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  1. I also had a great time in 07. Think it was the first time we set up a What If SIG table. Unfortunately there were some tech issues that a few people complained about. I never saw them and had a great time. The chances of a SLC show are also slim due to their one Nats in 1980. This was before the Board got more involved and the local crew lost a lot of personal money. I keep asking but may be a while longer before they think about it again.
  2. An east coast show would please a bunch though might make it hard for those of us out west but I would like to go to Atlanta, New Orleans, Philly, someplace in Florida. Would be good to have another closer to home. Would be great if the locals here in SLC would go for another. Albuquerque, Seattle, Portland, Denver all would be good also.
  3. Info has no been posted yet. Probably after Feb. 1st. https://ipmsusa2022.com/index.cfm?mode=vendors
  4. That's cool Carlos. I keep hoping Special Hobby will follow up their recent AD-4W with an AD-5W.
  5. Hi Paul, I have the sheet but if those are the only markings on the sheet that I hope to use if I ever get a kit or conversion for it. Phil
  6. There were some cool builds on the tables and I can't believe I forgot to get pics of the Reviewer Corps stuff or the others in the room other than your armor. I really wanted some shots of that big PT Boat and those dioramas including the Horsa one.
  7. Hi Mark, The Corps had a table right outside this room that I manned a couple times and others from the group did also (or just took a break from that long walk to the contest room. Inside the room we had 2 tables with models built by Corps members as well as other builds on display and Mark's huge contribution in the middle. It was right at the corner where you turned and went up to the contest room. The most common question I got while sitting there was "where is the contest room and registration?" 🙂
  8. Nice job and great figures.
  9. So first off I am not normally a car guy but I do build anything, cars included but usually they are either film/TV related or Tom Daniels creations. I picked up a copy of the Dodge Fever (aka Little Red Wagon) and a Jimmy Flintstone A-100 resin van body I am stuck on which Dodge color the van was actually painted. It looks different in pretty much every picture I can find of it and comparing it with paint charts for Dodge back then gives 3-4 different colors it could be. My airbrush is still in the box (no place to set it up at this time) so I am looking for a rattlecan that will work. I can order a can to spec (for a bit of money) but I don't know which color to ask for. Anyone with any info?
  10. From what I have seen it usually takes 3-5 years with 10+ entries by different builders should bring up the opportunity. Until then one of the splits could be used if there were enough builds.
  11. Good stuff Mark and was great seeing you again. I won 7 raffles and took a bag o kits so ended up with 13 models. I only purchased 5 kits but bought a bunch of books from Guideline and Casemate and a set of decals from Werner. I might put pics up later if I take any. We shall see.
  12. Ok, Nats was a blast but I won more stuff in the Raffle. The one I was thinking of adding to the for sale pile turned out to be started and someone tried scribing. I may have to just putty that all back and finish it myself. So now this becomes the I need to recoup what I spent at Nats sale. I will try to get some good pics of the 72nd stuff and the metal figures.
  13. Same location as the last couple in Omaha, Marriott and Embassy Suites flanking the convention center. There are overflow hotels across the street. Rooms go live Oct. 15th. Dates are July 20-23 I do believe. They will be taking over the FB page Joe set up so watch for info there before their website goes live.
  14. extras next to the kits are included in the cost. That is an E-8 conversion set by the AWACS.
  15. OK, my for sale so I can buy more stuff at Nats post. For locals we can meet on Saturday or I can bring them to Nats if you are coming to save you postage. I also have a bunch of other 72nd aircraft, some armor and a few 54mm/90mm metal figures. Paypal or Cash preferred, shipping extra if we can't meet up. I am in Kearns, UT but will be hanging out at the Reviewer Corps table in the hallway when not visiting the vendors for review items, taking pics, judging and doing other 1st Presidency stuff. If you see me, say hi.
  16. Dioramas are part of the Miscellaneous Category so will always be announced towards the end. As a Misc. Judge I would love to have them on tables that I can easily get around to look at but still want them grouped with the rest of the category. It is hard to judge when you go searching for your next category.
  17. Nick, Did you have any luck? Valeriia just shipped a replacement sprue for one of our Reviewers. She sent it June 3rd and he got it today. Hoping they helped you out.
  18. Mark, so what is the difference between the Type A and Type B and did you get the troops in the 2nd one?
  19. Nick, Here is the reply I got. Can you please ask him to contact us on support@icm.com.ua? Our support manage will do all the best t help him. Hope that works for you. Please let me know what happens. Phil
  20. Good price. I sold mine years ago. According to Scalemates the molds went to Testors who did the change. Also shows HAWK rereleased the original mold in 2016 but not sure how that worked if they sold the molds and they were modified. Good luck on your sale.
  21. Nice stuff, What scale is the F4U-5N? I am looking for a decent 72nd scale kit.
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