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  1. PeteJ

    Meng F-35A in Hypothetical dress in flight

    Possibly, but I doubt it. Only once in the history of the Thunderbirds have they not flown "front line" Fighter aircraft. That was the T-38 during the fuel crisis. For the rest of their history their mission has been to demonstrate high performance aircraft and the skill to maintain and fly them. If you are interested here is a link to their mission statement. http://afthunderbirds.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Thunderbirds-Fact-sheet-2013.pdf Even though it dosen't specifically talk about fighters, there is a huge amount of of implicaiton there.
  2. PeteJ

    Is this forum dying??

    That has been in the back of my mind for a while. MCM's website gets more posts in an hour than IPMS gets in a day most days. Perhaps the magazine is dying but there website certainly isn't. My guess is the website is generating enough revenue to keep the magazine afloat.
  3. PeteJ

    Meng F-35A in Hypothetical dress in flight

    We can only hope! The F-16 is getting quite long in the tooth. The airframe has been around since 1974 and wasn't the top dog even then. The F-15 was. Lots of water under that bridge since then.
  4. Ok, I finally got some shots yesterday of the model that I liked. First of all credit where credit is due. The decals are from Warbird and Ed got me some of the first one out there. That inspired me to try and get this done for Nat's which I did. This is a unique display that I have never seen before and have wanted to try for years. It uses a model cut in half and mounted on a mirror. There are obviously issues with photographing such a model. I solved those by placing it on a our patio table and using the real sky as a reflection. I also positioned it so I could get different effects from the sun and shadow. The last photo shows how the photo was arranged. I really like the way the photos look.
  5. PeteJ

    Space X

    We have three more coming up in November and one in December. The big hindrance to seeing the launches is the on shore flow in the evening and the decreased visibility especially this time of year. Sunny SoCal only happened when Sonny Bono was mayor of Carmel!😄
  6. I have to agree with you. Unless the paint is actually freezing it is all about the relative viscosity of the paint. Will it arrive at the surface and have sufficiently low viscosity to flow out and allow the solvent to evaporate. As it gets hot, you need a slower thinner and more of it. As it gets colder you need a faster thinner and more of it. In the case of hot- you add more thinner to keep it dissolved as it passed through the hot air. In cold you need more thinner to offset the fact that paint gets thicker(more viscous) at it cools. Either way, as long as you are not getting ice crystals in the paint itself, you are good to go.
  7. This is for all the gizmologist out there whe randomly run wires all over an aircraft. This is how real aircraft are wired. All carefully run and orderly. Bundles properly secured and tied. The is a rewire job on a KC-135R
  8. PeteJ

    Space X

    Wasn't sure where to put this but I had to share it. This photo was taken from the street in front of my house 15 minutes ago. Space X launch out of Vandenberg AFB.
  9. The T-38 was no different. We always kept the canopy open as long a possible sitting at last chance and popped it open once we cleared the runway on landing. The summer sun was just brutal. I remember everyone coming back to the flight room soaked especially if they had a pattern only ride. We were issued three flight suits and there was always one in the wash. I recall hearing life support comment on having to change the backing pad on parachutes often. If the chute got wet, it could grow mold and that would mess up any ejection attempt.
  10. Mark, one of my classmates, Mark Melancon was killed when the Tbirds crashed in 82. I flew my formation long cross country with him. Great pilot and friend.
  11. Like all Air Force pilots of the era, T-38 was the fastest. Loved that bird. From there went to KC-135A's -- Big jets
  12. Spent a year in Del Rio learning to fly fast jets. The road house was a part of that experience. A platter of steaks, a dish of jalapenos and some cold Lone Stars with fellow pilots. It didn't get much better than that!
  13. It wouldn't be a trip to Texas without a good old fashion Texas Road house/steak house. The more local the better.
  14. PeteJ

    Putty, Putty, Who's Got The Putty?

    I have used Evercoat glazing putty for years but it has a couple of issues. First you have to buy large quantities and second, over time it gets thicker and harder to get out of the container. I recently found this in a pouch and really like it much better. First off, it is about the viscosity of a milk shake coming out of the container so it fills small spaces very well. Second being in a pouch, it seems to store well and not thicken like the other stuff. It is a two part so you do have to mix it. I use a 4"X4" ceramic counter tile to mix it on. It won't stick to tile so it is easy to clean off. It hardens quite quickly so you can get on with the work. Depending on the amount of hardener you put it it you have about a 5 minute open time. It is sandable in less than 30 minutes. It feathers out very nicely and fill spots don't ghost back through even when using lacquers. Last, it is about $15 for 12 oz. which is a lifetime supply. Oh and if you do get it, one thing I have learned. Put the catalyst in a glass jar. Over time the catalyst will cause the plastic tube it comes in to harden and crack. The old small square model enamel bottles are about the right size for one tube. You can get it on Amazon but because it is flammable the shipping kills the cost. One last thing, you have to go to a professional auto paint store to find it. It is ok for me because I get a lot of stuff for modeling there.
  15. Thank you for your explanations. It was most instructive and thanks for the positive comments.