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  1. Duh! I meant a Tamiya CENTURION Mk. 3 !!!!
  2. G' day- I have a Tamiya Mk.3 tank that I understand the Swedish army used at one time. It was called the Stridsvagn 81. I was wondering if anyone has information on the color and/or color scheme. I thought it could be the same color as a British Mk. 3, but I thought I saw something that they had a splinter type camouflage pattern. I tried the IPMS Sweden forum, but it's all in Swedish (go figure!). I have another British scheme that I may use if this doesn't work out. Thanks for any information. Joe Vattilana
  3. Thanks Dave. Actually I do have the detail set from Cobra. The first time I made the Huskie I scratch built the interior. I was able to get ALOT of photographs from Kaman Aerospace (when aircraft manufacturers actually responded to modelers), and I have some of the exposed engine. I'm thinking about using an MRC UH-1 engine as a base. There's two challenging problems with the kit: doing a full detail on the rotor heads, and the decal situation. I'm near the Air Mobility Command Museum at Dover AFB, and they have a Huskie on display. so I can poke around there. The other problem are the decals, so I'm anticipating doing my own. joe V.
  4. Thanks for the tremendous insight. I built the kit in the late 1970's so I know the challenges. I started to work on it, then put it away because of the rivet issue. It's back out (again).
  5. I'm starting work on the old Testors Huskie, and from a competition standpoint, could the rivets remain on the model or should they be sanded off? It IS a 1/32 scale helicopter, and close up photographs show rivets. Thanks all. Joe Vattilana IPMS 4375
  6. Thanks Dave. I saw the Preiser (rare) figures, and the cost overseas was about $48.00. Kevin- I think this is what I'm looking for. Thanks guys! Joe V.
  7. I'm interested in scratch building a 75 or 90 mm "athlete," in particular a male college student, along the lines of a basketball player. Are there any plastic or resin "basic" figures (ok, nude if you know what I mean) that is available for this project? "Body parts" would be ideal (I know, this is getting creepy!). Thanks in advance.
  8. G'day-- My basement ate my copy of the instruction booklet of the Trumpeter 1/48 scale HU-16 Grumman Albatross. Does anyone have information where I can get a replacement? (for the instruction booklet, not the basement, but I'm open . . . .) Thanks! Joe Vattilana
  9. First- I'd like to thank you all for the responses to this. I had all the photos and drawings from a 1970's aerial truck that was in the fire company my dad belonged to, and finally I was going to start building it. (Steve- when I get to the stage of building the ladder, my intent was to kit bash a couple of AMT ladders.) Unfortunately when I started to build the tractor, things did not line up, I measured one length, it came out to be another, angles didn't work, my cat ate the decals, my dog ate the cat, and anything other reason that the build became a fiasco. Sorry to say, it's been "deep-sixed." I'm more of an airplane guy, :blu-plane: so I'm thinking about scratch building in the future a P-2 crash truck. Basically a box on big wheels . . . .
  10. Thanks for the information. My local hobby shop didn't have signal red, but I'm going to try for the first time Tru-Color Flat Brick Red. I also bought a bottle of Model Masters Fire Red. Stay tuned . .. .
  11. I have the Micro-Scale 1/48 decal sheet for the 40th Anniversary of the Dutch Air Force F-16. It calls for the tail to be painted all red-- FS 21302. I looked at a paint chip online, and the best I can tell it's a somewhat deeper red than insignia red, but not maroon. IPMS-Stockholm list did not show this color. Does anyone have any information on this color or what to use? I do have an old Floquil red (like a "brick red"). Thanks for any help. Joe Vattilana
  12. Thanks for the information. I thought they were a series 900, rather than a 1000. Actually I'm using the Ladder truck as a basis for a scratch built articulated ladder truck. The plastic is a good, solid for conversion work. Thanks again! Joe V. :smiley20:
  13. I'm building the ancient AMT 1/25th scale American LaFrance Ladder Truck. Does anybody know when it was first released? Thanks!
  14. What year is this Crown Victoria? I have a Lindberg 1997 Ford Crown Vic I'd like to convert this to. If you google "Delaware State Police vehicles" Images, you'll see better pictures of half DSP (blue) car, and half taxi (yellow). The file was too big to attach. Thanks for any help.
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