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  1. That's magnificent Dave! She's gorgeous!
  2. Wow, this is phenomenal! Your multi-hued metal skin is simply stunning! Way to go!
  3. Brilliant work! I love the platform, very nicely done!
  4. Welcome Roger! I'm glad to see you here. So, what do you like to build? I do hope you post some pics of your work, we all love looking at models. Meanwhile, look around and have some fun!
  5. Thanks Gil! I'm thrilled to see you're still watching my production. Stay tuned my friend; more to come.
  6. Beautiful scores Phil! I also have a 1/72 scale Millennium Falcon, but not the prefect grade. I also have the same Snake and Mongoose kit as well. Mine was signed by Tom McKewen too. You'e going to enjoy that Saturn V too. I sure did! I'm looking forward to seeing these started.
  7. Hey everyone! Happy New Year and welcome to the new Grand Opening of Maddog Manufacturing for 2021. Most of which I'm going to show right off is work I did just before heading out on vacation back in December. Since it didn't get posted then, I'll be showing it here. So, all aboard the tram and remember to keep hands and feet inside at all times. Enjoy the tour! To start with, these are my most active projects currently going on right now: A lot of the work you see here has already been chronicled, but just before I left, I did some airbrushing
  8. Okay, here is what i was able to pick up during my vacation to Florida. Some of this is stuff I got from my sister but most is what I got for myself. Then I also got something from my nephew that I'd been waiting for since August... Okay, here is what my sister got me: The clamps are actually small models you assemble and then can use... I like it! These are my scores that I got at John's Models in Pensacola. He is now the only hobby shop left in Northwest Florida since Bobe's Hobbies closed down. I was able to get these from John's:
  9. From what I hear, they are gone as well. Nothing Squadron did will be produced anymore.
  10. I love listening to these experiences from guys who did them. Way to go!
  11. Beautiful work Carlos! That rocks man! Talk about making a silk purse, you nailed that!
  12. Well done Jack! I am especially impressed with your metal finish! I can't get mine looking that good to save my life!
  13. Thank you Carlos! it was a oretty good year, despite a number if issues, LOL! Thanks Gil! I only supply to my own military forces! LOL! I've got enough now to be considered a medium sized country. I am having a blast here in Florida; I have already seen most of my nieces and nephews and even met one new grand nephew.
  14. Since I'll be on vacation in Florida until January 12th, I won't be working on anything until then so this is it. I only finished 33 this year, but that is what I get for starting five multi-engined aircraft that took so much of my time. Anyway, without further ado; from the beginning of the year till now, here they are: 1/72 scale Russian Troop Carrying Glider from WWII: Two 1/72 scale RS-8 GAZ 98K Aerosans by ACE: Modelcollect 1/72 scale Russian BMP-3 Early model APC: Zvezda 1/72 scale T-15 Armata APC: Zvezda 1/72 scale kit of the BMPT Te
  15. Nice job on the TLAMS, way to go. I hate when decals shatter like that too. I recommend Micro Scale Liquid Decal Film for decals like that. Overall, this still looks amazing.
  16. Beautiful work! You're doing an amazing job!
  17. Gil, thanks! I'm doing my best! Carlos you're probably right! We better contact the hotel and get extra tables... LOL!
  18. Thanks Carlos! That is the second Isuzu truck I've gotten. I'm not sure how I'll make it different from the previous one, but I'm sure the difference will be obvious. The previous one was built some forty-odd years ago.
  19. Well, despite numerous demands on my time, I still managed to get the following work done. Most of this happened at our recent limited Hobby Day; thank God we got to do that again! I had loads of time to move forward on a lot of my models. So, climb aboard the tram and lets get started! Remember to keep all hands and feet inside the tram at all times. Thank you. On with the tour.... Let's start with the aircraft line.... I pulled the A-400 down since I was tired of it sitting for so long. I added the landing gear inside the main landing gear sponsons and forward
  20. These are some recent gifts from a fellow modeler on another Forums. He sent them to me because he knew he would never build them, despite having them for many years. First is the old Hasegawa Japanese Fuel Truck: Next is the tiny 1/72 scale Harley sitting in front of the 1/35th scale Harley box: He sent that to me just in case I might want to try something in a larger scale. LOL! Since I'm building a 1/35th scale Patton, I'll build this too and try making a small vignette containing the two models. That's all I got for now.
  21. Stunning work! Man those details are out of this world!
  22. Wow! Magnificent job Gil! You are a Master with these difficult and unusual kits.
  23. Sweet! That looks amazingly like the movie versions. Brilliant job Kurt!
  24. Kurt, welcome to the Forums! I had also been building off and on since childhood too. I'm sure you have tons of stories and memories about your grandfathers; what a treasure that is! I look forward to seeing your work.
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