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  1. Yup. That was a lot of words and effort to say; "I don't agree". 😁
  2. Exactly my thought too. One answer we have gleaned from the survey is that interest in G/S/B has increased since the last survey 5 years ago. We need to continue doing the survey every few years to monitor the membership's feeling on the subject.
  3. For those of you who don't know, the official survey conducted by IPMS/USA to determine membership's preference of judging systems at the nationals is in. The results are 238 For G/S/B and 236 for 1/2/3. To say the least, this comes as a surprise to me. Not so much that GSB won, but that the vote was so close. I was anticipating 1,2,3 winning, but as they say, the membership has spoken! The preference for GSB probably won't generate significant change right off the bat, but it will certainly cause a LOT of talk by the NCC and the E-board and will go on record as the most accurate survey ever taken by IPMS/USA. Hopefully the E-board and NCC will now seriously discuss and consider any future proposals for a GSB system at the national model contest.
  4. Richard, Thanks for clearing this up. I too was somewhat doubtful as to the legitimacy of the announcement, so I added "to take the announcement with a grain of salt" when I forwarded it.
  5. The Enterprise is quite a large and complicated subject. As you say; it is what it is. I sell a full line up of "how to" modeling cds for the ship enthusiast. Check them out here: https://flagshipmodels.com/ They cover just about everything related to ship modeling.
  6. So I can only suppose the 'ol Mig with American markings as seen in many photos considered "hypothetical"? I see no difference between the two photos. Just curious.
  7. List your request in the aircraft forum and on Hyperscale aircraft form.
  8. Great looking bust. I have the "crab head" I did many moons ago. I actually got a second place at the nats with it. To this day, The Thing (1985) is one the best sci fi movies ever!
  9. Nick, I am not the only moderator here. I can't read/moderate everything, on every forum, so I must rely on my fellow moderators to help out. Sorry if you're feeling I'm picking on you. I promise you I'm not. I can only answer for what I see. And yes, I have made mistakes or just missed things in the past and unfortunately will do so again. For that leniency I apologize, but not for enforcing the rules. I have chosen in the past, to give everyone a little leniency with the rules for the sake of debate, but apparently you are calling me on the carpet for that. So, in the future I will call it when I see it. I'm not looking for respect or anything else here. I'm just doing my job as best I can. All I ask from everyone, is common courtesy so we can all enjoy your and Dave's comments and lively debates.
  10. Nick, The last paragraph was completely unnecessary and is trolling which violates the forum rules. Have you read the rules? Please do so. Trolling will not be tolerated. That goes for everyone. Play nice fellas.
  11. " That is a moo opinion. What a cow thinks doesn't matter.😁 " I know it wasn't intended as such, but I want to stop this NOW before it goes any further. And yes, I am aware of who started it, and Nick's comment is trolling and isn't allowed either. Stop this now or I will shut down the thread. Let's play nice everyone.
  12. " Would a Lindberg Ju-88 stand a chance against a modern version? " Absolutely! The models are all judged by the same "basics" criteria. An older, less detailed model would be far less likely to have errors than a far more detailed and complicated model. The skill of the modeler will always win out in the end, which is the purpose of OOB. And don't give me that; "What if they were both perfect" stuff, because everyone knows that ain't gonna happen.
  13. Forgive my ignorance as I am a ship builder. Are the fins on the exhaust pipe cooling fins? Fine model there.
  14. My 2 cents on the issue, and that's all it's worth. My most optimistic guess for implementation of an open judging system IMHO would be six to eight years. That is IF a majority of the membership want a change, and that is a big IF. Two years hard work by a committee to write up a formal proposal for the system and present it to the membership and E-board. One year to take suggestions and proposed changes. Three years to educate the membership, try it out at regionals, make proposed changes, train judges, and test the awards ceremony. One year to build a computer database and adopt a new record keeping system for the award tabulators while more regional trials continue and changes made. One year to educate the judges and membership. After all this (and I'm sure I overlooked many things here) the E-board will still need to offer a guaranteed profit to any clubs bidding on the convention the system will be used at the first nats to encourage bidding. And that's just the beginning. Fred is right. Many of us may not be around to see the new system implemented and it will cost the Society some bucks to get done, but I hope we are all considering the future of the Society.
  15. Don't worry. I'm watchin'. And yes, before this gets hotter I suggest everyone think carefully (and read the rules) before posting.
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