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  1. It is hard to believe that the first photo is not a real vehicle. Fantastic job.
  2. Thanks for the Heads-up Dave. I purchased one of the Meng F-102 kits and it looks to be very good. The first one comes with Red Devil 431st FIS and the 327th FIS plus a camo scheme. A good kit. The Bush markings should be interesting. Waiting to see the G-91 kit. Might add that to my stash too.
  3. I agree, Ed. To me, the key item is "am I pleased with my final result". I really can't believe that ANYONE who looks at the 1/48 B-29 setting on a table will say "Damn, that nose taper sure looks off".
  4. Hi Jorge, They are great looking figures. I am really impressed with the detail that you put into the clothing. You have an interesting web site. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Looks good Bill. Looking forward to seeing the final version.
  6. Welcome Greg. Hope to meet you at some upcoming Nats. I have admired your kits and expecially your conversions.for some time. Keep up the good work.
  7. Great job Greg. I love the small details like the Gear-down indicators on the wing.
  8. You're right Ron. Looking at the copyright on my book, it lists Belgium for the artwork although the text is copyrighted in the UK. I should have know from the left hand drive vehicles. And Yes, it is easy to get a wash into the panel lines from Matchbox.
  9. Here are photos of two British aircraft that I built for fun. The first is a Spitfire PR Mk. VII (sort of). It has the markings of 140 Squadron, RAF Benson, Oxfordshire, April 1942. Our club had a "Pink" theme contest and I had less than a week to go. I took one of the Revell snap-together prepainted kits. I glued it together, cleaned up the joints, sprayed it silver to cover the paint, painted it pink, added an IP and pilot seat plus some decals from the spares box. The second is a Spitfire from the Emir of Khemedi's Air Force. The airplane is from The Adventures of Tintin - Land of Black Gold. I used an old Matchbox kit and some Blue Rider decals. A British airplane from a British comic strip should qualify the model.
  10. Ohhhh, neat decals. Drool. Sorry, can't help it any more, just love bright decals.
  11. I purchased most of my Leading Edge decals from Flightdecs in Canads. Here is the link; http://flightdecs.ca/ There web site does not contain the decal you want but I would suggest writing to them. They are easy to talk to and may have one left over or may be able to send you to another site.
  12. Thanks Mark. Good job. Generally, I have listed the photos by category and then by position. Photos of the table signs listing the categories are shown then the winners (1,2,3) and any Out of Box or Honorable Mention awards. The trophies for the special awards are shown followed by the winning model.
  13. We have a few overall photos posted on our club website. Check out; http://www.ipmskalam...amazoo-kontest/ Also, click on the "Contest Time" tab to see the naked facility. Info is also posted on the club Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/#!/ipmskalamazoo
  14. Great!!! Been waiting for a good 102. Still have four sheets of decals from Micro Scale that should work it I'm not happy with the kit decals.
  15. Just got home from a long day at the contest. We had 298 models entered by 88 modelers. Not the best but still very good considering that it was a new venue. Everyone seemed to appreciate the better lighting compared to previous years. A good turnout of vendors who had some goodies that somehow jumped out and grabbed my cash. Lots of great models and friendly people. Thanks to all who showed up. Photos will be sent in shortly. Clare
  16. Thanks for the link. It your in-progress photos give a great idea of your project.
  17. A great display. Tell us about the reason for this display or the event. Thanks.
  18. Great job Chris. I love the colorful uniforms of the Zouaves. Your vignette brings this out impressively.
  19. Welcome Russ. Show us some of your stuff. I am sure that one of the Chicago area clubs will be a great fit. Check out some of the contests in the area as a means of getting your building juices flowing again.
  20. Full details for the upcoming 2012 Kalamazoo Kontest are up on our club website. http://www.ipmskalamazoo.org/ Click on "2012 Kontest" at the top of the page. You can find full details about the Kontest including categories, location etc. Contestant, Model and Vendor entry forms are included. We have a much better location for vendors (and modelers) this year so let's hear it from the vendors. We will also be having the "Spud Ensing" special award again this year. It is not yet listed on the forms but it has been a staple for the Kalamazoo contests for years and will be included. The date this year is September 22, 2012.
  21. What a fantastic looking model. The Alclad finish looks great - really mean looking.
  22. Great job Dick. Looks very realistic. If you ever get up to Kalamazoo, check out the Air Zoo. They have one on display.
  23. I should have said three instead of two in my response above. Also, we have a forth female member in the wings. One thing that we do at our annual contest is to include "Best Model by a Female Modeler" as one of our special awards. More often than not, the winner has also collected a trophy with their model. It has been going on for several years and has seemed to bring out a number of great entrants every year. As a matter of fact, we were not sure if we could hold a contest this year due to no room being available at the Air Zoo. The daughter of one of the members complained about it and volunteered to help set it up and run it. She wanted to be able to enter the Female special award. It might work in other areas.
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