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  1. It came out great. Very good job Pawel. Did you use the kit canopy? The final appearance is excellent.
  2. My wife and I saw the movie "Big Miracle" today and a couple of Skycranes had a prominent part in the film. Some great "pulling" shots.
  3. Thanks Dick, This really looks like a great kit for us 1/72 fans.
  4. Both models look good. I am a particular fan of the Tripe. Your interior was fantastic. It looks really great. An Aurora kit??? Well done.
  5. Good looking model so far Pawel. The small Zvezda kits are interesting. Hopefully, someone will start making some interesting decals for them. I did a review of their Bf-109 F2 last June and enjoyed the kit. I'm looking forward to seeing the final product.
  6. Great model Dave, I love those tail markings. It looks like the props and the wing fold mechanisms provided sufficient challenges.
  7. A really great looking model Bill. Transparencies look good plus I love the paint scheme.
  8. Mine is 1/144 but as I remember, Heller offered the C-54 in 1/72.
  9. Mark, you have given me the urge to also complete a cargo plane (also, our club having a USAF 4+ contest helped). Here is my C-54 entry into the contest. This is the Minicraft C-54 Candy Bomber from the Berlin Airlift. As I was building the model, it occured to me that the C-54 was the airplane that started my life-long love of things aircraft. I remember that when I was 4 years old and living with my mother's aunt, I added a crude drawing of a C-54 to a letter that the aunt was writing to my mother. The significance was that my mother was working at Douglas Aircraft in Chicago. She would crawl into the wing root of C-54s with a bucking bar and she and another woman would rivet the fuel tanks into place. She said that the men who had that job before them could do one and a half wings per shift. They could complete two and a half wings.
  10. A good thread. It just shows that we buyers need to be educated. If you know what your models should cost, you can shop with an open mind.
  11. This would be a great project for some after-market decal manufacturer to come out with a "VARIG" or "VASP" markings.
  12. Actually, the Electra had a short career here in the states but a longer one in other countries. In Brazil, it was the perfect airplane to fly between Sao Paulo and Rio. The service was called "Ponte Aerea" or Air Bridge. In Sao Paulo, the service used the Congonhas airport that was close to downtown. In Rio, it landed at Santos Dumont airport, again much closer to the center of the city. International flights to both cities landed at larger airports, in both cases way out of the cities. My family lived in Sao Paulo during the '70s and our house was on the final approach to Congonhas. I saw the Electras several times a day. I believe that the Electra was used until 1992 for this application.
  13. It is a great product. Just make sure that you don't move it up a seam so that it gets clogged. I usually store mine with a thin piece of wire in the tip of the applicator.
  14. I hadn't noticed that change in the yen. Thanks for pointing it out. Really, the Yen went up and the US Dollar has devalued. I lived in South America during the 70s and 80s and am familiar with devaluation. The US needs to get it's budget in order before this becomes too common. When the US starts printing $500 bills, we will be in trouble.
  15. Can we assume that the manufacturers have the Ginter book on the F3H? Some pretty good drawings of the various ejection seats are shown.
  16. Just a quick tip to all Automobile (civilian vehicles ) fans who may plan to attend the Air Zoo contest in Kalamazoo next Saturday. The Street Rods Nationals will be in Kalamazoo from Friday through Sunday. The fairgrounds isn't too far from the Air Zoo so modelers can take a couple of hours off to see the street rods or else come early or stay late. Just a tip.
  17. Say Hi to Stu Bailey from all of his friends in Kalamazoo. We will be thinking of him during our contest also.
  18. Agreed. Good looking Captain America - right from the comics of my youth. I agree with Greg. I have found many more mistakes with my models after photographing them then by simply looking it over. Keep up the good work.
  19. Jeff, The theme of our contest is "Lucky 13" since it is our 13th contest. Any model with some relationship to the number 13 is eligible for the theme award. Lots of good subjects out there. Looking forward to seeing you again Jeff. Glad that you are coming this year. We're not sure how we can hold the contest next year. This year's location will be great. Lots of space in the old building. A number of interesting aircraft will be there and remember, entering the contest will also get you a wrist band to enter the new building and take advantage of the rides and displays.
  20. I like lacquer thinner for my airbrush cleaning medium. I fill the cup and use a paint brush to loosen the paint from the inside of the cup. I then spray the thinner all out of the air brush using settings from off to wide open. With dual action brushed, that is pulling the top button or the trigger back and forth. With single action brushes, it is twisting the nozzle open and closed. I feel that this dissolves any paint inside the head and washes it away. Then, I remove the needle (dual action brushes) and wipe it clean. I then run a q-tip around the base of the cup (Sotar and Grex brushes) or run a pipe cleaner through the base and connection of the cup. This seems to keep my brushes clean and working smoothly. I use lacquer thinner because it is "hotter" and dissolves the paint faster and quicker. I use only enamel paints.
  21. Welcome JT. You will find a good group of guy (and gals) her also. Show us some of your great car models.
  22. Rusty, you might check out Blue Rider. They had a number of Camel decals. Here is their web site. Blue Rider Decals
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