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The Haul, or what you've recently bought.

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21 hours ago, ewahl said:

I could not resist buying the new Moebius 1/144 Discovery XD-1 from the great movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.  I read the recent issue review in FSM and went to my nearby HobbyTown USA to order one.  Many years ago, I acquired the Lunar Models resin kit version, which is still in its box because I was so disappointed with the poor detail.  The Moebius kit looks outstanding on my first impression from an open-box inspection.

Now that I think about it, I can display Discovery next to the 1/144 Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner I built last year for a size comparison.


FYI and FWIW,  Lou Dalmasso, the guy behind Aztek Dummy vinyl masks, recently built the kit. He describes some hints and tips on his You Tube channel that may be of interest.   https://youtu.be/iqURrFH7Ntc


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Well the postman brought this a few hours ago. Thank you to the gentleman from another site who found this at a local shop for a great price and offered to pick it up and send it to me! I love the “pa

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Kevin, thanks for the tip and link.

Rusty, while I would have loved a set of pods and cockpit detail behind the front window, such items are not in the kit.  All of the pod bay doors are separate pieces, so one or more doors could be left open and a tiny scratchbuilt interior could be added into the hollow sphere.  The front window is clear, so a basic cockpit interior could be added.  Figures, of course, would help in the cockpit also.  The two main pieces of the front sphere dry fit together so well that the seam was invisible; apply glue through the open inside.

The kit is engineered to provide almost all surface detail as separate pieces applied onto the propulsion and engine module to provide sharp details.  Moebius did this with their earlier Battlestar Galactica (TOS) kit, and the resulting look of the detail was excellent.  There are five different versions of the cargo modules attached to the spine, but there are a LOT of them.  The antenna array has very fine details to look accurate.

If you want an LED inside the sphere to illuminate the cockpit (and scratchbuilt pod bay, be prepared to get creative on the necessary wiring, battery location, and switch.

NOTE: As soon as you scratchbuild all the interior items for the cockpit and pod bay, someone will release an expensive accessory kit with all the needed items.  The PE aftermarket people will also be out there with items to "improve" the furnished kit details.


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Yes, Ed, I would keep the main part of the Discover open as there are aftermarket parts on the way, as Phil indicates. But I would be very wary of MIM. They have an often used SOP of gladly taking your $$ for items they don't have yet.  In one case I was hearing from a sculptor who still had spaceship "XYZ" master while he was negotiating with  MIM, and all the while MIM had it on their site taking customers money. 

My personal practice, and the only way I'd deal with them  is that if I can't walk into MIM's store and pick something off the shelf, I'll go elsewhere.   Keep an eye on CultTVMan or SSM stores. Just my 2¢.

Edit: speaking of pods - http://www.culttvmanshop.com/Space-Pod--1144-Scale-from-Red-Planet_p_4094.html


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Well, here I am more than a week later, but I'm finally posting what I got last weekend at IPMS and AMPS.

I'll start with the contents of the "Mystery Box" that is a feature in all our IPMS Distressed Kit Auctions.

There were a number of things in there....

First, some Japanese language books on the F-14 A Tomcat:


Followed by a 1/72 scale F-14A Plus from Hasegawa in bags since the box had disintegrated:


That model is intact, despite the missing box.

Next was an ancient 1/72 scale Frog kit of the Do-335:


Next was a box of ancient Pactra paints.... and yes, they are all still in usable condition!


Then there was a simple Revell snap together truck that we have used in our Make-n-Take program. I'm glad I got one of these, they are so cool:


Next was a new release of the 1/72 scale Airfix B-25 C/D Mitchell:


I'll be building that.

Along with that, I got a 1/48 scale Airfix P-51D Mustang:


I'm entertaining bids for this, just please remember I'm unemployed and flat broke so try not to undercut me too much.

Another one on the sale block: this Dragon 1/35th scale Marder III late version:


I'm asking $65.00 or best offer...

I also got this Hasegawa 1/48 scale Tempest with the teardrop canopy:


I'll let that one go for $20.00...

Another 1/35th scale kit: the Kinetic M-ATV:


I'd like at least $45.00 at the minimum for that one.

Next up is a 1/24 scale Tamiya F-1 racing car:


I'll take $20.00 for that one.


One other acquisition I got along with the Mystery Box at the Distressed Kit Auction is this compressor with regulator and moisture trap:


It works great! You can see the results in my Manufacturing Thread when I get them posted.

Finally at the AMPS meeting, I was given a special gift as a belated Christmas gift from our AMPS club leader since I can never come to the December AMPS Meeting and gift exchange. This 1/76 scale Airfix SAM-2 transport truck and launcher was from his own personal stash:


I had also gotten a 1/35th scale Hobby Boss Patriot Missile launching system as well, but that has been sold. I don't have a pic of that.

That's all I have for now. I'm thinking it will be the last until the Phoenix Nationals.....

