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  1. Bob, Like most other folks, I started out with the good 'ol 35mm SLR (Canon Rebel) and slowly graduated to the high Mega Pixel digitals. Since I produce a series of "How To" Cds, I have chosen to use at least a 25MP camera for in progress shots. https://flagshipmodels.com/collections/how-to-cds-and-photo-albums/products/how-to-cd-photographing-models-by-rusty-white-6-pages Rusty White
  2. Both suggestions will work well. White glue for small scales and tissue for larger ones. The advantage of white glue applied to the guns is that as it dries it will produce wrinkles which looks quite realistic. The amount of white glue applied will dictate the size of the wrinkles in the canvas. A little experimentation will tell you how much you prefer.
  3. Out Of Production? Box condition? I recall some years back that someone created and sells a modeling data base.
  4. VERY nice work! Beautiful detailing.
  5. When we bid for the 2003 show the VP had a VERY helpful publication to aid any group considering a bid. I'm sure he'll send it to you. Just ask. It answers all questions you may have about bidding.
  6. All questions should be addressed to the Chief Judge who will handle it from there.
  7. If you have some unusual or special weathering, color, damage, or markings it is always suggested that nothing beats a photo under the model to put judge's minds at ease.
  8. Wanna see just how far things have changed? Check out Shapeways.com
  9. That begs the question; How high do gas prices have to get before forcing participants to stay home; $5.00, $6.00 a gallon? I recall asking the same question when gas flirted with $3.00 a gallon and that didn't seem to affect attendance that much. Walk-in traffic is responsible for a considerable chunk of earnings for our convention. I live in Oklahoma and prices here are a bargain compared to the rest of the country. For me, I would probably draw the line at $5.00 a gallon. It will be interesting to see what prices are when the Nats roll around. As I said, it's no wonder there are currently no bidders.
  10. I must say this is the first Lindburg SNARK I have ever seen built.
  11. I honestly can say I'm not surprised with COVID variants still bouncing around and God only knows what gas prices may be. Until the world stabilizes and Russia gets the hell out of Ukraine, I for one would be thinking long and hard before committing my chapter to such a costly endevour. Maybe the E-board should consider some "incentives" for the 2024 host chapter(s) to prime the pump. Just a thought.
  12. Sooooo nice to finally have this available! I hope someday a full catapult is offered.
  13. I wouldn't be so quick to declare a chapter "too small" to host a Nats. I would classify IPMS Metro OKC a small to medium sized chapter when we hosted the Nats in 2003. The secret to our manpower was the commitment from two other Oklahoma clubs to help us out when the big day arrived and us having qualified chairmen to pull the main load of organization.
  14. Well done! That Esso gas tanker would be a blast to weather the dickens out of.
  15. Place good quality (powerful) bear traps around where they (critters) are getting under your home. After some broken claws (fingers) and trips to the vet (emergency room), maybe they will start getting the hint and try some one else's home to invade. Also, along the path of entry, put boards with nail driven through. I would do this with any unwanted "wild scavengers".
  16. FWIW, your IPMS number will be on the card when you receive it.
  17. I have never had a problem with applicators, or ever paid for any. I use the left over ends from stretched sprue. You can make as thick (for a big drop of super glue) or thin (for a small drop) as you require. They are also excellent for spreading super glue along seams. Just use whatever thickness (glue) you need.
  18. For me, (please don't judge) as long as blatant sex of any kind is left out, I can deal with everything else. I know that's a loaded statement (such as define "blatant") which is why I refer to "me" only.
  19. I stopped advertising with them because of the crazy high prices for ad space.
  20. WOW! I wasn't aware anyone made car models in such large scale. Nicely done!
  21. I was wondering when someone was going to mention that.
  22. Correct. I speak of the "perceived" view everyone in IPMS/USA takes of the "chairmen" and their chapter, which in your previous statement, lives on to this day of the one chapter whose nationals failed. I don't hold anyone personally responsible; s**t happens. My point was, that any chapter and its membership who hosts a national convention takes on a tremendous responsibility for the success of the show, not to mention a boatload of money, which will follow the chapter and it membership for decades if not longer and most of the time it's not very much "fun". I personally spent the entire conventions sitting in meetings and putting out fires as they arose. If anything went wrong, I was blamed, and to this day, I accept any and all responsibility for the '03 convention. It was loooooooooong on work and verrrrrrry short on "fun". Would I do it again? Knowing what I do now, I probably would if asked, but a LOT of things would need to be just right before I would take on such a huge responsibility again.
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