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  1. ewahl

    Is there a SEP/OCT Journal?

    My copy arrived in the mail on Monday, November 5. Yes, it is the convention issue. It is taking much time to read because there is so much material to absorb. Great job on the issue, guys! Ed
  2. ewahl

    Visceral Visions Medusa (rated PG-17)

    Way to go, Kevin! I admire your technique for skin tones; very realistic. The colorful slithering things just continue to add interest to the piece. Ed
  3. ewahl

    1/72 Bridge Diorama

    Hi, Peter, This project takes my breath away! I've known for some time that a person must be an electronics engineer to build a model railroad layout. Now you come along and show me that those same skills are required to operate a wood model bridge. Obviously you are making your own custom circuit boards and know which chips and other components are necessary to solder into the holes. Since this is all scratchbuilt, I know I would have an impossible number of failures in the trial-and-error process of getting everything to fit and function correctly. I truly respect your abilities...and wish I possessed some of them. I am looking forward to seeing the techniques you will apply to create the water and shoreline terrain to bring all this together. Keep up the great work. I am learning from you. Ed
  4. Hi, Rusty, I prefer to think of your friend as a librarian. He can answer any question related to those models and also provide copies to those who are in need of them. Me? I admit I am afflicted with model hoarding, and my wife will agree on this. Ed
  5. Hi, Mark, With the above photo of your three M992A1 kits, were we just treated to a glimpse of your usually unseen work area in the background? Ed
  6. ewahl

    Avatar's AT-99 Scorpion

    Hi, Kevin, I fully appreciate your frustration with resin castings that come from worn out molds that are missing some of the rubber. If you were picking out pieces or chunks of the rubber mold as you cleaned up your pieces, that means the next person who got a piece from that mold got one that was worse than the one you received. I was sorely disappointed after buying some interior wall kits for the 1/48 B-17. The parts were warped way out of shape to fit the fuselage interior. Flash was everywhere, and it was hard to differentiate between flash and part. Short shots and misaligned mold halves made some pieces worthless. The molds had been damaged, but the company simply used tape to cover over some of the holes in the mold in order to keep using them; the tape showed on the resin pieces. Just because it is resin does not mean it is better. Some problems can be corrected; some can not. Best of luck in completing your AT-99 Scorpion. Ed
  7. How about the even older Lunar Models solid resin kit in 1/35 scale? Terrible!!!!! Since I have already built the Lunar Models Bowman astronaut in 1/8 scale (with the monolith), I have a correctly scaled astronaut figure to go with the 1/8 scale pod. I can display both on the lighted hotel room floor after Bowman has just stepped out after his ride through the light void. Hang the cost; I will be getting one of these. Ed
  8. ewahl

    Ghosts in the Desert

    Hi, Michael, Nifty idea! I assume the people on each side of the brick wall can't hear some sounds from the other side across the time barrier. This scene reminds me of an armor diorama that was either posted here years ago or published in a book or magazine of German and U.S soldiers on their respective tanks hearing noises on opposite sides of thick hedgerows in France in 1944. You have given us a present-time update to appreciate. Ed
  9. ewahl

    1/72 Bridge Diorama

    Hi, Peter, This is a great way to introduce yourself to us. You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and yours is a whopper. I know I will enjoy seeing your work-in-progress pictures. Thanks for alerting us to this project. Welcome to the Forum. Ed
  10. ewahl

    Rising Sun's Oni of Blood

    Hi, Kevin, The first thing that entered my mind when I saw these photos was: "How many colors of paint are on this thing?" That's amazing! Great work on yet another wild subject. Ed
  11. ewahl

    TIE Experimental

    Hi, Kevin, I have never seen this configuration before. I am not a video game player, therefore........ Engineering-wise, a TIE fighter has two panels on the outside and a ball in the middle. This craft is just the reverse--two balls on the outside and a panel in the middle. Saves a lot of confusion on the two assembly lines because the manufacturer has to assemble equal numbers of panels and balls and just connect them one way or the other. Thanks for sharing a unique Star Wars ship with us. Looks great! Ed
  12. ewahl

    Klaatu Barada Nikto

    Hi, Kevin, You made some great logical choices in your color selection. Excellent presentation. Ed
  13. ewahl

    Flash Gordon's rocketship

    Hi, Kevin, Great job on Dr. Z's rocket ship. Isn't it amazing how such a complex ship can be operated successfully with such minimal instrumentation and controls? And virtually no pre-flight training for the crew? And ammo storage and handling for use with the nose cannon? And a compact artificial gravity generator? And fuel storage tanks? And air and food supply and storage and preparation equipment? Yep, those 1930s ships were certainly cost effective and efficient. How long did it take to get from Earth to Mongo (was this a lightspeed ship?)? Now you need a ship from Emperor Ming the Merciless's fleet. Ed
  14. ewahl

    '56 Ford F-100 "Demon II"

    Hi, Joseph, This is beautiful. I'm jealous of the finishes you put on plastic. The engine compartment and the undersides show everything that needs to be shown. Ed
  15. Kevin, thanks for the tip and link. Rusty, while I would have loved a set of pods and cockpit detail behind the front window, such items are not in the kit. All of the pod bay doors are separate pieces, so one or more doors could be left open and a tiny scratchbuilt interior could be added into the hollow sphere. The front window is clear, so a basic cockpit interior could be added. Figures, of course, would help in the cockpit also. The two main pieces of the front sphere dry fit together so well that the seam was invisible; apply glue through the open inside. The kit is engineered to provide almost all surface detail as separate pieces applied onto the propulsion and engine module to provide sharp details. Moebius did this with their earlier Battlestar Galactica (TOS) kit, and the resulting look of the detail was excellent. There are five different versions of the cargo modules attached to the spine, but there are a LOT of them. The antenna array has very fine details to look accurate. If you want an LED inside the sphere to illuminate the cockpit (and scratchbuilt pod bay, be prepared to get creative on the necessary wiring, battery location, and switch. NOTE: As soon as you scratchbuild all the interior items for the cockpit and pod bay, someone will release an expensive accessory kit with all the needed items. The PE aftermarket people will also be out there with items to "improve" the furnished kit details. Ed