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  1. Hobbico files for bankruptcy...

    I worry about the venture capital bit... Toys R Us was bought out that way back in 2005. And then ended up with $5 Billion in debt. As I understand it, sometimes these buyouts are a method of transferring debt from one asset to another - although that may not have been the case with Toys R Us. Anyway... Eric
  2. Registration

    I talked to tech support so now the Category pages have an "Add to Cart" link..
  3. Registration

    Just so the link is here - the Nats page is located at: http://www.shopipmsusa.org/category-s/106.htm Eric
  4. New Feature - Clubs

    They can add images to posts... there is a Gallery add-on to the Forum software which is an extra fee, but it might be worth getting. Eric
  5. Some IPMS/USA web sites will be updated today for a security issue. The sites are the Reviews site and the Calendar/News/Member site. They will go offline around noon and should be back online before 4PM Eastern Time. Eric
  6. Hobbico files for bankruptcy...

    Horizon Hobby agrees to make $18.8M bid for Hobbico units http://www.news-gazette.com/news/local/2018-03-24/horizon-hobby-agrees-make-188m-bid-hobbico-units.html but its only the RC unit.
  7. Scale Model Index?

    https://web.archive.org/web/20171112141547/http://www.scalemodelindex.com was the last active page... Tony email - tonym@scalemodelindex.com E
  8. Clever free iPhone app with modeling uses

    I think that's Google Translate... E
  9. Clever free iPhone app with modeling uses

    There is also a Magnifier setting in the Accessibility section and a Magnifying widget for the Command Center. Both are part of iOS 11. Eric
  10. Scale Motorsport is closing

    I've 'known' Matt Wells for quite a long time - he was one of the earliest sponsors for F1M.com - and while I've only actually run into him a few times in real life, he's always been a great promoter of scale modeling, especially F1 models. Scale Motorsport will be missed... Eric
  11. Tacoma Green Dragons

    You might want to report this in the TGD Club space.. I don't think I can move it there.
  12. Stuff

    Heh... I think this might be useful for Chapters who can't get a website or forum online... Can anyone try to create a club? E
  13. Yeah I have the big E kit too. Have not started it. But the D7 may be something to dive into. E
  14. From Round 2 http://www.collectormodel.com/round2-models/4286-star-trek-model-kits-all-new-1350-ktinga-model-kit/#sthash.DOKEpVsB.dpbs
  15. New Feature - Clubs

    The Forum has a new feature called Clubs. Its a little mini-forum that members can create which can be private or public. Take a look at: https://forum.ipmsusa3.org/clubs/ If you have any questions, let me know. Eric