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  1. If you want a great tool that is going to last forever buy an American Beauty. They have been doing this forever and a quality industrial machine isn't all that expensive. https://americanbeautytools.com/Soldering-Irons
  2. Ok Rick, I will keep the offer open and am still trying to get setup to go. I have a couple of health issues that should be resolved soon that have nothing to do with the current pandemic, but we will see. Hope to see you there.
  3. Well, that is hard to give you an exact number but pretty quickly. I did a demo at our club meeting and within a few minutes the other members were handling it with no problems. Now that is the top coat only. I had presprayed the base coat the day before. I've never tested how quickly you can get the whole package with base and top coat. Personally I generally leave each coat in the food dehydrator over night, but I apply that to every paint I use.
  4. I did the same thing and still have most of it. Now that was their Mirrochrome product. This one is new and can be applied with a brush! It is kind of fun to do to. You smear it on and watch is go "Chrome" as it dries. Also more durable. I never could mask over the Mirrochrome. I have masked the heck out of this for a couple of aircraft projects. Works better than the original. Oh and it is water based.
  5. For a beginner this is not the best choice unless you have deep pockets. https://alsacorp.com/product/easy-chrome/ It is a chrome product that was formulated for the 1:1 market. They do entire cars but mostly rims, so you know it is durable. It also has a bit of a learning curve. Two bottles of paint and two of base coat along with 4 speed shapes to practice on are included for $140. The primary advantages are 1)it is tough and won't rub off but you have to follow the instructions and lay down the base coat first. 2) You can mask and paint over it. No masking tape that I have used will damage the surface. 3) You can brush it on after the base coat and it will give you a good mirror finish. 4) you can also dip small parts and get the same finish. Having said that the price is steep but you use very little and it will last a long time. Oh and it is water soluble.
  6. Thanks Rick. My camera uses an SDXC card and I think I will get a separate one for the event. Other than that, nothing here I didn't expect. I assume that you have a tally sheet to match photo numbers to model numbers? Oh and by the way, how does one go about volunteering for this. My preference would be to assigned to category V(automotive) but if I volunteer will go where needed. Thanks for the reply.
  7. I just go a new camera and was thinking of volunteering for the photographing crew in San Marcos. Before I went to all that trouble I thought I would ask what format the contest prefers and how they want to download them. I have a new Sony Alpha 7II and wanted to practice before hand if they accept me as a volunteer.
  8. Mark, so far nothing is proven about this virus. Although other forms of Corona virus do become less virulent in warmer months, that has not been proven with this particular strain. Witness the fact that as of yesterday Australia has reported 130 cases. Right now they are in the heart of a very hot summer. There is no hard evidence that this will go way as things warm up. It is a wait and see thing and not something you can plan on. I do agree that it is way too early to cancel now, but not too early to have a backup plan.
  9. Len, Thank you. That is the type of information I wanted to hear. Keep us updated.
  10. 👍 .....But isn't is up the the club putting it on? Just saw the Texas state is monitoring 10 people but has take no steps to close school.
  11. A lot can change in 4 months, but since I was considering getting my airline tickets, it would be nice to know.
  12. I am interested in entering a model for a good friend who recently passed away at the age of 93. He was a highly skilled modeler, but to my knowledge ever attended a national convention. I can find no evidence of his membership in IPMS, but if my memory serves me he had been. He was certainly a member in good standing of our local IPMS club. I would like to bring one of his models and enter it in a regular category to honor him. It there any way to do this?
  13. It is the lacquer. I decant it out of the rattle can to spray it through an airbrush. I prefer lacquer because it drys quicker, polishes up well and sticks to plastic better than water based paints. TS-13 is the clear in a rattle can. You can also get Tamiya lacquers in bottles. LP-9 for the lacquer in a bottle. The stuff in the bottle is thinned 50/50 or more with thinner. Highly recommend that for thinning, use the Tamiya lacquer thinner that was designed for it. Too expensive to use for clean up, but good for thinning to spray.
  14. Tamiya clear over Tamiya primer. Two very light coats followed by a heavy coat. 🤣
  15. This is a two part automotive urethane heavily thinned with reducer. No interaction with either the decals or the Tamiya primer.
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