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  1. PeteJ

    Question about Ejection Seats in F-5Es

    Primary difference between the T-38/F-5 seat and the MB in the F-4 was that the parachute was part of the MB seat. You had to lug the parachute with you to the T-38/F-5. You put it on before you mounted the cockpit and it served as parachute/back cushion. I remember hauling them around in pilot training. I was much younger and fitter then! 😉 In the F-4 you just wore a harness and hooked it up to the seat after you got in.
  2. PeteJ

    F-35A pilot figure needed

    I am in need of an F-35A pilot figure, in 1:48th scale, for my Meng aircraft that I am trying to get done for Nationals! Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I just had a chat with Matthew about Scale Motorsport and have some news. It seems I incorrectly said the business was closing. The business is definitely for sale and he is working very hard to see that it stays around under new owners. He wants the Scale Motorsport traditions and name to continue. They are still open for business and selling product. I will continue to buy their product as I feel it is the best available and encourage others to do the same. For the auto building fraternity, it is an important source of parts and I am hoping it stays around for a long time. My apologies for any confusion my prior posts may have caused.
  4. What amazes me about MCM is that the web site is going gangbusters. They get more posts in an hour than this site gets in two days. Literally hundreds of posts a day. Obviously, Gregg would be far better off going digital with the magazine and monetizing the website. If he just charged $1 a year he would make far more that he can with the magazine. I know modelers are inherently cheap but a few bucks to use something that they already use would probably not cause a lot of people to drop out.
  5. PeteJ

    A couple of 2018 National Ship contest items

    Mark, if there are no entries, than anything you have would be "contest worthy" 😄
  6. Thanks, that's all I wanted to know. It todays world of e-commerce, I have somewhat become accustomed to multiple follow up emails when purchasing something. If that is the process then I'm good with it. Not trying to make extra work for anyone. Thank you.
  7. Sorry to start a new thread for this but I didn't get a reply yet on the registration thread. I have registered electronically and was wondering two things. Will I get any confirmation, either electronic or hard copy, other than my receipt from the web site or paypal? Second, is there any way I can confirm my personal information on that registration? Thanks
  8. PeteJ


    I've registered all ready but being an old guy, I was wondering if I will receive any paper or electronic confirmation of registration/banquet/t-shirt other then the receipt from the shopping cart?
  9. PeteJ

    Paint fumes

    Yup, me too Gil. MBP(Models By Pete) is in my own single car garage.
  10. PeteJ

    Paint fumes

    I'm with you Gil. I really am not fond of any paint fumes, but if I had to choose one it is the alcohol based ones. My family is full of people who work in hospitals and I associate the smell of alcohol with visiting them in their work place. Unfortunately, over the years I have "sniffed" a fair amount of paint fumes and have kind of become "nose blind" to them. I know because when I am sitting in my shop, oblivious to the smell and my wife comes out and comments on the strong odor of paint.
  11. PeteJ

    Flying to Nats

    Rick, just make sure to pressure relieve the box. A couple of very small holes drilled through will do the job. Somewhere between a 60 and a 70 wire gauge drill bit and a pin vise with do the job.
  12. PeteJ

    Flying to Nats

    I am driving as I did the last time Nat's were in Phoenix. Flying actually takes longer. By the time I factor in the time to get to the airport, check in, go through TSA, wait to board, fly, disembark, wait for luggage, go to the the auto rental counter or wait for the shuttle and drive to the airport, it takes close to 6 hours. Not to mention the $700 for rental car and airline ticket. I can drive from San Diego in about five and a half hours for the cost of one tank of gas and I don't have the cost of a rental car or wait for a cranky shuttle driver. Yup, I'll drive.
  13. PeteJ

    Nice and neat vs utter chaos

    I am always baffled with how much space our hobby requires but how truely little of that space we actually use for building. Most of us only really use about two square feet for the activity. The rest seems to be storage.
  14. Not sure the powders are available any more. There have been several, but none of them lasted on the market very long. They seem to be either toxic or flammable or both. Pure speculation but I suspect that they are aluminum powder based which is actually quite dangerous to your health and wellbeing. Most of us use either Bare Metal Foil or paints(Alclad being one of the brands). There are also aftermarket plating services. A little research on Youtube will give you several tutorials on how to use either.
  15. ...or you could strip it, clean up all the seams and sink marks and use Bare Metal foil on it. I actually like this better than any kit chrome or paint. You and also handle it pretty easily without worrying about fingerprints.