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  1. Welcome Marcin, your models are beautiful. Incredible work. Well done.
  2. Thanks Mike. Just placed my order. This is what I was looking for.
  3. I am looking for a source for thin Stainless Steel wire to use for rigging biplanes. Years ago, I bought a scale wire kit which had .004 and .008 inch diameter wire. It was produced by an IPMS member, Clay Boyd. Is this still produced? Where can I find it? Does Clay still produce it? All comments are welcome.
  4. Great job Gil. Question, what do you do for a comprehensive index?
  5. This has been going on for over 3 months. Some good info has been presented.
  6. I just finished the Hasegawa Akeno Flying School kit and for the Ki-43, the instructions called out Mr. Color 127, Nakajima Cockpit Color. I don't have access to Mr. Color paints so I made a mixture of Sky Type S with a bit of yellow to reproduce the color. I looked pretty close to the color in Gil's reference above. Good luck.
  7. Great looking model. I love those Syhart decals. I have several sheets waiting for me to get busy and build a model.
  8. This is a good looking Panda kit. Who provided it to IPMS for review?
  9. This looks like a really great addition for ship models.
  10. I agree with the comment on the eye and also, what a great base. Great job.
  11. Wow!! Looking great Ron. Waiting to see the rest of the build.
  12. Great looking model. Sometimes you spend too much time with reference material and can't enjoy the finished product. I love your model, regardless of some perceived imperfections.
  13. Great job. It sure captures the movie photos and your washes really kill the "black blob".
  14. Good job as well as comments Ron. Well done.
  15. So sorry to hear the bad news. El was a great person. Mike, your message was exactly to the point.
  16. Wow!! Great work Gil. I too love the interior. Looking forward to following your progress.
  17. Sounds like we need to check out our stash of enamels and duplicate any that are running low.
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