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  1. This current flyer for the store has some photos of the kits available. I did not see any polar lights kits, but several Lindberg and a half dozen different Revell. Most were prepainted bodies like Camaro, Corvette, Mustang. http://www.ollies.us/ollies-army/
  2. Got a Revell Danica Patrick Aspen Dental NASCAR. Closeout store had them for $9.99 and I used a 15% off coupon. Great deal for a $24 kit. I love that Batmobile Mark. I'd kill for one!
  3. RGronovius

    M-3 allied anti-aircraft gun

  4. RGronovius

    Model Cars Magazine? Will it Survive?

    If you get on Michael's email list, they send you 40% off coupons almost daily, and some days it is 50%, 60% or even 70% off coupons. I just use the text to phone option. Yes, I would call the level of kits found in Michael's and Hobby Lobby (automotive), not at the same high tech level as many armor kits manufactured today, but on par with what limited armor kits that they do carry. Hobby Lobby used to carry high end Dragon kits. Still have many of the great deals I got with the 40% off coupon.
  5. RGronovius

    Need help with a Tamiya M42 Duster

    I've been on eBay for well over 20 years buying and selling (mainly) model kits. Any time someone says "they can't tell if it's complete or not" basically knows it isn't complete. Only once did I get a kit that someone said they don't know it's complete that it virtually was complete. That was an older Italeri M36B1 Jackson that was missing one small part.
  6. RGronovius

    Model Cars Magazine? Will it Survive?

    Yes, while aircraft and armor models are limited to hobby shops, car models seem to be more prevalent in the US. Places like Wal-Mart still carry some Revell-Monogram and AMT cars, trucks and race cars. Chain arts and craft stores in the US have dozens or more automotive kits than they do airplanes, and maybe a tank or two. Snap together kits from the latest star wars movie round out the model selection. In the magazine section of local stores, there will be a couple of car model magazines and maybe Fine Scale Modeler. There will be more railroad model magazines though. I couldn't tell you where to buy railroad modeling items locally, but I know I can get multiple railroad magazines in a number of locations.
  7. RGronovius

    Model Cars Magazine? Will it Survive?

    To me it seems like car modeling magazines are more common than armor or aircraft.
  8. RGronovius

    Hobbico files for bankruptcy...

    Interesting information; Testors/Italeri kits from the 1980s were the first "high quality" kits I ran across. Their instruction sheets were top notch. I still have quite a few and if I am constructing an Italeri kit that I once built as a Testors kit, I'll use the Testors instructions instead.
  9. RGronovius


    I have some small bottles of Pactra paint that are basically relabeled Testors paint. I agree, when I was younger, the military colors were really flat compared to Testors that had more of a satin finish. I loved Pactra paints.
  10. RGronovius

    Recent Buys

    Nice scores, I love seaplanes for some reason.
  11. Found an interesting kit in the clearance aisle of Hobby Lobby today. Originally $27.99, it was $7.50. The Revell 1/144 White Knight Two and Spaceship Two.
  12. RGronovius

    Is this a chance to revitalize the hobby?

    Yes, the MBT70 program was cancelled by the US and Germany, but the Americans continued with a paired down version called the XM803 before it too was cancelled. Dragon has issued a 1/35 scale version of the German version of the MBT70, but they used photos of the two different surviving German museum tanks to make a kit that isn't a truly accurate version of either. I got one and it is a cool kit. Here is a photo of the XM803 that used to be at Fort Knox along with my nephew who is now a former Marine and Iraqi war vet and currently a firefighter in Virginia Beach.
  13. RGronovius

    Russian T-80 From the Duke

    Nicely done Duke
  14. RGronovius

    Is this a chance to revitalize the hobby?

    It's part of the Gundam UC Hard Graph line of 1/35 scale military model kits by Bandai. Very high quality models with a futuristic modern look to them. Several of them look like things in use today. APC, Hummer looking Jeep, motorcycle with command figures, hoverbike, etc.
  15. RGronovius

    Is this a chance to revitalize the hobby?

    To me, model building is model building. I started with unpainted Lindberg, Monogram, Revell and Aurora kits. Might have started painting black tires and silver machine guns, or white teeth on my saber toothed tiger. In the 1990s, I rebuilt my oldest surviving armor kit, an Aurora MBT70 that I built in the 70s using a builder's kit I bought on eBay in its early days of existence. I paid $5 for the glue bomb kit and $3 for shipping. That kit was unpainted OD green plastic with some gloss black machine gun parts. Decals had mostly flaked off the bare plastic. It had been a source of pride for many years and had lost many pieces parts due to my mother dusting and vacuuming it over the years. It would certainly have been laughed at as a serious model kit. I have built several Gundam kits. Many of them are very high quality models molded in different color plastic on the same sprue. Almost no painting necessary for some of them. There is also a line of Gundam kits with futuristic looking armor vehicles in 1/35 scale. I built a couple and have the M61A5 Semovente left to build. It is an awesome looking tank and if you do a Google search, you'll see it in various real world paint schemes and markings.