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  1. I echo Mike O’s comments, Len and appreciate all the time and effort you and your team have put in. I’m sure the 2023 show will be worth the wait!
  2. We recently received this request from the point person for a new Hungarian Aviation museum. He's looking for help with models or sponsorships. If interested in helping him with his project, please contact him using the info found below. --------- Forwarded message --------- From: Madalin Marian <marian.madalin@gmail.com> Date: Sun, Mar 1, 2020, 6:40 PM Subject: Fwd: Replica Request for Museum Greetings. I am opening a new aviation museum in my country called Bucharest Aerospace Museum (google it). The museum is entirely nonprofit. I was wondering if you want to be ad
  3. I have to applaud anyone who can eliminate a "shelf queen" from their inventory. I have 25 or so and am embarrassed to say so. I love the mine roller! You nailed the weathering, as always, to turn this shelf queen into true royalty! Well done! dt
  4. A unique subject very well done!
  5. This was a tough kit to build. Fit issues everywhere (and I do mean "everywhere"!). Still, I made some field modifications after looking through several Afrika Korps photo references. I replaced the canvas framing over the bed with brass rod and used brass tubing to replace the drive gears underneath. I painted it with Mission Models paints, using the hairspray technique to show the underlying original British factory paint (an olive green). The cargo consists of a severed tail from a 21st Century Toys Me-109 in North Afrika markings, several resin 55 gal. drums and a couple tarps made from Av
  6. Looks great! A truly unique build.
  7. Graham is looking for help with a project and is in search of a 1:72 kit of a Boeing PW9, FB1, FB5 or Model 15 aircraft. He said there was a vacuform kit of it many moons ago but was wondering if there was a more recent copy available? If you have any info to share, post here and I’ll relay your info to him.
  8. Passing this along from an IPMS/Canada member: I have a query that I hope you or one of your associates can help me with. I have an old Revell kit of the proposed Boeing SST (~1/144 scale?) and I'm looking for a good paint match or a recipe to mix one for what I refer to as the "Boeing yellow", a colour Boeing often used on their demonstrators and prototype a/c back then. If anyone can help answer his question, please post here and I'll relay it to him. If you don't mind me giving him your name, please say so in your post. Credit where credit is due, after all....
  9. I want to see some of the Leopard and Challenger families of tanks too.
  10. Thanks Bryan, Rob, for the nice comments. I wish Tamiya would release more modern subjects in 1:48!
  11. I'll fix the road wheel issue. Thanks for letting me know about that!
  12. I finally finished this baby last night. My first competed build for 2019. It's the Tamiya kit built in Operation Iraqi Freedom (thanks for correcting me, Rob) scheme. I used mylar for the optics and a resin set from Red Zebra for stowage. I also printed out cardboard boxes for MREs from Freddie's set and assembled them for a neat look that breaks up the stowage on the tank. I added a boom mic to the tank commander with copper wire. I used the hairspray technique on this one and tried to bring out the NATO woodland scheme underneath like the original. It didn't work out too well in that the to
  13. Very nice Super Pershing, Bryan! The build and weathering are simply stellar!
  14. I recently received the following request from an Australian modeler and am passing it on to anyone who would like to help him out. His email address is: usmcau(at)gmail.com. My name is Leo Groenendyk and I am a member of IPMS Australia, Melbourne chapter (second oldest in the IPMS world) I am also a former President of the club. And a disabled Australian ex-serviceman fighting cancer, again. My reason for this direct request for help is that I am writing a guide book on the Airfix Corporation of America 1963 to 1965 which I hope to have completed by early to mid 2018. Having acquired
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