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  1. Hobbico files for bankruptcy...

    I did consider it. The reason model companies have produced these expensive, multi option, state of the art models is US, the dedicated modelers that whine, criticize and complain about every rivet, issue, panel and the like. This has driven costs up and modelers out (so we defintely agree on that). As for Italeri being distributed by Tamiya, that's a distribution agreement . Dave
  2. Hobbico files for bankruptcy...

    I could see there demise. As most of their kits have been repalced by newer releases but others, they sell less. There Tomcat is Ok but not nearly Hobbyboss or Tamiya or AMK's forthcoming kit. And resissuing the old when most of us have the kit or there is a better kit won't cut it. I see there P-61 is back out....GWH is better by miles Dave
  3. 1/48 EF-18G Growler

    Thanks. I think the wings and patch add something to the final presentation Dave
  4. 1/48 EF-18G Growler

    Great looking presentation. Where do you get the wings and the patch? Dave
  5. 1/48 Eduard FW-190A-8

    Here's the Reviewer Corps review of the kit: https://web.ipmsusa3.org/content/fw-190a-4 Dave
  6. 1/48 EF-18G Growler

    Came out looking great. I do recommend the Hasegawa kit as I have built three and while it may be a little tricky (as are most Hornets), it has all the needed parts and good instructions Great job and an even better reason for doing it Dave
  7. The I thought it was April Fools Joke Build

    Really cool. I would have spent hours on the ground looking for parts. Dave
  8. Is this a chance to revitalize the hobby?

    Great suggestion. Local store has rows of Gundam. Dave
  9. Scale Model Index?

    You could probably contact the IPMS Niagara Frontier Chapter. It was through them I met him Dave
  10. Scale Model Index?

    Been dead for along time as far as I can tell..years and the domain wasn't renewed which killed the page. Used to be a Buffalo guy Dave
  11. Airfix F2H Banshee

    Coming right along Dave
  12. There goes $100 gotta have one of these Dave
  13. Airfix F2H Banshee

    Love the Banshee. Can't wait to see this one. Are you doing overall sea blue? Dave
  14. That sounds awesome! Any pictures? Dave
  15. IPMS membership number?

    Awesome. Glad we all could help Dave