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  1. File Size

  2. New Gallery

    I'm still working through the options of the new Gallery, so expect occasional weirdness. E
  3. Trophy Sponsorship

    Could you try going to https://www.whatsmybrowser.org and sending me the link in the box via a private message (or email to webmaster@ipmsusa.org) I'd like to see if it is a browser issue... Thanks, Eric
  4. Trophy Sponsorship

    I'm not sure what the issue might be. Hmmm. Can't quite find a decent way to embed a screen capture... This is what I did Try https://youtu.be/ritPxHdFmW0 Eric
  5. Trophy Sponsorship

    I was able to put all three trophy types in my cart, but you must fill out the Trophy Categories field.. Eric
  6. Trophy Sponsorship

    It should be, let me check. Eric
  7. Little hiccup logging into new forum

    Luckily IPMS purchases the Forum software, if I had to develop it, it would never happen as its so massively complicated. And the upgrade was quite large in this case in terms of the software and server changes that had to be made... Next up, the Gallery.... Eric
  8. Forum Update Soon?

    Try going to this page and editing the settings >> https://forum.ipmsusa3.org/index.php?/notifications/options/ I think this system has changed and there was one option that users could not change that should be editable. Eric
  9. Forum Update Soon?

    Can you take a screen shot because I have never seen this pop up. Is anyone else seeing it? Thanks, Eric
  10. Forum Update Soon?

    Which notification box do you mean? Or do you mean the announcement block? Eric
  11. Forum Update Soon?

    I have done the upgrade to the Forums... you will notice a number of changes. First is you can now log in with either your display name or email address. The theme is also different - I will need to do a little work on that... If you have any issues, please let me know. Eric
  12. Little hiccup logging into new forum

    Yeah, I'm working on the upgrade - you can now log in with either your display name or email address. Eric
  13. Forum Update Soon?

    It looks like I may need to update the Forum software soon. We are seeing a lot of bogus account creation requests... I figure its because we're using an older version of the software. When I do the update, it will be late in the evening as to not disrupt things. I may only be able to post an alert an hour or so before I disable login access... Thanks, Eric
  14. Trophy Sponsorship

    There will? Then someone needs to send me that information. Eric
  15. Registration

    The online registration will go live soon. Eric