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The Haul, or what you've recently bought.

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Sweet! What scale is that Matchbox kit next to the Curtis Racer? That would look fantastic among my 1/72 scale civilian aircraft, provided it is the same scale....

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Having attended Jersey Fest - a mini version of WonderFest in Louisville - this past weekend, I bought a few things. For those that don't know JerseyFest and WonderFest are to Sci-Fi and Horror what IPMS Nats are to aircraft, armor, ships etc...

First thing I got from Gillman Productions was a reissue of David as the Wolf in the subway in American Werewolf in London. I comes with no base (but it does have a severed head) so I guess I'll have to create a subway station. Hehe -


Next was a Frankenstein from John Dennett and Moon Devil Studios. What attracted me to this, as I'm not a big Frankenstein fan, was that John sculpted the figure according to Mary's Shelley's description in her book. So it's not the flat top Karloff look -


since we've been friends a while he threw in one of his mini "fiends" busts - the Chluthu figure -


Next up is a new monster created by SFX artist Sandy Collora. La Tiburonera (the Shark Hunter) looks like a cross between a Snapping Turtle and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I picked up the Bust of the Shark Hunter. He gave me a mini bust, and while we were talking - he also grew up on Staten Island - he drew his monster on the bag he gives for purchases. Pretty cool!


Finally I found an awesome looking kit from Moreland Studios. It's Perseus holding up the head of Medusa to the Kraken (who looks like an alligator in the sculpt). Looking at the pic on the box, the amount of detail is amazing and it fooled me into thinking it was somewhere between 75 to 120mm figure. I didn't think to realize the box and contents was too light to be a larger figure and was surprised when a 28mm came out of the box!. The figure is amazingly detailed, just that it's small. I'll have to take out my Optivisors for this one -

Sorry for the blurry pic and thanks for looking.

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Well, I finally have some time to post here. Now that I have a job, I decided to replenish a few things, and purchase a few more. I also bought some raffle tickets at the last Orangecon and was able to pick up a few prizes.

Anyway, here they are. I'll start with the supplies I bought. I needed the Mr. Surfacer so I picked them up. The Alclad supplies I bought because they were 40% off. I also picked up the tube of glue because I always do that when I shop for supplies:


These are supplies and tools I won in the raffle at Orangecon:


These next ones are the models I acquired. This first one was sent to me by Chris on another Forums so I could do the "Hippy Ed Tribute Build" on those Forums.


This next one is a model I won as a door prize at my AMPS meeting:


That had been on my list of models to get.

This Space Shuttle was a raffle prize at Orangecon:


Yes, I'll build it even though it ain't my scale. It's a "what if" anyway.

This next one was someone else's raffle prize that I purchased off him since he didn't want it. He made back his ticket money which made him happy. This is the Surcouf in 1//350 scale:


Finally, these are the latest models I purchased from the LHS. The Boxer I got for the decals since I lost the original ones. Now I can finish the one. The other is a model I had been wanting to get:


That's all I have for now. Now if I can only find the time to work on something I'll be thrilled!

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Went with the wife to a thrift shop mall on Saturday. Found an old Revell-Monogram A-10 in 1/48 scale in a vendor's booth for $5.99. It was opened, so I peeked inside, but decided not to buy it. A few moments later, the vendor asked why and I told him I wasn't sure it was complete. I could see some empty spots on a sprue and could tell a few parts were rattling around loose in the box.


He knocked the price down to $3.99 and I bought it. It was only missing the pilot and the pilot's arm.

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Well, I got back from Florida yesterday, (Wednesday) and now I can post all my acquisitions I picked up over there. Another friend of mine from Georgia drove over to spend a couple days with me there and we scoured the two Pensacola hobby shops. This is my result of my trip to those two shops...

First off, we went to Bobe's Hobbies where I was able to pick up this little gem. I had to go clear across the country to finally find one of these! Now I have ALL the Roden buses they ever issued:


Next we went over to John's Models in Cantonment, just north of Pensacola. I found a lot of great stuff there!

This was the first thing I found. Again, I'd been searching for this all over the place, and I had to go clear across the country to get this one too: This is Modelcollect's T-14 Armata they brought out some time ago:


Finally! Now I'll be getting that started very soon.

I also found this and since it was a such a great price; I bought it since I could not for the life of me find my original model. This will be started soon too, perhaps for the CTA campaign:


Of course, once I get to the painting stage, the original will miraculously appear again!

Later on, John took us to the back room. This is where the local guys meet to build models together and talk plastic. It is also where he has his extra models brought in from widows and others wanting to sell off their stash. It is quite packed.

