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  1. Probably by the time you reduced the paint brush slip down to 1/72 or whatever, if you most likely be reduced to a soft straight line. But I agree and would like to see a reduction of the mania about perfect straight lines. Decals too, they were supposed to have been applied with a stencil and paint brush or large air brush... The pic does remind me of another (which I couldn't find at the moment) of a guy in the field, applying camo on a plane with a mop.
  2. WOW! Very nice job!
  3. I attended a show in CT a while back, and they had a Vignette category. It was the first time I even saw that category. FWIW their definition was no more than 3 figures on landscaping. Being so small, it wouldn't have to tell a story. So I guess 2 or 3 guys simply standing in a grassy field would qualify.
  4. Thanks, Duke! The weathering, I tried to copy what I see on Night Shift's You Tube channel. even tho he does all armor, the techniques work everywhere. The pilot is from the F-16 pilots and Ground Crew set. (?)
  5. This is one pretty famous Star Wars ship that, AFAIK, has never made it to the movies. This kit was buried deep in my stack and it's from JPG Models. All parts were finely cast and came with 2 vac form canopies and a decal sheet. This was another one of those kits that almost built itself, until I made a huge error, and didn't notice it until it was too late.:? Dang it. But I continue on. Looking at the decals I decided that I didn't want another white ship with red stripes. So I looked thru quite a few images of Z-95s, until one paint scheme from the Legions game. Plus the fact that at the time St. Patrick day was only a few days away. This was it! I added a few decals from my spares envelope - one of which came off the paper, stuck and wouldn't be moved. Sigh I just left it. I weathered ala Night Shift (You Tube channel), and I heard mention that this You Tuber (Jon Bius) adds "a kiss of tan" to his final clear coat. Trying it I added V's Dark Sand (not dark at all) to the clear coat and it really did even out the paint scheme. Thanks for looking. I almost forgot, the canopy was large and clear enuff that I just had to add a pilot. So I grabbed one from my dwindling collection and sat him in the seat.
  6. Thanks. The LSOH mouth was Lucas' idea for their Special edition edits. I remember the original just being a toothed hole in the ground.
  7. Always looking for the strange and unusual, I found this model on Etsy from Ravendark Creations. Its a baby Sarlacc. Of course this beast was made famous in the Return of the Jedi.Then later on when Boba is seen escaping it's gut in the tv mini series. There is 2 ways to get your own baby Sarlacc. You can buy just the model of the animal itself, or Ravendark will sell you a kit which includes a 5.5" clay pot, the model and some sand. To make things easy on myself I just ordered the kit. I never thought to take "before" pics. Sorry. It arrived pretty much all built for me with even the Sarlacc already painted. The teeth along the edges look especially well done. It seems that the pot is packed - (I didn't go digging) at least around the model with tin foil. So basically my only job was to pour in the sand around the edge. After doing that and gluing it down I was done. Thanks for looking. In it's pot, with my soda can for size comparison
  8. Nice gets Mark. Since I really like the odd ball vehicles, I would really like to see what you do with the Material Carrier!
  9. Lookin' good. Nice!
  10. Very nice job!
  11. Been building MikroMir plane kits from some time now. If you go to their FB page it's now wall to wall with pics of destroyed and/or abandoned Russian vehicles. Just in case anyone needs inspiration for a diorama.
  12. Thanks. I was actually surprised at how easy it was. Somehow I thought it would be more difficult. 😉
  13. This is John Dennett's newest offering. IIRC it's from The Outer Limits' very first show. The story is about a radio station operator that seemingly contacts his counterpart from the Andromeda Galaxy (ignore the science). Wanting to impress his girlfriend about the stations range, he boosts the signal all the way up, and accidentally sucks the alien, who's made of electricity, into this world! The kit is John's usual 2 part bust - the figure and the base. It's done in flawless blue gray resin. For a lot of my character busts I give my self the dilemma of do I paint it as if it were real? Or do I do it as an actor in costume? Since I discovered how the effect was done. I decided to paint the actor, who was William Douglas. For those that don't know the effect, they dressed Douglas in a brown wet suit because of the B&W film. Then they smeared the suit with oil, and when developing, made a negative of the being. So this turns to be the easiest paint job I ever did. Brown suit, and all I had to remember that was in going to try the trick, light had to be dark and vice versa. Painting the other parts I didn't know what different hues would do so I kept all the colors in the brown family. After the below pic was taken I coated the whole thing in Spaz Stix Super Gloss. Then with the image viewer I have - Irfanview - I first made the image B&W, and then made it a negative. I also tweaked the Brightness, Contrast, Gamma Correct, and Saturation. It gave me a result I was happy with, looking like the alien on the show. Thanks for looking.
  14. Never too early for Christmas time. I received the lil guy from John Dennett right around Christmas but didn't get him done in time. Rather than to forget and rediscover him next Dec., I decided to get him done now, so he'll be ready to join the others on display for the Holiday. The bust is an exactly likeness of the actor Glyn Dearman, and while nearly all of the images I saw were B&W, the only one in color was one I didn't care for. So this time I just went for it. The kit is in 2 parts - the bust and the base as is usual with a lot of John's kits. Since Tim was a sickly boy I decided against the rosy skin and gave him more of a pale look. Adding to the effect, I added some darker flesh around his eyes. I have him a brown coat and cap. The cap I wanted to mix with a little leather brim. Maybe I pulled it off? As usual for me I started with the darker blue and then stippled 2 or 3 levels of highlights. I gave the hat and coat the same technique with their colors, and as mentioned try to give the brim a leather look. There was no mention anywhere of Dearman's eye color, so I just went with a rather neutral azure/gray. The base was done with a green gray and a heavy dry brush of some blue around the name. The letters were done in white, and with that I was done. Thanks for looking.
  15. I really like these "Not the same ol' thing" models. Excellent job!
  16. Roktman

    Sean Flynn

    I don't really remember hearing about him. Interesting story, and very nice job on the paintup!
  17. WOW! Very nice job!
  18. I never judged dioramas. But looking at a lot over the years, I've seen some that are BIG; with 7 or 8 models, 6 buildings and 50+ figures. My thought is "It's impressive, but yet a mess." Yeah it might be the D-day landing, but there's so much going on, there's no real focal point. There's something going on here, and there's a little something else there, and a third thing off to the side - too distracting. . My dios are just big enuff to tell one story, with one focal point of a vehicle or two with a few figures and some scenery. And by scenery, I mean the facade of a house, a tree or two and some weeds, not an entire neighborhood. The best thing is that while it should tell a story, it doesn't have to be a good story... 😉 hehe Just my 2 cents - what do I know. 🙂
  19. WOW! Thats was an excellent rebuild! Top notch!
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