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  1. Thank you both for your answers. They seem to confirm I'm on the right path. And Mike, you're absolutely right. I stumbled upon one particularly interesting video earlier which helped quite a bit. Most importantly it explained why there are no personal weapons visible in most of the photos. They seem to be couple of meters from the missile and out of picture. I still have some details to figure out and especially I need to find a way to make the firing position both realistic and interesting. I'll report back when I've something to show. Don't hold your breath, though.
  2. I'm building a small diorama (or a vignette more appropriately) featuring a marine anti-tank team equipped with a TOW missile. Basically I'm going to use Dragon U.S. Marine Tank-Killers set (#3012), just without the guy with M47 Dragon. Working title is "TOW team training in Middle East", which pretty much explains what it is all about. I chose the training setting to avoid figuring out in which war a TOW team could have fought and what a realistic war time firing position might look like. Currently I'm planning to either surround the team with sand bags or just add some higher ground in front of the team, giving them some cover (and most importantly, to add interest). Now, I was hoping you could answer some of the questions that have risen: 1) I believe the figures are correct for late 80s but would they also pass for Gulf War? 2) If not, when and where such a team might have operated, considering the desert camo? 3) If firing live missiles, would the team be in a firing position as described above or just on flat ground (considering safety regulations)? 4) Would the soldiers be carrying personal weapons? I'd like to add a M16 or something to add interest. 5) If so, where would they place them while operating the missile? I've of course tried to google for pictures, but most of them seem to feature a vehicle mounted TOW (no wonder considering the weight) or the setting and timing are unclear. Any help is highly appreciated, also any other comments or suggestions.
  3. Since I'm very much into FAF aircraft, it might not be surprising that they are on the top of my wishlist. Although I have to say the situation has improved greatly over the last few years thanks to small manufacturers like Special Hobby, AZmodel and RS Models. Since I'm mostly interested in post-war aircraft, I'd be especially happy to see (Agusta) Bell 206A Jet Ranger, CASA C-295, DHC-2 Beaver, Cessna Businessliner, Piper Chieftain and Piper Arrow (both II and IV). I'm aware that there is or has been model of every one of them, but there are availability and quality issues, so I'd like to see new ones or in some cases at least a re-release. And why not Pilatus PC-12 NG too, but I fear that's a bit too much to ask. From older types IVL A.22 Hansa would be really nice to see since it was an important aircraft in FAF history. And for some reason I've always had a thing for Gloster Gamecock II. Finally I can only wonder why there's no model of Tupolev SB-2M-103 even though it was one of the most built bombers of its time.
  4. Thank you all. I don't quite know what's so interesting about US Navy. There's just something inherently cool about naval aircraft and they have also been well represented in the popular culture (I remember watching JAG when I was a kid). And the fact FAF is using Hornets probably helps too.
  5. Hello to all from wintery Helsinki. I've been a member of IPMS Finland for almost two decades and I wanted to see how things are done in other countries, so I joined both IPMS USA and UK. I've been building models since I was 7. Like so many others, I took a break from the hobby when I was studying at the university since I didn't really have a suitable room for model building. Or the time. But about 7 years ago I got my unfinished models and the tools from storage and started building again. Now I'm kind of a on/off modeller, basically just taking it easy and working with the models when I feel like it. Usually I manage to finish 2 to 4 models a year. Mostly I build 1/72 military aircraft, Finnish Air Force being my special area on interest. My grand vision is to build a model of each aircraft and helicopter type that has ever served in the FAF. The exact count kinda depends, but my current list contains 139 aircraft. So far I've built 12 of them and have 59 kits waiting. So there's still a lot to be done... In addition that, I'm especially interest in post-war Swedish Air Force (especially SAAB fighters) and post-war US Navy aircraft. But I'm in no way limiting myself when it comes to selecting models to build. I also build military vehicles from time to time, as well as airliners, cars, ships or anything else for that matter. Actually I'd like to build at least one model in every category I can think of. In case someone is interested, here's a list of all the models I've built since 1998 with pictures: http://www.pienoismallit.net/profiilit/1409/kuvat/ All the texts are unfortunately in Finnish. Well, I think that's enough about me. I hope to learn something from you. And in case someone is interested in Finnish Air Force (or anything other related to Finland for that matter), I'd be glad to help in any way I can.
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