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  1. Took several reloads just to read this message. Edit: and the submit button took about a minute to post this response.
  2. Lately, when I access the site I often get the above message. It will go away after reloading once, sometimes twice. I don't know if it's on my end or if it is the site. I don't have issues with other sites though. Just a head's up. it might be nothing.
  3. Impressive looking model. I'm not a ship builder, but I'd love to try one.
  4. I've always liked the looks of this helicopter. Very nice job.
  5. They used to clog the shelves at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. I can check to see if I have one.
  6. $16 at Squadron, probably cheapest you'll find it. https://www.squadron.com/1-48-Revell-USA-AT-6-SNJ-Texan-RM5251-p/rm5251.htm
  7. My regular First Order TIE fighter arrived. It looks as nice as the Special Forces one. I wonder if they make Rylo Ren's TIE from the second movie? I know Revell did the lights one, but Bandai's would be much better.
  8. There was at least a pink clear Tiger tank too.
  9. I do also recall clear colored plastic versions that advertised glow under blacklights. I did get a Frankenstein reissue molded in clear. My now 22 yr old so still has a wolfman he painted poorly as a child on display in his room. My kids will have fond memories of these old kits like I do.
  10. Very nice, I built many of the monster models and picked up many as reissues. When I first got them, they had the glow in the dark optional parts. Most of mine were left unpainted (glow parts). Creature, Wolfman, Frankenstein, Phantom, Dr. Jekyll and the Mummy come to mind.
  11. I did order the regular TIE fighter, although the seller called it a Thai Fighter.
  12. Yes, if you scroll down a few categories, you will see the wanted/for sale forum to list stuff.
  13. I bought a Bandai First Order Special Forces TIE fighter from the Force Awakens Star Wars movie. It is 1/72 scale and cost $24 delivered. I plan on getting the regular version as well, but I'm not sure of the differences. I do know that the regular one does not have the cog looking gear thing at the solar panel attachment points.
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