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  1. Nick, I am not the only moderator here. I can't read/moderate everything, on every forum, so I must rely on my fellow moderators to help out. Sorry if you're feeling I'm picking on you. I promise you I'm not. I can only answer for what I see. And yes, I have made mistakes or just missed things in the past and unfortunately will do so again. For that leniency I apologize, but not for enforcing the rules. I have chosen in the past, to give everyone a little leniency with the rules for the sake of debate, but apparently you are calling me on the carpet for that. So, in the future I will call it when I see it. I'm not looking for respect or anything else here. I'm just doing my job as best I can. All I ask from everyone, is common courtesy so we can all enjoy your and Dave's comments and lively debates.
  2. Nick, The last paragraph was completely unnecessary and is trolling which violates the forum rules. Have you read the rules? Please do so. Trolling will not be tolerated. That goes for everyone. Play nice fellas.
  3. " That is a moo opinion. What a cow thinks doesn't matter.😁 " I know it wasn't intended as such, but I want to stop this NOW before it goes any further. And yes, I am aware of who started it, and Nick's comment is trolling and isn't allowed either. Stop this now or I will shut down the thread. Let's play nice everyone.
  4. " Would a Lindberg Ju-88 stand a chance against a modern version? " Absolutely! The models are all judged by the same "basics" criteria. An older, less detailed model would be far less likely to have errors than a far more detailed and complicated model. The skill of the modeler will always win out in the end, which is the purpose of OOB. And don't give me that; "What if they were both perfect" stuff, because everyone knows that ain't gonna happen.
  5. Forgive my ignorance as I am a ship builder. Are the fins on the exhaust pipe cooling fins? Fine model there.
  6. My 2 cents on the issue, and that's all it's worth. My most optimistic guess for implementation of an open judging system IMHO would be six to eight years. That is IF a majority of the membership want a change, and that is a big IF. Two years hard work by a committee to write up a formal proposal for the system and present it to the membership and E-board. One year to take suggestions and proposed changes. Three years to educate the membership, try it out at regionals, make proposed changes, train judges, and test the awards ceremony. One year to build a computer database and adopt a new record keeping system for the award tabulators while more regional trials continue and changes made. One year to educate the judges and membership. After all this (and I'm sure I overlooked many things here) the E-board will still need to offer a guaranteed profit to any clubs bidding on the convention the system will be used at the first nats to encourage bidding. And that's just the beginning. Fred is right. Many of us may not be around to see the new system implemented and it will cost the Society some bucks to get done, but I hope we are all considering the future of the Society.
  7. Don't worry. I'm watchin'. And yes, before this gets hotter I suggest everyone think carefully (and read the rules) before posting.
  8. There never was a "this". I have stated many times that the survey was just that. A survey. I noticed that the last survey was taken five years ago, and I figured it was time to take another so the E-board would know the current membership feeling on the matter. If I'm still around come 2024, I'll request another survey be done. If anything is in the works, I haven't heard anything about it. Like DAK says, any change to the judging at the national would take years and I doubt that any previously selected event would be required to use any new system. I have made it no secret that I personally support moving to open judging. Having said all that, an accurate survey showing a majority of the membership in favor of open judging would be the first step in the process of getting it done. I have yet to even hear what the results of the survey are. I can only assume it will be published along with official results of the election.
  9. " C'mon, you know some guys who really want to win will just enter down below their skill level. " Obviously, some sort of record would need to kept, but it would be simple to do. I.e. once one has placed "first" a set number of times at each level, a mandatory upgrade to the next level would be required until they reached the master level. It would be easy to police as judges and modelers are a close group. Someone will eventually expose anyone violating the rule.
  10. " wrecked his DeLorean at high speed " From what I have read about them, DeLorean and high speed were not synonymous. 😀
  11. As an ex head judge, I too was surprised how many times I noticed miss-aligned masts on ship and in particular submarines at a national competition. One would think such a "basic" mistake would not be made at the national level.
  12. I picked up some great brushes and a loupe magnifier from our Japanese friends along weathering pencils from the AK folks. EXCELLENT show! 👍
  13. Too bad. I've used MM for over twenty years. I hope some US based company picks up the line up.
  14. Well said David! 👍 Some time ago I tried my shot at running for President, but lost. 😭 You're right. The only way things will change is to have an E-board that shares common goals. My (losing) strategy at the time was to have two folks run with me to hopefully get elected. Unfortunately, the membership seems to be happy with the "If the house isn't on fire, and the Journals get to us on time, let's keep the status quo." Hopefully a group of like minded folks with similar goals will run and affect real change. Good luck.
  15. Gil, I completely agree with everything you said (or simply put out in a "survey"). Believe me, I sympathize. After about a year of work, my MAP program was hybridized into the program we have now with others recognized for it. However, the first rung of the ladder that MUST be scaled is; "does the membership prefer open judging above 1,2,3?" Until we have that statistic to back us up, the E-board is never going to support change. I hope Jaxcon reaches 1000 models next year which will only encourage the E-board to support change. I hope it happens soon. 😉
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