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  1. Take them to your local copy shop. Just tell them what you want to do and they have the equipment to do it. Will cost you, of course, but you'll get accurate, clear prints.
  2. I saw a couple photos of this pairing from the Tunisian campaign and decided I wanted to do a model of it. The ESCI Valentine kit is very fiddly to get all the parts to fit correctly, but with much care, builds up nicely. I removed all the molded in handles and replace then from thin wire and this version has the length and link hard plastic tracks, which were very easy to work with, especially since I could leave off the entire top run of track as it was hidden by the sand shields. As it is towing the AT gun, I needed to add a towing bar to the rear which I made out of a truck spring suspension part. The Milicast 6 pdr. is much better than the old Airfix offering, but has a lot of flash and molding voids, like on mine the entire end of the gun barrel was just flash, so I had to "Dutchman" in a length of plastic rod. It also comes with the muzzle brake, but since the barrel just behind it was just flash, it was easy to remove. Before the 'scale police' chime in, yes I know that ostensibly the kits are in different scales, but I have found that some kits run a little larger/smaller than scale, and these two look fine together.
  3. Check with Ralph Forehand and Howie Belkin. They are two guys I know of who were around back at the beginning. As a matter of fact, I think Howie's IPMS # is in the single digits. For official IPMS business, the IPMS Office Manager, http://[email protected], could probably put you in touch with them. ,
  4. Wonderful tribute. Keep them forever and think of her, as I know you will.
  5. A great example of recycling. Approx. 200 obsolete Crusader tanks were re-purposed as prime movers for the 17 pounder AT gun. Many more were intended to be built, but the mounting of the 17 pdr and "77mm" gun in self-propelled mountings made them unnecessary. It's a typical Milicast kit with lots of detail, almost to the point that I think they sometimes overreach themselves as some detail is "mushy" and there is a lot of flash and many pin holes and voids to fill. Close up photography make these pretty obvious. I had to replace the kit's headlights and guards as they were full of flash and bubbles. However, it builds up into a nice replica all the same. All the stowage came in the kit, which went a long way to concealing many of those pin holes. It's posed with a Matchbox 17pdr in the last photo to show it in its "natural environment".
  6. Welcome, Mark. I'm not sure what kind of a 'joiner' you are or where MIami Shores is, but you might find that you can increase your enjoyment of our hobby by associating in person with others of a like mind. If you go here https://calendar.ipmsusa3.org/chapter-map you might be able to find an IPMS/USA chapter near you.
  7. Ron Bell


    Welcome to our forum. It will be interesting for you, I think, as the 'styles' of modeling differ a bit between the US and the UK. Neither is better nor worse, but different. I'll leave it to you to decide. In any case, vive la difference, eh?
  8. This is a very nice resin model of this A/C. Most were sent to Russia, but after the 1917 revolution, that was stopped and the surplus shipped to France where they equipped a squadron in the BEF. It's off road mobility was lacking and the chassis was overloaded, so performance was below par and they were stricken off the lists after the war. I think some wound up in Ireland.
  9. This one sat around a while til I got around to rigging it. Was trickier than the others due to that middle wing. Not my best effort, but still looks ok. Same deal as the others. Sanded off the decal locators, added a basic interior. Markings are spurious as the kit ones were too far gone to use. I thought the wing alignment would be fiddly, but it actually went together pretty easily.
  10. Ron Bell

    Plastic Sails

    Me, I'd just leave them off. If the ship was in port they would all be furled anyway or even removed for storage if was going in for a refit. You can make new furled ones pretty easily with tissue paper, tea and white glue. The tea is for coloring them. Just my $.02.
  11. This kit has been sitting started in my stash for literally years. With my current covid confinement, I pulled it out and finished it off. It's OOTB with the exception of hollowing out the trailer ramps and chocks as I have seen in photos. Makes it more interesting I think. I also added all the stowage to fill up all that space in the back of the truck and on the trailer and the glazing in the truck windows. Left the driver side one part way down. Kit was typical Matchbox. Detail was a bit mushy and fit was problematic in places. But it's the only injection molded one in this scale, so it's your only choice.
  12. Both have contracts, so we would be wrangling with three different hotels, a mess that not many would want to get into.
  13. Google search and expect to pay dearly for them. I've looked in the past.
  14. The 2021 Convention is already awarded to Las Vegas. I don't think we want two National Conventions in one year.
  15. Try contacting the Director of Local Chapters, Dave Lockhart, at [email protected] He should be able to give you the info you are looking for.
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