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" My personal practice, and the only way I'd deal with them  is that if I can't walk into MIM's store and pick something off the shelf, I'll go elsewhere. "

Funny how word gets around when you do someone wrong.  Karma?

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On 7/4/2018 at 4:25 PM, Rusty White said:

" My personal practice, and the only way I'd deal with them  is that if I can't walk into MIM's store and pick something off the shelf, I'll go elsewhere. "

Funny how word gets around when you do someone wrong.  Karma?

Getting a little away from the thread, but they've had some questionably practices in the past.

I don't wanna dissuade anyone really. Things may go swimmingly for some, but I don't want to have to shake my head when someone in a forum complains "8 months and no order..." 

But to get back on Track, the one and only John Dennett came up with another bust that I just scored. KLAATU!!


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After seeing this figure on the Nats table.....Had to have one.....



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Back and settled from the Nats, I had time to go thru my stuff. Because my interests are so narrow, and not really a huge part of IPMS draw, I never really come home with a lot - unlike my son (builds armor - where did I go wrong 😉 ) who had so much we had to UPS some of it home for him...

But I did get a few things. Rare Plane Detective announced on FB that he was coming with a bunch of Anigrand and Fantastic Plastic kits. That was my first stop in the Vendor Room. And then I goofed. I found a few kits of interest and said to myself I'll be back. Yeah famnous last words. When I got back those kits were gone. Duh!! But I did get a Viper from SciFi's  BSG prequel series Caprica -


Then I had this "What if" Soviet vehicle, that I needed figures for to make a vignette. So my son found me figures -


Then lo and behold there was a table just for me with horror and sci-fi kits. I found a kit of one of Japan's folklore creatures - The Kappa.


Finally when I got home there was a box waiting for me from Kabuki Miniature Models and was a kickstarter based on GoT Mother of Dragons. This is a 1/8 scale mini...


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Since it was kind of close, I drove to Nats.  Meant I could bring more for the SIG/Club tables (Let's keep those as a fixture please) and could bring more stuff back home.

First off I did OK at the raffles and giveaways.


The mugs are from the Squadron raffle, the OLFA, cutting matt and P-40 from the IPMS raffle, the paint were giveaways from Hornby.


First two books from Casemate at a very nice discount, next two from SAM and the rest from Rareplanes.  Already found out I have a copy of the M113 book so that goes into the for sale pile.


The Wellington was brought over from England for me by David at SAM.  What do you know, forum posts work.

The other Airfix kits were on the Hornby stand but they weren't selling.  However, their kits were earmarked for Hobby Depot so went and chatted with Dick Christ and picked them up at the end of the show.

Special Hobby kits from them and the two Eduard Migs were from them. 

The Scale 75 figures were on their table and though still a bit pricey, I saved shipping.

Other 3 kits were from Stash sellers.

Spent about what my budget had for this so think I did ok.

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Thanks Mark!

Phil, your pics aren't coming thru for me, but from the descriptions, you did make quite a score! 👍

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Phil, don't feel bad. It happens.

This will be a two parter since these Forums only allow 25 pics per post. I'l start with all the acquisitions I got before and during the Nationals, followed by what I got at AMPS and IPMS OC after the Nationals in the second post.

Okay, I finally have some time and peace today to post all these pics of the things I got at the IPMS Nationals, among other things. I've included acquisitions I've gotten before and after the Nationals as well. These will be it for awhile, I am fully tapped out.

This will be a long post so hang in there...

I'll start with a model that was sent to me sometime before Comicon  by someone who wants me to build for him on commission. He asked that I fold the wings:



Meanwhile, at the San Diego Comicon I was able to get the Comicon Exclusive B-wing fighter in 1/72 scale from Bandai:


I had also picked up a bunch of stuff related the old Firefly TV series but that ain't model related so we'll save that for another Forums........

This is one of the first models I purchased at the Nationals.  There was a kid who was holding it and I told him it was a very good model. He would only need to watch out for the delicate suspension parts but it would still be an excellent model for him. He decided to put it back for something a bit more modern and so I bought it after I was sure he didn't want it:


I picked these up from Brewer Brothers, I got the whole bunch for only $20.00:




These are the models I got from John's Models from Pensacola. He is a great guy and sold me all these for one very good price.

This first one has two whole models inside:




This one and a couple other "Quick Build" models will go to Hobby Day for some kids to build if they want to; or I'll build it for my game I have stored there at the Hobby Day Hall:


This was one of a couple models in this group I really wanted as I haven't got the -m version:



This one is actually an ESCI T-62 inside that has been heavily modified but unfinished. That's why there's no roadwheels inside:


I'll keep this and build it since there isn't a KV-1C in my collection. I like the camouflage pattern on it:




I'm not sure about this one; I'll probably sell it:




Overall, not a bad haul from John.

The rest of these are models I purchased from various vendors throughout the room...

I wanted these because you can't have enough weapons sets:


This was one of my "Must Have" models that I was specifically looking for at the Nationals:


This was the second "Must Have" model I was specifically looking for as well:


Those were the only two "Must Have" models I found that whole time.

