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  1. Hello again Dave, Just a reminder that the clubs in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo will be having our "Lucky 13" contest on Sept 17 at the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo. This is a fun contest and is held in one of the more interesting venues. Check out our ad on Page 27 of the latest Journal. For some reason we were not listed in the Contest Calendar but we are indeed holding our contest again this year. We are not sure if we will be able to hold one next year so this is the year to attend. Come on up and let us say hi to you. Bring your models.
  2. I agree with the above comment. I loved the article Chris. Particularly the reaction of the first visitor. I would love to see more photos.
  3. Addictive may not be the right word. Mind numbing is probably better. It actually was an interesting evening. The owner of our local hobby shop worked with the boys for over two hours walking them through a game. I suspect that they will be following the hobby more. For me, I will stay with 1/72 scale aircraft. The boys actually did a pretty good job of building and painting the models. I was working hard to keep the airbrush filled and clean and to keep the younger one in paint. Here is a photo of them working on their models.
  4. Welcome Dave. We seem to have a pretty good group here. I hope that you feel comfortable here. I went to school in Angola so I knew Fort Wayne reasonably well. My wife and I have our two grandsons with us this week. They brought one of the Warhammer 40,000 kits with them. They had wanted to get into Warhammer but their mom (our daughter) said "Wait until you are with Grandpa". There has been lots of cutting, gluing, painting etc. going on here. Tonight, I will take them to a local hobby shop to see what the war gaming is like. If I am not here tomorrow, you will know what happened. As Mandy said, when you get up to West Michigan, give a call.
  5. Good job. Did you have to add all of the spokes to the wheels? Great job on the steering wheel and the finish looks great. I tend to agree with you on the beauty of the subject. Clare
  6. Ron, an interesting process. I would like to hear what you used to get such precise lines on the models. Rulers, Dymo-tape, free hand? You did a really good job on the Meteor. Like some others, I feel that the Skua is too exaggerated. What color did you use on the Meteor? Did you use different colors over the different camo colors?
  7. Hi Phil. Good to hear from you again and glad to have you on this forum. Are you planning on coming to Kalamazoo for our show on September 17? Hope you can make it.
  8. Great job!!! You sure made the intakes blend into the fuselage. Great work all around.
  9. Mark, great job on the dozer tank. Impressive. I like the Corsair in Israeli markings. It really looks mean.
  10. Not sure I can help but at least I may be able to help you focus your search a little. I have a copy of Technical Manual 1-1-4. It indicates that the TO was first published in March 1978. The intro does not indicate that the TO was meant to replace any previous standard. It simply says that it is meant to standardize the painting and markings of Air Force aircraft. Monogram Aviation Publishing started a series of books about the Air Force colors. It appears that only volume I (1908-1941) got published. Since Eagle Editions purchased Monogram, you might want to contact them to see if they intend to publish the remaining 3 volumes. My guess would be that the end of WW II practices continued in place. Some specific changed may have occurred and these were reflected in TO 1-1-4. As always, we need to find photos of the specific model that we are building.
  11. Man!!! Great Job Chris. Maybe someone can contact the people who produce the Journal and add an article on this build. Seiously, it would be a great article on how to make a fantastic model using all of the parts available to us modelers.
  12. Love the F-84 Gil and thanks for letting us know how to backdate a G to an E.
  13. Great job Chris. Love the SBD. Did you use PE for the dive brakes? Looks very realistic. Also, from what I can see, the cockpit and gunners area are both really improved.
  14. Duh!!! I didn't recognize that the first photo was B&W. A great scheme. Looking forward to watching your progress even more.
  15. Looks great so far Bill. Nice ejection seat and IP. We will be watching the progress. I had expected the aircraft to be sporting large red areas, being based in Alaska during those times.
  16. Great job. Those of us who remember Sky King have been taken back to a calmer period in time.
  17. Hi Frank, It sounds like a noble task. I am assuming that you have some good contacts with some of the people in Detroit. I remember meetings where we would be stuffing the IPMS UK magazine in an envelope along with the IPMS US communication to send to the members. This sounds like what David describes. Also, I hope that you will include some story about the famous (or infamous) Vol 1, No. 5 Quarterly.
  18. Great job JT. Love the hot rod Nova. It was fun watching them pull in unsuspecting guys on Woodward and blow them away.
  19. Way to go Duke. You are a machine!!! I have been fiddling with painting an Avenger canopy for a week.
  20. FWIW, I use a combination of the above two ideas. I used to use a CO2 tank and loved the idea. After retiring, I couldn't find a good place to refill the tank. I then bought a small compressor. It was kind of loud. What I did was to attach the outlet hose from the compressor onto the inlet of the tank. This allowed the compressor to run for a short time and then its pressure switch shut it off. I can then adjust the pressure from the tank and spray happily. The tank removes any pulsing and any moisture.
  21. They have a lot of biplanes. In my list, I have Sopwith Pup, Hannover Cl.111a, Roland CII and Bristol Bulldog. I have completed the SPAD VII as well. It was an easy kit to build with fixed interplane struts which align the top wing. I am sure that there are many more.
  22. Duke, read my response above. You will enjoy them.
  23. Great jobs Aaron. Those Monogram biplane kits are really easy to assemble for people who want to get into biplanes. The cabane struts are molded into the fuselage so that the position of the top wing is automatic. Also, Starfighter have brought out some neat resin cockpit interiors to spruce them up.
  24. I am a dedicated "Braille Scale" modeler but my love is aircraft. I have however, (blush) built a couple of armor subjects. Here is my T-34/85 with bedspring armor. Here is my Sherman M4A3 (105 mm) Both are Dragon kits pretty much OOB.
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