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  1. Nicely done Ron. It surely takes The "Lanc" to another level. It looks great all around. How did the conversion fit overall? Bill
  2. NIIIICE! Great work on getting it together so well with the kit bash and that metal finish. Bill
  3. Fantastic Finish, Ron. Great job on an old kit. Question for you: is the warning stripe red/white, because it kind of goes with the markings. I really like what you did with the cockpit area also. Bill
  4. Hello all, I am looking for the Afterburner Decal sheet # 48-054 Lakenheath F-111 Varks set. I'm building a Desert Storm bird for a pilot that flew them back in the day. Any help would be appreciated. Bill
  5. Big Bird! Looking good so far. All the swizzle sticks and I thought they were used for sanding things. Bill
  6. Great job Ron. Still a cool looking aircraft after all these years. The Sparrows really set off the natural metal scheme. Bill
  7. You have built more kits in 2020 than I have since 2018. I applaud your dedication to building. Great work on them all, Duke. Keep it up. Bill
  8. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday at wailing US 30 Dragstrip...where the great one's run. Fantastic. Bill
  9. Boss, man! Love the color scheme. The attention to detail is really superb. This looks well worth the effort and time put in. Bill
  10. Two thumbs up Gil! Nice paint scheme too. Bill
  11. Nice build with a great finish. Well done, sir! Bill
  12. WildBill50

    Fr. Merrin

    I really like your flesh tones, Kev. They have the warmness in their color. The hair looks great also. Well done all around on this one. Bill
  13. Way cool paint on this one! Those colors just work together. Nicely done build all the way around. Bill
  14. Way cool, Kev! It almost looks like she is being "hatched" out of the 'egg' pod. The colors look great for what it is. Bill
  15. COOL! Great job Ron. What color red is that? A custom mix or what? Bill
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