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  1. Topic is still there and as is the thread. Are you logged into the Forum? It is under the IPMS USA only section not visible to not logged in members Dave
  2. dmorrissette

    Phantom of The Opera

    Excellent. I love Saul's kits. I have them all except for the new one he announced for Jerseyfest Dave
  3. dmorrissette

    The original swing wing jet!

    Don't care Richard. History doesn't interest me in the least about that kind accuracy so no worries. Parade is just fine Dave Dave
  4. dmorrissette

    First BIG Thank You

    The pics are here: https://gallery.ipmsusa3.org/ Click the 2018 Nationals Gallery Dave
  5. dmorrissette

    2020 and beyond

    2019. And yes they have announced a hotel and I am sure the web site will be open soon. Not sure what hotel was noted Dave
  6. dmorrissette

    Bid Meeting

    FWIW, one reason that the board wanted to go multiple years was that, as a former board member, it was gut wrenching to have three good bids in one year and only pick one. Groups spent a lot of time preparing them and rejecting good bids was really tough. I do like the idea of planning out further too Dave
  7. dmorrissette

    Bid Meeting

    2030 is San Marco's TX, Dave
  8. dmorrissette

    MK44 Queens B Knight

    Really nice. Love the paint job Dave
  9. dmorrissette

    3-D printed models prohibited?

    Dave Must say I disagree on the bust. It takes as much skill to use a sculpting program such as Zbrush and get the figure right, printed correctly and then cast, built and painted as it does to sculpt one from clay. Great series of articles in Amazing Figure Modeler on the whole subject the last 2-3 issues. Really digs into the issue Dave
  10. dmorrissette

    3-D printed models prohibited?

    FWIW, this will happen much sooner than later as many figure kits are already 3D sculpted and printed and then casat in resin. Or ytou can buy and opwn you own kit. Here's some examples: https://www.gambody.com/ Dave
  11. FWIW, its that way with razor blades and cold medicine. We have such a meth problem around us that the local stores lock up the chemicals and the razor blades due to them being stolen and sold for money. Sad state of affairs Dave
  12. I just checked and it opened (7:30AM EST) Dave
  13. dmorrissette

    Luftwaffe1/48 F-4F Phantom

    Great looking color scheme. Nice Dave
  14. dmorrissette


    Nice. I saw a guy in Amazing Figure Modeler do that for a Godzilla diorama and it was spectacular Dave
  15. dmorrissette

    Kinetic 1/48 E2C Hawkeye Build Series, Part 6

    No problem at all. I have two moldings of the early version (with the 4 bladed props) and one later with the "blender" props. If I can help with markings, let me know as I have most of the Bingo Decals sheets for these and I am only doing ones that were stationed on the USS Carl Vinson Dave