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  1. Yeah, it was so streamlined that it hardly impeded the airflow. 😲 In a strong head wind, at max speed I think it could hover
  2. A true expert needs to reply, but I'd say you're correct. That's not just an exhaust, it's a flame dampener. It is a sort of "stealth mechanism" that make the a/c harder to see at night. I'm guessing those fins keep the pipe from glowing and giving the a/c away in the dark.
  3. This is a combination of the new Airfix kit with the Eduard PE interior set (SS432), the Pavla Mk III ASW conversion kit (U72-134), the S.B.S. Swordfish rigging wire set (72050)and using the eduard Swordfish mask set (CX316). There are many reviews of the new Swordfish, so I won't go into that. The PE interior set consists mainly of assorted control panels, seatbelts. and machine gun detail parts. The all fit fine and "busy up" the interior nicely. The ASW conversion consist of the radar equipment, a new place for its operator, a radio, larger oil cooler, new side panel to cover where the forward mg was, the flame dampener for the exhaust, th "hump" for the radar scanner and the antennae for the wings. These parts are all nicely done in resin with the exception of the new cover for the radar compartment, which is vacu-formed (you get two in case you screw one up) and the antennae, which are PE. The mask set gives you masks for the windscreen, inside and out, and wheels. Finally, the rigging set gives you a full set of PE bracing wires all made to fit perfectly. You do not get, however, the flying wires for the elevator nor the antennae, which I thought was odd. It makes for a fiddly little model in this scale with all these parts and cutting things out and shaving things off and putting replacement things back on, but the result is as you see it. I wanted to do one with the rocket racks underneath, but the racks in both the old Airix and Matchbox kits are primitive and there are none in the new release. So, I made new ones from scratch. The rockets came from the spares box. The markings are spurious as there are no Mk III markings in the Airfix kits and the ones I had left over from the Matchbox kit had gone south long ago.
  4. Marcus, Your best bet for an authoritative answer is to contact the Chief Judge, Mark Persichetti, at NCC@ipmsusa.org, otherwise all you will get is personal opinions, not actual rulings.
  5. "National Level" is somewhat mis-leading in our case. These models did not have to win a preliminary event to get into the national contest. Any IPMS member can enter whatever he has built, beginner or expert. It is hoped that those beginners learn by seeing the accomplishments of the experts and are inspired to do better. That's also why we have the "What judges look for" seminar and have national judges in the contest room on Sat. AM to whom you can show your model and ask them to "judge" it so you know how to improve. It's also why we ask people not to be openly critical out loud as the modeler may be standing right there and he may be a novice who just did his best and here you are saying how bad it is.
  6. Robin, You do know you are on a plastic modeling site, don't you? While there may be some here that can help, I think you might be better served by another website.
  7. The on site registration form says $75. Divide that by how many days you'll be there and compare it to the $12 a day charge as long as you are not entering models.
  8. Office Manager, Marie Van Schoonhoven at http:// manager@ipmsusa.org . However, she's on the road to the National Convention. If you're going to that, you can see her there. If not, wait a week or so to give her a chance to get back and get caught up.
  9. Welcome, Patrick. I encourage you to go to the place on the web site that has all the clubs listed. You may find one nearby that you can hook up with. Joining a local club can be a big help in getting back into the hobby. Go here: https://calendar.ipmsusa3.org/chapter-map?title=&region=All&state=All
  10. You might try coordinating with this group: http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/ It might be easiet to couple up with some local groups meeting.
  11. This any help? http://www.microscale.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=MD&Product_Code=90055&Category_Code=ALPHA
  12. This year there are two bidders for 2021, Omaha and Las Vegas.
  13. Dick, If it's 1/48, it's probably the one by Lindberg. On the internet, the kit goes for around $30-$50 bucks, or at least that's what they ask. Who knows what they actually get. Revell had one but it was on the launcher and was 1/72 or there-a-bouts.
  14. This is Matador's resin offering of this APC. Their castings are pretty nice but can get a bit rough and they will never be accused of being "shake and bake" kits as the fit is pretty iffy and there were no instructions in the past few I have done, so guessing what some parts are is fun. But, they offer many subjects that no one else does and when done carefully, they make nice display models. The only thing I did with this one was add wire steps/handles on the right side for roof access. Funny, there were locator holes for them, but no parts and with no instructions, no advice to make them out of wire. Also added the stretched sprue antennae.
  15. What Rusty said. Most have never been to a national contest and all they know about IPMS is second hand. I can think of no way to change such misperception except to have them attend a national, judge and see how we do it. Nothing else will change their minds. What sort of PR campaign could we have? Take out ads that say "we don't count rivets". There's just no way to convince them without first hand experience. I share your frustration, but I just don't see what we could do.
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