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The Haul, or what you've recently bought.

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Certainly a nice little grab from Fl.


Going to a Brookhurst Hobby in Orange County, CA I also noticed different areas of the country seem to offer different kits; not completely, but enuff to draw my attention. Hmmm.

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I agree Rocket! Brookhurst does have a great selection of models too.



Anyway, while I was at Hobby Day building my models (see my Maddog Manufacturing Thread), one of our regular attendees brought me a model that he gave to me to keep and build. He originally got this back in 1956 when he was a kid and had been holding on to it ever since. He gave it to me because he knew I would build it.

This is my present, one of the original 20-Mule Team Borax Wagon Trains:


It was fully complete and yes; I did start building it right there. You'll have to check out my Maddog Manufacturing Thread to see how far I got on it.

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Bought the Revell-Monogram Porsche 911 at Hobby Lobby's clearance shelf for a whopping $10. Always like these cars. This one is supposed to be model year 1987, but I wouldn't know the difference.


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Hey Mark,


I have one of the original 20 Mule Team kits that my father built back in the late 60s. It's been damaged, so I need to find time to restore it. When you finish yours, be sure to load the wagons with real Borax...and yes, you can still buy the suff at the grocery store.



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Sounds like a plan Richard! I like that idea. It's great to know someone else has one of these. Please feel free to post pics of yours, especially after you get it fixed. I'd love to see it.

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These are some of the models I got..... as gifts.

First off, at my last IPMS meeting, someone handed me a bag and said, "Here, these are for you":


My apologies for the bad pic. I shot six pics before settling on the best of them here. For some reason, my camera just could not focus on these.

I thanked him happily. I didn't want to tell him I'd already built three out of four of them already. I was still thrilled to get them.

Next I got this from a guy who runs the SPAModeler's Forums. This will be a review build for that Forum:


No, this is not the infamous Tamiya 1/48 scale Tomcat that everyone has been going wild for. There's two models in that box, both in 1/72 scale. This is one BIG box too!

Next, from the same guy, came this model a few days later. I hadn't been told but I think this is a review build as well; that is how I'm going to treat it:


I had offered to review one of these a few months from now, but he apparently decided to send it early.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to get some things done around the house and have managed to get a few hours of modeling in. There's a little progress made on the workbench, but not enough for pics yet. Maybe next week. Until then, these are my latest acquisitions; some of which may be started next year.

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Courtesy of an extraordinarily large number of stamps and the Ukrainian company of LEMkits...


(Does anybody still do stamp collecting? Remember those ads in comic books where you sent off to get an envelope of mostly worthless stamps?)


So I'm a sucker for '46 subjects...



My first vac was a 1/72 Ta-183 way back when. I have the Tamiya/Amtech kit in 1/48. But 1/32? Heck yeah, I'll bite.



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Just picked up a few of the Bandai Star wars kits. There's something about them not being allowed to be sold in the US, so I had to get them from a 3rd party seller on Amazon. Terrifically engineered kits.


I also got Squadron's first kit, the Haunebu II. It's once of those Luft '46 jobbers - a Nazi flying saucer. Thing is going to be huge.



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Here's just some of the Jaxcon raffle stash awaiting the show!




Note the 1/350 Tamiya USS Emterprise, the brand new 1/35 Tamiya M-40, the 1/32 Tamiya F-16C, and the Polar Lights 1/350 Start Trek (OS ) Enterprise. They were all donated by our local hobby shop, Hobbyworld of Orange Park! Those will be "special" raffle prizes (tickets will be $5@).


We also have a bevy of Nascar kits that we picked up from an estate sale that will be in the raffle, and hope to have more armor donated from a local guy who's thinning his stash. In any case, it'll be another stellar Jaxcon raffle this year!


As for my own stash, I picked up the new 1/48 Tamiya Tomcat from Hobbyworld today...


I even paid retail for it, seeing as how Hobbyworld donated more than $500 in kits to us! They've supported Jaxcon from the start so I figure the least I can do is support them back!


