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  1. Awesome Paul! Yeah, it's amazing that Southern Cross is still around. I'm, glad it is. Thanks for the great comments and compliments. I'm looking forward to seeing the pics of the flying replica!
  2. Thanks Carlos! Man it felt great to finish the year with these completions!
  3. Actually they were chanting "Rock" as they were trying to call the rock monster. Brilliant work once again!
  4. Brilliant work! I would have loved to see the Chewbacca figure too.
  5. This is stunningly unbelievable work! I am overwhelmed at this incredible mastery here! Like Carlos said, it feels like I'm watching the real thing being built! I would love to see this in person someday!
  6. It's been a couple weeks and so I have a lot to show. I apologize, I got carried away this past couple weeks and so I have a lot to show. So let's get this tour started! All aboard the trams; our first stop is the hanger... I decided to start with some of the easier models first. First up, the Japanese Ninja helicopter got all the windows masked off in preparation for paint: ....which went on later; at least the base coat of green: That was all I had done on that before I moved on to something else. The next one was my little Vampire that had been masked off some time ago. This bird now has a grey belly. I can clear coat it for decals now: Another simple one, the F-117 was next. It was time to finally replace the stolen one from way back when. Cockpit was built first: This was then painted, and then I installed it inside the upper fuselage and closed it up under the canopy before I remembered to shoot a pic: After that it was a simple matter to add the wings and tail: Now all I need to do is mask the canopy and the shoot paint. Later I'll add the landing gear and internals. Since I was already working on one jet from the Desert Storm set (F-117) I pulled out the other one from that set that was started. I painted the cockpit and pilots for the A-6 Intruder: The canopy was a different affair; it was split lengthwise instead of the traditional way. I thought one was to do this was to add one side first, then the other later when the first side was dry: After fitting the other side I wasn't much pleased with the placement. but it was closed up: Next up of course was to add the nose. Before doing that I glued some nose weights inside to keep this from being a tail sitter. You can see the weights that I had put inside the nose next to the plane since I forgot to shoot a pic of them inside the nose before I closed it up: I'm really not happy with the way the canopy looks here. I might just pop it off and try again for a better fit. Finally, I got some paint on my Japanese U-124; or rather primer. I was out of grey primer so I shot black instead which showed some flaws that needed fixing. Here it is after the extra putty was applied: After some sanding and re-scribing, I shot it again and got a better result: When it was dry, I shot aircraft grey underneath it: I gave that time to dry and then masked off the bottom to prepare for the top coat: The top got a coat of Intermediate Blue afterward: And now this bird is finally painted. I have a few touch ups to do before I clear coat it for decals: That completes the tour of the hanger, now on to the shipyards... In the shipyards here I've been mostly working on smaller craft, like this RAF Rescue Launch. This is a shelf queen that I've been tired of moving around. I had shot a coat of black on the sides which had gone all wonky so I had to sand it smooth and try again. Second time all these years later, it looks better: Now I can start moving forward on this. I went ahead and masked off the sides. Once I get a good enough inventory of paints that I need for this I'll shoot paint on it later: You can see where I dry-fit the gun turrets just to be sure they were still around.... Moving on to the next project, I shot a grey overcoat on the top of the Higgins boat: It came out a bit blotchy looking, but I like it. Next I masked off the top for the bottom coat: ...which went on later: This one is moving fast. She'll be sliding down the slipways fairly soon: Later, after a gloss clear was applied I added the decals: Some detail painting later and I'll have this done. The next ship I worked on was the commission build I'm doing for a friend; On his SMS Emden he wanted the white and gold scheme so I went with Testor's Model Master Camouflage Grey. It was the closest thing I could find to white without actually being white, which I felt was more realistic. I shot this on the hull: Later I found a Vallejo color called Gold Brown. I felt it was perfect for