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  1. Working in medical devices, please don't count too much on a vaccine. Between a less than 100% efficacy and a fairly large percentage who will not take it plus the fact virus mutate, I personally do not hold out hope on the vaccine side. Sounds good but I suspect that this won't be the cure all some are hoping for world wide. Dave
  2. Oh No! Clare was a great guy and true gentlemen. I worked with him on the IPMS Reviewer Corps and spent time with him at contests. He was very funny and was a hoot to spend time with. He'll really be missed RIP Dave
  3. There are some great jigs that can hold the plane upside down but to start, I used some styrofoam/foam rubber packing and support off both wings and the tail. Of course all things like antennae's and the like need to be left off the top. I have also used paint bottles in a pinch for smaller planes Dave
  4. The circled part shows things needing removed probably due to the version of the plane. You can sand them smooth. as for decals, I usually put them on when done as I screw around with seams forever it seems so I would wreck them if putting them on early Dave
  5. No impact. Work for a medical device company. Got furloughed with pay for three weeks after working 24/7 for three weeks. Were selling at 90% normal, got raises and bonuses and feeling very blessed Just bought a couple figure kits that were grails and cost ~$400 and went on vacation so, like I said, very blessed. Wife still working to albeit from home Dave
  6. Totally impressed. Mach 2 and Fonderie Miniatures were some "interesting" kits. Really well done- not sure I would want to sit in that cockpit though 🙂 Dave
  7. Hi Kevin: Interesting kit. Love the backdrop too Dave
  8. A very nice gentlemen from my conversations and a great tribute Gil. Great looking kits Dave
  9. Love it. Been holding mine almost finished until Caracal releases their sheets. Lot of different options like sea blue etc. plus a training colored one. I love yours so I can't wait to get the decals Dave
  10. Nice stuff. Next year in Vegas Dave
  11. Very cool. Sounds like a great class Dave
  12. LOL...looks great and love the markings Dave
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