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  1. Hi Noel: The blanket insurance helps. All you do is contact the National office with a date and venue and the insurance company issues a certificate as needed. Depends on state and location how much but we cover them. IN a normal year, there are 80-100 IPMS shows including the regional and national. Of course, we have a lot more square miles to cover than the UK too. I do remember several cases where the insurance was used too I believe Dave
  2. Get ahold of Stevens International, they are the importer of Trumpeter. Phone: 856-435-1555 Fax: 856-627-6274 Email: info@stevenshobby.com Dave
  3. Got a few figure busts after selling off a bunch From Gillman Productions and Jeff Yagher (sculptor)- Peter Cushing as Van Helsing, Christopher Lee and the Mummy and from Bladerunner- Joanna Cassidy as Zhora and Sean Young as Rachel Dave
  4. Let me look. I may have something Dave
  5. The outside needs filler of some kind. I have always ound the inside to be more challenging. Couple options- cover the intake and exhaust ends with covers. Second, a filler like Perfect Plastic Putty is also good. Add and wipe with water for a smooth seam. Might take a couple applications. Also, anything metallic will show EVERYTHING- every little scratch, nub, etc. Dave
  6. Mr. Marmo is correct- still going strong, still publishing but all digital. Which means less cost printing, more money to survive and more content with less limitations Dave
  7. Amazing Figure Modeler HAS NOT stopped making their magazine. They are going digital for several reasons. First is their loss of distribution like newstands and stores which are not open in many parts of the country. Second, is cost. Will have a new issue out soon Dave
  8. Jef V posted a great history/explanation under his Facebook page. Was very intetresting. Dave
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