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  1. Great build! I love this kit and built it a while ago too. Dave
  2. My condolences. He as all every one said and when I was Prez he helped a lot with ship questions and other things. Plus he put on a great convention in OK. City. He will be missed Dave
  3. I too started with a Minolta SRT201 in photo class. Still works 40 years later. I use a Nikon D3500 now. Used them for 500 reviews here in IPMS I will say having a good photo background helps a lot. I bought several off Amazon Dave
  4. The rattle cans are tough as they are acrylic lacquers I believe. I would try a paint stripper or oven cleaner and do so gingerly Dave
  5. Great build. One of favorite cars ever Dave
  6. OK, see f you can try this. I have an outside window. I connect the spray booth to a square/rectangle of carboard and put it in the window when i paint. You can add a couple handles to make it easy to move. In bad weather, I seal it so I remain warm Dave
  7. Saturday at the bid meeting would be the standard process Dave
  8. Hi Randy FYI Zoukei Mura is spelled incorrectly Dave
  9. And for what it is worth, acrylic paint are far, far from benign. They contain alcohols and all sorts of additives. And if you spray anything at all, you need a spray booth Dave
  10. Great work "polishing a turd". Shows that almost anything can be built and come out great Dave
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