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  1. I'm hearing good things about this kit on line, and the possibility it might be for sale in Omaha at the Nats (much like Tamiya did their P-38 some years ago); but your link is to a SALE page. Do you have info or a link to a sprue review? Gil
  2. Nice build and I especially like that camo scheme! Since I dabble in 1/48 armor (when I do dabble...), and have a few of those old Bandai kits, I have to agree that they were very nice for their time. I built that Valentine you mentioned and really enjoyed it! I hope to see this in Omaha next month! Gil
  3. Looks great, especially considering the vintage of that kit! Very nice job on the "wooden" prop too! Gil
  4. Very nice! Pretty sure that old kit shouldn't look that good! Gil
  5. Have to agree....especially if there's only ONE bid...it's not like we'll have any other choice. The only reason for holding back is if the "concreteness" of their bid is still setting, and they don't want to announce it in case their ability to host falls through at the last moment. Gil
  6. 1/72? Photographs bigger than that! Excellent build of an older kit! By the way....waved at you in that rabbit hole as we passed.... 😀 Gil
  7. I was looking at the Omaha web site today and saw that the "Night at the SAC Museum" dinner looks like it it still open for attendees, despite an announcement below (last April) that it was sold out. Has this changed? Have there been cancellations and does that tour now have some open spots? Also, what can the Omaha hosts post about current room availability at EITHER convention hotel? Are there now some rooms available due to cancellations? It's been a while since I've seen an update, and the last "latest info" on the Omaha site only announces the closing of pre-registration on Jun 1rst. Thanks! Gil Hodges #10803
  8. ghodges

    WWI 75(?)mm gun

    Got to add my kudos on the camo, and also how good the assembly looks considering its age and the problems you referred to. Gil
  9. So, do you just have all that extra "stuff" in stock on hand? RON: Most of those items were in the box when I opened it. As I bought things, I just threw in the box for the future, and last week the future finally arrived! GIL
  10. Since it was "Mustang Madness" week on the D&S FB page, I started this 1/48 Tamiya P-51B last Sunday afternoon and finished it this Friday evening, for a 6 day build. It's generally OOTB, though I did add a few doo-dads I had in the box: Moskit exhausts, resin tires, pe seat belts, Eduard resin 75gal wing tanks, a Quickboost resin N2 gun sight, MV lenses for the underwing IFF lights, and individually punched instruments for the featureless kit panel. Markings for the Boise Bee are from Aeromaster. The only drama in the build was when the black hole surrounding my work bench swallowed the left rear fuselage clear panel, forcing me to make another from clear sheet to replace it. All in all, this was a fun, fast build that puts the stash down one more! Gil
  11. That is drop dead gorgeous! Great looking display base too! That's going to turn some heads wherever you take it. Congrats, and thanks for sharing! Gil
  12. Correct! However, the practice among IPMS National Judges is that a figure with a model (particularly in a/c categories) will NOT be judged. This in the same thought-line as bases for models.....they will NOT be judged unless the base is part of a diorama. Despite many non-judge's accusations, models CAN be judged without any consideration of a figure beside them, or a base it's displayed on. Until you actually judge, and see it done, you probably won't believe it's possible, but it's actually pretty easy. Whether or not bases and a single figure SHOULD be judged is another argument for another day. Many feel that they should because it's part of that project's work, and also that such model display's tend to be more "eye-catching" and therefore (seemingly) have some sort of advantage over their competition without figures or bases. I'm NOT for changing the rules or the practice as it currently is done, simply because it greatly simplifies the judging process and CAN be done without the ancillary items around the model being judged. In the end, unless the Chief Judge puts it to a vote among the judges, then HE alone gets to decide whether the policy changes or not. Gil
  13. JIM: YES! The outer dive brakes are PE that came with the Wolfpack folded wing set. The Promodeler kit ALSO includes PE dive brakes, but they're not "cut" and are made to fit the kit's extended wing. Gil
  14. Finished my 1/48 ProModeler SB2C Helldiver today. It proved tougher than expected with mods needed to get the rear cockpit parts to fit properly and to shore up the fit and strength of the main gear. I used the Wolfpack resin wingfold set. It fit well.... the only mod I made was to drill and pin to add strength to the folded wings. I also used an Eduard colored PE set in the front and rear interiors. All in all, this was a good exercise in overcoming some frustrations. I've never had "basic" engineering problems with anything Monogram related before, and the extra work needed to make up for the problems sucked some of the fun out of the build. Still, I'm very glad to have the only WWII USN carrier plane I didn't have on my shelf parked among its peers! Gil
  15. My experience with Alclad is that it needs to be MISTED on in several fine coats. You do that, allowing it to build up until you have the coverage and "luster" you desire. You cannot spray it on in a "wet coat" like most other paints or it simply will not have the metallic luster it's meant to replicate. I've never had it come out truly "flat", but i have had it look more like aluminum paint instead of a NMF if I sprayed it on too heavily at one time. By the way, if your airbrush or spraying habits make "misting coats" troublesome for you, then give the AK Extreme Metallics a try. They do not NEED a primer coat (but it doesn't hurt either), they are maskable, they dry as fast as Alclad, and they CAN be sprayed in a more normal manner compared to Alclad. Hope this helps! Gil
  16. Don't know about warts, as I can't see any. Looks like you achieved your goal with the Alclad. Congrats, and thanks for posting! Gil
  17. Great looking NMF! What did you use? Gil
  18. My understanding is that the pic of Gentile's Mustang spinner above is a case of WEAR, and not ragged painting. As I mentioned above, the 4th FG occasionally had to buy paint from local sources. The white on the spinner is the original prop spinner color for the 4th, and the red was something Gentile had added. The red paint just didn't wear very well, flaking and peeling back to the point seen. There are earlier pics with the spinner being completely red, before it flew so many missions. Since the original question asked about judging an attempt to replicate that wear, in my mind it boils down to whether the builder can pull off that worn look IN SCALE. Otherwise it probably doesn't impress viewers or judges. Here is a pic of Shangra La after Gentile pranged it on the field during his last landing before rotating home (possibly on purpose). Note that the spinner had been repainted and is all red! Gil
  19. Impressive! Great job on the mods in that your work cannot be seen in that silver finish. Interesting comparison between the two too! Gil
  20. Beautiful Buccaneer! Gil
  21. Judging is always subjective....to address your specific question; IF the "ragged" paint edge on the prop on the model was done to "scale", and looked like it was a case of "field Painting" (versus sloppy modeling), then it's not gigged. BUT, much of the time, whether it's THIS or (perhaps) an attempt to paint invasion stripes in a "realistic" sloppy manner, the modeler cannot pull it off in scale. A more experienced judge MIGHT know that in the ETO there was a shortage of tape and often planes were masked and painted with wet newspaper, making for sloppy edge lines and overspray. Also, they often had to buy "local" stocks of paint (for houses and cars) and thus they didn't wear on the airplanes as well as aviation grade paints, leading to ragged wear lines. BUT, a LOT of judges DON'T know that....and thus will chalk up those attempts to failed model painting. You pays your money and ya takes your chances! My advice (as always) is build it the way YOU want to for your shelf, look at winning anything as "gravy", and don't worry if the judges know less than you and don't give you the benefit of the doubt. Gil
  22. Sharp sharp SHARP! Both the build and the presentation look outstanding! Gil
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