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  1. Looks great, but doesn't look thick enough for a frame rail. Remember 1mm = 1 scale inch. So a frame rail would be 2.5mm minimum right?
  2. Something new on my mantle. Build from a hodge podge of 1/24 scale kits.
  3. Would Documented Replica's include movie cars? I think Automotive Technology and Culture is an excellent idea. I have always though that trying to compete in an automotive class with a 1/8 scale flathead engine or a Weird-Oh caricature kits was very difficult.
  4. This is build with the AMT '37 coupe kit. The chassis was channeled into the body a bit and the suspension modified to get the ride height lowered which is very tough to do in pre-war Chevys because they used a dual leaf in front. The color is Krylon Avacado green. I wanted this to look like a barn find that someone found, put some new tires and hoses on, got it running and made it a daily driver.
  5. I wish I was busy. The three builds I posted are the culmination of two years. Work and a lack of a good place to build/paint really cut into my bench time. But we're in a new place now with a proper man cave, and I'm off and running. More soon. I may also post up some older stuff.
  6. Thanks Clare. The blanket really was very easy to do. Basswood has an excellent grain that looks surprisingly in scale. Very easy to work with too. Not so crumbly like balsa.
  7. Thanks for the kind words everyone. This one was really a labor of love. I was so into it, it was completed before the truck it was going to accompany.
  8. Thanks Gil. I'll be seeing you at Jaxcon in Feb.
  9. This was intended to accompany my shop truck, but it has won contest awards all by itself. This was a lot of fun to build. The bed is from a '53 Ford pick-up. The chassis is scratch-built and the floor of the bed was removed and replaced with basswood. The rusting was done with acrylic craft paints and baking soda, but the layered paint effects were done using the salt technique. The front basket is scratch-built as is the compressed air tank. The cardboard box was made of paper bag material stiffened with white glue. The orange crate, from basswood with a photo reduced label. More pics and the WIP shots. http://s53.beta.phot...unkmans trailer
  10. This was built from an original AMT version of this kit. It have been re-popped many times as a Lindberg kit, but it doesn't include the dually rear wheels. The AMT does. First the top was chopped about 4 scale inches. The engine is an Ardun flathead with triple Strombergs from the Revell '50 Ford F-1 kit. The bed and running boards are made from basswood and stained with craft acrylics. The paint is Krylon Oxford Blue satin. The door logo are railroading dry transfers and pin striping decals. The hood was covered with bare mental foil and then distressed with 1000 grit sandpaper to give it the worked metal look. The seat is covered with a real cloth mexican blanket that was made from a gun cleaning swatch and fabric markers. I hope you like it.
  11. Not a lot of action on this part of the forums, so I'm going to do my best to change that and throw up some of my recent work. This is a Revell 1/24 kit of the '37 Ford Cabriolet. The floor boards were cut from the fenders so that they could be channeled into the body. The hood, hood sides, and front fenders were glued and then cut into the custom front end. It uses parts from 12+ different kits no including decals. The kit interior was discarded entirely and un-upholstered door panels were scratch-built. The paint is Krylon Italian Olive that has been weathered with craft acrylic washes. The frame was lengthened about 3/8" to allow for the larger engine. I had a great time building it. More pics here. http://s53.beta.photobucket.com/user/Jantrix/library/37%20Ford%20Rat%20Rod?postlogin=true
  12. Hello, I recently joined the IPMS and am happy to be a member. I have been affiliated with the First Coast club out of Jacksonville for several years and have attended their functions and Jaxcon many times. A great bunch of guys. I'm exclusively an auto builder so you will be able to find my stuff in that section.
  13. A better source of info on this would be the Model Car Mag forums. You can get every last bit of info I promise you.
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