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  1. The Duke's First Aircraft for 2018

    Way to go Duke. Nicely done on both birds. That "mud hen' looks a little naked without any ordinance, but a cool and clean build none the less. The "Deuce" looks great in the four tone Viet Nam scheme also. You don't see that scheme too often. I have a 1/48th one to do up like that. I might have to bring to the upper part of the pile. Bill
  2. The Duke's First Models in 2018

    Great job, Duke! A quad start for the year. The tanker looks great, along with the other three. Any thought on a dio for these critters? Bill
  3. Oshkosh M-978 Heavy Fuel Tanker

    Looks good Ed. Now you need to build a tank for the tanker. LOL Now back to your regularly scheduled model types. Really nice! Bill
  4. Gallery USS Wasp LHD-1

    This is the USS Wasp redux. Since I started this back in the day, way back in 2013 Photobucket hijacked the pictures of the start of this build. I will attempt to put back some of the original pictures during the finish of this build. Anyway here are some picture of the island that I finally got around to completing. This model has been an on and off (mostly off) affair for about the last two years. I have been working on this almost exclusively since Christmas and it is finally showing some kind of an ending point. I set myself a goal of having it done by March. That still seems doable. The two pictures of the mast is before and after using the White Ensign PE on it. I will post some pictures of the hull soon. Bill
  5. Canadair CF-104 "Starfighter" 1:32 MWP Project

    Fantastic! That looks "real" in the photos. Great execution on a great airplane. Bill
  6. F-4D interesting photo

    Steely eyed defender of the US. Great photos. Bill
  7. 1:350 USS Carl Vinson Project

    :smiley31: Fantastic. Great job. The case it is in sets it off nicely too. Bill
  8. Space Cadet Huygens Lander

    Two thumbs up! It looks like where it should be...on a moon somwhere. Great job Kev. Bill
  9. Tamiya Steyr "JABOT Schreck"

    Great looking "kits". You tied them all together to make a nice display. The groundwork really sets the whole thing off. Really well done. Bill
  10. Russian Navy Typhoon and Oscar II

    Nice boats. Were the white waterlines painted on or decals? I like the Oscar with how the launcher doors along the side swing up to expose its deadly cargo. Cool video also by the way. Bill
  11. I say find one and make the conversion. That way when you get it finished the manufacturers should have one out about then :smiley2:. Then all of us poor souls won't have to slog through the conversion also. So, thanks ahead of time. Just say'n. Bill
  12. Revell Bomarc missile

    That Snark is 1/48th scale. It's pretty big. One of our members has been working on one on and off...mostly off for quite awhile. It is a neat subject. Bill
  13. Super Pershing - Sort of.

    Very cool looking. That barrel is HUGE! Looks the part. I can't wait to see some paint on it. Bill
  14. Revell Bomarc missile

    Thanks Rob. I looked at the Corporal but didn't pull the trigger on getting one...yet! Bill
  15. UH-72 Lakota (1/32-Revell)

    RG makes an EC-145 in 72 scale. Medivac. Bill