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  1. WildBill50

    Visceral Visions Medusa (rated PG-17)

    SSSimply amazing! SSStunning. Well, you get the idea. She does NOT need scales! Great job. Bill
  2. WildBill50

    Spiderman Wall Hanger

    Love it. Great pose for where you have him "hanging around". How did you mount him to the wall? Bill
  3. WildBill50

    One More Thing...

    Looks like a pretty good likeness of 'Matlock", I mean 'Columbo'. And that's quite the collection of busts. They all look great. Bill
  4. WildBill50

    Final VMF-211 Aircraft..1/48 F4U-1D

    Great finish on the bird. All around beautifully done. Bill
  5. WildBill50

    The Duke's Latest Aircraft

    Two thumbs up, Duke! CLEAN!! Bill
  6. WildBill50

    1/32 Boeing P 12 E....Complete!!!

    Fantastic! Cool scheme for paint. Great job. Bill
  7. WildBill50

    TIE Predator

    It looks like a set of pilot's wings for your chest. That's really different looking. Very cool. Bill
  8. WildBill50

    Kinda makes me hungry

    Great job Dick! And pass the syrup. Bill
  9. WildBill50

    Bad Fairy

    Your base looks really good with this subject. Another winner Kevin. Bill
  10. WildBill50

    S&M Models 1/76 Stalwart

    Great job Ron. Looks like you fought it to submission. I like the finish you applied. Bill
  11. WildBill50

    The Duke's Ten Latest Models. Six Aircraft Here

    Great job on the lot of them Duke! The two Tomcats look great. I really like the TPS scheme on the Bombcat. You are getting me geeked up to finish the one model that's fighting me. Bill
  12. WildBill50

    1/48 "Ford Nose" B-24J Liberator

    Bandits...12 O'clock High! Great model with a great conversion to boot. Can't tell where the conversion started and the model combined to make a beautiful rendition of that plane. I really like the markings on this one. Bill
  13. WildBill50

    1/48 VMFA -211 F-35B "Wake Island Avengers"

    NICE! Whose kit is that, that you used, KittyHawk? Talk about a Tranformer plane...everythings moving on that one. Love the markings. Bill
  14. WildBill50

    SAS Gunner North Africa 1941

    Great job! Your flesh tones look really natural. The uniform looks like cloth. Nicely done with what you had to work with. Bill
  15. WildBill50

    1/32 Boeing P 12 E....Complete!!!

    Looks like a good start. Keep the progress coming. Bill