When I mentioned that I only build 1/72 scale vehicles, John pulled this little guy out and offered it to me for an Abe Lincoln. How could I refuse? It's a good little kit and all complete, and as he said; nobody can have too many Shermans:


I saw this little gem back there too and had to negotiate for it since he didn't have it priced. I already built the building, so I wanted this mostly for the base parts that the building sits on. Most of the rest of the stuff is inside; but some parts are missing. I have to do a full inventory later on:


I'm very happy with the price he gave me.

Overall, I'm well pleased at my latest scores. I cannot wait to start digging into some of them already. I do have Hobby Day Friday and Saturday all day this weekend to work on these so stay tuned for some new updates in my Manufacturing Plant!

Thanks for looking in.

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Certainly a nice little grab from Fl.


Going to a Brookhurst Hobby in Orange County, CA I also noticed different areas of the country seem to offer different kits; not completely, but enuff to draw my attention. Hmmm.

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I agree Rocket! Brookhurst does have a great selection of models too.



Anyway, while I was at Hobby Day building my models (see my Maddog Manufacturing Thread), one of our regular attendees brought me a model that he gave to me to keep and build. He originally got this back in 1956 when he was a kid and had been holding on to it ever since. He gave it to me because he knew I would build it.

This is my present, one of the original 20-Mule Team Borax Wagon Trains:


It was fully complete and yes; I did start building it right there. You'll have to check out my Maddog Manufacturing Thread to see how far I got on it.

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Bought the Revell-Monogram Porsche 911 at Hobby Lobby's clearance shelf for a whopping $10. Always like these cars. This one is supposed to be model year 1987, but I wouldn't know the difference.


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Hey Mark,


I have one of the original 20 Mule Team kits that my father built back in the late 60s. It's been damaged, so I need to find time to restore it. When you finish yours, be sure to load the wagons with real Borax...and yes, you can still buy the suff at the grocery store.



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Sounds like a plan Richard! I like that idea. It's great to know someone else has one of these. Please feel free to post pics of yours, especially after you get it fixed. I'd love to see it.

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These are some of the models I got..... as gifts.

First off, at my last IPMS meeting, someone handed me a bag and said, "Here, these are for you":


My apologies for the bad pic. I shot six pics before settling on the best of them here. For some reason, my camera just could not focus on these.

I thanked him happily. I didn't want to tell him I'd already built three out of four of them already. I was still thrilled to get them.

Next I got this from a guy who runs the SPAModeler's Forums. This will be a review build for that Forum:


No, this is not the infamous Tamiya 1/48 scale Tomcat that everyone has been going wild for. There's two models in that box, both in 1/72 scale. This is one BIG box too!

Next, from the same guy, came this model a few days later. I hadn't been told but I think this is a review build as well; that is how I'm going to treat it:


I had offered to review one of these a few months from now, but he apparently decided to send it early.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to get some things done around the house and have managed to get a few hours of modeling in. There's a little progress made on the workbench, but not enough for pics yet. Maybe next week. Until then, these are my latest acquisitions; some of which may be started next year.

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Courtesy of an extraordinarily large number of stamps and the Ukrainian company of LEMkits...


(Does anybody still do stamp collecting? Remember those ads in comic books where you sent off to get an envelope of mostly worthless stamps?)


So I'm a sucker for '46 subjects...



My first vac was a 1/72 Ta-183 way back when. I have the Tamiya/Amtech kit in 1/48. But 1/32? Heck yeah, I'll bite.



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Just picked up a few of the Bandai Star wars kits. There's something about them not being allowed to be sold in the US, so I had to get them from a 3rd party seller on Amazon. Terrifically engineered kits.


I also got Squadron's first kit, the Haunebu II. It's once of those Luft '46 jobbers - a Nazi flying saucer. Thing is going to be huge.



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Here's just some of the Jaxcon raffle stash awaiting the show!




Note the 1/350 Tamiya USS Emterprise, the brand new 1/35 Tamiya M-40, the 1/32 Tamiya F-16C, and the Polar Lights 1/350 Start Trek (OS ) Enterprise. They were all donated by our local hobby shop, Hobbyworld of Orange Park! Those will be "special" raffle prizes (tickets will be $5@).


We also have a bevy of Nascar kits that we picked up from an estate sale that will be in the raffle, and hope to have more armor donated from a local guy who's thinning his stash. In any case, it'll be another stellar Jaxcon raffle this year!


As for my own stash, I picked up the new 1/48 Tamiya Tomcat from Hobbyworld today...


I even paid retail for it, seeing as how Hobbyworld donated more than $500 in kits to us! They've supported Jaxcon from the start so I figure the least I can do is support them back!


GIL :smiley16:

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