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  1. "Future" re-branded (again!)

    If they wanted to "revive it" why didn't they just call it Future Floor Wax.
  2. 1/48 P-47D Razorback engine question

    Let's try to stay on subject guys. I know it's easy to stray off. Been there done that.
  3. Model Cars Magazine? Will it Survive?

    I wouldn't say that just yet with the US becoming the largest shale oil producer in the world. I agree world oil prices are volatile depending on the political climate, but let's all hope for stability from the shale oil folks to keep prices steady. You're right about prices. They are set only to go higher.
  4. Model Cars Magazine? Will it Survive?

    ...or be content to work on whittling down the stash we all have. Now that sounds like a plan! I have no shortage of Flagship Models ironclad kits and cannons to build, along with my stash in the closet. No doubt enough to last till I die and then some.
  5. Model Cars Magazine? Will it Survive?

    I agree with you Robin although the market (high end, low end) is driven by those who buy the kits. For the high prices, blame big oil and the big kit manufacturers. Kit prices (plastic, resin, metal cast) went though roof a year or so back due to the high oil prices. Now there's a glut of oil out there and it's dirt cheap, but have you seen the kit prices drop?
  6. XSL-01 Moon Ship Glider

    Nice work. I just love sci-fi stuff, but I'm just too busy with new subjects for Flagship to build them. I have a Planet Express ship I promised to complete in the near future, though I've been saying that since I bought it.
  7. I know what you mean. I have already requested a hard copy paint chip listing, but I haven't heard back from them yet. Either way, I need to move away from MM and these guys sound like the most promising company so far. If I can't get a hard copy paint chip set, I'll probably start off with just a few basic colors I use a lot of and build my stock from there. I realize it's an investment to have the paint chip brochures created, but they have chips made for themselves before going into production, so while they're at it, why not print up a bunch of them? Of course I don't exactly how the model paint biz works, so maybe it's unrealistic to expect.
  8. Pretty exciting line of ENAMELS! They mix with good ol' lacquer thinner and normal thinners too. On other words, no proprietorial thinners to buy! Reasonably priced too. I hope they can send me some hard copy paint chips.
  9. november/december issue of juronal

    Ronald, It's not too hard to understand the printer being backed up at times. They have only so many machines, that print only so fast, regardless who is running them. Not to mention IPMS/USA is not the only (rather small) client the printers are serving. Moreover, bulk mail is notoriously slow by PO standards and the holiday rush I'm sure didn't help. I'm not making excuses for anyone. Just remember that this is a hobby for everyone involved (except the printer and the PO). And yeah, I realize you and I pay for the Journal, and have the right to expect timely delivery, but like Nick says, most everyone involved is a volunteer and if this is the worst disappointment you experience in 2018, you're doing pretty well. :smiley16:
  10. Correct RGronovius. Many kits provide extra parts that don't pertain to the kit to be included with future planned kits by manufacturers.
  11. Those spacecraft look tempting. After seeing your last WIP, I may have to start collecting these.
  12. Question Re. Testors Decal Making Kit

    I have Photoshop CS6 and an OLD version of Photoshop Elements v2. Elements works great for decals as it's basically Photoshop without all the bells and whistles. I agree about Photoshop. Adobe is PARANOID someone is going to pirate their programs, so they are constantly issuing updates, upgrades, requirements, and asking for my product id number to verify program legitimacy. The cloud thing is just another anti-pirate precaution.
  13. Question Re. Testors Decal Making Kit

    One last thing to note about making your own decals. Once you are happy with your print, be sure to coat the sheet with a clear top coat. I use good ol' Krylon clear I get at Westlake Hardware. It does a good job sealing the colors to the white decal paper and will protect the decal from damage or scratches during application.