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  1. It never occurred to me that those patterns were supposed to be feathers, even in the cleaner looking box art. I love the history behind stuff like this. The history of naval camouflage patterns in the second world war is absolutely fascinating.
  2. I am far more interested in the developmental history of that camouflage scheme! Where and how on Earth did they come with that design??
  3. Excellent! This was the only area of the Nats convention in '03 where I as Chairman fell short IMO. It's great to see you guys have everything well in hand.
  4. Why the yellowing over time

    I had the same thing occur on a 1/72 scale B-70 vac form. I put so much time into that model, it made me tear up when I noticed the yellowing. I tend to think it is the Testor clear coat I used. Maybe I applied too many coats.
  5. Is this a chance to revitalize the hobby?

    I must admit that looks pretty cool!
  6. Naked Ladies

    FWIW, I wouldn't censor that. The webmaster may have different ideas though.
  7. Naked Ladies

    I think you have the right attitude.
  8. Displaying

    Watch your newspapers for stores going bankrupt or closing. All stores have display cases. Even if they aren't selling them ask a salesperson. You'll be surprised what they will sell to pay the bills. I picked a beauty of lighted commercial display case from a bankrupt jeweler. Used furniture stores (where do you think they get them?) and your local Craigslist have them as well, but you'll need to keep an eye out.
  9. Naked Ladies

    Gil, If you will read my post, I noted that historical accurate artwork should be exempt, . It's my job as a moderator to enforce the forum guidelines set down by the webmaster.
  10. Naked Ladies

    If you're talented using Photoshop, you could go ahead with the naked lady, then replace it in your submitted photo with content acceptable to the guidelines. Just suggesting.
  11. Naked Ladies

    Personally, I have always felt historically accurate artwork should be exempt, but I'm not the boss here. This is what's posted in the forum guidelines concerning questionable models and images. So as a moderator, I am required to enforce the forum guidelines. If you are still concerned, I would suggest sending a copy of the photo to the web master. " Because Junior members can and do access these forums, adult-oriented or content inappropriate for youngsters should be restricted to the "Bull Pen" forum or not at all. Outside the Bull Pen, content should be G or PG-rated. "
  12. Is this a chance to revitalize the hobby?

    Wandering off topic a bit, but I really enjoy jumping to sci-fi to take a break from the technical accuracy of real world military subjects.
  13. Is this a chance to revitalize the hobby?

    Well said Gil. Wood ship modeling as an example, has been around since the Pharaohs ruled, and still lives on today. Modeling as WE know it, will not die, though it may shrink to a smaller membership. I'll stick with the hobby I have grown to love and let the chips fall where they may.
  14. Shark Man

    EXCELLENT! Makes me want to see the rest of this guy.
  15. Another Useful iPhone App for Modelers is …

    A while back, a group I was with got tossed out of an airshow when someone in our group was actually caught peeling paint from a WW-2 fighter. This app sure would have come in handy back then. We didn't invite him to airshows anymore after that.