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  1. RGronovius

    Ep. 4 Leia

    I remember getting mad at her for stepping out on Luke in ESB.
  2. RGronovius

    Ep. 4 Leia

    my first movie crush, the 13 yr old me wanted some princess.
  3. The Red Baron wasn't hunting innocent civilian pilots who were on a Sunday flight enjoying the French countryside. He was an aerial combatant stalking other aerial combatants during a World War. If he enjoyed what he did, it was probably so he could cope with the idea of hunting his fellow man, knowing he could easily become the hunted in a moment's notice. McVeigh's car or his Ryder rental truck would be rather morbid as would OJ's getaway white Ford Bronco (I know it wasn't his vehicle). You would probably have to put some sort of description of the vehicle's historical significance since many wouldn't know the getaway vehicles and just see them as model cars. Same with the airliners that were hijacked during the 9/11 attacks. They would require descriptive plaques to identify their historical significance. Everyone recognizes the Red Baron's triplane. Not everyone would recognize a Japanese plane that attacked the Arizona.
  4. I read the original version as a free Kindle book. It would be awesome to see a movie of it in its period correct era. Also the 1950s version with the America tanks and the brief glimpse of the flying wing bomber is also a classic.
  5. When painting modern US armor, I just go for "what looks right". The only time the tanks look the same is when they are fresh from the paint booth.
  6. And for out desert tan tanks, in the motor pool, the sun faded the top surfaces and any side surfaces that got direct sunlight. The side that was shielded by another tank or faced away from the sun looked very yellow compared to the sun faded bleached look of the upper surfaces. One tank, one paint scheme, two different shades.
  7. When we painted our M60A3TTS tanks, we often mixed different colors of paint to make it last. It never seemed like we had enough of the brown paint. So sometimes we'd pour some tan or black into the brown to make it last. While all tanks got the same base coat of forest green, the brown would then vary from an earth or baseball mitt leather brown to a kind of olive brown.
  8. As a lifelong US Army tanker and modeler, I always cringe when I see items piled on the blast panels of an Abrams tank or tank rounds loosely stacked on top of a turret like they are pick up sticks. Other items like rifles laying about in a diorama or set on an part of a vehicle that they would fall off as soon as the vehicle went into motion. It may look good, but not accurate.
  9. RGronovius

    Installing treads?

    There is a search field in the upper right hand corner, not sure how it searches, I don't believe I've utilized it before. Sometimes when the tracks are too tight, you have to do a little surgery by relocating the mounting axles for the sprocket or idler wheel inward just a few millimeters to give some slack.
  10. RGronovius

    Installing treads?

    Depends on the type of tank you are modeling. If it has sagging track and open suspension (no track skirts), you can leave off either the idler wheel or sprocket and then slide the track onto that object as you then place it on the suspension. If it has covered and tight tracks, like an Abrams, you could attach it with staples on the top side since it will be hidden by the side skirts.
  11. https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/6/5/6/1182656-80-instructions.pdf
  12. I was often asked to judge 1/72-1/76 scale armor when the category was small and before Dragon and others made a push into the scale. I am not a WW2 German armor person, so I judged kits based on the basics of constructions. I could not judge them on realistic markings or paint schemes. While I know some basic items, like Panthers and King Tigers would not have DAK markings, I would not know about other unit markings. Now throw an M1A2 tank with USMC markings or an M113A3 in Vietnam, and I'll know that isn't correct.
  13. I clicked on Dragon USA's Labor Day sale and saw their M60A2 at a deep discount. After 38% discount, it was under $20 and just under $28 delivered. There have been a lot of gripes with the kit, but the price was right.
  14. I still build older kits from the 1980s and 90s OOB. Solid kits, just not the high tech gee whiz ones today. A current project of mine, is based off of the 1950s era Monogram M48A2. I got the tank from the clearance aisle for $7.50. It is ancient, but it has some good memories. I built one long ago and repainted it around 1984. I still have that original kit. Any way, the project I am working on is using an old Lo Models conversion that was designed to turn three kits into different variants. The one I am using changes this Vietnam era warhorse into a Bundeswehr tank. That conversion was released around 1989. I still have a lot of older Italeri and Esci armor that isn't worth trying to sell, nor worth pouring good money into it in terms of aftermarket either; the price of AM alone would be about what a better kit would cost.
  15. There is still value in an OOB category. It harkens back to a simpler time when kits didn't "need" dollars worth of extras just to be built. Even with today's intricate multimedia kits with metal barrels, single link tracks and photo etched frets, some modelers still purchase additional items to enhance these kits. But there is still a place for modelers who like to assemble plastic kits out of the box and enter them in contests.
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