the superstructure. I painted that with a brush to see how it looked. I will be needing multiple coats as this color is 'weak'. I also painted the black and dark brown upper decks: That's as far as I got in the shipyards. Now it's time to tour the Motor Pool..... Okay, here in the Motor Pool, I decided to at least start a halftrack for a Halftrack Group Build on another Forums. This is the SdKfz 9 with a crane on the back. I have an early and a late. I simply picked the one I could see; the other one was hiding. I didn't get very far. I started with the basic engine which I may or may not display: I then added that to the chassis along with the transmission and some other parts: Then I looked at all the roadwheels and decided I'd had enough of this beastie. I picked up something else. That something else turned out to be one of my Christmas presents: the Russian 2S35 self propelled gun. I started buy assembling the lower hull: Next was the roadwheels. They didn't look as daunting as the German halftrack wheels, so I spent a while cementing one half of the roadwheels to the other half: I set them aside to dry and assembled the turret. This is a big honking beast! The turret is bigger than the 2S19 that I'd built earlier. But look at the size of that gun: That's a 152mm gun people. Talk about "reaching out and touching someone"... Just for fun, I dry-fit the upper hull to the lower and added the turret to see how this horse was gonna look: Looks like it's gonna fall over on it's nose! Next up, I decided I'd had enough of roadwheels so I got started on two more of my Christmas presents. These are wheeled vehicles this time. The first one was my Australian Bushmaster. I built the lower hull first: Next I added the windows to the upper hull and added a few more parts to finish the basic assembly: Here it is all dry fit together. I still need to paint the interior: The British SAS Bushmaster was next. Starting with the lower hull, you can see it is already semi-subtly different: Next the upper hull. Note the top hatch and the spaced armor applied to the sides: Again a dry fit to see how it looks: Now that I had these started, I decided to get some paint shot. First was the Stryker. It got an overcoat of green: Next I assembled the wheels and added them to the hull. Dragon did a great job on these wheels; they are hard plastic and the went on the front hubs exceptionally well. They then had you glue the back of the hubs to the front hubs, trapping a post inside. What a bonus that was, as you'll see later. In this pic, I have the back hubs and posts pushed into the holes in the lower hull: Here's how they look installed on the vehicle: Next came the clear gloss and decals: ....followed by a dullcoat: This beastie was ready for weathering. Here's where the bonus came in with the wheels: I was able to pull them off the vehicle (I didn't glue them in, only pressed them in) and this allowed me to weather the wheels, adding dirt inside the tire treads: I also dusted the hull and now all I have to do is re-install the wheels and add other final detail parts and this one will be done. Finally, I also shot paint over the other model that needed it: my British FV-432. It got the base coat of green: Since I was going to make this black and green, you know what's coming next: Silly Putty. I covered the green with it, letting it hold the turret into place: I shot the black over this, making sure I got inside all the nooks and crannies, caverns and canyons. I used the Aircraft Interior Black from Testor's: I removed the Silly Putty later and was very happy with the results: Next came the gloss clear and decals: After shooting a dull coat on this I was placing it on the shelf again and the turret flew off, causing this breakage: I pulled out my CA glue and put it back together as best I could: It still has a chip I need to repair so I'm hoping that I can get it done well enough. Once I do and add the final detail parts, I'll be able to call this one done as well. And on that happy note, it's time to head back to the reception area to disembark from the trams. Thank you all for joining me on this latest tour. Comments are always welcome.
  7. Now here is my Christmas presents I ordered for myself. This is round one: Two Dragon Bushmasters: one Australian and one British: One M-1124 MRAP: One IBG Crusader anti-aircraft tank: One Zvezda Russian 2S35 Koalitsiya: And finally my Trumpeter HEMMTT Load Handling System: That's round one in from Freetime Hobbies. Next is my Hobbylink Japan order of four more models that are crossing the Pacific ocean now. I have a couple more I plan on ordering from what's left, if I can.. Stay tuned.
