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The Haul, or what you've recently bought.

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That's interesting about the clear coat paints shelf life. I had the same thing happen to an enamel based clear coat (Model Master) some time back. I think this is a common problem among all paints (aging). We don't notice it on colors due to the dyes used, but we see it on clear coat for the opposite reason (no dyes). I used my clouded enamel based clear coat anyway assuming I was looking through about a million coats (still virtually clear) peering through the bottle, so why would it show on a couple of micro thin airbrushed coat(s)? Never had any problems with the finish, even years after application. My advice? Since I don't use them, I have little experience with acrylics. Do what your experience suggests. Sounds like an interesting subject for a new thread.

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Picked up one of Revell's Kylo Ren shuttles at Hobby Lobby from the clearance aisle. They used to run for about $35-40, but this one was marked at $10.80. Too hard to pass up.

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Couple other good scores at a Goodwill store. Found a Moebuis Ironman Mark III kit for $1.99 and a 1/48 scale Monogram B-26 Marauder for $3.99


The Ironman kit was missing the instructions, but I was able to source a set that are good enough to build it. It had construction done to it and virtually all parts were loose, but nothing was glued and it was complete and all parts came apart easily.


The B-26 box was in rough shape, and I was unsure of the status of the contents, but after getting it home, it is complete and untouched. It's headed for eBay.

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Nice scores Robin!! I always try to check in at my local Goodwill store for things like this. So far, no joy.


I purchased these some time ago. These were bought for a fictional war game I will be putting on in October.

First is these RF-8 GAZ 98K Aerosans: I bought 4:


Then I bought three of these NKL 16/41 Aerosans:


On or two may be modified into something that never was, but it's going to be fun.

I've already started a couple of them which can be seen in the Maddog Manufacturing Thread. Stay tuned for more.

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Good documentation is essential to the completion of an accurate model. After ordering the model, I bought the documentation. The model arrived today. The plan is to make an in-depth study of the prototype until the snow flies, then apply the accumulated knowledge to the building of the model. The prototype should, by then, display authentic weathering.



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Brag away Mark, that is worth the horn blowing. Nice score!


Now I finally have some time to post what I got recently. I attended the San Diego Comicon a couple weekends ago where I got to see a ton of fantastic stuff. Thanks to a bonus I got on a job just before Comicon; I was able to pickup some great new models.

I'll start first with the tools I got form one of the artist booths: some fine tipped brushes. They were cheaper than at an art store. The guy threw in the ink for free:


Next I went to the Blue Fin booth where they had a ton of Gundam and Star Wars models. They were also showing the new 1/72 scale Millennium Falcon that Bandai is bringing out soon. I picked up these three; all in 1/72 scale:




Finally, I went to the Mobius Models booth where I was able to pick up my best acquisition at this Comicon.

This is the Mobius Models Comicon Exclusive Limited Signature Edition Signed model of Frazetta's Death Dealer:


The image you see is the sleeve that covers the box that declares this a limited Signature Edition. On the back is the three signatures of Frank Frazetta Jr.; Jeff Yagher, the sculptor who created this model; and Frank Winspur, the President of Mobius Models. This also has the Official Comicon 2017 Exclusive seal on it. I bought Number 29 of only 120 of these signature kits:


This model also came with the following limited edition pin:


Oh yeah, I'm thrilled with this haul from Comicon! I'll probably put a halt to my spending for awhile now; I need to focus on getting some more models finished.

Thanks for looking in!

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Checking out my booty from the latest trip to the Nationals. Being my likes are so narrow, I didn't buy any kits myself. But I did pick up a few tools -



From Top to bottom - red box is a razor saw from UMM, then the next two are a diamond bit file and then a seam scraper from Volks. Below that is a flexible straight edge for scratching seam lines from UMM. Below that is a handle that came with the set of glue applicators (to the right), and some thin CA glue above that. All from Glue Looper. The two items on the left are 2 sable brushes - also from Volks.

During the Real Space Modelers Seminar, which doubles as a Meet and Greet of the members of the Yahoo Space Modelers Group, they have a grab bag giveaway at the end of the meeting. My son won the Airfix LEM and astronauts. But since he only builds armor, he gave them to me -



Then another man sitting next to me won the Revell Apollo Soyuz Link Up in 1:96 scale. He turns to me and says he already has it, and hands the kit to me. I'm a scale slave, that's not my scale, but as it's a gift I will build it.



Finally the mailman dropped off two packages. One before I left and 1 after, The before box is the Galaxy Quest Shuttle from JPG Casting. It comes complete with Berellium spheres, and a base. I have an idea for base and will create something different -



Finally my good friend Paul Gill, from Gillman Products held the kit for me mailing it the day before I came home, so it wouldn't be sitting around unattended in front of my house. It's Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! I comes complete with a resin copy off the Book for the Recently Deceased. Pretty cool!




Time to get building again! Thanks for looking.

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Thanks guys. I'm actually surprised the post went thru. I tried to post about 3 or 4 times, and each time the process timed out. So I gave up. :smiley5:


Agreed about Gillman. Paul is a good guy as is sculptor Mark Van Tine. Tho Mark only did the base of Beetle juice this time. Paul's a usual staple at both WF and JF. Nice, friendly and BIG guy. can't miss him. ;)


The feast continued. Having forgotten, the mail man delivered a box from Fantastic Plastic. As a guy with a young son, I filled up on my share of kids movies - and not shy to admit that some are pretty good. ;) One was the Incredibles, about a retired superhero father of a "supers" and comes out of retirement with the help of his family and fellow super "Frozone" to save a city.

Meanwhile at the villians lair, his henchmen had these pretty cool looking Velocipods to get around. This is the model.




