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  1. A very nice gentlemen from my conversations and a great tribute Gil. Great looking kits Dave
  2. Love it. Been holding mine almost finished until Caracal releases their sheets. Lot of different options like sea blue etc. plus a training colored one. I love yours so I can't wait to get the decals Dave
  3. Nice stuff. Next year in Vegas Dave
  4. Very cool. Sounds like a great class Dave
  5. LOL...looks great and love the markings Dave
  6. All: In the January E- board meeting minutes: We added 31 new members in November. We had 3911 active members as of the V31J6 (Nov/Dec) Journal mailing. Dave
  7. Hi : Here's a list of all vendors: http://www.ipmsnationals.com/Vendor-Listing-Alpha.aspx Maybe Bases by Bill? He has a web site Dave
  8. I believe they meet quarterly per the by-laws. Dave
  9. Pilots look great. Love this plane too! Dave
  10. Last I heard between 4000-4200. Been in that area plus/minus for a while Not sure with the Nats being canceled if that will effect it Dave
  11. FWIW, Tamiya has none of this Dave
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