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  1. Just hand painted with old Testor's "Brass" paint. Note that the one on the blade at 1-2 o'clock is on the wrong edge! Didn't see that until I uploaded the post. 😮
  2. Another step on my journey down the road of the old Aurora WW I kits. This is their DH-4. It comes with the four bladed prop instead of two and with the dual rear Lewis guns. That gun mount was disliked by the gunners as being bulky, hard to bring to bear and used up a LOT of ammunition. I added my usual basic interior, but the rest is OOTB.
  3. Duke, You are something else. You are a perfect example of one who really enjoys our hobby. And all those trucks would seem to be based on the same frame. Russian frugality at its best.
  4. Nice kit of a rare vehicle, but lots of clean up of flash, seams and rough surfaces. 3 pdr. detail is a bit mushy, but I can live with that. Fit overall is pretty good, although you do need to test fit everything to make sure. i added a few little things to make some aspects more logical or complete. They were actually pretty successful. However, the weight of the armored body and crew of seven(!) took it's toll on the springs and axels. They were used as "heavy" armored cars and assigned one per squadron of other armored cars, which were only armed with machine guns.
  5. Yes. It's a small resin kit.
  6. I'm not on the board anymore, so I don't have any answers, but for the ad manager, President, DLC and the Office Manager all to not reply is extremely odd and perhaps speaks more to an email problem in some way rather than a lack of response. Let's see what Dave's pinging does.
  7. I've had several more intense modeling projects recently, so I wanted to do something just for fun. I had picked up this kit at Scale Model World in the UK and decided to have a go. i've never done an Armourfast kit before, thinking them too simplistic but in all fairness, they are aimed at the wargaming market and a quick build and are well suited to that. However, besides the tracks, which are very simplistic, it was fun to work on and built up into a nice model. Fit was very good with only a tiny bit of putty needed at the top/bottom hull joints. What detail there is is pretty nicely done and it would be easy to 'dress up' this model. You get two kits in each box, so I may pass the other on to someone who's looking for a bit of stress relief.
  8. Another in this line of kits. Only added a very basic interior. Had to replace the kit's decals as they were browned than the paint I used on the fuselage.
  9. This was just for fun. It's a seven part kit that is surprisingly nicely cast. It could liven up a 1/144 scale airfield diorama.
  10. Kit is in HO scale, which is 1/87. The track is just a section of HO model rr track cut down to fit.
  11. Took a break from some longer term projects. Thought this would be a quick build/finish and it was. Ancient kit, needed some clean up, but really not that much. Replaced the molded in hand rails, but that's all. It's pretty cute. As usual with close up photos, you find the things you need to fix, and I will.
  12. Its Testors Aluminum. Just shows what lighting can do to color in a photo. I screwed up the footstep decals that came with the kit, so I customized ones from an old Matchbox Wellesley kit to at least look the part.
  13. Don't know if you have much experience with Valom kits, but they are about two steps above a limited release injection molded kit. Parts look good, but fit is iffy. Clear parts well done, but seldom fit. Much PE included that is small, fiddly and can't be seen. However, they make kits of subjects no one else does, Enter the Bristol Bombay. First flown in1935, it was designed as what was then known as a bomber/transport. It could do either but neither really well. It did serve as a bomber in the near east and Ethiopia and as a transport all over Europe. It was similar in capacity and performance to a Ju-52, which was also designed to be a a bomber/transport. Its greatest claim to fame was that this aircraft type changed the course of the war in North Africa. When Auchileck was sacked, Gott was named his successor and immediately flew to the front in a Bombay,, which was subsequently shot down, killing Gott and leading to the appointment of Montgomery and we all know the story from there. The kit is done OOTB and I even left out much of the interior as it just couldn't be seen. The clear parts for the windows were omitted as fit was problematic and I did them with Krystal Kleer with a coat of Johnson's Klear. Weathering, shading was done with pastels. Looks like a Bombay, but will never win any contests.
  14. Contact John Heck at artdirector@ipmsusa.org. He's the guy that actually puts the mag together and I know he's always looking for material.
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