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  1. Ron Bell

    1/72 Pegasus Boulton Paul Balliol T2

    Stripes are Humbrol Trainer Yellow # 24. As to the grid markings, I have no idea what they are. They are very faint on the kit, but they are rather prominent in photos, so I added them from decal.
  2. This is a bagged early Pegasus kit. It comes in 12 injection molded parts and four white metal ones for the landing gear. The canopy is not bad, but a little grainy. No interior. You have to add that and blank off the front intake and the dorsal radiator opening, and make the gear doors from sheet plastic. They don't tell you to make the door for the radiator opening, but it shows in photos and is easy to make. The wings come in two parts each so you could do a folded wing naval version, but it makes getting the dihedral accurate a little dodgy if you don't. Markings are for an RAF machine flying out of Cottesmore in 1961.
  3. Just worked for me as well. Might have been some temporary glitch in the web.
  4. Ron Bell

    1/72 Special Hobby Firefly Mk I

    If anyone is next to me in a venders' area and sees me pick up a Special Hobby kit, please do me a favor and knock it out of my hands. I've built several and they were all the same. Lots of detail, but it's fiddly and doesn't fit very well. The kits are a trial and should only be done if it's the only kit of the subject. Rant off. Mine's in Canadian livery with the ASH radar unit.
  5. Ron Bell

    Hawkers WWII Weather planes in 1/72

    Royal Indian Air Force.
  6. Ron Bell

    3-D printed models prohibited?

    Wasn't trying to answer, merely to clarify the question I'm not the expert nor the authority in this area.
  7. Ron Bell

    3-D printed models prohibited?

    I think the "rub" is that if it is a home-brewed 3-D model, how do you enter it because it can't be a scratch built and it isn't a commercially available kit. I don't think we have many of these yet, but they may start to crop up more and more. I'd suggest you contact either or both the National Head Judge, Mark Persichetti at NCC@ipmsusa.org, or the Phoenix contest chairman. Jim Clark, at contestchair@ipmsusanationals2018.org for a more definitive answer.
  8. Ron Bell

    Change of address form

    Sure. Send it to manager@ipmsusa.org . Marie can make sure the change is made. Also, please contact our IT man, Eric Aitala, webmaster@ipmsusa.org, so he can check for problems.
  9. To ensure a prompt and correct reply to so specific a question, I'd advise you to direct it to the person handling the tours for the convention directly via the link here: http://www.ipmsusanationals2018.org/convention-staff.html
  10. Ron Bell

    Judging Question

    Remember, you're only hearing one side of the story. We don't know what his model looked like. Maybe poor paint, or open seams or who knows what else. Don't go by what anyone says about a model unless you've seen it yourself. We've had many instances of people complaining about what model won over theirs bvecause it had this problem or that, overlooking the problems their own model had.
  11. Tornado (Airfix Typhoon plus Maintrack conversion fuselage) Brengun "car door" Typhoon Heller Tempest V Matchbox Tempest II Airfix Sea Fury (rebox of PM kit I think)
  12. Ron Bell

    1/76 Canadian Otter armoured car

    This is a Milicast resin kit of this little armoured car. Terrible kit. Warped, flash, pinholes, you name it. Very little fit. Trashed the wheels as they were just tragic. Has a good interior, except nothing fits and the casting is terrible, so just closed it up. Decals are scrounged and cobbled together. Model is about 2 inches long.
  13. Ron Bell

    Aurora Fokker/B25

    Looked all this up in Thomas Graham's "Aurora Models" book and got this: The D-7 and SE-5 were originally flying models converted to screwdriver kits. They are both 1/19 scale and go for around $100 The B-25 was also a flying model converted to screwdriver assembly, is in 1/32 scale and goes for around $200 There was also a P-51 and P-40 in 1/27 scale, both of which were flying models acquired from Comet models and converted to screwdriver assembly. They go for around $100.
  14. Ron Bell

    Airfix Be2C nightfighter

    My rigging material of choice is stretched sprue. Cheap and available in a bunch of colors.
  15. Ron Bell

    Airfix Be2C nightfighter

    The Be2C gets a bit of a bad rap in as much as it was very good at what it was designed for when it was designed, but it was used for the wrong purpose way after it shouldn't have been used at all. It was an excellent recon/spotting a/c, being very stable with good range. However, being stable is the last thing you want in a fighter, but with no other designs ready, the British were forced to use it as just that and accordingly they were shot out of the skies in droves. When better designs finally replace it in the front line in France, it found a home for a while with the Home Defense Forces during the first Blitz by Germany's dirigibles. They were modified in some cases with the front cockpit being filled with an extra fuel tank and then faired over. The m/g was also moved to either a mount just in front of the pilot facing up or in the case of this model, into a Ross mount on top of the wing. While they had mixed success, a night fighting Be2C brought down the first dirigible shot down over England, earning a VC for it's pilot, Lt. W. Leefe-Robinson, in 1916. Here's a Be2C piloted by Flt. Sub. Lt. Buck out of RNAS Eastchurch in Sept. 1916. Painted all black with the white of the insignias and fin flash eliminated, and converted with a faired over front cockpit and top of the wing gun mount. The kit is Airfix's new tooled and very nice kit that goes together like a dream.