Now it's really time to get building. Jersey Fest is just around the corner... ;)

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This is something I acquired, but it is not mine to keep. This is a commission build that a friend has asked me to detail out and paint:


He wants it to look well used as if it had been shot into space a number of times.

Notice the 1/72 scale C-118 just below it. That will give you an idea of how large this futuristic shuttle is. You'll also notice where certain places are open on this. That is where some working electronics will be installed later.

I'm not sure whether he will allow me to post progress pics of this, but once it is done I will post that part of it that I did. He plans on using this as a display model to show what his company does for movies and/or TV. There are also plans to turn it into a kit of some sort to sell to the general public as well.

I'm going to have fun playing with this!

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I hit the Mad Dog Modelers contest last weekend in Boise. This weekend is Orangecon in Fullerton.


The Boise show was great and I not only won some great kits in the raffle but also picked up some real deals from the few vendors that showed up.


KC-135 for $6, that is the 72nd AMT kit with resin wheels

Airfix 72nd E-3 for $8

Airfix 48th scale Seafire 47 but wait, two full kits in the box and the Hobbycraft Seafire XV. All for $8

The old Airfix Javelin in 72nd with the Heller version in the same box $6

Hasagawa 72nd Tornado GR 1 again with 2 full kits in the box, $4

Hasagawa 72nd F-16A plus for $10

Monogram 72nd F-16XL for $5


That and about 400+ models in the contest.


Yes, I had fun.

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Sounds like a nice score Phil. Too bad if some vendors didn't show up. That's always a downer.


A few weeks ago I went to JerseyFest. JerseyFest (like WonderFest) is to sci-fi, horror, and fantasy models, is to what IPMS Nats are to aviation and armor. ;) Yes, there are figures at the Nats, but no there is no armor, unless you count the armored personnel carrier from Aliens, at JF. LOL


I did go a little crazy in the vendor room on Saturday -




These 2 were cast partially in transparent resin to assist in case guys wanna light the models. I just may...






The new Pennywise...that was fast




Mother of Dragons



The Punisher -comic book series. There's a lot of comic covers as decals for the base.


No one can have enuff aliens.


Well, that should keep me busy for the Fall and Winter. :)

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Phil, those are some incredible scores! Way to go!


Kevin, amazing scores as well. That Mother of Dragons looks cute! The last one looks similar to the Esphenie from "Falling Skies", at least a little.


Way to go guys!

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I actually finally have something to post here.....

I'll start out with my raffle prizes from Orangecon:

These are Wingnut Wings lozenge decals:


I'll be offering them to a friend in my IPMS club first; if he doesn't want them, they will go up for sale.

Renwal kit of the USS Springfield:


I already built the Revel re-box of this kit as the USS Boston when I was a kid. My next door neighbor then was a crewman on the Boston and when he saw that I built models, he gifted me the Boston. Now I have this one.

This is Revell's Missile set:


I'm still undecided about actually building this since it is 1/144 scale; I will definitely sell it if I get a decent offer.

Mobius Models Battlestar Galactica Colonial One:


I already have one of these so it will go in the sale stash. If I don't sell it after awhile; I may consider building it as a derelict space freighter or something.....

Glencoe Models Coast Guard Life Boat:


I'm building that one.

Those were my raffle winnings. Here are a few others...

This one I got for filling out a Tamiya questionnaire:


If anyone wants it, make an offer.

I purchased this from one of the vendors who also threw in a Dragon Hummel Late model for free. I later gave away the Hummel to someone who wanted it since I already have one built:


This Girlz und Panzers StuG was a gift from a friend:


These tools and the Wash were all purchases. The paints were a raffle prize:


I wanted to try out that Vallejo wash since many people have raved about it.

Now Orangecon was being held jointly with a Historical Miniatures Gaming Society gaming convention. The Orangecon was a one day event; the game convention went for two days. On the second day of the game convention, I picked up the following....

Two Revell Shermans:


Three other US Army vehicles:


And this Dragon T-34/76 Mod 1941:


Those six vehicles will be built for my wargame army and won't be included in my count of finished armor models. I'll be playing with all those.

I also picked up some reference books by Osprey:





Wow, that's a lot! I now have a bunch more to do now. Time to get started.....

Thanks for looking in!

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On Hobby Day Saturday, a friend came in and visited after the local AMPS meeting that I couldn't attend. They had just had their semi-annual kit auction fund raiser. There was only one 1/72 scale kit in the mix and he got it. He handed it to me saying "You won the auction even though you weren't there"! LOL!

Here is what I "won" without being there:


I will be starting this and my T-90 with cast turret very soon! Stay tuned!

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Thats quite a score, including winning when you weren't even there! ;) LOL

I'll be watching for build pics, and hope you get what you want for the ones you want to sell.

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At the local closeout store, a large 17" 1/30th scale X-Wing fighter for a whopping $29.99.



Very cool score. A lot of "modelers" think these as toys, but a little extra care, and a new paint-job, they turn out to be very nice models. If you need any inspiration go to You Tube and do a search for "Bashing Kits". He goes way over the top, but creates results that are prolly better than what we seen in the movies. I really like watching this guys work.

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My wallet was busy this month in the figures section of The Net. ;) The first is a compliment figure to my not so recent Doc Holiday - the just released Wyatt Earp (1:9 scale). Then I go back into the horror world with the aquatic "Deep One" (1:12). Then I headed over to the shoot-em-up section and picked up a 1/4 (?) full figure of The Rock. Then a u-turn back to horror (or is this one history?) with The Birth of Dracula (1:24) where Vlad is mourning the loss of his Elisabeta. I lucked out of this one. They are limiting the model to 75 castings, and I got 70/75. So if anyone's interested there may be a chance to get one of the last ones.

Thanks for looking.










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