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  1. Great job. The PE really adds detail to the model. Question, what are the two turrets in the middle of the ship for? You added brass barrels for the front and two rear turrets. From that, I conclude that the two middle ones are not for guns. What are they for?
  2. Great job Robert!! During WW II, my mom was a riveter inside the wings. Great memory. I have one built and one in the stash. They have lots of variants with the kit. Were the Pan Am markings, kit markings?
  3. Well done. Question - are they two separate models of does Optimus really fold out of the truck? If so - WOW.
  4. Way to go Duke. It just shows that a little attention goes a long ways. Since they are related to you, I suspect that they will continue to build models. In any case, they have an experience that they will recall and be able to fall back on in future years. Our two grandsons spent some time with us the summer before last and they spent time building some 40K gaming figures. They learned to use an airbrush and to dry brush in addition to the normal glueing and painting. Once they get tired of computers for a while, I expect that they will get back to some modeling.
  5. I just got my March/April issue of the Journal. A very impressive spread covering Jim Sage. It included some Mini-histories that Jim had written. During his history of conventios, he mentioned that the third convention was held in Detroit and centered around the "Warbirds" hobby shop. When it opened, it was about the only place where modelers could buy kits from England and JAPAN!! It was fun discovering those different aircraft. I was a part of that group and remember for a time, stuffing the IPMS/UK magazines into envelopes with the IPMS/USA quarterly. In all of the notes about the early days of IPMS/USA, I haven't seen any mention of the famous Volume 1, Number 5 supplement to the Quarterly. In the early days, there were not too many variants of basic models so this issue covered a number of conversions - DH-4 to DH-9, P-39 to Airabonita, Hurricane to IK-3, F-4C to RF-4C, Tiger Tank to Hunting Tiger etc. It was a great issue but it's publication was delayed several months. Thanks for the memories Chris - another great issue.
  6. Welcome Sean. Those 1/32 bipes are always impressive. Show us some of your work.
  7. Looks great Gil. Question, whose markings are those? What is that marking on top of the wings? A poster of some sort?
  8. Great concept. I love the work that you have done to get the Fox in the cockpit. Love it. I have a Blackhawk F5F as well as a Spitfire from the Emir of Khemedi Air Force from TinTin. Always fun.
  9. What a great way to get younger modelers involved. Great job to all the guys involved. Incidently, our contest in Kalamazoo is scheduled for Sept 27. It might be a good road trip for the group. You said that they get started in October. I'm sure that they would love to see their models recognized as well as seeing a well stocked vendor room. Looking forward to seeing you guys at the Regionals in Warren.
  10. Hi Guys, The clubs in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids are pleased to announce that that Kalamazoo Kontest is on again for 2014. We have found a new venue at Western Michigan University that should be great. Lots of room for vendors etc. Plus a great area for models. Lots of lighting. Check out our web for details; http://www.ipmskalamazoo.org/2014contest/ Plenty of time to plan ahead. See you all in September, if not sooner. Clare
  11. Sad news indeed. Thanks Michael, for passing the word. I missed it on this forum and just got your note on the WW I models forum. I loved in the Detroit area in the '60s and the IPMS group there took their turn sending out the IPMS UK magazine along with the IPMS/USA newsletter. As I remember, we also had a type of "Nationals" there. He certainly started a great activity.
  12. Great job. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Well done. Wasn't it called the "Hurst Hairy Olds"? I saw some running at the GM Proving Grounds on their high speed track. Impressive car.
  14. Dutch Decal always come up with some great looking schemes.
  15. My God!!! How did you get such a good looking model. Did you do something special around the rivets or was it simply the kit detail? Really nice job on a great airplane. The close-up of the under-surface is perfect. How did you glue the model together and yet have panel lines and rivets still show perfectly. The light at the base of the fin is great. Did you just paint it or did you use something else? You are a master.
  16. Very Nice Gil. I love that color scheme.
  17. I use a Sotar 20-20 for most of my work. Recently, it has been giving me some problems. The spray volume seems to be less and I will get some larger squirts. I have taken it apart and cleaned all of the parts but I am still seeing some problems. Occasionally I will see some bubbles in the paint cup. I, obviously am getting some air leakage the wrong way. The diagram of the brush shows a part described as a “Teflon Nozzle Washer” toward the front of the brush. If I replace this part, will it fix my brush? Comments welcome. Thanks.
  18. Sign me up for a Dr.1. Here is my kit. Picked it up at the LHS yesterday Now the fun begins - for me at least. What markings will I use? Not going to build an all red Fokker. I just got through checking my decal storage and found the following; - An old Americal Gryphen sheet covering JG II and Jagdstaffel 19. A little crude in spots but interesting. - One of two old Blue Rider sheets covering Jasta 11 & 27 as well as Jasta 2. Some very nice schemes. or - A recent sheet from Pheon Decals also covering JG II. Beautiful decals and interesting markings. Hummm
  19. You cut them up and throw them away too?
  20. Impressive build Bill. The SAC parts are a great way to add nose weight as well as cockpit and wheel well detail. Your seats and everything else inside the model are spectacular. Thanks for sharing. Snelson is a club mate so now, I will have to push him to complete his B-26. Not holding my breath.
  21. I'll give it a try. Still thinking about the subject.
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