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  1. Depending on the engine; I'll assemble it first and then paint it using a fine brush to clarify the details I want to show. I also won't paint any part of it that won't be seen. The only time I do an entire engine is if I have it on a display stand to show it off.
  2. Stuart, I usually will paint the sub-assemblies first before installing them on the model; especially ones where it would be most difficult to get to after installation. Then the overall fuselage and wings will be masked and/or painted, depending on whether it's camouflaged or a solid overall color.
  3. Yeah, and the way I see it, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Just when I'm starting to get good at making my models look better than average; they take away that which I'd been using to make them look that good. Now my work will start looking like crap again until I find a new brand that works as well as Model Master has for so many decades.
  4. Wow! What a sensational effect! Thanks for that excellent tip. This is one stunner of a build!
  5. Wow! You did excellent on that ancient kit! I love it! Makes me want to go see if I have one in the stash. I have a bunch of old FROG kits in bags; I just don't remember what they are.
  6. Interesting. I've always used fishing weights but that does sound interesting. I know my mechanic uses them and I've picked up a few used ones off his parking lot but never used them before this. Now to find out where I put those. Hmmm.......
  7. In my case, I did a couple jobs in the beginning of this that allowed me to buy a number of kits that have been on my list for awhile. I also stocked up on some glues and paints as well as other supplies. Now with no money and no prospects of any future income for the foreseeable future; I am hunkering down in the Hobby Room and building what I have with what I have. That is, when my mental state allows me to. I am thrilled that I am able to make progress with all the extra time I have. For those who wish to see that progress, I posted my latest already.
  8. Despite recent issues in life, I managed to slowly get some progress worth showing. I'll start with the An-124. Okay, first off: Hallelujah! I found the second forward landing gear strut and promptly added the wheels to it: After that, I started to tape off the contact areas on the ends of the wings and tail surfaces. Horizontal stabilizers: Wings: And the fuselage: Now they are all ready for paint; at least in the masking department. Still, in order to paint the fuselage, I'll need to close up the nose. In ord
  9. I built the 1/48 scale Monogram F-106 and if I recall I had a round 1/4oz fishing weight in the nose, plus another one somewhere near the cockpit. It's been awhile though, so if you need to experiment, go for it.
  10. What an amazing and impressive conversion! You are an incredible modeler who did a magnificent masterpiece! Brilliant work!
  11. No worries. It might have been re-painted in OD at some point near the latter part of the war. My references weren't very clear on that. Hmmm, a small scale Rommel's Rod. Now that is an intriguing idea.....
  12. Wow that is sensational! I know all about your issues with the white. It always gets a nick, scratch or smudge that doesn't come out whenever I try to paint it. I've never been able to get the kind of white coat you did on this model.
  13. Most impressive job on that concept aircraft! It does look a bit ungainly, one wonders if it would have actually flown.
  14. Wow! stunning work! Those lights really enhance this tremendously!
  15. Thanks Bob. These are released by a company called ACE out of the Ukraine and are short run kits. They have also issued a number of other 'staff' cars that could easily be done as civilian cars. I'd say that I have probably built at least 53% of their complete line of vehicle models. Yes, I did a bit of hand painting on the chrome; I had tried to mask the sides of the lines but they did have a bit of bleed through. Interesting that the Prince Bernard car was in OD; the instruction sheet from the kit only mentioned it being in black. That is why I painted it a glossy black. The other car was al
  16. Excellent. I'm looking forward to seeing these models after you finish the house.
  17. I agree Bob! I love to open up an ancient kit now and then to build.; it is a great trip down Memory Lane while being an intriguing challenge to make look excellent!
  18. Beautiful job on that diorama! Very nice! Tony, that is hilarious! I love it! Gotta have fun on the job!
  19. While I haven't got that information, I'd still like to welcome you to these Forums. I know there's a few Marines here that could answer your question. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your work.
  20. Welcome Rene and son! I'm glad to see you join up. Even if it is a while before you can attend a show, you can still post pics of your work and your son's work here so we can all see. Sort of like a preview of what we'll all see at the next show. Meanwhile, feel free to look around and enjoy the magnificent work on these boards.
  21. Thank you David and you're welcome. Hopefully I'll have more to share soon.
  22. Here's my latest haul. One of my friends from SoCal AMPS was selling off some of his collection and so I decided to help him out by picking up these little deals: First is this Dragon M-4A3E8 Sherman: I picked it up only because I need only one of these stupid parts to finish my M-51 Isherman: Next I got these kits from Airfix, First and aircraft, the EE Lightning F.2A: And then more of these Japanese soldiers from Airfix as well. I need to keep replacing the ones lost in Banzai charges...
  23. Sweet!! Gotta love a lit up IP! Pilot looks great in there!
  24. Bertha is looking great in her multi-colored dress! Brilliant work Dave!
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