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  1. Thanks. I found the way of copying pictures from my files to this.
  2. "Kuklinski's Principle of Appearance: A half-built scratch built kit impresses people with your skill; a completed scratch built kit looks just like any other model." I have included a picture of my in-progress scratch built 1/25 scale FWD P-2 crash fire truck. I have been working on this since March, 2020. The body is more of less complete, except for the battery compartment (the opening on the lower, center of the body). Everything is pretty much scratch built. It's about 16 inches long, 5 inches high and about 4 1/2 inches wide. The tires are resin from American Industrial Tr
  3. I may try the tape technique. Thanks for all the feedback.
  4. I am scratch building a truck and I was wondering if there is a way of making the seal around the windshield and other windows. This will be 1/25 scale. Thanks for any guidance! Joe Vattilana
  5. G'day- I have a (Polish kit) of a 1/35 scale 7TP light tank. They reference colors of Olive green (khaki), dark brown, sand yellow (ochre), and dark grey. Would anyone know what paint colors to use for these (preferably enamels)? I have very limited knowledge on World War II Polish tank colors. Thanks! Joe Vattilana
  6. Ok, thanks. I'll consider that next time. Joe V.
  7. Thanks for the responses. I just bought the "package" about a week ago, so it's fresh. I re-read the directions (surprise there- never did that building models!), and it's a 1 to 1 mixing ratio by volume. The only things I can think of is my process- maybe not stirring it completely, etc.
  8. G'day. I bought the Micromark resin casting kit to cast some seats. I was able to make a master using the rubber latex material, however, after the resin casting "cured," it came out a powdery white, and crumbled. Needless to say the castings weren't usable. Any guidance on this? I'm assuming the Parts A and B were not poured out in specific equal parts. Thanks! Joe Vattilana
  9. Duh! I meant a Tamiya CENTURION Mk. 3 !!!!
  10. G' day- I have a Tamiya Mk.3 tank that I understand the Swedish army used at one time. It was called the Stridsvagn 81. I was wondering if anyone has information on the color and/or color scheme. I thought it could be the same color as a British Mk. 3, but I thought I saw something that they had a splinter type camouflage pattern. I tried the IPMS Sweden forum, but it's all in Swedish (go figure!). I have another British scheme that I may use if this doesn't work out. Thanks for any information. Joe Vattilana
  11. Thanks Dave. Actually I do have the detail set from Cobra. The first time I made the Huskie I scratch built the interior. I was able to get ALOT of photographs from Kaman Aerospace (when aircraft manufacturers actually responded to modelers), and I have some of the exposed engine. I'm thinking about using an MRC UH-1 engine as a base. There's two challenging problems with the kit: doing a full detail on the rotor heads, and the decal situation. I'm near the Air Mobility Command Museum at Dover AFB, and they have a Huskie on display. so I can poke around there. The other problem are
  12. Thanks for the tremendous insight. I built the kit in the late 1970's so I know the challenges. I started to work on it, then put it away because of the rivet issue. It's back out (again).
  13. I'm starting work on the old Testors Huskie, and from a competition standpoint, could the rivets remain on the model or should they be sanded off? It IS a 1/32 scale helicopter, and close up photographs show rivets. Thanks all. Joe Vattilana IPMS 4375
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