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  1. There is a video of a box opening... it looks like an interesting kit... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSMoc0aO_0s&t=608s E
  2. Auto modeling might be bigger overall, but many have split off into their own clubs and competition system. Its something we're been hoping to remedy for a while... E
  3. see https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/ac24d88a-08a8-47fe-961a-a53559fd3d36/General Rules Revised_2024_wsh_1_02192024.pdf
  4. I have been able to spray Tamiya TS-13 gloss clear over decals successfully - I have noticed that warning on the semi-glass clear. These decals were not aftermarket, they were Polar Lights for the Star Trek Shuttlecraft. If there are any spare decals, I would try clear coating them on a spoon that has also been painted with the Tamiya color to test. But you never know, so... Eric
  5. One is the IPMS/USA #, the other is the internal Wild Apricot number. Both can be said to be a valid IPMS/USA membership numbers. Members with 'historic' IPMS numbers will get both E
  6. I finally bought a Master Airbrush compressor. Seems nice but I've not had a chance to really work it E
  7. From Archive.org's Wayback Machine Note the date at the upper right.
  8. There is no sorting on the full list as far as I can determine. Some of the sub-lists may be sorted chronologically E
  9. There are currently 14000 members on the FB Group. The interface to remove/block members is... primitive, i.e. go through the list one by one, check each members name to make sure they are who they say they are, then remove them. E
  10. I do not believe this is technically possible unless you want to hand vet every single member of the group to make sure they are a current IPMS member. Which would include when their IPMS membership expired. E
  11. I agree that in general rules for content are difficult - Masnick's Impossibility Theorem - if not impossible. But there has to be something, both for the members and moderators. Here is an example, we've had companies submit multiple (10+) posts to the FB Group at one time. If there is no hard rule on number of ad/company posts per week, I as a moderator am not going to know what to do. If another moderator allowed all 10 at one point and I do not, then one company is going to be really annoyed. There needs to be a consistent approach to handling known issues that arise. Where things break down are when there is not an objective item (number of ad posts per week) on which to set a rule. E
  12. Let's see - set up an actual social media strategy, now and for the future has experience in the various platforms find new ways to engage our current membership and prospective members be able to set up rules for the various platforms, and chain of command for the moderators, admins, etc. co-ordinate between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms, including ones IPMS is not currently using interact with our other public facing spaces - the Journal, the home page, the reviews site, the forums, the gallery, etc. Which may include strategic planning and co-ordination I made an argument a while back (8 months ago?) that we needed an overall Director of Communications to handle many of the situations we find ourselves in... Given the silliness that took place before and after, the DSM role is a start. E
  13. We've been working on the Director of Social Media position for two month(?) now and completed the interviews on Monday January 8th and sent our recommendation to the Executive Board before the resignations were announced. This is a needed position for handling our social media, now and in the future. Eric
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