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  1. The T-38 was no different. We always kept the canopy open as long a possible sitting at last chance and popped it open once we cleared the runway on landing. The summer sun was just brutal. I remember everyone coming back to the flight room soaked especially if they had a pattern only ride. We were issued three flight suits and there was always one in the wash. I recall hearing life support comment on having to change the backing pad on parachutes often. If the chute got wet, it could grow mold and that would mess up any ejection attempt.
  2. Mark, one of my classmates, Mark Melancon was killed when the Tbirds crashed in 82. I flew my formation long cross country with him. Great pilot and friend.
  3. Like all Air Force pilots of the era, T-38 was the fastest. Loved that bird. From there went to KC-135A's -- Big jets
  4. Spent a year in Del Rio learning to fly fast jets. The road house was a part of that experience. A platter of steaks, a dish of jalapenos and some cold Lone Stars with fellow pilots. It didn't get much better than that!
  5. It wouldn't be a trip to Texas without a good old fashion Texas Road house/steak house. The more local the better.
  6. PeteJ

    Putty, Putty, Who's Got The Putty?

    I have used Evercoat glazing putty for years but it has a couple of issues. First you have to buy large quantities and second, over time it gets thicker and harder to get out of the container. I recently found this in a pouch and really like it much better. First off, it is about the viscosity of a milk shake coming out of the container so it fills small spaces very well. Second being in a pouch, it seems to store well and not thicken like the other stuff. It is a two part so you do have to mix it. I use a 4"X4" ceramic counter tile to mix it on. It won't stick to tile so it is easy to clean off. It hardens quite quickly so you can get on with the work. Depending on the amount of hardener you put it it you have about a 5 minute open time. It is sandable in less than 30 minutes. It feathers out very nicely and fill spots don't ghost back through even when using lacquers. Last, it is about $15 for 12 oz. which is a lifetime supply. Oh and if you do get it, one thing I have learned. Put the catalyst in a glass jar. Over time the catalyst will cause the plastic tube it comes in to harden and crack. The old small square model enamel bottles are about the right size for one tube. You can get it on Amazon but because it is flammable the shipping kills the cost. One last thing, you have to go to a professional auto paint store to find it. It is ok for me because I get a lot of stuff for modeling there.
  7. Thank you for your explanations. It was most instructive and thanks for the positive comments.
  8. Ok, got it. That leaves one final question. Had it been done in a standard USAF paint scheme, would it have been left in "In Flight"? I guess that comes down to what qualifies as a stand, right?
  9. Probably arguing a fine point here as to unauthentic. Do the Thunderbirds operate the F-35? No, not yet, but the attached image is from the Lockheed Martin web site and the decals were derived from this and other similar images published on their web site so a case could be made that this is official release of this color scheme.
  10. First of all, let me say that I am only seeking an answer. I tried to talk to the judge at the contest without success and I have sent an email to the head aircraft judge and have had no response. Here is the question. I entered the aircraft below in the category 175 - In Fight and it was moved to category 820 - hypothetical. Now I understand that it would fit both categories but most of the effort in this went into making it an in flight display. Cutting a model in half and mounting it to a mirrored surface took far more effort and skill than the decal application, although the decals were no walk in the park. My general understanding if that a model could go in more then one category the modelers choice will be honored. I am not complaining about the judging because frankly I referred to it as a "3 foot" model. Looks good from 3 feet away. My fault. I spent a lot of time engineering the mount and display and was rushed with the finish. I want to know why it was determined that this was more hypothetical than in flight. I intend to do this technique again when I have time to build the aircraft to a higher standard. I just don't want it kicked out of In Flight because I missed something in the rules. For those not familiar with the catagory, here is pargraph II-10 from the contest rules: 10. In-Flight Aircraft. Generally, Aircraft models in an “in-flight, gear-up” condition mounted on stands will be entered in this new category. The model must depict a retractable-landing-gear prototype, modeled with the landing gear fully retracted. Models of fixed-gear prototypes or aircraft with fully or partially extended landing gear displayed on stands will be placed in the appropriate regular Aircraft categories, as will seaplanes displayed on stands, unless the depicted prototype has retractable landing gear modeled in the gear-up position. Spinning props and jet exhaust emissions may be simulated, but are not required. Similarly, crew figures are optional. This is not an “in-flight diorama” category; models will be judged solely as individual aircraft. Note that aircraft models on stands fitting the 1/144 scale definition are to be entered in the appropriate 1/144 regular or OOB categories.
  11. I have on very specific use for the box once the model is built. I cut the top off, write the date on it and post it on my shop wall. It is my informal history of my builds. Other than that the only reason I would care about the box is if it is doing its job of storing the model. Pristine or damage makes little difference to me. I am a builder, not a collector.
  12. Len, thanks for the info. I am sorry to hear this. It sounds like a great place but like so much, the passing of the founder brings everything crashing down.
  13. Len, I was just reading an unrelated story about San Marcos and they mentioned an attraction that I thing would be great tour for the auto guys. Apparently there is a place called Dick's Classic Car Garage not far from the venue. It does offer tours and I think it would be great to have a "Civilian vehicle" a tour. You may also contact them to see if they might be willing to sponsor some of the car categories. This is an opportunity to show that IPMS is more than Military modelers.
  14. Just got the Tamiya engraving set. Stupid expensive at $30.00 a blade, but far and away the best panel line engraver I own and that is saying a lot. I have a drawer full of panel line scribes. The difference is that these give you a flat bottom with square sides and no ridges on the top. They are so expensive because they are tungsten carbide and are very sharp. Don't bother buying the special handle for them. They fit in a pin vice with the proper collet. I use my large Tamiya pin vice and really like it because it has a decent diameter and with the knurling it is easy to control the angle of the blade. As to the cost, well they are $30 from Tamiya but if you shop around and buy them all together(so you only pay one shipping fee) and they can be had for less than half that. Oh and although my photo shows all 4 blades they are only sold individually and each one comes with the case for all of them. Not sure why but that is the way it is.
  15. PeteJ

    Youth Judging at Model Contests

    This is a difficult category to address and I would contend that a Juniors category should be judged in a different way from adult categories, after all there is a difference in intent. By that I mean the we are trying to encourage youth to share our hobby. Limiting awards to 1,2,3 may be counterproductive as it singles out only a few. We need to make the experience positive for the kids that come. In a youth category perhaps we need to use a GSB method with comments on all models. Not all models need to get awards, but every model should have comments about what each modeler did well. Forget the negatives, but definitely find something positive to say about the model even it it is only the choice of color. A pat on the back would go a lot further for all entrants than singling out three kids for awards.