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  1. I had a thought for those who are having difficulty finding a room for the convention. Had you considered Air B&B? I just looked at them and there are a number of locations within easy driving distance of the convention. There are single rooms as low as $55 a night. If you have a group who could go together, there are multi-bedroom, whole houses for only slightly more than single person rooms at the Embassy Suites. My guess is that many of you have not tried an Air B&B or Vrbo before and are a bit skeptical. Personally I started using them a couple of years ago and have not had a bad experience yet. We used a couple of very nice home in SoCal for a family vacation and it was far cheaper than any hotel for the same number of people. I know it is not as convenient as staying at the venue, but if there is nothing available, it could be a good alternative especially for groups.
  2. Ok, that makes sense. Since you are batting around ideas, perhaps you could come up with something a bit more original that a current era cop car. Perhaps a Shelby race car like this, from when he was in Terlingua.
  3. Len, I mentioned it before but thought I would throw it out there again. There are still decal sheets out there from the 2020 convention. Would you consider a "special"category for that? Two Bobs still has them in stock http://www.twobobs.net/contents/en-us/p732_2020-IPMS-Nats-Decal-Sheet.html and they are selling for $3. It could be a fun category, that is assuming that you are designing a new decal sheet for 2022.
  4. Jim, Check out the Homewood suites about a mile away. Currently $833 wednesday through sunday. Several options with a little searching.
  5. Ok, so does anyone know any good cheese shops in Wisconsin?😆
  6. Ok, now I have to go. Got my Huskers hat and jersey all laid out. Go Big Red!
  7. You know, we haven't done the pacific northwest yet. Spokane/ Coeur d'Alene is are large enough to host such an event. Portland/Vancouver would be great to get around. Seattle/Tacoma has plenty of options. For many it would be epic drive, but certainly a great part of the county to drive through.
  8. Well, maybe. One of the oldest sayings I know is "those who forget the past, are doomed to repeat it."
  9. Ralph, much as I would love to see San Diego, knowing how much attendees complain about the cost of rooms, the convention center down town is out of the question. The best room rates in July and August are at least $250. I believe that IPMS San Diego approached us(San Diego Model Car club) about cosponsoring a bid and I think that just went no where fast. A lot of discussion about what happened in Anaheim(yes, bad news travels far and fast and takes a very long time to die!). I personally like the Florida ideas. Jacksonville would be nice. How about Pensacola? Home of the Blue Angels. We had the home of the Thunderbirds last year. Give equal time to the Navy. I have a sister who lives in that area and it appears that the price of a convention could be reasonable. Lots to do in the area also.
  10. New Orleans in August?? Not unless you want a bunch of modelers sitting on Bourbon street swilling down Hurricanes, Sazerac's and Mint Juleps to try to beat the heat! Hmmmm, yea, ok, I'm down with New Orleans! Oyster bar instead of a banquet. Do we need to bring a model!😉
  11. PeteJ

    Navy Phantom II

    Ralph, that applies across the board! A photo is only a moment in time. If accuracy is your thing, then choose a moment for your model and provide the reference photo. Aircraft, race cars, tanks and ships can all be changed in a moment to suit a particular situation. Never say never. Because something isn't in place for one or several photos, doesn't mean "never".
  12. I couldn't comment on that. I have never been to Brothers Sebastian. My suggestion, they are less than 5 miles apart. Dine at both and I am sure you will get a fine piece of beef at both. Omaha is a real center of all things beef. How I came to know about the Drover was that several of our local Uber drivers said it was the best. I can't disagree with them. Outstanding steak. What I do know is that Drover has absolutely top quality meat and a whiskey sauce that is most enjoyable. If you do choose the "Both" option, let me know what you think!
  13. Joe, I was back in Lincoln for a ball game in September. Visited a few of my old favorite steak houses. They were all good, but The Drover https://droverrestaurant.com/ is the second best steak I have ever had. Being a Nebraska farm boy, I have eaten a lot of steaks in my 72 years so that is saying a lot. If you are interested, the best steak was a Kobe steak in Japan, but that is a very long drive. 😉
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