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  1. Cool birds, Mark. Your F-16 really shows how far that aircraft has come. All of the lumps, bumps and add on's from a once upon a time very clean airframe. The glider really looks great too. Nice cammo on it. Bill
  2. At least they're consistent...they're everywhere. Good luck. Bill
  3. All of the colors look great on the jewelry. Your flesh tones are great for that desert tan. Overall I'll just say...Purrfect! Bill
  4. WildBill50

    Ice Fairie

    Nicely done. Cold looking but full of life. Bill
  5. WildBill50

    Arizona 1916

    Great job on those figures. The rider and horse look fantastic. I like how the horse and rider are going down that hill...very precarious and natural looking. Bill
  6. WOW! Fantastic job Bryan. You always get your weathering on your armor really great. Bill
  7. Great job, Dave. This is one kit you don't see finished too often. This "Whale" won't be harpooned. Bill
  8. Well done, sir! I'm really liking seeing all of these old kits coming back to life. A little elbow grease and you have a nice looking addition to the collection. Bill
  9. Crazy movie with a crazy guy. You nailed it. Great job. Bill
  10. Great job, Ron. You really don't realize how big that airplane was. Nice scheme too. I did the 1/48th kit awhile back using BMF. Bill
  11. Looking good Dave. The ELINT cabin looks great...too bad you wont see too much of it. Keep it coming. BTW...I once worked with a guy who had to bail out of an A-3 twice. Not a happy man. Bill
  12. Fantastic! The composition of the whole scene works. Great job. Bill
  13. WildBill50


    Well done, sir! I like the colors you used. The Deep Red brings out the greens very well. Bill
  14. Great Job Kevin. Everything fits the bust. I hope the Chinchillas like it also. Bill
  15. Nicely done Ron. It surely takes The "Lanc" to another level. It looks great all around. How did the conversion fit overall? Bill
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