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  1. WildBill50

    Star Wars Scimitar Bomber

    Very creative display. The ship looks great also. Nice job again, Kevin. Bill
  2. WildBill50

    1968 Edsel Pacer

    Nicely done! Aged just enough. Bill
  3. WildBill50

    Airfix TSR2

    I had a heck of a time trying to tint the canopies. Everything that I tried just ran off and pooled up. One of our club members, Richie experimented with a bunch of concoctions and finally got something to stick and was the right color. He used white glue and clear paint and all kinds of VOODOO Magic. Whatever it was it worked great. Thanks Rich! It feels great to get something done finally. Bill
  4. WildBill50

    Airfix TSR2

    Here is the Airfix 1/48th TSR2. I added a CMK cockpit and SAC metal landing gear. The SAC gear addresses one of the problems with the kit. The kit gear is splayed out about 3 degrees and the SAC gear corrects that. I added some hydraulics and brake line to them also. Since all of the TSR's flew in a white test scheme, I wanted something that looked a little more menacing. I painted mine in a tactical wrap around paint scheme of MM Dark Sea Gray and MM Dark Green. The tail I painted up like a show bird from the #16 Squadron, The Saints. I always liked there little guy with the halo. I found a picture on the web and it was thee perfect size for the large all moving tail. I adjusted the fuselage contour where it meets the top of the wing. The CMK cockpit really helps this kit. There are other parts that could be addressed by resin, but I chose only the cockpit. I don't think any putty was used for construction. I had a great time building this thing and boy is it big. Bigger than an F-111. Any comments good, bad, indifferent, all welcome. Bill
  5. WildBill50

    Bah Humbug!

    Great job, Kev! I think top hats should make a comeback. I like how you have the snow on the hat. Bill
  6. WildBill50

    1/48 Tamiya F-117A Nighthawk

    Nicely done sir! Great pit you painted up; the resin parts really dress that up. Bill
  7. WildBill50

    1/10th figure start

    My hat is off to sir! Great pictures and explanations for the way you do what you do. Keep it coming. Bill
  8. WildBill50

    Completed Dragon 1/35th scale UH-1N.

    Two thumbs up for this bird. Looks great. Bill
  9. WildBill50

    Trumpeter 1/32nd scale F-14B

    Nice Kitty! Your weathering is really nice. The base looks great for that Cat to wiggle its claws on. Bill
  10. WildBill50

    1/10th figure start

    Amazing! How do you melt all of this stuff and have it bind with each other? It it just a matter of sculpting the rest then? Bill
  11. WildBill50

    1:350 USS Carl Vinson Project

    Dave, just wanted to congratulate you again on a great model. It was interesting talking to you about how you did all of the modifications to take it way beyond what anybody would attempt. Seeing it in person at BOH was a real treat. Bill (USS Wasp)
  12. WildBill50

    TROLL !!

    The poster reminds me of "Jaws". "I think we need a bigger boat!"
  13. WildBill50

    Brengun's Zeppelin Rammer

    Great job. Great execution. Bill
  14. WildBill50

    TROLL !!

    And I thought trolls were just on the internet. Great execution. Looks cool. You should put a vehicle on the base like the poster for some scale. Bill
  15. WildBill50

    BeutePanzer KV-5

    Looking good. That second profile is very effective in making the turret seem less tall. Two lines of tan do a really good job of breaking up the outline. Can't wait to see yours finished. Bill