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  1. Welcome Rick. You will find this a friendly and interesting site. Lots of great experience available from the members. Feel free to ask any and as many questions as you wish. Also, show us some of your work.
  2. I was split on the movie. Good visuals and actions. What seemed strange to me is how such a bunch of misfits were chosen for this seemingly very important flight. It sure didn't look like the astronauts. Oh, and the chick got preggers because she apparently had sex (off camera) with one of the guys who drank the stuff with the black slime in it.
  3. looks like a good looking model. New manufacturer?
  4. I like Model Aircraft from SAM Publications. I feel that they really cover all of the latest releases of kits, accessories, decals books etc. They also cover several builds per issue and include some good reference material. On top of that, they offer IPMS members a discount. I also get Military Aircraft Monthly from them. This is a great source of reference material and is very readable.
  5. A good thread. I generally use three airbrushes. Like Gil, I have one for broad painting, one for finer detail and one for Future. I use the Grex Tritium for broader work. It fits the hand well and is easy to sweep from side to side. I use a Sotar 20/20 for most finer work. I build 1/72 so I don't use a lot of paint. It is the easiest to clean so I use it more. I got mine at the Chicago Nats. Finally, for Future, I use an old Testors brush. My thinking is that everything in the brush is plastic so it is easier to get the future out of it. I have used CO2 and loved it. My current problem is that I can't find a good source of refill where I live now so I am using a Badger Model 180 compressor. I run a tube from the compressor to my old CO2 bottle and feed the airbrush from the regulator connected to the bottle. That way, I can control the pressure plus, when the bottle gets full, the compressor will shut off. The compressor is also located a long way from my paint area so it is quieter. Finally, I use quick-connect connectors to attach the airbrushes to the bottle. It is easy to disconnect one brush and connect another without shutting off the compressor.
  6. I love the intricate colors of the clothing items.
  7. That was a pretty good list. About all that I would add are; - Future. Currently sold as Pledge. My standard gloss coat for under decals etc. - Glad Press 'n Seal. I use it as an easy masking material. I cut patterns out of it as well as using a big sheet to cover vast areas that I don't want to paint. - Tooth Picks. Great for stirring and getting into small areas. - Lighter fluid. I use lighter fluid for cleaning surfaces and removing some light over spray. I find it less "hot" than other thinners. - Q-tips. For wiping and cleaning in small areas. - Cosmetic Applicators. These are similar to q-tips but are more compressed plus they have a pointed end.
  8. A great looking display case Gil. Very well done.
  9. Fantastic job Mark. As an airplane modeler, I was impressed with the add-ons and then finally, all of the great shading and weathering. Really, really well done.
  10. Kind of like the "Wild, Wild West" movie. Or the TV show before it?
  11. I don't know what steampunk is but the model is awesome. Great detail in the scratchbuilding.
  12. Hi Fred :D I remember talking to you once and you replied that you had to get your Apple II cranked up so you must have a history with the computer. Your old 1-1-4 would be the right way for a super detailer to do the job but us more laid back modelers just look for an easier way. I'm not sure where I heard about the Amarillo font but it sure comes in handy at times. Of course, at my age, I forget where I left my coffee cup but can remember old stuff like that. Regards.
  13. Welcome to the site. You will find a lot of friendly folks. Also, more people describe their building as rudimentary than excellent. Ask questions and get info. It is a fun process.
  14. This is just a quick note to let everyone know that we are planning on having our contest here in Kalamazoo again this year. We ran out of space at the Air Zoo museum and we were afraid that it would end our run of contests in Kalamazoo. Based on comments received from a number of modelers and some enthusiastic new hands, we started to develop an alternative. We are pleased to announce that we found a great location for the contest. It is a gym behind a local church and it offers more space than we have ever had. The date will be September 22 (pending approval from IPMS). Put it on your calender. The Air Zoo was a great venue but we feel that this new venue will be great (more light!!!). More details shortly. See you all.
  15. I am looking for a model, or something that I can use to make a model of some WW I anti-aircraft machine gun installations. What would be used on the ground to protect an observation balloon? Any help would be appreciated.
  16. I am assuming that this combo pack will come from Hasegawa. Is it a new mold or does it include any PE or resin?
  17. Great job. Love the weathering etc. The little thing that gets my attention is the antennae. Great looking insulators and spring attachments. Love the model.
  18. Well done ARC. Great April Fools joke.
  19. Great looking model. Mean looking. I would hate to have one mad at me.
  20. Here is a location to check for the font. http://www.urbanfonts.com/fonts/Amarillo_USAF.htm
  21. We have two pretty good hobby shops here in the Kalamazoo area. I find that both are willing to order models or supplies that I need. It may take a few days but I find that the cost is competitive with internet sites when you consider the handling and shipping costs.
  22. Our club has two female modelers, both excellent modelers. My previous club (Many years ago) had a female as our president for several years.
  23. Well done Greg. You did a great job with the repair. You have added panel line shading to further break up any large colored area. Great looking job.
  24. Great work on the model Steve. I love all the detail that you added to the model. The custom stand and the Talon fighters really add to a first class presentation.
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