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  1. Hi Randy FYI Zoukei Mura is spelled incorrectly Dave
  2. And for what it is worth, acrylic paint are far, far from benign. They contain alcohols and all sorts of additives. And if you spray anything at all, you need a spray booth Dave
  3. Great work "polishing a turd". Shows that almost anything can be built and come out great Dave
  4. Wondeful kit and build Dave
  5. Indianapolis, Cleveland (but they don't want to, Oklahoma City, I am open to anywhere Dave
  6. Eric or Tony: Have you checked with the Office Manager, Marie- manager@ipmsusa.org ? Also, if you look at the notes, the new management system gioes live tomorrow so that might be delaying things too Dave
  7. I beleive due to the circumstances, it didn't happen. And last year of course so maybe in Omaha Dave
  8. Very nice. Always liked the kit and you made it shine Dave
  9. Yes. From the Conan movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
  10. Thanks David. Light application of pastels Dave
  11. Although expensive, starting with a simple Tamiya kit out of the box is a great start as the fit is usually good. Maybe something with a simple color scheme Dave
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