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  1. Is it the same one used on the M103? I do know it is different than the crappy one we had on the later M48s, I wonder if an M103 can be robbed if they are the same/similar style?
  2. How hard is it to backdate the Dragon M48A1 to the original M48?
  3. There's a lot of knowledge on this site, but often only crickets and tumbleweeds when you stop by, kind of desolate.
  4. Of what you've got listed, I'm only interested in the Centurion. What kit were you interested in?
  5. The AFV kit is #35S28 Sd.kfz 251/4 Ausf C with leFH18/40 towed gun The Trumpeter is #02304 s.FH18 15 cm field howitzer
  6. I've got some Trumpeter German field gun and an AFV club Pak 43/41 8.8 mm anti-tank gun and an AFV Club half-track with a towed gun.
  7. And with all the anti-vaxxers out there, even if a vaccine is developed, there will be others who won't get it for fear of being microchipped by Bill Gates.
  8. No one forced them. They just as easily could have settled here. That forum is rather sleepy, they could take over the auto forum in a short while and the general modeling forum just as quick. The only forum at FSM that has decent movement is the armor forum, and even that is slow compared to forums that specialize in armor modeling.
  9. Here in Louisville, Appliance Park is a huge complex of many factory plants. One building makes washers, dryers, dishwashers, and our French door bottom freezer units. One used to house a hot water heater and air conditioning unit line, but was converted into a receiving warehouse that gets the parts/components from overseas like wiring harnesses, and other items we use to make certain appliances. There is a similar production shortage in all home appliances. As well as people buying them for home improvement, there are many contractors rebuilding homes lost in the wild fires, hurricane l
  10. The members of Scale Auto moved to Fine Scale Modeler's forums.
  11. So sad, I never knew the man, but recognize his name from various model sites.
  12. Time, the pandemic has taken away free time from me. I work in an industry that was deemed "essential", but truly is not. I make high end refrigerators for GE Appliances; $2000 to $4000 models. Some models have WIFI and coffee makers in the doors. Yes, we make refrigerators in Louisville, Kentucky that you can control with a smartphone to tell it to start warming up water so you can put a Keurig K-cup in the door and make a cup of coffee. Been making the hot water version since 2013 and the coffee maker version since about 2015. Believe it or not, because many people work from home,
  13. Yeah, when they were removing the Tamiya Gama Goat from their inventory, I bought a couple marked down to $7.50.
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