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  1. WildBill50

    Vic Torry's Saucer

    Man, I wish I built stuff with 4 parts...HATER! That is a col looking saucer. The color looks good on it too. Bill
  2. WildBill50

    US Marine 1776

    Tony, You have a great eye for proportion and size. Everything blends together seamlessly. Great job. Bill
  3. WildBill50

    1916 Arizona

    I agree with Kevin, it looks cast. Great job. Bill
  4. WildBill50

    Vlad the Impaler

    Nailed it (or should i say "impailed it')! NICE. Bill
  5. WildBill50

    Two Luft '46 planes

    Interesting...I'd hate to try to land it. Bill
  6. WildBill50

    1/48 Academy F-4B

    Great looking birds. The Phantom fills in the gap nicely for your trio. Bill
  7. WildBill50

    Super Pershing - Sort of.

    Great job Bryan! That looks fantastic. This is one armor piece that I wouldn't want to mess with. Bill
  8. WildBill50

    Two Luft '46 planes

    I have to agree about the Lippisch. It looks really cool looking. The Me 1092 has that Me 262 look to it (must be the wing platform). What kind of landing gear is on the Lippisch or is it in flight mode? Bill
  9. WildBill50

    Glenco 1/48 J2F Duck

    Looking good. I just watched "Murphy's War" with it's Duck and Peter O'Toole. Keep up the nice work. Bill
  10. WildBill50

    IT's Pennywise

    Really nice, Kevin. Creep factor way high. Bill
  11. WildBill50

    Maddog Manufacturing 2018 Production Line

    Great stuff again Duke. Being the armor guy (NOT) that I am, I think that T-80 come out really well. The cammo looks pretty bad A$$. Bill
  12. WildBill50

    Shark Man

    There's a shark in the pond! Great job again, Kev. Bill
  13. WildBill50

    Bulma, Son Gokou and Oolong in Kings Ox Vehicle

    Cool looking Super VW. Nice job. Bill
  14. WildBill50

    KV U-19

    What a target! Very cool looking and very unique. #4 for me also. Bill
  15. WildBill50

    1/48 A-26B Invader (Memorial build)

    That is a very nice tribute for someone who will cherish it. Bill