  8. I am constantly amazed at the extent of the detailing you do to make these so incredibly realistic! Way to go Pete!
  9. I would love for Orange County to host again, but the last time I floated that idea here, I was vilified by many who couldn't put 2007 behind them. A number of us had met to discuss the idea of offering a bid and I even went so far as to ask for a convention how to information book from the National organization. I never got it, and once everyone else heard of the negative reaction on here, the idea fizzled. As I don't expect to ever be able to attend another Nationals, I don't have a dog in this show; but it will be interesting to see who gets it next.
  10. That is some phenomenally outstanding work! I bow to the Master! Wow, I am overwhelmed at this amazing model! Watching it all come together mover all these months had been a thrilling voyage
  11. Sensational work!! What a beauty man! Way to go!
  12. Yes I do Pete, but you'd have to go back a few years; at least for the Saturn V, and the Atlas is more recent. I didn't do individual build threads for them; I simply incorporated all that into my general build thread. I'm trying to remember but I think I built the Saturn V back in 2012 or so because I had it at the Colorado Nationals. The Atlas I think was a 2018 build. If you go back and look up "Maddog Manufacturing" for those years, you should find what you're looking for.
  13. Brilliant work once again Pete! I love the realism you add to these models. Yeah, cannot get enough of watching those guys way back when!
  14. Welcome Ed! Glad to see you join up and also welcome back to the hobby! I'm glad you plan on posting your work; we all love to see it. There are quite a number of Masters here to learn from; you'll be amazed at the things they do. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts!
  15. Looks magnificent! Those extra details bring this to life and make this look so much bigger in pics! Way to go!
  16. Fred it's quite easy to enter. The best way is to go online to our club website a few days before the contest and download the entry forms you'll need. Filling them out ahead of time makes getting in much faster and easier. If you wish to come and do it at the show, there are plenty of people available to answer questions. Simply fill them out, bring them and your entries to the show and place them in the proper categories. No hassle. I hope to see you at our next one.
  17. Hello Fred and welcome to the Forums and the organization. I too live in California, but down in Southern California in the LA/Orange County area. I don't know how far that is from Desert Hot Springs, but if it's not too far away from us; I do hope to see you at an Orangecon or Antelope Valley contest someday. Welcome once again, I'm looking forward to seeing your work.
  18. Welcome Dennis! I believe I've heard your name mentioned a few times by other members who also attended EagleQuest back when it was happening. I'm glad you signed up and I hope to eventually meet you at a Nationals someday. Feel free to post pics of your work, I am eager to see it.
  19. Pete, I hate to say it but yes, these boards do tend to be quite quiet. That is until someone posts a question asking what can they add to an Our of Box model or whether the organization should adopt Gold-Silver-Bronze over 1st, 2nd, 3rd! And no: I am not responding because I'm one of the moderators; I truly am interested in the space program. I still remember the thrill of watching Neil Armstrong descend the ladder of the LEM to place the first human foot step on the moon. In the real space department I have built a Convair Atlas, Mercury Redstone, Space Shuttle Columbia with boosters and a Saturn V rocket... all in 1/72 scale too! And another point of interest: did you follow the most recent mission to Mars started by NASA? I sing in my church choir alongside one of the leaders of that mission development and execution. So post away my friend! Keep these coming as I truly enjoy these threads, both for their subject matter and for the increased activity on these boards.
  20. Amazing work! Put that in front of a star field and I'd be hard pressed to determine whether that's a model or the real thing!
  21. It may not have happened but it is certainly a stunning representation of a possible event! Way to go!
  22. Wow, what amazing work here! This is a real treat to see all these steps you took to bring this to life. Thank you for posting that; I'm taking extensive notes!
  23. Looks like some fun times are headed to your bench Tony! Nice scores!
  24. Thank you Gil! Yeah, it was a tough seam to fix, but in a way, I found it easy given the flat surface. The Aluminum is Vallejo's acrylic dark aluminum sprayed through my cordless airbrush.
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