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  1. Latest from the CDC on the Delta variant. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/fully-vaccinated.html I plan on wearing a mask. Not as a political statement, but for the same reason I would wear a bandage if I had a cut. I am 71 and fully vaccinated, but prudent use of any health aid where there is a risk of severe illness or injury is common sense.
  2. LA just reinstituted the mask requirement. I haven't tossed my masks just yet. Washed and ready to go in the bag. May choose to wear one regardless. We are bringing in exposures to variants from all over the country.
  3. Well, I am one step closer to being ready for Nat's. I got the pitot tube ready. One more item checked off the list. FYI the maximum diameter is .025"
  4. Thanks Noel. Just what I wanted to know. Will order some soon. None of the local shops carry them or I probably would have tried them some time ago. One last question. I've never kept paint in a tin before. It kind of looks like a miniature paint can. Does it seal well? I have used Tamiya paint mixing jars for other paint and they seem to do better than just about any other container, but they are almost as expensive as the paint itself. Worth using them or keep them in the original tin?
  5. I was wondering about Humbrol. Heard of them for years but never tried them. Looks like it is about time to get my hands on a couple of tins. What do you thin them and clean up with?
  6. I was working on my entry for Nat's and broke out some of my old Floquil enamel paint(engine black). I had forgotten how great these paints were to use with a brush. Nothing at all like todays acrylics. Even flow, no brush marks, full coverage with one pass, absolutely perfect flat finish. Man these were good paints. Unfortunatly, they are long gone. Anybody out there know if there is anything that comes close??
  7. Who is the dio head judge and what is there contact information? I need to chat with them regarding my entry.
  8. Noel brings up a good point. The purpose of the telephoto shot is to reduce the distortion you get by being too close to the subject. We've all seen those photos of someone's face up close and the nose is hugely distorted. There is some of that distortion and out of focus at the edges of this photo if you look closely, but that is only something you would pickup if you were looking for it. This is why you shoot from a distance. It helps reduce this effect to the point that it is not noticeable. The front to back focus is a different problem all togeather and is called depth of field. This is controlled by aperture settings. The smaller(larger F-stop number) the aperture opening, the more of the photo is in focus front to back. The down side of small apertures is that it makes for a longer exposure. This means that the camera has to be held perfectly steady during the shot. Having said that, few point and shoot cameras and phone cameras allow manual control of the aperture. That is all part of the point and shoot algorithm. However most phone cameras now allow you to select a point that the camera will use as the center of focus. That is also the metering point. Using this feature and selecting the middle of the model with give you the best picture.
  9. That techique works with all cameras. I don't know how many times I have been asked why I am 5 feet away from a model shooting with a telephoto lens. "Don't you have to use a macro lens up close to get the detail's?" Not if you want them to look right!
  10. Or you could just make a Thunderbird F-4E........ You might also check to see if the majority of the parts in your F-4E are the same as the Tamiya F-4J. If they are, then you might be able to find someone who would exchange part for and F-4E. If I recall, the biggest difference was the nose from the front windscreen forward. Tamiya did do an F-4J in 1/32 scale. You can go to Tamiya USA and down load the instruction. Find the parts you need and call !-800-TamiyaA and perhaps they have the parts in stock.
  11. Interesting topic. I would speculate that this is why we expect the judging team to have a modicum of knowledge on the subject. The example of the P-40 would jump out at most aircraft builders. This is a much easier question for OOB in that the instructions are on the table with the model and if the instructions say it goes together a certain way and it is not that way, then bigtime ding city. In other categories, particularly armor, aircraft and cars, there is now so much information on the internet, I would bet you could find a restored tank somewhere with them on upside down. Particularly if it is kept in an outdoor environment. Rain water accumulating in the exhaust would cause corrosion. Turning them over would be an easy conservation technique. So without an instruction sheet, it becomes difficult to make a definitive call. Since we are not in the business of requiring documentation on every model, then the benefit of the doubt should fall to the builder on finer details such as this. Extensive experience by a judge should not be a detriment to the builder. To someone who is not well versed in that tank, those exhausts look like a highly skilled model builders work.
  12. Since when did anything to do with modeling make sense?😆
  13. I wish them well, but they are fighting years of neglect and disgruntled customers. They have a lot of proving to do!
  14. Alcohol? I thought ammonia was the prefered cleaner. Just asking as I don't use that much future.
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