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  1. Eric Aitala

    Adam Savage is cool!

    Probably not... it might be a bit mean to make many copies of something just to avoid having to buy it.. Not really sure... Eric
  2. Eric Aitala

    Adam Savage is cool!

    He has posted another video on scale figures - it includes a portion about pirate recasts of garage kits...
  3. Eric Aitala


    A new Article at: http://www.scalemodelnews.com/2018/10/a-war-in-miniature-amazing-model.html Eric
  4. Here is another video... https://www.tested.com/art/makers/845811-adam-savages-one-day-builds-kit-bashing-and-scratch-building/
  5. I wonder if we could send Adam Savage an IPMS membership?.... hehe... E
  6. https://www.tested.com/art/makers/844438-show-and-tell-2001-eva-pod-model-kit/
  7. Eric Aitala

    July/August Journal

    I think this might be the Nats issue... which takes a little longer to assemble... E
  8. I have updated Alec's account so that he is registered as an IPMS/USA member. We're still working through the process of vetting membership dates and such. And getting the new Forum Admin setup. It might be a little time for a couple reasons, but we will get there. Eric
  9. Eric Aitala

    2019 convention website

    I doubt it.
  10. Eric Aitala

    A Phoenix thank you

  11. Eric Aitala

    In Need Of Volunteer Photographers

    And if people are tired of the slideshow images on the various IPMS web sites, I can always use some decent, landscape aspect ratio images... preferably with a nice depth of field / bokeh . Eric
  12. Eric Aitala

    Oline sign-up for Seminars???

    The only online signup was for the Grex seminar... and that one is closed.
  13. Eric Aitala

    Tour Registration not working

    After checking with Phoenix, you can now register for the Tour, but online registration for the Nationals will not be re-opened. You will either have had to register online previously or do so at the door in Phoenix. http://www.shopipmsusa.org/product-p/natsreg-18-tour-pima.htm Eric
  14. Eric Aitala

    Tour Registration not working

    MSG sent to you