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  1. IPMS membership number?

    Awesome. Glad we all could help Dave

    Hi Jim: not sure about this kit but I would suggest if you want the ow down, check the r"Reviews" section of the website. We have 9000 reviews (proudly more than any other web site) all done by IPMS members. You can sort by recent or by manufacturer. I think we did do this one Dave
  3. IPMS membership number?

    I would contact the office manager, Marie. She will get back to you quickly. The online stuff is usually processed within a few days manager@ipmsusa.org Dave
  4. Shipping paint by air; one manufacturer responds

    Dealt with this all the time when I worked with Sherwin Williams and PPG. US is a little better than Europe but still difficult. I know Valspar had a standing rule that shipping any paint via airplane without VP approval was a termination offense due to an error by someone and a six figure fine for shipping the four gallons incorrectly. I really miss Xtracolor paints Dave

    Sounds like a good idea. I would need a large board as I am a paint junkie. I must have close to 1000 bottles of one kind or another. And yet, never the one I am looking for when I need it Dave
  6. IPMS membership number?

    Usually is assigned and them the card generated and then mailed so it might not have arrived yet. Should be a number like 50201, five digits Dave
  7. There is not. We keep our membership lists private. I suggest you contact the Region 3 coordinator who is Dave Lockhart at dlock3155@gmail.com He would be a close point of contact Dave
  8. Flying to Nats

    Hi Rick: Depends and by that I mean what kind of model. I build figures and keep them small for flying so I pack them in an openable plastic tub and carry on. Never had an issue. I would trying to carry a rigged biplane would be a nightmare. Small scale armor might be easy too. Dave
  9. 1:350 USS Carl Vinson Project

    Truly awesome and as I have said before, this was my son's ship (long after the great Tomcat retired). Very well done Dave
  10. Categories and rules...when?

    Yes- the hosting category decides on the 5-7 special categories and the NCC decides/modifies the remaining 150. They evaluate trends (like which categories get overfilled or under filled, etc.) and issue the total category list. Since the NCC is in control of the contest and the judging, it makes sense to set the categories I think there is an email link for the NCC on the web site. Might be best to ask them directly Dave
  11. Categories and rules...when?

    Categories come from the NCC, not the convention people. The National Contest Committee has the decision (except for the few allowed specials) They are the ones processing the info Dave
  12. AV-8B Harrier II Plus Trumpeter 1/32 Mounting

    As far as I know, I have never seen the engine out of the plane. On the other hand, I have seen maybe 2 total even built so not a huge sample Fan blades look great! Dave
  13. 1:350 USS Carl Vinson Project

    Truly stunning Dave
  14. Shuttle Launch

    Very cool. Love the display idea too Dave
  15. With the drug problems in America and our "sue" happy society, it is the way it will be. Where I live, you can't buy any cold medicine expect the same way you mention. Point to what you need and only 30 doses at a time and go back because all the meth addicts are using it. It is so bad that they lock all the razor blades up because they started stealing those. And where I live is nice but the drug idiots drive in to steal. A sign of the times. Reminds of the whole tube glue issue too. Dave