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  1. RGronovius

    Star Wars Scimitar Bomber

    Nice, an impressive build.
  2. RGronovius

    Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Looks good. I have this kit somewhere. I remember seeing the old Fujimi set, comes with a Thule cargo carrier. Always wished they made the old Sears X-Cargo white top/silver bottom carrier. I still have one from my minivan days.
  3. RGronovius

    M-47 Patton empty engine compartment

    Do you know if the Hobby Boss M26 series tanks would help you get something similar inside? Their kit has an engine compartment and while it won't be accurate for an M47, it would be a good place to start for the firewall, fuel cells, etc.
  4. RGronovius

    Kit Boxes damaged more frequently in shipping

    Mark, for small scale armor, I use a clear tool/tackle box I got from Walmart years ago. I cut off parts from the sprue and put road wheels in a compartment, track bits, gun tubes, crewmen, stowage, etc.
  5. RGronovius

    Kit Boxes damaged more frequently in shipping

    I do keep good boxes, ones that are sturdy to keep excess parts in them. I have an old Tamiya M1 box for Abrams extra pieces like USMC specific parts, unused PE etc. I have an old Tamiya M4A3 Sherman box to hold old Sherman parts, and old Tamiya Jeep box to hold soft skin parts, etc. A while label with a marker saying M1 parts, etc. differentiates it from an unbuilt kit.
  6. RGronovius

    Kit Boxes damaged more frequently in shipping

    I would pick the pristine box over the dented box every day. I've noticed US sellers often box the kit in a box that leaves a lot of room for packaging and arrive just fine. Overseas, the kits are often wrapped in boxes that were cut to size, marginally bigger than the kit box. Bought a Tamiya Grenada M151A2 kit and the box was trashed and wet, but the kit inside was just fine. But if the kit box was wet or damaged (wet not the seller's fault), and the contents and decals inside were unharmed, I would be okay with it. So if a box arrived a little dented but the insides are unharmed, I'm okay with it. But, if I ever decide not to build it and to sell it, I know the dinged box won't be worth as much as a pristine box. As far as keeping old instructions, I do keep them organized in a binder on my model building reference book shelf. I have a binder for 1/35 scale armor, 1/72 scale armor, sci-fi, auto/ship, and airplanes. I keep them for reference, sometimes kits are reissued but with new worse instructions, compare the Testors yellow box kits with the current Zvezda and Italeri reissues and the old 1980s instructions are light years ahead. They are also handy when someone buys a kit and loses them or the kit didn't include instructions. I can whip out my binder and scan a copy or make a physical copy and mail it to them to help them out.
  7. RGronovius

    LT-7 - Tiger

    I love these walker tanks ever since I discovered the Revell Robotech lines in the 1980s. But as a tanker, I've always wondered the amount of fire control computing the vehicle would have to do to keep the gun in line with the sights. Great job!
  8. RGronovius

    TIE Experimental

    RenhoekStimsen J'katIn one of the games, the names of the ships were the full names of the cartoon characters from Ren & Stimpy; Ren Hoek and Stimpson J. Cat.
  9. RGronovius

    TIE Experimental

    I used to play the various X-Wing and TIE fighter games. There were some pretty neat variants of the TIE fighter.
  10. RGronovius

    Facebook Login Test

    it worked for me
  11. RGronovius

    Italeri 1/48 MH-60K Blackhawk

    I like the looks of your progress. Nice work.
  12. There are already safety lids on MM thinner and Testors liquid cement.
  13. RGronovius

    AMT Tee Vee Dune Buggy

    No, I gave up on it and made a Jeep instead.
  14. RGronovius

    A nostalgic look back at model building …

    I had that Cro-Magnon woman, mainly for the base since they fit together like a giant puzzle. Neat article.
  15. RGronovius

    Modern American armor question

    Are you asking about the Abrams Reactive Armor Tiles? aka ARAT I and ARAT II, ARAT I looks like the brick boxes on the side (M19) and ARAT II looks like the terra cotta curved roof tiles (M32).