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  1. Noel, I don't believe so. I've never heard of anyone getting paid for their articles.
  2. I'm not sure if I've seen any of his vids. I'll have to go check him out.
  3. Yeah, I might have to start a collection of these egg/toon models. I already have one built and another one in the stash.
  4. Brilliant fix! That cable trough replacement panel looks like it was molded right in. Exceptional work David!
  5. Wow, brilliant work John! You really did exceptional work on this toon; making it look very toon!
  6. Welcome John! This is a great place to be. Please feel free to post any pics of your work, we love looking at models here. Also, be generous with any questions you have, everyone here would be thrilled to help you though a roadblock. So, what do you prefer to build? How long have you been building? Have you looked into or joined any of the local clubs in Tennessee? The Chattanooga guys just put on a magnificent Nationals in August.
  7. Thanks for the awesome compliments guys! Michael, I agree; they sure were lazy back then when it came to determining the shape and dimensions of this model. I appreciate very much your great compliment. Christopher, thanks! I am happy with the final result, despite having a warped fuselage half.
  8. At least for now Gil. Thanks for posting and for the compliment!
  9. Thanks Bryan! I appreciate your compliments, especially given that your father served in one of these batteries. I was just saying on another Forums that I should have shot that turret with a sentry or something to show scale. Gonna look into that. Ron, you might be right. If I do have 1000 armor built by the Vegas Nationals; I will look into that. I don't know how I could incorporate that turret in a diorama, but a vignette could work. I do agree it needs to be on some kind of landscaped base.
  10. Thanks Gil! I actually tried the base both ways and this one held the plane better. Thanks again for the compliment!
  11. It ain't much but I did finish a couple models in October here. It sure felt good too! First is my Modelcollect 1/72 scale NATO MAN Tractor with Pershing II missile that I built as a tribute to my departed friend George Creed: This next finished model is not a vehicle at all, but it is armored; quite heavily in fact. This is the Modelcollect 1/72 scale Austratt turret on Ostwind Fjord: That's all I have finished for now. Thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.
  12. At my most recent AMPS meeting we had our annual Four Hour Build Challenge. In this challenge, everyone picks a model they think they can get done in four hours. Hair dryers were provided to speed the drying of paint in order to facilitate things. Any model any scale was allowed, so I chose an ancient blister-packed kit of the Airfix P-51D Mustang. This is the very ancient model that barely resembles a P-51, had no cockpit interior, the decals were quite yellow and it was extremely basic in construction. After three hours and ten minutes, I had this finished: It does look like a child did it, and it has tons of flaws, but it was done in three hours which makes me quite happy. I like it. Thanks for looking in.
  13. Wow, after a considerable time, I finally managed to get back to the workbench. Here's my latest progress on several models. I'll start with the church. Since I was putting a brown wash on the Austratt turret base, I also experimented with it on the side of the church building: Later on I'll drybrush some lighter grey over that to see how it looks. Speaking of the Austratt turret, here is the base with the brown wash on it. It can barely be seen in these pics but I assure you it is there and visible: I had also tried a dot filter on the sides of the turret as well, but it is not very visible here either: Later on I glossed this turret, then did a brown wash on the rivets, protrusions and seams and then dull coated this: Again, not very visible in these pics; all the effects can be seen better in person. After all this, I've declared this beastie done. Moving on, I experimented again with a dark earth drybrush on a portion of the church roof. The left side is not drybrushed, the right side is: That drybrush was done over a base coat of Oily Black paint on the tiles. Continuing on with ground elements, I was able to move forward on my George Creed Tribute Build for my friend. I first shot a modulation of a lighter green over the cab, trailer and missile: The missile was also drybrushed at this time. After that, just for fun I fitted the missile onto the trailer to see how it looks: I then detail painted the tractor portion with some Oily Black on the chassis and suspension as well as finished off the painting on other parts: That chassis and suspension later got a dry brush of steel over it. After that it got glossed for a wash. There seemed to be no markings on this tractor; at least the instructions didn't show any which I thought as odd, but I moved on. I wanted this done so I glossed the trailer and the missile and added the decals to both of them: Here is the missile and trailer all dullcoated after the decals had dried: My George Creed Tribute Build is finally done. After this I also moved ahead on my Israeli Nagmachon. There was a lot to before the photo etch went on. First off, I painted the photo etch. Then I glossed the model and added the decals plus a medium brown wash: Next came the dull coat and drybrush of a light sand over the details, as well as the painting of the machine guns: Finally the tracks and last side skirts were installed. This one is ready for the photo etch screens: And finally, I did manage to get some progress done on one of my aircraft. The Israeli Sufa needed more seams and gaps filled so I added some more Mr. Surfacer 500 to them: After some sanding and repainting, it looks much better. It still ain't perfect, but I'm far more happy with this: Next up will be the other two camouflage colors. And that completes my progress for this month so far. Hopefully I can finish that Nagmachon and Sufa this week. Thanks all for looking in, comments are most welcome.
  14. Well, after a successful Orangecon and a fun Mini Wars convention, I managed to pic up a few new kits. First off at Mini Wars, I picked up these two helicopters: I plan on making one German and then making the other one a US army troop carrier. I might even try to add door guns to this if I can find the M-60 machine guns I have somewhere.... At Orangecon, someone left this behind and since I found it, they gave it to me: Now to figure out what to display on it.... I also found this to purchase: Finally, these are the two raffle prizes I picked up at Orangecon: This was one of seven Grand Prizes: That's all I have for now. Time to head back to the manufacturing plant....
  15. Brilliant work man! I have two E-2C's in progress; maybe it's time to pull them out and finish them! I love seeing this conversion to the E-2D.
  16. I'll try to look and see what vehicles are located at those forts. Please; if you do some armor decals/markings, please do them in both 1/35th an 1/72 scale! At one convention they had a great set of M1A1 Abrams decals that I wanted to use, but they were only in 1/35th scale so I was unable to make that tank.
  17. Excellent information Ron! Thank you!
  18. Those are some stunning models! What a thrill being able to add such incredible work to a museum for so many people to see.
  19. Beautiful job Ron! I envy you getting such a clean coat of white on your model. I cannot keep my white pure and clean to save my life! Way to go Ron!
  20. Beautiful work man! Fantastic display of Naval Aircraft as well.
  21. There's no reason those markings couldn't be done in both 1/144 and 1/72 scale, considering the number of DC-3's in 1/72 scale out there. I believe there's evben a few 1/48 scale ones too so that marking size could also be considered. Ed had offered an excellent idea.
  22. I would like to see some of these in 1/72 scale too. I have a 1/72 scale DC-9 as well as another 737 in 1/72 scale that could use some good Texas airliner decals.
  23. No worries. Take your time as family comes first. I can wait.
  24. Wow, are all 5000 built by him? He's definitely an amazing person! Congrats to him for his massive collection.
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