GIL :smiley16:

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At the first annual Brookhurst Hobbies Spruefest, I was able to pick up these in the raffle:

Revell 1/144 scale Type 214 U Boat:


AMT Re-pop of their 1/16th Big Scale '55 Chevrolet Nomad:


Later on I bought this 1/72 scale Hobby Boss AH-1S Cobra attack helicopter for my Israeli forces:


I also picked up some masking tape and Exacto blades as well.

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Very cool, Mark. I always try and make a visit to Brookhurst when I'm visiting my bud in OC.

Been sick for about a month and haven't built a thing, but that didn't stop me from buying.


I just got the Pegasus Von Braun Moonlander -




I was also able to order a few diorama bits and bobs from Greenstuff World -



They are in Spain but deliveries are pretty quick. I got a few leaf punches and a few rolling pins for flooring. The are actually rolling pins about 4 or 5 inches long and embossed with various flooring options - bricks, flagstones. So you put out some clay or Aves and then roll the pin over the clay. The image transfers to the clay. Then all you have to do is gently lay it out on the dio and voila, a brick roadway. Not being very long it's best for the 1/72 and maybe the 1/48 guys. worth a look.


They also have this stuff called "Blue Stuff" in which you put a few sticks of this "stuff" into almost boiling water and it softens up. Then take it out, knead it and put it over whatever you want to reproduce. So take a Jerry can,and put the BlueStuff over one side, and let it cool, Then put more over the other side of the can. Once it's all cooled you pull the two sections apart, remove the can, and then mix up some greenstuff or miliput (for some reason Aves won't work) and put it in the mold. Smoosh the two parts and then create your copy of the Jerry can or whatever. I used it top make a few 1/72 pilots for my planes.

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Watch out when building that Nomad kt; it'll require scratch building a couple of surfboards too.... :smiley20: Duke dude!


GIL :smiley16:


That shouldn't be too hard. We'll see.


Kevin that is so cool. I like that. Thanks also for the tips on those tools. I'll definitely have to get me some of those things. They will be very helpful.

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Okay, here's quite a haul I managed to get over the past few weeks. These first models I got were from Tim Kirkland representing the Spartanburg Scale Modelers Distribution Company.

This is what I bought from them; these are all in 1/72 scale:

AZ Models AH-1G Huey Cobra Early:


Hasegawa AH-1S Huey Cobra:


Hasegawa Mitsubishi T-2:


Heller SAAB J.32 Lansen:


Hobby Boss F-15E Strike Eagle:


Trumpeter BAe Lightning F.1A/F.2:


Trumpeter BAe Lightning F.6/F.2A:


These next acquisitions are what I purchased at the Pasadena Valleycon from the local vendors.

These tools:


This next one is a partially started Chinese War Junk I got for $5.00:


Another very cheap model was this Military Wheels 1/72 scale Russian Fuel truck I got for $3.00:


Late on I won these in the raffle:

Pegasus T-800 Endoskeletons from Terminator II:


Dragon 1/72 scale SdKfz 263 Funkspahwagen 8-rad:


That's all I got so far. The next things to post will be my prizes from CTA III. I might possibly have some additional acquisitions for my birthday too, but we'll see.

Okay now, back to the bench.....

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I was fortunate to trade away an Academy M163 Vulcan and in return get both a Vulcan Mk VIc and the Hobby Boss EBR. Also found the 1/72 scale Bandai TIE Interceptor at my local Hobby Lobby.

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I've been getting into my newly organized horde of new kits ;)


But I am excited for this to come up in the queue



The coolest thing I've found though is that Xacto, after making knife handles for something like 487 years, finally made one with a weight at the END, and a little Lip to keep it from rolling! My feet feel safer already



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@Mark- I am a HUGE fan of Pegasus stuff. I have boxes of their Gothic building and ruins sprues. It'll be interesting if this new Terminator property will release some similar product for modern/future wars

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That type of X-Acto knife has been around well over a decade. I had a photo of one in an article I wrote for Armorama back in 2001.


It's the X2000 knife, so I think it might have been released in 2000.

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I hadn't seen one of those before either, Dave. Something like that will definitely be needed, since I recently adopted a cat that likes to jump up on the table and "help" me once in a while. Nice to know my feet no longer have to live in fear. Ordering one right now. Thanks for the post, Dave! :smiley16:



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