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  1. Wow! You're a braver man than I Gunga Din! Stunning work man, I can't wait to see more!
  2. That would rock! It's about time since nobody has ever done so before.
  3. No worries about selling the decals to the other guy. I have plenty to keep me occupied right now. Nice scores man! Way to go, there's some nice aircraft in that haul. And yes, I do need the Pershings and Pattons in my Marine Corps; now if only someone would printed decals for them in my scale I'd be able to rectify that.
  4. This is sad to hear. May he rest in peace and may his family find strength in the face of this loss. I'll be praying for them.
  5. Sweet decals Carlos! Personally I'd love to get a set of the Marine Corps M-26 Pershing decals in my scale. I've been needing to do an M-26, M-46 and M-48 for my Marine Corps. As for the price of the decals, I don't know what they are normally going for, but give me your best price.
  6. Cool! I like that idea! Then again, they would have to either send out the old convention decal set since nobody attended to receive it; distribute the old one in Omaha, or put them up for sale somewhere so people could use them before the San Marcos Nationals. Something to think about.....
  7. Thank you Carlos! I'm thrilled it is done as well. I appreciate the compliments as well. As for where it's gonna go, I have a spot on the ceiling for it... if I can get to it sometime soon. Thank you Gil! It is huge! It certainly did turn some heads in Vegas indeed.
  8. Welcome Steve! Glad to see you here as well. This will be a thrill seeing your work here. Kick back, relax and enjoy!
  9. Thanks Jim! I appreciate the compliment! I wish we could have run into each other as well. There were so many people there that I didn't meet up with and it was a bit frustrating since I wanted to see so many people. Glad you enjoyed the Nationals and my models.
  10. It took me awhile, but I finally got some finished pics of my 1/72 scale Modelsvit An-124 "Ruslan" aka NATO code name: Condor. I took these on the concrete sidewalk beneath my balcony stairs. I also placed a model of a 1/72 scale Russian T-80 tank next to it for size reference. It was the easiest thing I could pull from my storage tub holding my Russian vehicles. For your perusal gentlemen.... It isn't the best shape it could be in, but it is done. I will possibly work on improving things a bit more later on and might shoot some updated pics then. For now, this bird is done and will be finding a spot on my ceiling soon. Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.
  11. Beautiful job Gil! I have one of these in the stash right now. (actually two; one is Japanese) Once I finish some of my other multi-engine aircraft, I'll have to try and build one of these. I hope your co-worker enjoys it. Way to go Gil!
  12. Another Nationals is in the books and I myself broke another personal Milestone. At the Las Vegas Nationals, I took two awards for the first time ever at a Nationals for me. Here they are: Third place: 1/700 Scale Ships, Commercial OOB That is my 1/700 scale Japanese Fleet Oiler Erimo. Third place, OOB Sci-fi and Real Space: That is the 1/72 scale Mercury Redstone rocket... again. It's funny, I always thought I did better on the Atlas, but this one is the one that keeps beating it. Thanks again guys!
  13. I can't help with any information, but I will be following this build; I always loved these skinny, sleek snakes!
  14. Cool! It was a thrill to spend time with you as well Phil! Thank you also for posting the pics of my collection for me. I finally did get to check it out and see the comments that were left. I was really hoping Mike Moore could've made it; I really wanted him to see how it had grown since Chattanooga. Congrats on your pretty sizable haul as well.
