@comcast.net. Can't wait to be there.
  6. Mark Aldrich

    Smokey Mountain ModelCon

    Thanks to John for the pictures..... https://gallery.ipmsusa3.org/index.php?/category/5619#content
  7. Mark Aldrich

    New from Sacramento Silver Wings

    Welcome! Can't wait to see some build postings!
  8. Mark Aldrich

    Industria Mechanika's Red Star 47

    That is just too kool!
  9. Mark Aldrich

    Judging Question

    I tried to explain what the judges look for, (I've seen that seminar a lot) but doubt it made a difference to his already formed opinion. So fair thee well... This is the HARDEST part to overcome when you are talking with people about "how and why" at a contest. By the time they are talking with you, they have already formed an opinion and no matter what you say to them, it usually goes in one ear and out the other. I truly think the biggest problem is that most local shows involve the judging taking place while the contestants and spectators are there. This means that anyone can listen to what the judges are saying and YOU NEVER WANT THAT!!! However, it is the nature of the beast.
  10. Mark Aldrich

    Judging Question

    Rusty says it best and I wish I could instill that attitude in all my model buddies. While I go to contests and enter models I no longer worry or care about not winning. I still chat and discuss when something wins that I feel shouldn't have (as all modelers tend to do). My theory or mentality is that if I win I was fortunate enough that 3 fellow model builders (hopefully) thought my entry was better than the others presented on that day and time. If I don't win.....Guess what? I will still build models to the best of my ability and will still enter contests until I can no longer build.
  11. Mark Aldrich

    Pick Up with Rockets

    Thanks Patrick. I am thinking of using it with my 23-2 truck in a diorama....The idea might be too cluttered with both vehicles though.
  12. Mark Aldrich

    Pick Up with Rockets

    Had to make some changes along the way but happy with the results.
  13. Mark Aldrich


    Thanks to Devin for the pictures.... https://gallery.ipmsusa3.org/index.php?/category/5605
  14. Mark Aldrich

    1/76 Canadian Otter armoured car

    Well done!
  15. Mark Aldrich


    Thanks to Roland for the pictures.... https://gallery.ipmsusa3.org/index.php?/category/5600