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  1. dmorrissette

    Gretings from Marcin (Świdnica Poland)

    Beautiful racers. Love them Dave
  2. dmorrissette

    Alclad vs. AK xtreme metal and true metal

    Altin: Couple differences- primary one is AlClad is a lacquer and AK is enamel. AlClad requires a base coat (I use Tamiya Gloss black) for all colors while the enamel needs no base coat except for the high shine colors like chrome. For either, prep work on the plastic is critical. Both can produce great looking kits. I can say that AlClad, especially the Chrome and the like can be a little delicate for handling but I do not know if AK is the same Dave
  3. dmorrissette

    Jim Woody

    Very sad. Always loved the conversations at the nationals and he was a true help to IPMS not only in Orange County but Nationally also. As you said, not unexpected but still very sad. Dave
  4. dmorrissette

    Paint booth

    I have one built by these guys: http://pacepaintbooths.com/pace/ They vent outside which I like And yes theya re expensive but mine has about 400 built models in 20 years and is still running like a champ so....not bad since I like lacquerrs Dave
  5. dmorrissette

    GT Resin Seamless Intakes

    John: Why not try going back to Gary. He is a modeler too so he may still replace them. Dave
  6. dmorrissette

    GT Resin Seamless Intakes

    John: Have you tried contacting them and letting them know? If you are not even giving them a chance to make it right, your statement is not really valid. My GT resin parts are perfect and I have them for the A-10, F-4 and F-105- all with no casting issues. Dave
  7. Topic is still there and as is the thread. Are you logged into the Forum? It is under the IPMS USA only section not visible to not logged in members Dave
  8. dmorrissette

    Phantom of The Opera

    Excellent. I love Saul's kits. I have them all except for the new one he announced for Jerseyfest Dave
  9. dmorrissette

    The original swing wing jet!

    Don't care Richard. History doesn't interest me in the least about that kind accuracy so no worries. Parade is just fine Dave Dave
  10. dmorrissette

    First BIG Thank You

    The pics are here: https://gallery.ipmsusa3.org/ Click the 2018 Nationals Gallery Dave
  11. dmorrissette

    2020 and beyond

    2019. And yes they have announced a hotel and I am sure the web site will be open soon. Not sure what hotel was noted Dave
  12. dmorrissette

    Bid Meeting

    FWIW, one reason that the board wanted to go multiple years was that, as a former board member, it was gut wrenching to have three good bids in one year and only pick one. Groups spent a lot of time preparing them and rejecting good bids was really tough. I do like the idea of planning out further too Dave
  13. dmorrissette

    Bid Meeting

    2030 is San Marco's TX, Dave
  14. dmorrissette

    MK44 Queens B Knight

    Really nice. Love the paint job Dave
  15. dmorrissette

    3-D printed models prohibited?

    Dave Must say I disagree on the bust. It takes as much skill to use a sculpting program such as Zbrush and get the figure right, printed correctly and then cast, built and painted as it does to sculpt one from clay. Great series of articles in Amazing Figure Modeler on the whole subject the last 2-3 issues. Really digs into the issue Dave