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  1. Gil is correct about watching the amount of moisture you use. To prevent cracks, apply it in rather thin layers. Make CERTAIN the Celluclay is COMPLETELY DRY before adding further layers. If you apply layers too thick, it will take some time to completely dry. If cracks occur, you can fill them in with Celluclay before continuing. JUST MAKE SURE THE CELLUCLAY IS DRY BEFORE CONTINUING!!
  2. Welcome to building resin kits! Unfortunately, there isn't any fast or easy way to remove flash which is the biggest gripe against resin kits. I would recommend using an Xacto knife with no. 11 blade to remove the larger chunks of flash, then move to jeweler's files to clean up the final configuration.
  3. I love all those off-the-wall oddball subjects. Very nice!
  4. I agree, and to give credit where credit is due, that is as good as the NCC can come up with considering so many variations and new kits coming to market. I would suggest emailing the appropriate head judge or the Chief Judge (nationals or regional contest) for a more definitive answer.
  5. Download the national rules from the web site and look under III. SPECIAL CATEGORIES (pg 3). Your questions will be answered.
  6. Regardless what you may have heard, photo etched parts put out by manufacturers are REQUIRED by EPA regs to thoroughly clean the parts before they leave the factory. That's just one reason why PE parts are so expensive. I can only assume the same goes for imported parts as well. In other words, all photo etched parts are ready for painting or soldering right from the factory.
  7. The only logical decision you could make. Good luck next year!
  8. You may consider this. https://flagshipmodels.com/collections/how-to-cds-and-photo-albums/products/how-to-cd-working-with-photo-etched-parts-by-rusty-white-11-pgs
  9. Has anyone ever determined exactly what the scale was of this kit?
  10. FWIW, Flagship Models' business has increased roughly 25% since the pandemic began. I attribute it to more folks staying home.
  11. Welcome! Just a word of caution. The Corona virus has done real damage to the contest schedule. Check the current IPMS/USA calendar carefully before making plans to attend. 🙂
  12. Those OLD dinosaur kits don't look bad when painted up properly. Nice job!
  13. Final revisions have been made to the photo etch sheet and are currently at the etcher. Metal parts have been cast and are here, as well as wood masts, and yards. The instructions are nearing completion and I am now ready to begin making molds. It won't be long now.
  14. From one who knows. Hospice is a wonderful service for the chronically ill and their families. God's speed to Bill and his survivors.
  15. I don't know, and I'm sure there many modelers out there in the same state of confusion as I. Just an official statement from either the host chapter or the E-board would be nice.
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