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  1. Creepy looking...but in a good way? I guess. Nicely done. Bill
  2. WildBill50


    Looks like he could use some braces. Great job Kevin. Bill
  3. Thanks guys. I really enjoyed building this kit. Minor issues easily solved. It's kind of funny about the canopy glass. I polished it then dipped it in whatever 'Future' is called now. I scratched it while installing it and had to take off the part and re-polish it and re-attach it. I guess it worked out ok. Bill
  4. Great job on that finish Bill. Classic Scheme. Two thumbs up. Bill
  5. Here are some more photos of the build. The model was pretty easy to paint; overall MM Acryl Army Helo Green (FS 34031) on the outside and on the inside I used Tamiya NATO Black. Other shades were also used to break up the overall colors. The inside of the engine area was MM Yellow Zinc Chromate with a mist coat of fluorescent green from the square bottle in the transmission area. Adding the Zactomodels exterior set really helped the kit also. So, here they are... I used Lite Bright pegs for the screens on the IP. I wired up the Disco Ball and the tail area. On the rotor, I placed dots of red, blue, green and yellow with a toothpick for the maintenance indicators. I also made umbilicals from the fuselage to the weapon stations. After everything was together I gave it a dry brushing with Tamiya weathering powders.
  6. Thanks, Gil. That glass was the hardest part of the build. Had to hack up some interior things to make it fit just so. Some more pics to come. I forgot how to post them...haven't finished anything in a while. I really enjoyed building this one. Bill
  7. Here is the Kiowa Warrior from MRC. Great build. Very wordy directions, but comprehensive. I also used the Zactomodels exterior details. I added some seat belts, a CAR-15 on the IP.
  8. Looks great, Gil Inside and out nicely done. A great blast from the past. Bill
  9. Beautiful job. Great finish on an exceptionally large model. Bill
  10. Nice job! Looks like a clean build. Bill
  11. I always wanted that kit. Not enough lawn mowing money at that time. The kit looks great Bob. Bill
  12. Nice job Bryan! They all look great. How about a nice SUV for them all to get to their destination? Bill
  13. EXSSSSelent! Maybe the bow string broke on the armor plates? Bill
  14. Nicely done! Your painting of the leather coat, helmet and gloves look great. The scene is very nice also. Bill
  15. Nicely done. That's a very cool looking scheme and well executed. Bill
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