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  1. I first did this kit as a kid back in the 60's. The gun traverses and elevates and even recoils. The tracks can even be made to go around if you push down hard enough on it on the rug. Loved this vehicle, but with all that use/abuse, it didn't last long. Fast forward 65 years or so and I got a wild hair to do it again. So, here it is done OOTB with the exception of some clear acetate for the windscreen and decals from the spares box. The figures are typical 1960's figures and are difficult to paint correctly, so even if I had the necessary skills, which I don't, they still wouldn't look all that good. The kit is actually pretty detailed for it's age and was nicely molded with little flash, but all sorts of mold seams. But here it is, a flash from my past.
  2. Another problem with Microscale stripes is the carrier film on either side of the stripe. You may need to trim the stripe pretty lean to make it work. but they do work a treat and like I said, they have all sorts of colors and widths, including metalics and they are readily available via their website.
  3. Microscale does a wide variety of colors and widths.
  4. Actually, until better ways of casting iron were developed, bronze was the preferred medium. It cast at a lower temperature, was easier to work with, and did not rust/corrode when at sea.
  5. Ron Bell


    I'm old school, I guess. Just get some garden variety dirt, put it through a fine tea stainer to get the extraneous organic matter and lumps out, mix it either with dullcoat or gloss coat, depending if you want wet or dry "mud", and apply. An option is to mix it with diluted white glue to avoid any possible damage to undercoats of paint/wash, although this may necessitate some gloss and/or dull coat after it dries. Finish "dry" mud with a dusting of appropriate pastel chalks.
  6. Here's number four in my obsession. I painted it as a bronze cast gun would have appeared in Royal Naval service. Strictly out of the box with the exception of closing in the backs of the wheels, which you can't see anyway, and adding a "bore" to the gun rather than the open maw the kit has.
  7. You might want to move your question to one of the aircraft topics. This is for ship models and you might not get many responses here.
  8. This is the third of the five artillery kits that Palmer did, their "Civil War Cannon", which I have found out to be an 18 pdr. They called it a 'parrot gun', but it does not have the typical bulge over the breach area that is typical of those type guns, but then again, I'm no expert. I build models. Anyway, the only thing I did to this one was close in the carriage and put a piece of styrene tubing down the muzzle to simulate the barrel better. The rest is OOTB. Lot's of flash, mold seams and sink marks to deal with, but it builds up into a nice display piece, if not an authentic replica. I chose the color for the carriage on a whim. The various memorial cannons and those on battlefield parks are painted all sorts of colors, so I just went with this. PS: Jeesh, I think there are only 4-5 of us that post here.
  9. When I decided on doing a Sherman Crab, I looked at my options. The Airfix Sherman Crab is based on their ancient Sherman I kit, which is very very basic and some say dimensionally incorrect. However, the Crab mechanism, while also a bit basic, is useful, but being in 1/76 it limited other kits that could be used with it. Enter the Matchbox Firefly kit, which is in 1/76 scale. It's based on a Sherman V, the A4 version with the Chrysler multibank engine. It just so happens that this was also one of the more numerous of the Sherman types supplied to the UK (mainly because the US didn't want them) and was quite often adapted to mine clearance duties via the Crab conversion. A quick check showed that the Airfix Crab unit fit nicely onto the Matchbox hull. However, there are a few changes that needed to be made to change it from it's Firefly configuration to a "normal" A4. The square loaders hatch on the turret top and the bustle radio compartment were removed as was the gun cradle on the engine deck. I didn't need to reinstall the hull MG, which was removed from Fireflies to provide for additional storage of the large 17 pdr. rounds, as it was also removed from the Crabs. I substituted a normal 75mm barrel for the 17 pdr. of the kit as well. The Airfix Crab arms were missing the guard on the left side, so I added that from sheet stock. Then I added assorted other detail parts from other Dragon and ESCI kits, which while 1/72 scale, fit and looked fine and I added track return guides to the bogey units out of left over PE fret material. The flail rotor and chains provided in the Airfix kit look silly, like they are starched out straight, so I substituted a piece of styrene tubing for the rotor and used scale chains for the flails. Along the way, I decided to do a D-Day Crab, so I needed deep wading trunks. S&S models makes white metal ones for all Sherman types. I had to modify mine as most photos I found showed the rear one not having the deflector head, so I cut it off and added the ribbing on the top. There was also a water/dust proof covering over the mantlet and hull MG position, so this was made out of tissue soaked in white glue. Final touches were tools and stowage from the spares box, lane markers, extra chain holders and hull periscope extensions from an SandS models Crab conversion kit I didn't use and wading trunk braces and antennae made from stretched sprue. I noticed in the photos that the serial number decals on the hull side look cloudy. They aren't in reality. They do, however, have a slightly different surface that apparently photographs this way.
  10. Tricky business this midnight stuff. Midnight for any given day is usually assumed to be the hour after 11 PM. One minute after that hour is the next day, the midnight of which is assumed to be the hour on that day after 11 PM. Accordingly, 00:01 on September 3rd is not midnight for that day.
  11. Len, You probably want to get the link to your convention web site up on the front page of the IPMS/USA website as that may be the first place that people go to find it.
  12. Great luck on that treasure trove. Supplies are always good to have. As to that Martin Scout, hard to tell the scale from the photo. Is it plastic, vacuform or resin? If 1/72 and resin it may be this kit.
  13. This kit is an amalgam of the 1961 vintage Airfix Churchill with a few extra parts for the flame conversion and a new trailer. The tank needs a lot of love to bring it into the 21st century and the trailer is rather plain and needs extra work to improve its looks.
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