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  1. Looking forward to your umpteen builds a month! As always, I'm amazed at how you can keep so many projects organized and prioritized at the same time! Gil
  2. Nothing will be produced UNDER the Squadron name anymore.....BUT, if you need vac canopies, THOSE were always made and supplied to Squadron by Falcon, so look for those to be picked up by someone else, or for Falcon to supply them under their own name to a US supplier (I hope!). As for the True Details resin stuff....you'd think those molds would be bought by someone and re-released under a new name....but who's to say for sure? There's certainly enough resin competition to perhaps keep someone from doing so, even though many of those sets were still quite popular. I believe that som
  3. Can't say I'm familiar with "Kapton" tape......could you post a pic and give its particulars? Thanks! Gil
  4. In terms of it being a simple, rock-bottom, 50s molding, you're correct. In fact, it even having a cockpit at all was a great step up from the kits that immediately preceded it, and was probably done only because it was in the larger 1/48 scale. Referring back to the differences between this one and the "new tool" biplanes.....I believe you're going to be delighted with the detail parts provided and then very disappointed with the lack of engineering of the strut assemblies compared to the older Aurora and Lindberg biplanes. Make note of those old struts that have angled locating pins,
  5. That IP looks amazing considering the part you started with! Gil
  6. Really crisp work on that greenhouse framing! Gil
  7. Sorry to hear this....Most of us have reached the age where we'll be dealing with the passing of too many of the "names" who helped form the hobby of plastic model building into the true art form it is today. All we can do is say God bless them for their contribution, God bless their families, and "thank you Lord" for the privilege of knowing and having such people as a part of our hobby! Gil
  8. There's one other lesson I've learned over the years about buying model kits...... My very first Nats was in Atlanta in 1978. I didn't even know they had a vendors area and sold models! Talk about the gates of heaven opening up for me..... Anyway, I found a 1/48 Aurora SBC Helldiver...at that time the ONLY game in town for that subject in 1/48, AND Aurora was "out of production". The guy wanted EIGHT DOLLARS for it!! Now remember, this is 1978....you could still occasionally find Aurora stuff on the shelves in old hardware stores and dime stores for their original prices of anywhere
  9. I'm seeing varying posts, but no definite answer. The last post I saw said "change of ownership"....but who knows what that means, even if it's true? They had a %70 off sale last week, which is probably why the warehouse is empty. The problem now is how do they start back up IF there is a new owner and wants "Squadron" to continue"? The brand had lost so much of it's shine and reputation over the last 10yrs due to slip-shod service that I'm not sure the name has any value anymore. There was a time when both their brick&mortar stores and their mail order were THE place to go to if
  10. Excellent start on that very old molding! I've been alternating building older Aurora biplanes and the newer Roden and Eduard kits....while the new ones have more detailing and are more to scale, their engineering SUCKS compared to the old kits! At least the struts will fit on that Sopwith you're building! Looking forward to more! Gil
  11. Personally, I have no "limit" except to determine what it is for my own purposes. I've built many very expensive resin kits over the last 20yrs. I've gotten bargains on many of them. However, I've also paid $200+ for some, which most people would balk at! There's a couple of "holy grail" kits I'm seeking that I'd pay more than that for.....BUT it's simply because I'd really like to build them and have them on the shelf. I'm sure others would shrug their shoulders and point out they could buy 10 model for the same price, and have 10 times the fun. To each their own! As to "retail" prices..
  12. And this is the very first model I ever built..... Well, a "nostalgia" build of it anyway....the 1/48 Aurora Me-109. after years of searching I finally found one at a reasonable price (less than $50) and decided to build it EXACTLY as I did @1965....except I used superglue instead of tube cement this time. And to think....THIS was the best 1/48 109 until Monogram released their Bf-109E. Gil
  13. Great progress! I like the restrained weathering on the bottom! Gil
  14. Ooo! Ooo! Polish F-14! Right? Excellent build! I like the way the orange accessories contrast with the low-viz camo. Yer off to a great start! Gil
  15. This is the FIRST vacuform model I built 40yrs ago......the 1/48 Dragon Model Works FJ-1 Fury....... Considering I knew nothing past what I'd read about vacs and had zero experience, I was ecstatic that it actually got finished! Coincidentally, I'm currently building the 1/48 ID vac of the FJ-1 Fury in honor of my 40yrs of plastic masochism! The model above died in moves long ago, and even though I have a Czech Model Fury built on the shelf, I wanted to delve in a little nostalgia. Here's a few pics of the current vacuform Fury build.... I actually
  16. Excellent example of skill and perseverance making lemonade from a lemon! Congrats on a fine looking build. And, if you do want a production F-35, there are better kits now available for you to enjoy. Gil
  17. Those are all good ideas....though you need NO theme or reason to post pics within their genre topic areas. Post away! 🙂 Gil
  18. Excellent! I'm betting it took a lot of effort to get that nice a result! Congrats, and thanks for sharing! Gil
  19. An excellent year indeed! Congrats, and may 2021 be just as or even more fruitful! Gil
  20. Wow! Those are some very cool and rarely built subjects! Nine builds, especially with all of the conversion work and the limited run kits (that are much harder to build), is quite an accomplishment in my book. Congrats, and thanks for sharing! Looking forward to 2021! Gil
  21. Very cool build! Nice to see one of the "attempts" at making the T-Bolt even better modeled. Thanks for sharing! Gil
  22. ghodges

    Airfix C9A

    Lovely build and presentation! Gil
  23. That's a glorious year of building with a lot of gorgeous models! Adding my kuddos for the superb NMFs! Gil
  24. Started this one while building the Smirnoff Bearcat, and finished it yesterday. OOTB except for cutting and folding the wings, which is a kit option. Painted and marked to match the one on the cover of the SS "In Action/Walkaround" Bearcat book. The kit provides the bulkheads for the wingfolds, and very simplified hinges. But, there's no guideline or "thinning" on the inside of the wings to help make it easier, so you have to carefully follow the wingfold panel lines, and they aren't straight, simple cuts. still, having the bulkheads in the kit makes this option much easier once the cutt
  25. Excellent! The mark of a good conversion is not being able to easily see where the work was done, and I'd have taken it for the Academy kit. Congrats on a nice looking build of a subject not often seen! Gil
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