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  1. Really nice! Did Barry rub off on you- LOL Dave
  2. I might be able to help too. Just a couple hours north in Goshen/Elkhart area Dave
  3. Listed as July 2023 per Cybermodeler. But it was announced many years ago. I am sure its coming but when, no one but Kinetic knows Dave
  4. Great build! I love this kit and built it a while ago too. Dave
  5. My condolences. He as all every one said and when I was Prez he helped a lot with ship questions and other things. Plus he put on a great convention in OK. City. He will be missed Dave
  6. I too started with a Minolta SRT201 in photo class. Still works 40 years later. I use a Nikon D3500 now. Used them for 500 reviews here in IPMS I will say having a good photo background helps a lot. I bought several off Amazon Dave
  7. The rattle cans are tough as they are acrylic lacquers I believe. I would try a paint stripper or oven cleaner and do so gingerly Dave
  8. Great build. One of favorite cars ever Dave
  9. OK, see f you can try this. I have an outside window. I connect the spray booth to a square/rectangle of carboard and put it in the window when i paint. You can add a couple handles to make it easy to move. In bad weather, I seal it so I remain warm Dave
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