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  1. Way cool. There are a lot of things going on...inside and out. Great job. Lots of fun to look at. Bill
  2. Watch for the Weasels. Hate for it to be destroyed. Bill
  3. Great job Gil! How did you do the rivet detail...ponce wheel? That really sets off the panel lines. Great subject too. Bill
  4. Nice bird, Dave. Those markings look cool. The Litening pod came out great. Bill
  5. Well done, sir! Cool scheme that you executed very well. Bill
  6. I'm exhausted just looking through the thread. Keep them coming Duke. I can build vicariously through you for now. Nice work, sir. Bill
  7. The "EYES' have it. Another winner. Nice job, Kevin. Bill
  8. It would seem that you were a loving pair. Your robins are fitting tribute to your love for each other. Keep them safe and keep her in your heart. My condolences, Bill
  9. Looks great so far. Could you fill the areas under the JBD's and scribe the detail into the medium you would use? Good luck with the aircraft. Bill
  10. Cool birds, Mark. Your F-16 really shows how far that aircraft has come. All of the lumps, bumps and add on's from a once upon a time very clean airframe. The glider really looks great too. Nice cammo on it. Bill
  11. At least they're consistent...they're everywhere. Good luck. Bill
  12. All of the colors look great on the jewelry. Your flesh tones are great for that desert tan. Overall I'll just say...Purrfect! Bill
  13. Nicely done. Cold looking but full of life. Bill
  14. Great job on those figures. The rider and horse look fantastic. I like how the horse and rider are going down that hill...very precarious and natural looking. Bill
  15. WOW! Fantastic job Bryan. You always get your weathering on your armor really great. Bill
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