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  1. WildBill50

    Best clear flat you've ever used

    I like the Model Master Acryl Clear Flat. It dries very flat. Easy clean up too. Bill
  2. WildBill50

    Rising Sun's Oni of Blood

    What the..? And now for something completely different. Pretty cool again Kevin. Bill
  3. WildBill50

    NHRA Super Comp Dragster

    Thanks for the clarification. I just never noticed that before. Great job, again. Bill
  4. WildBill50

    JTNCA Walker

    That's cool looking. I'd hate to be the driver of it though. You would have to fold up like an accordian. Nice cammo on it. Bill
  5. WildBill50

    Luftwaffe1/48 F-4F Phantom

    Cool scheme! I remember that drawing in that book. Still one of my favorite all time aircraft. Bill
  6. WildBill50

    Maddog Manufacturing 2018 Production Line

    Looking like you have some winners there Duke! Keep it up. I wish I could get something finished already (close but no cigar). Bill
  7. WildBill50

    Hannibal of Carthage

    Great job again Kevin! You get some really nice skin tones on all of your figures. Bill
  8. WildBill50

    NHRA Super Comp Dragster

    Very cool. The graphics look great! Love the detail. A question...I notice the exhausts go right to the rear tires; Is that normal for a dragster? Wouldn't the heat melt the tires or is that how they get the 'grip' to the track? Just wondering.. Bill
  9. Cool looking car. Nice build on it. Bill
  10. WildBill50

    Vincent Price Caricature

    Ya dun good! Vinnie looks great. Bill
  11. WildBill50

    Aradia's Posideon Mini

    No need to "fish" for compliments. Another great figure (fishure?). You know what I mean. The base is cool too! Bill
  12. WildBill50

    Glenco 1/48 J2F Duck

    Nicely done. Bill
  13. WildBill50

    Lockheed P-80B Shooting Star S/N 45-58568 Completed

    Nice job Mark. I love that Red and natural metal scheme. Can't miss with the hat in the ring either. Bill
  14. WildBill50

    1/48 F-15D Eagle

    Great job, Gil! That will be a treasured memory for the Doc. Bill
  15. WildBill50


    Very nice yellow wing! Was that oob or did you add anything? How did you make your insulators for the aerial, as it looks like small springs almost. They look great. A fine job all around. Bill