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  1. Oh man, I hope I get both of them! I never have the luck to get anything that is "limited supply"...
  2. Excellent information. Thanks for letting us all know once again.
  3. Wow, that is shiner than I ever achieved myself. Looks like the stuff works!
  4. I can do general people and such. I tend to do that anyway since I tend to show people who have no idea what a Nationals is like.
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing that Cutty Sark! That will be amazing! Welcome back to the Hobby!
  6. Most impressive! Keep it coming man!
  7. I'll have to see when I get there. We can meet up and then I can offer something then. I might want to do the display tables that will be set up.
  8. Thanks Gil! I actually have three buildings going now: the church, the Berlin House and a Train Station. None will be ready by the Nats but I am hoping to finish them all before years end.
  9. Excellent! That is fantastic as I now know you guys will put on a proper and excellent bid. I will look forward to seeing if you get it; I would love to be able to drive out to Vegas for this convention.
  10. I almost got that Revel 1/96 scale Saturn V kit since I completely despaired of anyone ever releasing it in 1/72 scale. Then; while searching for one to buy, I saw the Dragon 1/72 scale kit and got that one instead. Great looking model there man!
  11. What Gil said. I've used the Wal-Mart 96cent spray can of flat white on my white models like the Saturn V and Space Shuttle. I then clear coat it with gloss, then apply decals, Afterward I add another gloss coat or three and polish it with 8000 grit sanding pads.
  12. That is simply magnificent! Way to go! Thanks also for the heads up on that decal sheet.
  13. Wow! Amazing work! Way to go man!
  14. Well, here it is more than a month later and I finally had time to actually work on something; thanks to Hobby Day Weekend. Here's my latest. I tried getting further along on several models, starting with the Russian glider. I managed to get it sanded down now, eliminating a lot of seams and issues: I got the wings and wheels on this bird now: Later I added more Mr. Surfacer to the wing roots and sanded it down. This bird is ready for paint now. After that, I decided to get caught up on some armor. The MAN Pershing tractor-trailer was advanced a bit when I got the missile cradle done on the trailer: The missile is removable for painting. I also completed all the assembly on the tractor. This is now ready for paint: This is looking good so far: Now I wanted to advance my BMP-3 Early a little more. I finished up the wheels, sprockets and tracks as well as the interior: Then I completed most of the upper hull and snapped it down on top, then added the turret to see how it looks: Almost there... After this, I decided the M-1114 Humvee languished long enough. I pushed ahead on this one, finishing the main body and part of the roof: After dry fitting the roof, I saw where other issues were going to happen: Yeah, that's back on the box for now... Moving on, I got the wheels and sprockets on the Nagmachon in preparation for the tracks: Afterward, I added the doghouse after installing the armored glass to it. I also 'primered' the wheels in preparation for the vinyl tracks as recommended so the vinyl doesn't melt the wheels: After this is gonna be a bunch of photo-etch and then some paint, some weathering, and then more photo-etch screens all over this. Fun times ahead! For a little break, I decided to work more on my 1/24 scale Coke truck. First, I had some ejector pin marks to fill: I don't know how much of that will be able to be seen, but I still want it looking good enough. Later I added the fenders to the main floor of this truck. The hood piece is only dry-fit to this: Time to wait on that again.... After this, I wanted something simple, easy and fun. So, remember that Bobcat kit of the airfield support vehicles I got? I pulled that out and got the vehicles all built. They are snap together so I can disassemble them as needed to paint details. For now though, I just played! Here's the Fire Truck: Later I realized that the hose nozzle was not attached to the roof so I drilled the hole and added it. Here's the Fuel truck: Yes, there is glass for the windows; I just left it off for painting purposes. Here are the two together, you can see the nozzle on the roof of the fire truck now: After that was the baggage handling tractor and trailer with the generator trailer: Here's the full set all together: BTW, there's figures with this set too.... After all this, I decided it was time to move on and get my church built. Remember the cross I bought for this? Well, I decided to cement it directly to the original tiny cross so I could use the support for the new cross: Now this will fit well on the church: And it does look good! I like this very much: Later on I painted all the white trim around the windows, doors and ledges: Later I'll get the cornerstones and then try to figure out how to do the stone walls and roof. Well, that completes this small update. Maybe I'll be able to get more done later, but I'm thinking it might be another month! Regardless, enjoy the tour and thanks for looking in!
  15. What's up Paul B! Glad to see you here. Maybe you can someday come to an IPMS USA Nationals where we could meet in person!
  16. Man, she looks fast just sitting still on that runway! Superlative work man!
  17. Excellent information. One can never have too many tools and supplies for what we do. Thanks for posting this.
  18. Excellent information Brian. Thanks for posting this.
  19. Great news! I am looking forward to coming by this booth.
  20. Much better positioning. I like it. Once you get it closed up inside, I don't think the tubes will matter as you say. Looking forward to seeing more.
  21. Beautiful work! Man, that's a lot of stencils! Sensational work so far!
  22. Beautiful work so far. Keep it going man, it's great following another masterful build from you.
  23. How hilarious! What a scream! Fantastic job man, and thanks for posting this.
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