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  1. Beautiful job. Great finish on an exceptionally large model. Bill
  2. Nice job! Looks like a clean build. Bill
  3. I always wanted that kit. Not enough lawn mowing money at that time. The kit looks great Bob. Bill
  4. Nice job Bryan! They all look great. How about a nice SUV for them all to get to their destination? Bill
  5. EXSSSSelent! Maybe the bow string broke on the armor plates? Bill
  6. Nicely done! Your painting of the leather coat, helmet and gloves look great. The scene is very nice also. Bill
  7. Nicely done. That's a very cool looking scheme and well executed. Bill
  8. WildBill50

    POTA Caesar

    Yery cool! You captured the skin and hair color great. Beware the Ide's of March. Bill
  9. The diving judges give it a 10. Well executed. Bill
  10. Great job Gil! That Nautilus support is well worth the money for this build. It's nice to see a black radome on one of these birds. Cool scheme too. Bill
  11. Looking great so far! As for another big kit, it isn't...it's ultra big. Cockpit looks fantastic. Bill
  12. Great job, Ron. The railings and such that you added really set that off nicely. Did the rail come with the kit or is it a piece of HO track? Bill
  13. Well done, sir! Since we mere mortals can't see anything really wrong here; what were the worst sticking points? Fit and finish look great. Bill
  14. Looks great...even without a base. Bill
  15. Nice work! You can tell the lineage of the TV series from this ship. Great idea. Bill
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