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  1. It... takes... time... to... handle... the... offline... membership... information....
  2. One thing to look at is the number of people involved in running a WorldCon - for example, https://chicon.org/home/about-worldcon/chicon-8-committee/ - there are easily over 100 people involved. I can't think of too many places in the US where we have a club, or clubs, with enough members to get 100 volunteers. And they all purchase memberships to the Con to become a volunteer. Yes, they may get all of that refunded, but it may not happen. As for the dealers, they pay $350 for a single 72" by 30" table with two chairs and a membership for the person at the table at $690.00 for DisCon III - there are some discounts for additional tables & memberships, I think. Also a number of past WorldCons have been part of established Sci-Fi cons which have run for decades.... I'd also look at the list on http://www.smofinfo.com/LL/TheLongList.html and look at the number that attended and the number that were members for each year. While there are some ideas we might be able to work into the Nats, WorldCon is really a different animal.... E
  3. The 'Processing' status is pretty meaningless with out store as we don't sell physical products. I manually move orders to 'Shipped' ... I will contact Marie about your membership. Eric
  4. Its a De Agostini Model Space kit.... E
  5. Looks a bit like Gulf Blue. But looking through some of the Dodge paint colors in the 1960s, I'm not really sure. Seems lighter than 1962 powder blue - https://www.paintscratch.com/touch_up_paint/Dodge/1962-Dodge-All-Other-Models-Powder-Blue-CC-1-1962.html and 1964 Arctic Blue - https://www.paintscratch.com/touch_up_paint/Dodge/1964-Dodge-Trucks-Arctic-Blue-1640-1964.html Maybe one of the 1966 blues - https://www.paintscratch.com/touch_up_paint/Dodge/1966-Dodge-All-Models.html E
  6. I've posted the online results to the Office Manager... Eric
  7. Don't read much into the number of members vs the IPMS membership ID numbers... I would say a good many were lost, re-issued, etc. In a recent database file, there are roughly 19500 members listed (going back to Jim Sage at #0) but the IPMS# is at 54200ish. Another example, for the first 1000 members listed, the IPMS# goes to 11400.... Eric
  8. Due to a delay in the mailing of the latest Journal, we are extending the voting period for Executive Board and Staff members to October 1. Electronic votes and paper ballots postmarked by that date will be accepted.
  9. Its also part of the official IPMS minutes >> https://ipmsusa.org/about/executive-board-meeting-minutes/2021/august
  10. https://news.ipmsusa3.org/news/2021-ipmsusa-national-contest-preliminary-winners-list
  11. Making progress with the new theme.... E
  12. If you notice on SVSM's Chapter page, for example, there is a field for Next Meeting Time and Additional Meeting Information. Every year during the chapter recertification cycle we try to get each Chapter to check its page to make sure the information presented is accurate. Sometimes we get a response, sometimes we do not. Eric
  13. See https://calendar.ipmsusa3.org/chapter-map?title=&region=9&state=CA
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