This next one was unique enough I had to get it:


These two were exceptionally pleasant surprises that I found. I was even more thrilled that they were in 1/72 scale! They will look great next to my 1/72 scale Saturn V and my 1/72 scale Space Shuttle with Boosters:



These were purchased from Squadron at the Nationals but got shipped to my house since they didn't have them in stock at the Nationals. I still got the Nationals discount for them too. They arrived two weeks after the convention:


I plan on making one Russian, and if research shows the Germans had these in service during the re-unification; then the second one will be West German.

Finally these are my raffle prizes from the Nationals. Both of these will be going on the sale pile since the Chinese Fighter is 1/48 scale and the Israeli fuel tanks are for a 1/35th scale kit:



Anyone want to make an offer for any of those three items above, just message me.


I had also picked up a lot of tools and such, but they are all put away and I couldn't remember which ones they are to take pics. So no pics of my tools I bought.

Okay, these are all the nationals and pre-Nationals acquisitions. More in the next post...


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Okay, these are my post Nationals acquisitions from AMPS and IPMS...

A couple weeks after the Nationals, our AMPS Meeting happened. It was help at Brookhurst Hobbies. Henry gave us a coupon good for that day only to buy one model, get the next two at 50% off each. These are the models I bought with that deal:




Finally, at my IPMS meeting last night, one of my friends and fellow members  was selling a number of things to make room for his mother-in-law. I picked up this great set from him to use for basecoats and clearcoats:


You can see I already have it connected to a hose.

At the end of the night, I won this in the raffle:


Okay, that's it. I got a couple more things coming in that I also purchased with the last of my Nationals savings. I'll post them when they come in. Until then, I have a lot of things to start and work on for the interim. Now I need to get back to the 12 models that are inches from being done and get them pushed over the finish line so I can start some of these new jewels.

Thanks for looking in. Stay tuned, more to come.

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Some nice stuff there Mark.

I also picked up the Comic Con version of the B-wing from USAGundamstore but the pilot looks a little short for a B-wing pilot.  Will have to do a bit more research.

Today I stopped at Hobby Lobby to see what they had left on the clearance kits.  Just two in the store, one I already grabbed and a car I wasn't interested in but I did help a couple of clerks sell and airbrush with compressor to a lady who wants to use it for her art.  I could definitely tell the young ladies were out of their league so made a comment and then ended up basically taking over the sale.

Next I hit Barnes & Noble and picked up the latest issue of Airfix Model World.

Then I hit MRS Hobbies and found the new Revell PT 109 kit, the new Joker and a piece of power armor that I have odd plans for.

So a good day out.

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Wow Mark! That’s some score.  And ooh the B- Wing? I’m jealous!  I have one on preorder from CultTVMan, but who knows when that’ll show.  Good to know about the missle set too.  I’m building Fantastic Plastic’s Avatar AT-99 and it’s TERRIBLE! Casting like you’d expect from an early 90s garage kit.  Anyway the missiles were so bad I started scratching my own.  After one, I was like no way.  I’m just gonna buy some.   Should have the AT99 in SciFi forum later this week. 😉 

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Thanks guys! Phil, what a great day out getting all that fantastic stuff. Well done helping the ladies out with the airbrush sale!


Kevin, I'm looking forward to seeing that AT-99 being built. Yeah, I was thrilled to get the B-wing; I'm not sure whether I'll build it or save it and find another to build. We'll see.

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  • 2 weeks later...

  Besides the pack of missiles for the Avatar build (Sci_Fi Section) I scored a Bandai B Wing - Comic Con exclusive. Now I have to determine if I should keep it or build it... Nah, I'll build it.  I also scored a Shore Trooper from the Rogue One movie. I liked the look of these guys. This kit was pretty tough to get - 





Next is a kit from sculptor Sean Kyle. It's a 1/4th bust of Bruce Spence, the Gyro Captain from Mad Max 2. Just odd enuff to interest me. Not shown is a propeller - the base is an engine -   a cigar and the shades on top of his goggles. - 
Here's his pic in B&W just because it looks like it may have been the reference for the sculpt - 

Finally is Wand Wilson - Lady Deadpool. I thought originally that this was just another attempt at R rated models. For a while sculptors were just putting breasts on all sorts of figures, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Predator,etc... just a way to sell a sexy model. But no she really exists in the comics. This is what looks like a really nice 3D print...


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Beautiful scores Kevin! Congrats on getting that Comicon B-wing. I am debating myself on building mine or getting a second one to build and display in front of the exclusive model. The rest of those look great and I'll be looking forward to seeing them in progress.

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Here is what came in last week for me. These had been ordered some time before and finally came in:

Riich Models M-109 A2:


Three Riich Models M-992 Ammunition haulers:


One of those will be for my German M-109 that I just built; the other two will be for my M-109A2 and -A6.

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