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  1. ewahl

    Flash Gordon's rocketship

    Hi, Kevin, Great job on Dr. Z's rocket ship. Isn't it amazing how such a complex ship can be operated successfully with such minimal instrumentation and controls? And virtually no pre-flight training for the crew? And ammo storage and handling for use with the nose cannon? And a compact artificial gravity generator? And fuel storage tanks? And air and food supply and storage and preparation equipment? Yep, those 1930s ships were certainly cost effective and efficient. How long did it take to get from Earth to Mongo (was this a lightspeed ship?)? Now you need a ship from Emperor Ming the Merciless's fleet. Ed
  2. ewahl

    '56 Ford F-100 "Demon II"

    Hi, Joseph, This is beautiful. I'm jealous of the finishes you put on plastic. The engine compartment and the undersides show everything that needs to be shown. Ed
  3. Kevin, thanks for the tip and link. Rusty, while I would have loved a set of pods and cockpit detail behind the front window, such items are not in the kit. All of the pod bay doors are separate pieces, so one or more doors could be left open and a tiny scratchbuilt interior could be added into the hollow sphere. The front window is clear, so a basic cockpit interior could be added. Figures, of course, would help in the cockpit also. The two main pieces of the front sphere dry fit together so well that the seam was invisible; apply glue through the open inside. The kit is engineered to provide almost all surface detail as separate pieces applied onto the propulsion and engine module to provide sharp details. Moebius did this with their earlier Battlestar Galactica (TOS) kit, and the resulting look of the detail was excellent. There are five different versions of the cargo modules attached to the spine, but there are a LOT of them. The antenna array has very fine details to look accurate. If you want an LED inside the sphere to illuminate the cockpit (and scratchbuilt pod bay, be prepared to get creative on the necessary wiring, battery location, and switch. NOTE: As soon as you scratchbuild all the interior items for the cockpit and pod bay, someone will release an expensive accessory kit with all the needed items. The PE aftermarket people will also be out there with items to "improve" the furnished kit details. Ed
  4. I could not resist buying the new Moebius 1/144 Discovery XD-1 from the great movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. I read the recent issue review in FSM and went to my nearby HobbyTown USA to order one. Many years ago, I acquired the Lunar Models resin kit version, which is still in its box because I was so disappointed with the poor detail. The Moebius kit looks outstanding on my first impression from an open-box inspection. Now that I think about it, I can display Discovery next to the 1/144 Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner I built last year for a size comparison. Ed
  5. ewahl

    Vincent Price Caricature

    Hi, Kevin, Caricature aside, it sure looks like Vincent Price. Perhaps this bust was designed by a political cartoonist who routinely does this to public figures. Great job! Ed
  6. ewahl

    COOKIE !!

    That boy's got BAAAAD teeth! Too much sugar from all the cookies. I see that the teeth were all contained on two parts, one for top and bottom of the jaw. I do like the way the blue skin turned out. Ed
  7. ewahl

    Industria Mechanika's Red Star 47

    Hi, Kevin, I must admit I have never seen such a vehicle before. I like that you have a figure of the driver/pilot/whatever-title to establish the scale. Now you need the two-seat version for a flight training instructor. The model looks excellent! Ed
  8. ewahl

    "Steve Canyon" Returning to US TV!

    I recall basic bits about four episodes that I have not seen since they first aired: 1. An Altas missile being transported by tractor-flatbed trailer gets stuck in a viaduct that is too low for the load height. 2. Base airmen returning to base after liberty in the town are repeatedly ambushed and beaten up by anonymous town locals. 3. On a parachute jump exercise from a C-124, one jumper's tether line does not release and the unconscious soldier is dangling behind and below the aircraft such that the plane can't land without the soldier hitting the ground and getting killed. Naturally, the tether line itself is fraying against the edge of the open door frame and the soldier may be lost in that manner. 4. Steve is sent up in an armed fighter jet to investigate and possibly shoot down a B-47 bomber that is acting like the entire crew is unconscious or dead, and the bomber on autopilot will be heading for an eventual crash. I'm amazed I still can remember this TV show. Ed
  9. ewahl

    3-Stage Ferry Rocket--1955

    Hi, Kevin, Thanks for checking in. I'm ready to build the Moon Lander. Ed
  10. ewahl

    Need help with a Tamiya M42 Duster

    Hi, Rick, Rather than scavenge a tree from a kit, perhaps someone reading this thread has already built an M42 Duster that he/she would be willing to ship to you so you can include it in the VA display. A lot more people will see the Duster in the VA display case than they will in the builder's home showcase or storage box. That means you will not have to build that one. Just a thought. I've donated built models for museum display, and I enjoy the thought that my work is (hopefully) appreciated by many others. I am not an armor builder, so I can't help you here. Ed
  11. ewahl


    Yes, some of those bottle paints are still good. I mix them with a battery-powered paint stirrer until the separated pigments and carrier fluids get well blended. I add paint thinner to them to get them usable in an airbrush. No, some of the bottles have turned solid. These I throw out when I come across one. I've noticed some colors all stay good and others all go bad. Heck, they are 15 cent bottles, so no great financial loss if they must be pitched out. Ed
  12. ewahl


    Auto World also produced decal sheets of race car sponsor logos with many different products represented. This must have been before lawyers and licensing fees entered the picture. I have several of these sheet from back in the day. I have used some of the individual images, and the decals still work. Ed
  13. ewahl


    I just found six different box sets of the Pactra International colors in a storage bin, and I have a Pactra small bottle paint rack that is still filled about 60% with unopened Pactra color bottles. Unfortunately, one of my favorite flat metallic colors that I could apply with a brush without streaks--Flat Metallic Gray--is gone. Testors metallics just do not apply well with a brush to any spot larger than 1/16th inch.
  14. Hi, Gary, Once again you have knocked my socks off with an outstanding build. I do not have your knowledge of the mechanics of a sprint car, so I have been watching your progress reports with great interest. I can relate more to the 1972 Chevy pickup because I am currently working on the 1972 Chevy Blazer cousin. Your painting on the entire project is amazing. Ed
  15. ewahl

    Roden 1/72 Rolls Royce armored car

    Hi, Ron, Nice work on making a not-so-nice kit shine. I love the hand crank feature on an armored car. The driver in a combat situation pops the clutch and stalls the engine. Then, with bullets and shells flying all around, the poor sod has to climb out from behind the armor plates to run around the front and turn that crank to get it running again. This is the weakest part of the weapon's design, to be followed by bullets through the rubber tires (or don't enemy shooters ever figure this out?). What am I looking at in the second picture? This escapes me. Ed