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  1. Hello guys These are the things I've been working on lately, as my hands shake more and more with the passing of the years I'm dedicating more time to the 3d designing and some less to the "real" plastic things. Anyway these designs are later 3d printed so I can see them built and painted in the finished models. I hope you like them.
  2. Hello guys The new 3d printed kit of this iconic Spanish Civil War AFV is available now, I hope you like it. www.fcmodeltrend.com
  3. Find them at www.fcmodeltrend.com
  4. Find them at www.fcmodeltrend.com
  5. Find them at www.fcmodeltrend.com
  6. Find all these at www.fcmodeltrend.com
  7. Dear friends Here are some new accessories you can find at www.fcmodeltrend.com most of them are 3d printed and a few are resin cast. I hope you like them
  8. Dear friends The Blitzscales modelling magazine is ready again, in this March issue you will find: -AML-90 from the Spanish Legion -Serbian military police BRDM-2 by Javier redondo -Flakpanzer E-100 -Fokker Dr.I 1/48 scale -The Nuremberg toy fair news -Mercedes L1500S as a milk delivery truck -3 new freebies for your modelling projects. Remember that Blitzscales is free and you can download it here www.blitzscales.com Best regards
  9. Dear friends The new Blitzscales is ready for downloading, I hope you like it. www.blitzscales.com http://i1073.photobucket.com/albums/w382/freddietello/Blitzscales-7-portada_zps78d46831.jpg Cheers Federico Collada
  10. Hi guys Blitzscales march issue is ready, you can download it for free here www.blitzscales.com http://i1073.photobucket.com/albums/w382/freddietello/Blitzscales5-1_zps8b92d127.jpg I hope you like it Federico
  11. Hi Once again Blitzscales is ready for free downloading with some new gifts, I hope you like it www.blitzscales.com Happy 2017! Federico Collada http://i1073.photobucket.com/albums/w382/freddietello/Blitzscale4Portada_zpsbd002129.jpg
  12. Hi guys The November Blitzscales is ready for downloading including some new printable gifts.I hope you like it. And please remember that this magazine is for free and depends on the amount of downloads so share this link with your friends and encourage them to download it too so we can have Blitzsclaes for a long time. http://www.blitzscales.com/ Federico Collada http://i1073.photobucket.com/albums/w382/freddietello/Blitzscale-3-November-2016-1_zps9f628d9a.jpg
  13. Hello friends Let me introduce you to the new military modelling magazine; Blitzscale. A project born between modellers who like to explore and look forward new styles in this hobby. While most of the availabe modelling magazines tend to show great models made by very well known modellers, this new magazine is a bit different; Blitzscale focuses in helping modellers with all kind of tips, gifts, etc. Every issue will be conceived this way, not only a showroom but a magazine you will read and use at your work space. The main articles in Blitzscale will show and explain step by step, all kind of building, painting, photographing, etc techniques and tips so you will see something really useful in every issue. Blitzscale will also include at least two gifts that you can print and use with your models; decorated bases, historic scaled posters and signs, dioramas accesories, moulds, etc. each one of them priced 3 euros so you get really valuable resources for your models. Blitzscale will be released as a digital magazine and it will have a printed version in the future, I hope you like it. The magazine is available at www.fcmodeltrend.com
  14. Hello friends I would like to show you one of the 4 models I built for the recent Blue Steel 5 AMX-13 in Lebanon book. The book is about how to use very simple painting techniques for novel modellers to achieve the heavily rusted and weathered look of military vehicles. For these articles I used the new Takom kits that has been an excellent relief for the ancient Heller one. Takom makes 3 different versions of this little tank and is announcing some new and interesting different versions, like the prototype with the M-24 Chaffee turret. Here are some photos of the model with the 75mm gun that I made to illustrate the first gallery of the book that shows many AMX-13 of different versions parked at a Lebanese army depot, the gallery pictures belong to Sam Assad, the other half and author of the book. This model represents one of the AMX-13 that were provided by Israel, thus the sand colour camouflage over the original French Green colour. Both paint layers are completely worn and spoiled due to decades at the open under the intense Mediterranean sun. I hope you like the pictures, you can download some sample pages of the book at www.bluesteelseries.com
  15. Hello guys I would like to introduce you to my new modelling book, FCModeltips 1, with 21 articles showing building and painting techniques, tricks and tips that will help you building your models in less time and with a high level finishing. In the last 15 years I have published many articles in many magazines and the ones that have been more successful were those that showed something new and useful. This is the spirit of this book, not showing a lot of pictures of finished models with long historical and technical texts but a good bunch of useful tips that you can use at your workbench. Some of these ideas have been previously shown in my blog, and others are brand new and previously unseen, like the pigments rain, the splattered and dragged veil or the weathering chamber, all of them very easy techniques that you can use to weather your model in seconds! When I started this book, a year ago, my intention was to help those modellers that have very little time for their hobby so the could make the most of it, and also those who are not keen on trying the techniques of some master modellers that sometimes are a bit hard to control. In the FCModeltips 1 book I try to offer some really easy alternatives that don’t require any special skill to use them correctly. Each of the FCModeltips 1 articles is shown with a different model and cover one special technique or subject, with large pictures and brief comments so you can get the concept easily in a while. FCModeltips 1 is a book that took one year of preparation, and may be followed by other similar books in the future, all of them providing this same kind of help, for modellers to enjoy the best of their hobby time. The FCModeltips 1 book is available in English and Spanish. I hope you like it
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