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  1. That old kit does hold up....with loving skills like your own applied! Nice duo to have on your shelf! Gil
  2. Looks perfectly fine to me! Sounds like you had fun and took a trip down nostalgia lane; so how could that be bad? Thanks for sharing! Gil
  3. Take enough sheets to completely cover your tables when you shut down. 50% discounts for those of us giving you sage advice here...... You're going to have a lot of FUN seeing and meeting so many people, but don't be surprised to find out how CHEAP we IPMSers truly are.....you'll get tired of answering "how low will you go on this".... Some really good tips listed above....and I'm sure more will follow. Best of luck! Gil
  4. Incredible detailing! Looking fwd to more! Gil
  5. Nice progress! Dunno about the signs on the bus....but anyone who rode it and could validly dispute you is long dead! Gil
  6. Don't know....I always thought it might be neat to "draw" a line of thin plastic into a seam to fill it. However, not sure how workable the "plastic" being extruded is....I know some 3D plastic is quite rough and very tough to "smooth out". It might work very well in trying to draw weld bead seams onto armor models, where smoothness is much less of an issue. In both of those cases I'm not sure if there's a short time where the extruded plastic is soft/molten enough to adhere on its own, or if you'd have to draw your desired item and then glue it in/on. Gil
  7. I'm with Duke....not sure I'd have noticed those typical Matchbox trenches if you hadn't mentioned them. Your excellent finish is what catches the eye! Gil
  8. Thanks for the very kind words! How do I paint my wheels and tires? I usually paint the wheel hubs first. Next, I use a metal "circle template" and find what size hole matches the wheel rim size. I use that to cut out circular masks for the wheels using Tamiya tape or 3M plastic tape. The key here is to use a BRAND NEW #11 blade so that it cuts easily and smoothly without any tears on the edges. If there are any "protrusions" in the center of the hub that keeps the mask from laying down on the rim edges smoothly, cut the center of the mask (an X usually works well enough) and then ad
  9. I started this on May 30th, coinciding with the start of "Thud Week" on the Detail and Scale FB page; and 8 days later, it's done! Monogram 1/48 F-105F, built OOTB. I built this to replace one just like it that died in my many moves over the decades. The olive drab stripes are painted and the markings are a combination of kit decals, spare decals, and some dry transfers. This kit builds up fast because you can leave the main panels, sticks, and the seats out and ad them all at the end of the build! That makes 4 models finished in the last 30 days!
  10. That's a terrific workup of a very old kit! I can't help but also admire your excellent cockpit and nose frame painting, and I know that your vacuform frame lines weren't as crisp as the injection ones. I have the old AMT Ju-88 (and Falcon vac canopies) in 1/48 and plan to do just as you did...and will be very happy if it looks anywhere near as good as yours does! Thanks for posting! Gil
  11. That came out very nice! Way to fill a niche in your collection with a real classic! Gil
  12. Excellent Eagle and yet another happy customer! Congrats! Gil
  13. Terrific Thud! I'm pretty sure that old kit was never meant to look that good! Nice job of putting a new shine on that old penny! Gil
  14. Looks like an excellent build to me! And your pics are sharp and clear...even if you don't have a "photo-drop" background for them. Congrats! Gil
  15. DAK: as I stated before...the answer to your question will be varied, as each individual has a different opinion. There is NO consensus or agreement going to be reached. And the reason for each person's choice of "offense" cannot be further questioned because it's simply their personal feeling, just as yours is yours. However, you asked this question here on the IPMSUSA forums. I and others have rightly tried to frame our answers in relation to IPMSUSA, the public, and ourselves because you asked it here, and not on some other general opinion web-page. You should not be frustrated in gett
  16. Excellent example of how well applied skills can make an older kit shine like a gem! Looks super! Thanks for sharing! Gil
  17. Nice progress! That Eagle is looking to leave the nest soon! Gil
  18. Very good progress Duke! Of course, your idea of a "shelf queen" is anything not completed in 2 weeks....;) Gil
  19. Sweet! That's going to turn a lot of heads! Gil
  20. Not quite sure about the white bands.....but guessing they were either a unique squadron marking or a S.E.A. theater recognition device, as these planes were stationed in Singapore. Gil
  21. One of the advantages to being on vacation is you can go sit at the bench and finish something! This is the 2nd "quick build" Spitfire I had going, and was able to get it done this evening instead of tomorrow. I picked this scheme because I'd never done a "one wing bottom black" BoB scheme before. Tamiya Mk.I Spitfire (old boxing) built OOTB except for substituting metal gun barrels, and in kit markings. I've found that using very warm water with Tamiya decals seems to make them go on better and had no issues with them. Now on to that Skywarrior! G
  22. I'd call that a "win" despite the learning curve, and it certainly looks very good on your shelf! I agree with the others, have pride in building a nice model, learn from it, and move on to your next "labor of love"! Thanks for letting us play along! Gil
  23. Haven't built the Academy Mk.XIV Spitfire, but would imagine it would be the better of the two if you were trying to pick the "best" kit. I built this one because of its simplicity and small parts count so that I could get it done faster, and because I had it in the stash! Gil
  24. I've been doing a couple of "quick build" Spitfires the last 2 weeks and the first one is done..... This is the Hobbycraft 1/48 Mk.XIV Griffon engined Spitfire kit. Nice, basic kit for your shelf, but you'd want a more detailed kit for a contest build. Fit overall was good and the only decal problems were of my own making (pulled some off with some tape!). This is an OOTB build using the kit decals, with the addition of some German kill markings in order to replicate an illustration in the "Spitfire in Action" book. Questions, comments, and critiques welcom
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