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  1. ClareWentzel

    Jacob Marley

    I agree. Great colors. The blending and the shades are perfect.
  2. Great job. The eyes are perfect. Wonderful.
  3. Great looking model. the metallic paints come across well. Clare
  4. I agree. Above all, the process needs to look ok to the general public.
  5. Welcome Antoine. We are glad that you are joining. Show us some of your models.
  6. Welcome Jim. The Model Cave is a great shop. Several of us from Kalamazoo visit is from time to time. Clare
  7. Welcome Marcin, your models are beautiful. Incredible work. Well done.
  8. Thanks Mike. Just placed my order. This is what I was looking for.
  9. I am looking for a source for thin Stainless Steel wire to use for rigging biplanes. Years ago, I bought a scale wire kit which had .004 and .008 inch diameter wire. It was produced by an IPMS member, Clay Boyd. Is this still produced? Where can I find it? Does Clay still produce it? All comments are welcome.
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