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  1. Beautifully done! That really looks awesome! I agree, brilliant idea adding some weight to this to improve the 'sit'.
  2. Yeah, I'm glad I never fell into that trap of trying to get every possible aftermarket set to 'accurize' everything. I kust revel in the thrill of building ... and finishing... models! Nice flight of Swallows David! I love 'em!
  3. Thanks Phil. The differences are exceedingly minor; I think the biggest ones are the weapons station on top. Some other minor external details too, but I won't know completely until I build them. Yes, the Type B comes with the troops and even a 120mm mortar and gunner in the kit. That is most of the reason I picked it up.
  4. I did a small job and after filling the tank with gas, I had enough to buy these two so I did Both of these are Aoshima and in 1/72 scale:
  5. I got mine at least a week ago on the Left Coast. Great article on Bruce!
  6. Wow, you just keep bringing up such awesome memories of building these same kits when I was a kid! Sweet! Both of them look great! Keep these vintage kits coming man!
  7. I agree about having enough cash to make change; that is extremely important! The shopping bags is also a huge bonus for us buyers, especially if multiple kits are bought from your table.
  8. Ron that is sensational! Who cares about inaccuracies? From the looks of things you had a blast building and painting this and that is what matters the most! I love seeing old models like this being built as the makers intended. Way to go Ron!
  9. Sweet! I built the ancient Revell kit with the retractable landing gear back in the day. I love that kit and I love that plane! Beautiful work so far, keep it coming!
  10. This is definitely going to be interesting. It's already looking pretty good. I also like those early style markings.
  11. Oh that is simply awesome! What an incredible story and commemoration of those who helped civilians out during that time.
  12. Magnificent pic! I used to live near Eglin AFB back in my youth while my father was stationed at Hurlburt Field. Love seeing aircraft from that base.
  13. No worries. That is what makes it a special nostalgic build. I do the same thing. Yes Dennis, that is a Czech squadron plane.
  14. Excellent job David and I agree; those earlier nostalgic models are always a thrill to build.
  15. David brings up some excellent and important points. Definitely have clearly marked prices on the merchandise. One assistant is almost mandatory, having a second one also helps reduce the pressure, especially on a show that is expected to be super busy. Once again, those assistants should be knowledgeable about any price adjustments you'll allow. On other thing; if it is allowed, bring in some water and or snacks to munch on in the event it is too busy to get out and get lunch. Especially the water and/or other drinks to help cut dry throat from all the talking and negotiating you'
  16. LOL! Thanks Gil! Yeah, I don't know how accurate they are too, but boy do they make that bus look great! It's another weekend and time to open the manufacturing plant for another tour to show the latest progress Thanks to Hobby Day, I was able to get a lot done. First things first, let's visit the hanger where I managed to finally sand the nose of the A-400 into something resembling "close enough": The shape is still a bit off, but it seems beyond my capabilities to get right. It can only really be seen from certain angles. Screw it! I'm tired of messing with this
  17. Okay, here's my latest acquisitions, all from the San Diego show. First are my two raffle prizes. I got these for putting my tickets in the Miscellaneous box, hoping to get a ship or two. Instead, I got these: Those were taped together back-to-back. Good backups for me. Next were these True Color Paints: I don't expect to be using these as they are colors for cars as you can see here: Maybe someday I'll find something to use them on. However, I'll happily sell them to anyone who wants to shoot them on their cars. I stil
  18. Hmm, he's got some interesting stuff there indeed. Prices are a bit high for me, but I will still keep him bookmarked for the future. Thanks for the link.
  19. Don't I know it! I believe I built every single Matchbox armor model in that scale. Still have them all too.
  20. I agree about the F-4 Phantom. Looks like a bulldog sitting there on the tarmac. I've heard a number of people call the 'chief ugly, but I always say that it's a gorgeous plane. There's nothing better than watching this on an attack run against some target. Back in the '80's, I worked with a Thunderchief Wild Weasel pilot at a local Wal-Mart in Florida. Wish I'd had the chance to talk with him a lot more.
  21. Looking fantastic Jim! Way to go on your assembly line building; it's one way to maintain consistency. You're doing a masterful job!
  22. I thought I had commented on this. Brilliant work man! I do love the foil on that. On my 1/72 scale Saturn V rocket, I used gold foil for my LEM that went inside the rocket. I found it quite easy to work with for me. After all, I wanted a more realistic look just like the one you achieved here,
  23. Hence: it's so ugly it's Gorgeous! I love that plane with it brutal aggressive look!
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