  15. No worries about the decals Carlos, if the other guy is willing to pay for them, by all means, he deserves them. I don't even know when I'd be able to use them with all I have planned to build in the near future. I've been taking the past couple days to catalog and photograph my haul from the Nationals in Las Vegas. Now I'm done. Here they are... Let's start with my raffle prizes... Metallic paints: Some tools donated by Rhino's Hobby Tools: USS Olympia: Focke Wulf Fw-200 Transport. Different from the bomber version: Revell SS United States. I've wanted this for decades: Tamiya Vosper Torpedo Boat: Lastly, some of these were raffle prizes, (three) the rest were purchases: I also won five other raffle prizes, but one prize I let a little girl pick for herself and four others (including three mega prizes) I let my friend Steve Witherspoon pick for himself. One of the mega prizes he got was a 1/350 scale Fletcher Class destroyer that he'd been trying to find for the past five or six years. I'm glad he got it! Now these are my purchases. Scale Colors washes and thinner from my friend Jeff Herne who sells these and acrylic paints: Tamiya glue, Tamiya putty, Testor's Model Master paints, and Testor's spray on decal film. I had the rock in the background already: I purchased a "Mediocre Modeler" T-Shirt from Andy's Hobby Headquarters and got this cutting mat for free: I got these HQ-72 bases and accessories from Steve Munsen at his Value Gear booth, along with about ten of the packages of Value Gear stowage seen above: width="800px" height="1424px"https://modelersalliance.org/galleries/accessories-hq72-2021-nats-jpg.126750/full[/IMG] Since I have at least eight 1/72 scale UH-1 helicopters missing tail rotors, I bought these replacements: If they'd had more, I would have gotten them since I have at least four more to replace tail rotors on... I purchased both of these because I was to graft the Russian carrier's parts to the Graf Zeppelin to create a "what-if" Russian carrier: These are some brand new 3-D printed resin WWI-era vehicles done by a new guy named Jose Vargas. He does them in 1/72 scale (which I have here) as well as in 1/48 scale and 1/35th scale: Bought this because the original Duck I started is missing so many pieces. This one might also be missing pieces too since I found some that fell out of the end-opening box: I just hope this one has all the missing pieces from the original kit I started! Got this from Rare Plane Detective: It's a heavy chunk of plaster! I have the early, so now I have the Late: Just had top have another Trimotor: I love the "Southern Cross" on this! Found this at one of the booths. Been trying to buy this for a couple years! Finally I have one: Now I can cancel the one that's been "sitting" in my Hobbylink Japan Private Warehouse for two years! Never had a Marine AV-8B in my collection. Now I can rectify that: Saw this and realized that I didn't have a Soviet one in my collection: Back in the distant past I had built the USS Forrestal and the USS Saratoga in the 1950's fit when Revell first released them. I'd always wanted to complete the class by getting the USS Independence and the USS Ranger. Now I can: USS Independence: USS Ranger: Oh to enjoy the childhood memories again! These latest armor will also be added to the collection eventually: UM Su-100. I'll be adding this to my Egyptian Army: I know I just built these, but I want to make this Chieftain an Iranian one: These two were at the top of my list to get as well: Next was this Italian battleship Vittorio Veneto. I already have the Roma, so I had to get this. The Italians really built them pretty: Finally, another purchase from Rare Plane Detective. I already have the Tu-142 Bear, but I've always wanted the Tu-95 Bear. Now I have one: To be honest, I also picked up a hardcover book about C-130 Hercules and a couple airbrushes, but they seem to have been lost in transit or something. I think I had left them in the model room when it was closed so I hope someone is holding them for me. One of the airbrushes was for a friend. Oh well. Anyway, that is my Haul from Las Vegas. Thanks all for looking in.
  16. Oh man, my eyes are hurting just looking at that stuff! Way to go man! I bow in the presence of greatness!!
  17. I do remember the Microscale ones; we carried them in Prestige Hobbies.
  18. Joe this is good information. I was also planning to use the colors mentioned by Gil when I do mine. I did manage to get an interior Russian color when I acquired a collection of Testor's Model Master enamels from a modeler who had passed away. I'm saving that for my two Bears too. I'm looking forward to seeing yours done.
  19. Excellent work! The realism is exceptional.
  20. Gil, you DA MAN!! that is another brilliant masterpiece from your workbench!
  21. Welcome back to the Hobby and welcome to these Forums. Hope to meet you in person someday.
  22. I offer prayers for his family in this difficult time. May he rest in peace.
  23. I love it Ron! Way to go!
  24. I love it! Wow, you got some mad skills there building these tiny things!
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